Automatically redirect web after 1 specified time

Automatically redirect web after 1 specified time


What is Automatic WordPress URL Redirection?

Website redirection is a way to automatically redirect users who visit this website to another website.

This redirect can be a full page redirect or just a specific page redirect from your website.

When to automatically redirect websites?

  • When you change the old domain name to the new domain name, then you will need to make users navigate to the old domain name and then automatically redirect to the new domain name.
  • Do you want to redirect a website to a new website after a certain period of time that you install yourself?
  • Can be used for redirects if you do affiliate marketing and then drive users to your website and then set up redirects to send users to your affiliate link.
  • And there are many other reasons that you determine on your own why you need to redirect your website.

Use the ShortCode Redirect plugin for custom redirects

1. Installation: you go to Plugins => select Add new then type the keyword “ShortCode Redirect”:

2. How to use:

Insert the shortcode like below in any position in the compose box for each individual page and post to redirect.

Short codes: [redirect url="" sec="10"]

  • where url is the path you want to redirect.
  • sec is the number of seconds after how long it will take to redirect.


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