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1658994822 10 thi truong ngach kiem tien online sieu loi nhuan

10 tips and tricks to make money online 2022


Choosing a niche is one of the hardest things anyone new to making money online has to face.  We brings you the top 10 most profitable niche markets that people who make money online often choose.

1. Fitness and weight loss


Everyone wants to have a toned and balanced body, which is why the weight loss market is always a lucrative business land.

People who choose this niche can earn a lot of money by selling products/services such as dietary supplements or dietary supplements.

Besides, you can also monetize podcasts, create diets and nutrition for clients, fast food delivery, etc.


Products and sub-niches

  • weight loss for women
  • weight loss for men
  • weight loss for kids
  • Nutrition/Fitness Ebook
  • low carb diet
  • Yoga
  • Nutrition

2. Health


In general, the field of health is closely related to fitness and weight loss, but there are many differences. If you’re struggling to find product niches, this is one of the top 10 potential markets.

Nowadays, people are more and more interested in health care and no longer trust the advice of medical authorities or doctors.

Moreover, in the health niche, you can trade books, dietary supplements, digital products, physical products, wellness courses, and more.

Products and sub-niches

  • Gluten-free diet
  • herbal therapy
  • Dietary supplement
  • Detox products
  • practice therapy
  • Framing service
  • hair loss products

3. Personal Finances

Personal finance

Finance is always everyone’s business. Everyone wants to increase their income, reduce their expenses and save a lot. This is why personal finance blogs always attract a huge following.

Choose a few different aspects and unique approaches to grow in this niche.


Products and sub-niches

  • Savings: sharing tips for saving, how to use discount coupons…
  • Investment: market investment advice, most profitable index funds, angel investors…
  • Debt: full payment, mortgage, student loan…
  • Budget: software, motivation, advice to reduce costs…

4. Tips for Building Relationships


In the modern world, building and maintaining relationships is more complicated than ever. If you want to find a potential niche, you can consider this area.

More and more people need guidance on how to communicate, connect and nurture meaningful relationships. Hence, it is one of the potential niche markets for bloggers to share their experiences.

Products and sub-niches

  • Dating advice
  • Advice after a breakup
  • Divorce issues

5. Personal development

Personal development

Personal development consulting is a fertile market for life coaches – coaches focused on lifestyle, career, etc. or anyone who wants to share life experiences with everyone.

For this niche, you can create products such as: helpful tips to cultivate self-esteem, build a successful career, cultivate self-confidence, train the will to overcome adversity, how to set and execute goals , …

As long as your product is of quality, has a real and strong impact on customers, it will surely be welcomed by many people.

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Products and sub-niches

  • Courses and programs
  • Book
  • Video
  • Online training courses
  • Training
  • Self-growth
  • Cultivate skills

6. Technology and Games


Technology and games are also an ideal choice for those looking to find the right product niche.

This is an easy area to make money from affiliate marketing. You can affiliate directly with the manufacturer, the software company, or through a website like Amazon.

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to write an in-depth product review, but you can link directly to the product’s sales page for buyers to read the detailed description. .

In the online technology niche, hosting and VPN are great affiliate products that generate passive income.

Products and sub-niches

  • Specialized devices or gadgets: smartphone headsets, digital cameras, health monitoring devices, Chromebooks…
  • Game: portable game console, PC, mobile phone, Facebook…
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • vpn

7. Lifestyle

Lifestyle  make money online

If you’re a fashionista or love interior design, why not write a lifestyle blog?

With this niche, you can earn income by creating a quality blog to invite sponsors or by associating with brands in the same field.

Lifestyle blogs often feature lots of photos of bloggers, but if you don’t want to show off or don’t like taking photos, you can write about hot trends or share interesting fashion news.


8. Pets

Animals  make money online

Pets are important to Westerners and in Vietnam more and more people keep them. Some people even decide not to have children and stay with a pet. They are ready to buy care products and services and please their adorable “friend”.

Therefore, when looking for a niche, consider the pet industry. This is a niche that has a lot of potential to attract in the future.

Products and sub-niches

  • pet food
  • Animal transport service
  • Pet e-books
  • Pet classes/training
  • dog trainer

9. Real Estate

Immovable - make money online

Real estate is a billion dollar market. You can create consultancy websites specializing in specific markets and earn a lot of money every year. If you have an interest and knowledge, expertise in real estate, this is the digital choice for the niche you should choose.

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Products and sub-niches

  • International real estate
  • Property investment
  • Resettlement (moving)
  • Commercial real estate

10. Travel

Travel - make money online

You often go here and there and accumulate many useful experiences, then the tourism product niche is perfect for you. Let’s build a quality blog sharing experience and start profiting from it.

For example, travel bloggers often make money by reviewing trips, recommending reputable hotels or travel services for discounts or free trips.

For travel blogs, the visual element is very important. Whether you’re introducing new scenery or familiar local tourist attractions, a quality, artistic photo set will have over a thousand words of attraction.

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Products and sub-niches

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel
  • Day trips
  • travel packages
  • Solo travel
  • Travel budget
  • luxury travel
  • Luggage to prepare


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