Add Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress

Add Social Sharing Buttons in Wordpress


How to Add WordPress Social Sharing Buttons?

When we make a website, surely everyone wants their website to be known and social media is a tool that helps you a lot to spread your website to everyone. So how to insert social share buttons in the article, I would like to introduce AddToAny Share Buttons plugin.

With over 500,000 activations, the plugin is worth it.

AddToAny Share Buttons plugin features.
+ Can insert more than 100 social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google…
+ Customize the color of social sharing buttons.
+ Can customize share button size.

1. Installation: you go to Plugins => select Add new then type the keyword “addtoany share”:

2. Usage:

Standard item:

  • Icon style: choose size in px, background color
  • Share button: Show buttons. Add/remove services: a click will bring up a window to choose other sharing platforms
  • Universal button: plus button, more platform choices

Floating object:

  • Vertical Buttons: Shows the position of the vertical buttons with placement in any direction: docked left (left side)

there are other parameters you can learn more about

Finally click on save button to save and here is the result


So I shared how to add a very simple WordPress social share button,

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