Tiered backlink system

Tiered backlink system

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Tiered backlink system quite familiar when it comes to SEO. For professional SEOs, Backlink is a linking platform to improve website recognition. So How to Run the Most Modern Backlinks 2022. Together SEODO Find out in this article!

1. What are backlinks?

The term Backlinks means links sent from blogs, forums, social networks, other websites to your website.

multi-level backlink system
Backlinks are understood as links returned by blogs

Backlinks are considered by everyone to be one of the main factors determining the ranking of your website on search engines. The more quality backlinks the website has, the higher the ability to compete for rankings.

2. What is a tiered backlink system?

Tiered backlink system Also known as level building. As a Backlink building model with many different layers, improving rankings, primarily the impact of spam detection systems. You can imagine the web as a tower with floors that will be connected to each other.

multi-level backlink system
Multi-Tier Backlinks System, also known as Tier Building

Instead of backlinks going straight to a single main website, the Blacklinks tiered system will be built in multiple layers. Currently, there are many different multi-level backlink models, but Pyramid and Link Wheel Campaign are two popular and well-known types.

3. What are the benefits of a tiered backlink system?

Use Multi-level backlink system When you do SEO it brings a lot of benefits to the users, the efficiency is much higher than the traditional forms of backlink building.

3.1 Feeding the website

The system is a source for creating quality, natural and lively backlinks for the website. Connected floors create a unity, with no seams between sections. Moreover, the continuous flow of traffic will increase your credibility and bring users closer to your web.

multi-level backlink system
The system is a source of quality backlinks

The current SEO trend is to focus on quality rather than quantity, so this template will help increase website power effectively, quickly and maintain your rankings for longer. .

3.2 Limit Google penalties

One of the mistakes people often make is website spam backlink, Google will prioritize websites that naturally use backlinks (internal links). So, if you’re not careful, you risk being downgraded or even blocked by Google Sandbox.

multi-level backlink system
One of the most common mistakes people make is website spam backlink.

However, if you build Multi-level backlink system Avoid being penalized by Google. Because the model does not focus on a single website, it will distribute the power in each layer through each different stage.

3.3 Quick Tags Up

Building quality and secure backlinks will give the website the ability to quickly increase keyword rankings, even to the top. Your website does not only stop at Google, but also appears in a good position on other search engines.

multi-level backlink system
Quick Tags Up

3.4 Long-term ranking maintenance

Getting to the top isn’t hard, maintaining a long-term ranking is hard. With a tiered backlink system, it will help you create an effective Link Juice while meeting the needs of the top performers and maintaining your website’s long-term rankings.

multi-level backlink system
With a system of multi-level backlinks to create an effective Link Juice

4. What is building a tiered backlink system?

To build Multi-level backlink system scientifically, efficiently and with guaranteed content. SEODO will show you some ways to do it below, let’s find out now!

4.1 First Level Backlink

Let’s say you have a page on your website that wants to rank well: page 1A. So if you create a Backlink to page 1A from another site like: Pages 1B, 2B and 3B. The goal is often to get relevant, high-quality content from trusted websites.

multi-level backlink system
For the first level Backlink, you can own top level domains

For the first level Backlink, you can own authoritative guaranteed top level domains. Additionally, users can link from management websites or have Web 2.0 blog links that customers can refer to, such as wordpress.com or blogger.com.

4.2 Second backlink layer

Then you need to create a second level of links to the first backlinks. So you need to build 10-20 links to 1B, 2B and 3B websites. The number of backlinks will improve the authority of the first level links, the original content will be more complete.

multi-level backlink system
Second backlink layer

With the system’s second level Backlink level, you can link to domain names with high page authority. Users try to build as many Backlinks as possible, while maintaining some degree of relevance and context. For example comments on blogs, forums or Wikis

4.3 Third layer of backlinks

The next layer of backlinks are highly contextual links. Once the 2nd level is in place, the transition to the 3rd level is purely quantitative. Typically, low-quality articles, relevance, and context go out the window at Step 3. This step in the process often involves using an automated system builder to fix it. Too much work for just one nobody. In short, you have 300 third backlinks pointing to 50 second tier websites.

multi-level backlink system
The next layer of backlinks are highly contextual links

In this case, if you are a seasoned SEO, you might be wondering “Does this really work?” Let’s start by looking at some of the benefits why an SEOer should care about building backlinks in the first place.

5. Where does the tiered backlink system come from?

Tiered backlink system constructed from a variety of sources such as tiered links, levels, increasing resistance, and flexible operation. Each Backlink will point to different sources and will always follow the same principle that the strong layer will point to the direct layer.

multi-level backlink system
Tiered backlinks system is built from a variety of sources

Linking the layers according to the process with the right strategy will bring very good results for your website, this is also what the SEOer wants. Here are some popular Tiered Backlink Building source tables that most users are interested in, which you can refer to:

  • Web 2.0
  • Forums
  • Social bookmarks
  • PDF submissions
  • Wikis
  • Press release…

6. Principles to remember when building a tiered backlink system

When building a tiered backlink system, there are certain principles to follow when implementing to make your website stronger and ranked higher.

6.1 Quality backlinks

If you directly create backlinks to the SEO page, the external links are effective, have good authority, high strength, relevance, traffic, etc. A poor quality 2nd floor backlink is one of the mistakes that can get you penalized by google, be careful not to make a mistake!

multi-level backlink system
Backlinks to SEO pages directly are effective external links

6.2 Full Dofollow link

If you create Nofollow links, it is not Multi-level backlink system. Because the principle of Tier Link Building is to move the Link Juice forward and backward. If Nofollow Backlink, you have blocked the Link Juice stream and lost a lot of influence.

multi-level backlink system
Nofollow is not a tiered backlink system.

7. How to Create a Tiered Backlink System

To build an effective multi-level Backlinks system, bringing many benefits to customers, you should follow the steps below, let’s find out:

7.1 Social Sharing

After writing on social media, it is important and essential to run advertisements for guest blog posts. In addition, the form of immediate promotion when the article is put online is also a form of bringing readers closer to the content that the author wishes to convey.

multi-level backlink system
Make sure guest blogging also supports social sharing

Make sure guest blogging also supports social sharing of people. Moreover, you should add a button to re-share your website posts on social media so that you can bring the content you want to pass on to more readers.

7.2 Sharing forum

After building Backlink on the first floor, please join the forums in the same domain. Then copy the guest post, split it, and quote it at the end of the article. It will also help the author to attract a significant amount of traffic if your forum has a lot of continuously active members.

multi-level backlink system
After building Backlink on the 1st floor, please join the forums

7.3 PBN .System

When you point to the backlinks on the first floor, it will be more effective than using the PBN to direct to the website. Using ghost keywords will make your 1st level backlink more qualitative. Then use PBN to promote articles in Top Trending and bring traffic to this system.

multi-level backlink system
When you include the 1st level backlinks, it will be more effective than using PBN

7.4 Stacking Domain Authorities

Domain authority stacking is a technique that emerged in 2014 by the world’s leading SEO expert – Jimmy Kelley. Simply put, this strategy creates a series of highly linked web pages (also known as Money Sites).

multi-level backlink system
Domain Authority Stacking is a technique that appeared in 2014

By using multiple websites with strong domain authority, Domain Authority Stacking uses Web 2.0 models to build strong trust towards the website. Moreover, a high DA and for Dofollow Backlink will help you get the best results.

8. Notes when implementing a tiered backlink system strategy

During construction Multi-level backlink systemanyone can make unnecessary mistakes, Read the content below so that you can correct the content you are not satisfied with and bring the best effect to your website!

  • Develop a specific backlink system plan and strategy before deployment.
  • Before using Backlink, you should research the right set of SEO keywords for your website.
  • Select the appropriate Backlink for each layer of the tiered system.
  • Tiered backlink pointers are suitable in a wheel or pyramid pattern.
  • While building Backlink for the strongest layer, you should choose reputable websites with high trust.
  • The content of the article should be related to the keywords that need SEO.
  • Need to use proper anchor text and allocate when backtracking.
  • Pay attention to balancing Dofollow and Nofollow Backlink.
  • Choosing Multi-Level Backlink Selling Services will help you save effort and money while ensuring high efficiency.
multi-level backlink system
Choosing the Right Backlink for Each Layer of a Multi-Tier System

In general, knowing how to operate and use Multi-level backlink system reasonable will bring great benefits to the website. The information that SEODO provided in the above article, hope it can help you. If you have any questions that need to be answered, please contact us immediately for assistance!


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What is link building? 7 Most Effective Link Building Models in 2022

What is link building?  7 Most Effective Link Building Models in 2022

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What is link building?? This is how companies create hyperlinks to a website in an effort to improve search engine visibility. This strategy includes content marketing, tool building, broken link building. Currently, Google’s Page Rank algorithm has undergone many changes. Lets go SEODO Check out the details below!

1. What is link building?

Link Building is an SEO term that refers to the work of building links from many different quality outside sources to your website. Therefore, SEOs must know how to select and optimize the number of link popularity and have a high correlation with Google’s search engine rankings.

What is link building?
Link Building is an SEO term for link building jobs

2. What is the reason for the importance of Link building?

Currently, the Page Rank algorithm has changed unscientifically unlike previous search engines. Instead of just analyzing the content of a page, Google also looks at the number of people linking to the page. This is a good way for Google to determine the quality of a web page. So that explains why backlinks are so important in the SEO process.

What is link building?
Backlinks play an important role in the SEO process

3. What are the types of link building in SEO?

After understanding the concept of what is Link Building? The content below will provide detailed information on some Link Building in SEO. Let’s read together now!

3.1 DA link

When a website accumulates in terms of links and authority, link building from a website will have more strengths. Thus, a link from a high authority site will be bigger than a low authority backlink.

What is link building?
Links from a high authority site will be bigger than a low authority backlink

3.2 No-track links

According to Google’s guidelines, any paid link must have rel=”nofollow”. The Nofollow attribute tells search engines whether or not to follow the link. For this attribute, website content will not contribute to Google rankings.

What is link building?
The Nofollow attribute tells search engines whether or not to follow the link

3.3 Link location

Link position is a case where search engines assign more weight to certain types of links. This is interesting, due to evidence that Google continues to increase the weight of footer, sidebar, etc. links. when the website is considered an authority.

What is link building?
Google continues to increase the weight of footer links

3.4 Anchor text

Search engines have long used Anchor Text in the Link Building process. Therefore, keywords in Anchor have a positive effect on rankings, but be aware that overuse of keywords can have the opposite effect, causing manipulation and possibly link penalties.

What is link building?
Keywords in Anchor positively impact rankings

3.5 Related Links

A number of factors can affect the relevance of a link and the weight that Google assigns to links, such as: anchor text, outbound link. Links can also be the text surrounding a link as an important ranking signal.

What is link building?
Related links

3.6 Natural links

Links that Google flags as unnatural will likely be discounted and not contribute to rankings. So any link that already has a white hat edit option is safe. This applies whether the linking site found your content organically or through promotional campaigns.

What is link building?
Natural links

4. What are common link building strategies?

Link Building requires great creativity and requires you to have a scientific building strategy so as not to overlap. Therefore, you can categorize tactics into 3 main groups:

What is link building?
Link Building Strategy

4.1 Earning links (also called self-generated links)

Link Earning is a natural link created by pages wishing to link to website content. This tactic does not require much SEO impact and the website will create different quality content to increase user awareness of your brand information.

What is link building?
Link Earning is a natural link

4.2 Create your own links

Auto-generated links will connect to countless different websites via blog comments, signatures on forums or user profiles, etc. However, these links are of little value, but they are very useful in increasing the popularity of the domain.

4.3 Sharing profits to create links

Benefit sharing is the most effective and popular strategy for building backlinks today. You can buy, trade or publish the website on public websites. However, Google is getting more and more strict with the website exchanging links. Therefore, when applying this strategy, you should identify possible risks.

What is link building?
Profit sharing is a strategy to create effective backlinks

5. 7 Effective Models of Link Building in SEO

Link Building templates have many types with different contents and building methods. Here are 7 common patterns and the easiest way to build links for your reference.

5.1 Link wheel model

In the wheel link model, the satellite webs will connect directly to the main site and 1 other satellite web in the system to become an interactive circular model. However, when a link in the satellite web is read by the search engine algorithm, it will greatly affect websites. Therefore, you must ensure that the content of all satellite sites is healthy.

What is link building?
wheel link model

5.2 Linking star model

Backlinks from satellite sites will be directed independently to your main site, without going through or linking to any other website. This is easily done with simple keywords. For complex and highly competitive keywords, the star link form is difficult to help businesses increase visits quickly.

5.3 Link Pyramid Model

Your target website will receive lots of high quality traffic from satellite web quality. Therefore, the last doorway pages will have the lowest Backlink quality, due to link bridging. Therefore, many customers will simply stop at the satellite website instead of pointing to the main page.

5.4 Link chain model

The Backlink chain link building template will all link to the main page + 1 neighboring satellite. Therefore, the latest channel satellite website will not link to other sites but point directly to the target website. You need to spend a lot of time analyzing to choose quality links.

What is link building?
Chain link model

5.5 Double Link Link Wheel

The double wheel linkage model is a more complex form of the wheel model. Instead of each satellite site pointing to the homepage and linking to another satellite website, this site now also links to 2 other satellites. Double Linked Link Wheel achieves the highest number of visits to the homepage.

5.6 Grid link model (web link)

Model like a giant spider web and your main website is the center of this network, there will be many satellite links connecting to the main website. This link is completely open, so it is less likely to be discovered by search engines. But the construction is difficult and requires a large number of web links.

5.7 Mixed link model

This model is an amalgamation of the use of some of the link building forms above. When creating an SEO campaign, for simple keywords, you can use the star model. If it is more difficult, the competition is strong, you can use Wheel or chain… It is the flexibility of use, creating the greatest effect for the success of the whole SEO campaign.

What is link building?
Mixed Link Model

6. Popular Link Building Strategies

Here are the details of the link building strategies that have been used a lot lately.

6.1 Guest posts

To have a guest post in order to find quality links, you can refer to the following means:

  • Step 1: Find experts in your field who are truly knowledgeable and who share the value with users.
  • 2nd step: Check out the website, blog which has a powerful PowerSite or not?
  • Step 3: Have an effective and long-term approach to blog owners.
  • Step 4: Create valuable and quality content for your readers.
  • Step 5: Create a good relationship with the blog owner.
What is link building?
Create quality and valuable content for readers

6.2 Creation of broken links – Creation of broken links

Broken links not only reduce the user experience but also make the user feel cheated. So, to create broken links, you can do the following:

  • Step 1: Identify the target website/blog to target for link building.
  • 2nd step: Find all the broken links and make a list.
  • Step 3: Write what the broken link is about.
  • Step 4: Contact the user to manage the blog, ask him to attach the link for help.
What is link building?
Identify the target website/blog to target for link building

6.3 Competitor-Based Link Building

This link building strategy only applies when a few competitors do not use satellite PBN systems or buy links from major newspapers or websites. To be eligible to apply, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Account access Ahref.
  • 2nd step: Check the link, after logging in, click on Domain. You check the pages that point to the link and create a list of possible links, then you link as the opponent.

6.4 Blogging

These days, SEO specialists very commonly use personal blogs for link building. To do this, SEOer must first have a website with quality and reputable content. Once you have a certain number of visitors, you can now do whatever the user wants.

What is link building?
SEOer must have a website with quality and reputable content

6.5 Other Paid Links

Google has long waged war on paid links. Any link in the exchanged amount is against the guidelines of the webmasters. Despite the risks, there is still a significant market for buying and selling text links for SEO purposes.

6.6 Participate in appropriate community sites

Everyone will need a community link with the potential to send good qualified SEO traffic to you. These are the optimal links for traffic and conversions. Participating in a forum will help users build trust and good relationships in the community.

6.7 Creating links with images

Here are some ways to use custom images to get backlinks to your website:

  • Create charts to visualize data.
  • Create specific memes.
  • Create images with quotes from famous bloggers.
  • Create a pinnable image for your blog posts.
What is link building?
Creating links with images

7. What are the errors when creating links?

Some people don’t understand link building at all, leading to unnecessary errors. Here are the basic problems you often encounter:

7.1 All links are the same

Each link will have different content. In ranking factors, different link positions rank differently. Google also takes into account many factors to be able to evaluate the standard of a link. Each higher ranked link usually has better quality.

What is link building?
All links are the same

7.2 Links are case sensitive

You often think Google will be case sensitive, accented or unsigned. This makes the writer also perform the SEO for these words. The result is over-optimization of keywords or ineffective optimization of redundant keywords, which inadvertently lowers the article’s article quality.

7.3 External links do not work in SEO

It is wrong to ignore external links to make your website look more natural in search engines. Internal linking helps users’ pages rank better by linking to high-ranking pages.

What is link building?
External links do not work

7.4 Connection is the most important factor

Currently, some people still consider links to be the most important factor when doing SEO optimization. In fact, besides the link, the content is the most important. In addition, many other factors can be mentioned such as:

  • User experience.
  • Break time.
  • Quality content.
  • SEO on the page.
  • Organic search results…
What is link building?
Links are the most important factor when optimizing SEO

What is link building?? Here are all the details SEODO introduces readers to link building. Hopefully, through this article, people will answer questions as well as information related to Building Link. Don’t forget to follow the page for more interesting and useful knowledge!

Conquer the top of Google thanks to SEO optimization methods in the following articles:


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What is PBN? How to effectively build and research 2022

What is PBN?  How to effectively build and research 2022

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

What is PBN?? PBN aka Private Blogging Network. The PNBN network plays a very important role in the process of building quality links pointing to the site. So where are the factors? affect PBN quality? What is the path for PBN SEO to grow sustainably?? All will be SEODO Answer in the article below, please refer to it!

1. What is PBN SEO?

Building a PBN is really essential for website system and SEO. This is an extremely efficient and fast link building element and has been working hard again recently. So to understand PBN SEO, you must first understand it What is PBN?.

1.1 What is PBN?

Terms PBN is an acronym for the phrase Private Blog Network. It is a network of websites that are used to generate quality links pointing to the website you need SEO for. Essentially, PBN is the use of techniques and capabilities to search for expired domains with high PR, UR, and DR indexes. PBNs are designed to improve website rankings and increase trust.

What is pbn?
What is PBN?

1.2 Who is the PBN system for?

Although PBN brings great efficiency to businesses, this system also requires high investment efforts and time. Therefore, PBN is really only for the following people:

  • Large enterprises with high reputation and economic potential are willing to make long-term investment for PBN system
  • Companies have abundant and powerful resources to build, maintain and develop PBNs
  • People who have a broad, long-term view and have a good SEO mindset
What is pbn?
PBN is only suitable for large companies with strong resources

2. Why is a PBN necessary?

PBN has existed and worked quite well in the past, bringing a lot of value and efficiency to many websites. So the benefit of What is PBN?. Please follow the information below to learn more.

2.1 Get a quality backlink system

When building a PBN system, you will receive backlinks from website related topics and articles. Quality backlinks are key to creating effective off-page SEO. From there, PBN will help improve your website’s search engine rankings and build credibility that makes users more confident.

what's your name
Building a PBN can create a quality backlink system

2.2 Backlinks can be managed

When you go to buy backlinks or get links from other forums and websites, it will be hard to control. However, with PBN, you can easily control the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to your website in the most efficient way. From there, your site will have the ability to quickly increase backlinks to generate immediate or very fast profits, potentially improving SERP rankings.

What is pbn?
PBN can help you manage Backlink

2.3 SEO resources are becoming increasingly scarce

SEO resources are places where SEOers put backlinks. Most SEOers will build links on forum pages and forums. However, the source of the backlinks from these sites is usually low quality. On the other hand, forum boards are also increasingly rare due to Google’s penalty algorithm or because the forum owner no longer has enough resources to maintain.

What is pbn?
Most SEOers will plow links on forum pages and forums

3. A few things to know about PBN

To understand the nature of PBN then you need to master the basics of PBN. Please immediately consult the useful information underneath Click here to learn more about creating PBN.

3.1 Example of a private blog network

For instance: Hoang owns an A company and was founded in 2018 (A website was established in the same year), Hoang spends a lot of effort and money to market and build the A brand. Many websites in the same domain and the press write articles about A and Hoang as well as quality backlinks to site A.

After 4 years of construction (2018), Hoang realized that he did not like the domain name A and wanted to change his name to domain B. Hoang is a person with little SEO knowledge, so he bought domain B and abandoned domain A – a domain that has a lot of value because it has received quality backlinks over the past few years. last 4 years. When the renewal date arrives, If Hoang does not renew, then domain A will become the old domain name.

3.2 Cycle of a domain

The period of a domain How long? The domain cycle will be Domain => Expires => Auction => Expired. When the domain renewal date arrives, but you do not renew it, the domain will expire. The domain will be auctioned and belongs to the winner.

what's your name
Domain Cycle: Domain => Expires => Auction => Expired

3.3 Reasons to Choose Auction Domain Over Expired Domain

Most people will buy an expired domain and search on expireddomains.net. However, you should choose to purchase an auction domain for the following reasons.

  • Auction domain is almost always higher quality than expired domain (high price = quality)
  • The difference between expired domain and auction domain: when you win an auction domain, pay and the domain is transferred to your account, this domain is kept for 14 years.
  • Meanwhile, if you buy an expired domain, it will reset the age.
  • Footprint problem: If you want to buy 10 expired domains and 10 auction domains in one day, 10 expired domains will have the same “date of birth” and the auction domain will have the “date of birth” very rarely.
What is pbn?
Why Choose Auction Domain Over Expired Domain

4. Necessary steps for PBN

To build a high quality and effective PBN system, you need to understand the steps required for PBN. Thus, the steps necessary to What is PBN?. Here are 3 steps you need to take care of.

  1. Earn PBN
  1. Building PBN
  1. Publish articles and backlinks

Currently, there are many tools for you to find domains, but Registercompass and Domcop are the 2 sites that make the best impression, especially Registercompass.

4.1 Reasons to use the Registercompass tool

Registercompass is not the better or better tool than Domcop. It is a tool that gives you a lot of value and makes you want to be loyal and love using it. This tool has built a strong relationship that customers have wanted to use for a long time. However, if you are a beginner without much experience, you should start with Domcop.

4.2 PBN quality identification indicators

To determine what a quality PBN is, you need to understand the metrics listed below:

  • The age of the domain is the higher the age the better and it is maintained permanently
  • Anchor text branding: This website was used for SEO
  • Domain Rank (DR)-URL Rank (UR)
  • Trust Flow (TF) greater than 9 is good
  • Referring domains
  • Backlink from journal, EDU, wiki, GOV, even major
  • Don’t change ownership and don’t get 301s
  • No penalty by Google
  • Do not change the language, theme, content, ..
  • Old content can be restored
  • High old traffic
What is pbn?
The age of the domain is as high as possible and the activity is maintained permanently

4.3 Types of auctions to be aware of

Currently the domain name are divided into groups like Preview, Public, .. To fully understand PBN, you also need to know the types of auctions. domain What follows.

4.3.1 Preview

The Prerelease will look like a closed auction. That is, when the domain is released to the ground, it will also notify the number of days for everyone to register for the auction and then close the auction. The floor price for listing and auction will be $69. You will receive the correct price when it is listed on the floor at no additional cost.

4.3.2 Public

Public is a public auction with a floor price of $10. Assuming open for 10 days, after 10 days whoever bids the most, the domain will belong to that person.

what's your name
Public is a form of public auction

4.3.3 Buy now

Buynow is a type of auction where the domain owner will bid. The price of the Domain will be determined by the owner. The lowest price is $8. However, when you participate in this type of auction, you should think carefully before making a decision, in order to avoid the situation where the value of the domain is not worth the money spent.

4.3.4 Offer

For the bidding auction, the domain will not be pre-priced. You will have to set the price yourself (this is a type of negotiation) with the owner domain this. If they accept the price you offer, the domain will be yours. The owners domain will choose to transfer to the highest bidder.

4.3.5 Reverse

Reverse auction is also known as reverse auction. This auction method is rarely used.

4.4 Bidding floors

Currently there are 3 largest auction houses in the world come on daddy, Namejet and Snapnames. For Godaddy, the membership fee for Godaddy Auction Membership will be $5/year. With Namejet it’s almost $69 domain and Godaddy is mostly $10-12.

What is pbn?
GoDaddy is a popular and widely used auction site

5. How to build an effective PBN system

Even if you already understand the issues associated with PBNs, how to build an effective PBN is still a big problem. Don’t worry because SEODO will show you how to create a very high quality PBN system.

5.1 Search for expired domains

This involves finding and buying old domain names when the website owner no longer uses that domain. You can buy expired domains from domain brokers Deferred order, Scraping. Here are some notes when choosing a legacy domain name that you need to pay attention to in order to build the most perfect PBN system.

5.1.1 Criteria for evaluating domain strength

These are the criteria to consider when you want to assess the strength of a domain name.

  • Brand traffic is traffic from brand keywords
  • Mention Social is Like, share a post, fanpage or Youtube channel
  • Domains of large organizations and companies
  • Backlink domain seedsites
  • Backlinks from organization websites, official educational or government websites
  • Backlinks from highly reputable trade press
  • Backlinks from major newspapers
  • Backlinks from specialized sites with traffic
  • Domain with high traffic history, continuous operation
What is pbn?
You should put backlinks from high authority websites

5.1.2 Notes when choosing the old domain name for the PBN

You should check if these domains are hacked Spam or not? Perform the removal of prohibited domains. Also, you need to check the backlinks of spam domains, determine the CF, TF, DA and PA of this website. You should not use domain names that are too old or involve manual registration. In addition, you should also check the history of the domain name and the registration information, email or registration date must be different.

5.1.3 How to choose an effective legacy domain name

Important indicators you need to know when choosing What is PBN? Stay tuned now for more information.

  • The Trust Flow must be greater than 9
  • The Citation Flow Ratio (CF) should not be more than 2 times the Trust Flow Ratio (TF)
  • Referring domain (RD) within 90 days, the maximum should be 400-500 because above this number is 90% safe to use tools
  • Choose domains with at least DR>20 and UR>9
  • Don’t forget to check www, non-www and also https:/
  • Use the Way Back Machine (WBM) to verify site performance from birth
What is PBN?
Use this tool to check if the website/content has changed over the years

5.2 Finding suitable and quality accommodation

In the past, when choosing hosting, you only had to pay attention to websites other than IP class C. However, now there are more factors to pay attention to. You should immediately note the following information.

  • The page loading speed should be stable: slow hosting speed will make the PBN site low quality and inefficient
  • Website IP ranges must be different from class A: For instance hosting 192.168.150.X and 192.168.150.Y have many providers.
  • Cheap SEO Hosting: Satellite sites will need a lot of websites, so high priced hosting will cost you more.
  • Customizable interface: you can modify the interface according to your needs
  • Content Manager: Many People Recommend Using WordPress Source Code
  • Privacy: The Higher the Better
What is pbn?
You need to find quality and suitable accommodation

5.3 Build a content strategy tailored to each website in the system

First you need to rank websites in the system and plan specifically for each article, or analyze keywords, etc. Quality articles, daily or weekly headlines, and headlines shown on Google are also an important factor when creating PBN content. The layout of the article should be clear, not duplicated, copied or spammed from other websites.

What is pbn?
You must create a content strategy suitable for each website in the system

5.4 Create a quality link for the satellite system

Once PBN is understood, creating a quality link for the satellite system is extremely necessary to help the system achieve optimum performance. Every satellite website needs 100 domains to point to, you can use forum link, forum, Guest Posting,…KAbout 2 months or more, you can point the link to the website you want to reference. Each article must insert 2 backlink titles or a full URL, as long anchor text.

5.5 PBN System Management .

To better understand how to manage the PBN system, keep the following in mind.

  • Instead of using non-www, you need to setup a domain with WWW. Because this domain name will have a higher CF and TF index.
  • Contact, policy, reference or privacy pages should also be on the system website
  • You should avoid using the default and base theme. You can design your own theme or use free themes
what's your name
You must install the domain with www

6. Things to keep in mind when building a PBN

A PBN system will create a lot of value and bring the best efficiency to your website. Things to keep in mind when building What is PBN?. Follow us to find the answer for yourself.

6.1 Common problems

There are quite a few problems when building a PBN system. You must immediately pay attention to these problems to find a quick and effective solution.

  • The domain has lost all previous backlinks
  • The satellite website system is dead en masse
  • When you don’t know what kind of products that domain sells, it’s hard to create quality content
  • PBN has no traffic to satellite websites

6.2 Notes to consider when constructing a PBN

After understanding common PBN issues, then You should pay attention to the following factors to build a PBN system.

  • The number of articles on the satellite website in the PBN system must be at least 100 articles
  • DR index greater than 20
  • UR index greater than 20
  • TF index greater than 10
  • CF index greater than 15
  • The number of domains pointing to the best satellite site must be more than 100
  • Hosting IP range other than Class A
  • There are backlinks pointing to each article
  • There are internal links in the title, anchor text, images, URLs and traffic for each post
  • Please insert the main website link in each article
What is pbn?
Satellite website DR rating must be greater than 20

7. How to feed your PBN

By now you have also understood a little What is PBN? and benefits of this system, however, you should also consider ways to increase the potency of your PBN. Here are some suggestions to refer to for increasing the potency and quality of PBNs.

7.1 Building a social system

You must create a social network for each PBN because Google will believe that your PBN website has good authority, so it will be shared by the social community. Here are some tips that can be used when creating social networks.

  • First, you need to create a phone-verified Gmail account. This is where you will receive an email to activate your account or recover your password when you create an account on other sites.
  • You should record all information from each PBN to facilitate future work.
  • For each PBN should have a separate logo to identify and then change the logo on social networking sites.
  • There should be a separate description for each PBN, do not duplicate pages
  • Please activate it immediately after creating a social account
  • Please use your brand name as your username on Social
  • Use tools to index social pages
What is pbn?
Building a social system

7.2 Web 2.0 branding

Web 2.0s have the ability to strengthen the PBN network, creating a premise for content creation, setting up subdomains and optimizing pages. Some reputable web 2.0 sites you can refer to like wordpress, blogspot, etc. Start with 15-20 different Web 2.0 sites to point to your PBN. These websites should be highly optimized with content, logos, landing pages, and proper use of brand names.

what's your name
Web 2.0 branding to propel PBN

7.3 Social shares

Pay attention to social sharing if you want to get to know PBN well. It is also a strategy to increase credibility and build trust with users. The more social networks you share, the more trustworthy your website will become. Therefore, regularly share articles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

What is pbn?
The more you share on social networks, the more the site is famous

8. What tools do you need to build a PNB satellite system?

After knowing What is PBN? then you need to pay attention to the tools to build this satellite system. Here are some extremely useful and reputable tools for building a PBN.

8.1 Ahrefs

Ahrefs It is very popular and familiar to many people. This is a very important and handy tool for you to check your website’s overall strength like backlinks, UR ratio, DR and many other metrics. Moreover, you should use the standard version to get the highest performance even if the price is quite high. You can buy it with another SEOer to use it for less.

8.2 Majestic SEO

This tool is well liked by many people due to its attractive features. While you can use Majestic to check your website’s backlinks, the results won’t be as accurate as Ahrefs. Also, you can always use this tool to check indicators like CF, TF and old topics on the website. These issues are pretty well handled by Majestic.

What is pbn?
You can use Majestic SEO to check your website backlinks

8.3 Mozbar

Mozbar will give you insight into website SEO, helping users measure and control website power. This tool is very practical for consulting the DA and PA indexes of the site. However, Mozbar rarely updates these 2 indicators, so the results may not be very accurate. Therefore, you will not need to worry too much about these 2 indicators.

8.4 Rollback Machine

A tracker recommended by many experts to help you understand better What is PBN? it’s the Wayback Machine. With this tool, you will see the webpage and images archived from when the website was created. The domain name history is a piece of information extremely important when building a PBN system.

What is pbn?
This is a useful tool to check domain history

8.5 Find IP addresses

When you want to build a highly effective PBN system, you also need to pay attention to the IP address of the website. Find IP Address will be a great assistant to help you check website IP address accurately and quickly. IP check helps you know whether your domain name has been pointed to the correct IP address or not, what is the IP address you are using.

9. Is it possible to protect a website from PBNs?

Many people still wonder if it is possible to protect the PBN website. If someone tries to convince you to exchange links, think twice or walk away immediately. You should try to strictly control your link building activities to avoid PBNs.

what's your name
Is it possible to protect a website from PBNs?

You should take the time to familiarize yourself with Google’s methods and ensure that everyone who links to your site follows the guidelines. Outraged, friend You should also carefully research the people linking to the website. In addition, you can use tools to check and prevent opportunistic behavior affecting the website.

Here is all the useful information SEODO to aim help you to understand well What is PBN?. I hope that after this article you will be better understand this term and gain more knowledge to build your website more and more powerful. Visit the seodo.vn website to learn more about SEO!


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What is the disavow link? How to remove dirty links, restore website tasks

What is the disavow link?  How to remove dirty links, restore website tasks

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Disavow link This is one of the things that SEOers often use when they encounter unexpected penalties that Google gives for not carefully checking the backlinks received. So how do webmasters resolve these penalties and regain their website stability? Lets go SEODO Discover now Disavow link Check out the article below!

1. Why use disavow links

One of the use cases Disavow link is to remedy the penalties applied to web properties. This is the reason based on Google’s rules for disavowing links. With this provision, if you receive a notification from Google about “unnatural” links, you will be penalized whether you did it intentionally or not.

It is therefore the responsibility of the webmaster of the site to find solutions to the sanctions imposed by Google. It’s not about whether or not you stick to White Hat SEO, but how well you know how to maintain a clean backlink profile to build your long-term SEO strategy.

To simplify web administration, Semrush provided tools to manage the process Disavow links. Also you can combine Google Analytics and Search Console with Semrush Backlink Testing Tool. This way you will get more accurate backlink data.

Disavow link
Disavow Link can resolve web property penalties

1.1 What are bad backlinks?

The vast majority of organic backlinks are “good backlinks” – that’s what Google aims to build a platform where good content is referenced regularly and for free. Most backlinks will not change the direction of your site, but will build your site’s reputation as a trusted source.

On the other hand, “bad backlinks” are mostly unique to your site (although there are exceptions). Two of the biggest violations are links that can be bought in bulk from insecure SEO sites and intentional backlinking schemes using a private backlink network (PBN).

Sometimes you may end up receiving a link from one of the spam sites. These links are just product listings and have almost no actual content. The links are probably not installed by a human and are certainly not beneficial to your site, so you can remove them without fear of losing information.

Disavow link
Websites that receive a lot of bad backlinks can be penalized by Google at any time.

1.2 When should disavow links be used?

If there is no clear information, the use of Disavow link useless. Because this refusal can have a significant impact on your search ranking. Therefore, you should only disavow a link that you know will be harmful to you.

Also, a link from a low traffic or low domain authority website is not a bad link. These links probably won’t contribute much individually, but each link is a vote of confidence in your site that Google counts.

Disavow link
Disavow Link should only be used when there is a link that negatively affects the website

1.3 What happens when you disavow a Backlink?

When you disavow a backlink, Google does not bring those links to your domain. When you successfully disavow a Backlink, that link will be disregarded or may be against you in determining search ranking. Furthermore, Google is not responsible for refusing your link request.

Google noted in its documentation that disapproval is only a “hint”. However, Google also indicates that Disavow links as a tool to fix bad links or undo the work of a bad SEO you hired. So you can expect Google to respect disavow links instead of penalizing your site.

Disavow link
When you Disavow Backlink, Google will not bring that link to your website

2. How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console

Google Search Console It contains information about the link structure of the website. You can easily check the links from Google Search Console’s Links Report page. It’s relatively simple, you click on the “Export external links” command at the top right of the screen and select “More model links”. Then export them as the file type of your choice.

You can use the Semrush backlink inspection tool to identify the links you want to disavow and create a text file (*.txt) to submit to the Google Disavow tool. To do this, you must follow this simple format: enter each entry on a separate line and start with “domain:” (without the quotes), the filename doesn’t matter.

Blacklisting an entire domain will save you a lot of time compared to listing a specific URL. However, in some cases where you want to disavow a link from a website while allowing other links from that domain, you can use the Google Link Disavow tool.

Here are the simple steps to use the Google Disavow tool that you can do:

  • Step 1: Specify the links you want to disavow.
  • 2nd step: Create a list of links to disavow. Split by URL and/or domain.
  • Step 3: Upload your opt-out list as a .txt file to the Google Disavow tool.
Disavow link
You can easily disavow links with Google Search Console

3. Quick and easy disavow link with Semrush

Essentially, Google only gives you a list of domains and how many times they are linked when you run an external report. There is no information to help you know if these links are “clean” and should be kept.

Therefore, the only possible way is to verify each domain name, although it is a simple task, it is not feasible for all websites. Because, a small website can accumulate more than thousands of Backlinks. Even if you spot a spammy site, you can’t tell for sure if it’s part of a PBN or if it’s “hated” by Google.

And that’s why Semrush was born. You can use Semrush to get a list of “bad” backlinks with an estimate of how malicious they are. Along with this, you can configure Semrush to report new links weekly so that bad backlinks can be detected and removed immediately.

Semrush’s Backlink Checker tool allows you to aggregate all suspicious backlinks and export them to a disavow list. There you can blacklist those backlinks to specific URLs or entire domains before exporting them to a preformatted .txt file, ready to download for use. Disavow link.

Disavow link
Semrush can give bad backlinks with their level

Here are some answers on how to use Disavow link as well as some solutions to avoid bad backlinks SEODO To share. Hope, with this useful information, you can also solve Google penalties for backlinks bring the website back to the original stable state!


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What is a good backlink? 1 Good backlink strategy?

Thời gian triển khai một backlink

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Call it the foundation because it is the foundation, but the more foundation there is, the fewer people there are who understand it. But these are things that the present moment is very true and becoming more and more true. SEODO Don’t focus too much on links, usually a project only deploys around 150-200 social brands and 50-100 social authors, but make sure it’s a good backlink. With the Seo Branding method, SEODO focuses more on content and user experience. In 2015, the new hot period of SEO in Vietnam, I read on the internet that knowledge of spam links is dead but in reality, it’s still spam and still TOP. But now it looks so different.
Talk about good backlinks off page there are too many different knowledge or opinions, but all are relative, can be right or wrong depending on the situation of each project. The important thing here is to find common ground, then it’s up to each project to have the right strategy.
What are backlinks?  What is the quality of the backlinks?
What are backlinks? What is the quality of the backlinks?


The best point to promote the power of backlinks is WEBSITE STRUCTURE, This site structure includes a topic structure and an internal link structure (you can read more about the virtual silo structure). If you really need this topic, you can say that I will work hard to do an article on this issue. For me, site structure is the most important weight I focus on building for SEO projects.

A few notes on SEO strategy:


First of all, we must always remember that good backlinks are good backlinks (first)

**** Related topics (meta title, title, content with keywords requiring SEO)

*** High traffic areas

** Dofollow

* Domains with few outbound links.

==>> The number of stars decreases with decreasing weight

2.1 There will be no effect here if the backlink is from an article that is not related to the topic, so this is the highest weight for me.

For instance:

  • Highest Relevance (Level 1): Massage Chair Backlink Article -> Massage Article

  • Relevance Level 2: Fitness Links -> Massage Articles

  • Relevance Level 3: Sports Backlinks -> Massage Articles

  • Relevance Level 4: Backlinks to Other Topics -> Massage Articles

==>> This example shows a decreasing effect from 1 to 4 relevance (2)

Therefore, when setting up backlinks, it is necessary to combine (first) and (2) to maximize the power of backlink relevance. Both the most relevant topic and the high priority (Meta Title, H1, Keyword content), the backlink will have great power through narrow relevance.

Backlink priority order
Backlink priority order

2.2 A backlink is from a website with a related topic, in addition, it also has high DR and traffic.

DR (Domain Rating) is an index reflecting the strength of the website calculated on a scale of 100 points based on Ahrefs. And a backlink from a domain with high DR, high traffic and dofollow is a great backlink.

2.3 For me, dofollow is always better than nofollow if our goal is to push the rankings.

Of course, don’t ignore the nofollow backlink, the nofollow number will make the dofollow push process safe. In this part, the social entity will help us, because most social networks are nofollow.

2.4 Few outgoing links.

One can use Ahref to check the number of outbound links of a series of sites in order to select quality sites to put backlinks.


I divide backlinks by role, for me backlinks have 2 main roles: creating trust and pushing rankings.

– Trust building group, this group is almost impossible to promote the rankings, but only helps the website to fluctuate from page 2:

– The ranking push group, this group pushes the ranking the most, but the use of this group must be careful, because the risk is very high:

  • PR Journal, Text Link, GOV, Edu, Guest Post.

Usually for every website we will build trust before actually pushing the rankings.


Anchor Text is also similarly split, with the Anchor group building trust and the Anchor ranking pushing.

Anchor Text builds trust, this type of anchor helps the website become balanced, natural and minimizes risk when building backlinks:

  • General anchor click here, here

  • Naked Link: Like Facebook,…

  • Full title

  • Image

  • Mark

  • Full URL

Anchor Text improves rankings:

With this breakdown of backlinks and anchor text:

  • It will be easy to realize that with groups of backlinks that push the rankings, they must match the anchor text to push the rankings, which will promote the link power better.

  • Anchor Text create trust, make website safe, this type is used for trust backlink group, it will be better.

It's time to deploy a backlink
It’s time to deploy a backlink


  • Assign groups first to build trust, then rank the groups

  • When you have predicted the number, you need to divide it into several steps to hit, not 1 or 2 times (if you don’t want to be punished). Such division will allow us to easily control the strength on the website and have flexibility for the next batch depending on the SEO results of the previous phases.

  • If it is a new website, it takes 1-2 months after the corporate entity is built and the full structure is built.

This topic has a lot of things related to TRUST and RANKING, so I have the opportunity to share more specifically. SEODO hopes this article will help you better understand how to deploy social media and how to build good backlinks for your website.


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What is off-page SEO? Simple and Effective Offpage Optimization 2022

What is off-page SEO?  Simple and Effective Offpage Optimization 2022

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Off-page SEO what? One of the most important SEO strategies, contributing greatly to the success of many SEO projects in SEODO. In this article, we will discover off page From basics to in-depth knowledge

1. What is off-page SEO and common terms

What is off-page SEO?
What is off-page SEO?

Offpage is very broad, so before we dive into deeper knowledge, let’s get a good understanding of all the terms below.

  • Off-page SEO: is the process by which we promote our website to users, with the aim of attracting users to our website and helping Google to better value the website.
  • Back links: Backlink has 2 parts. The backlink may be a link pointing to our website from another website. Or it can be a link from one page to another on the website. Usually we understand that backlinks are pointing to other websites.
  • Anchor text: is the text/text that contains the link pointing to.
  • Anchor text report: is the percentage of anchor text. The formula to calculate anchor text radio is anchor text count/all links.
  • Ranking: Is it the index or maybe the Google algorithm. This is Google’s core ranking algorithm based on backlinks. The higher the page rank, the better the SEO score. However, this is an index that is not made public by Google.
  • Dofollow backlinks: is the backlink that allows the page rank flow to pass.
  • Non-tracking backlinks: is a backlink that does not pass the page rank flow.
  • SKIN : Domain Authority, is an index of MOZ, used to evaluate the quality of the domain
  • Pennsylvania : Page Authority, is an index of MOZ, used to rate the quality of pages

2. Purpose of creating Offpage

What is off-page SEO?
What is the purpose of building off-page SEO?
  • Promote the website, increase impressions for users and Google.
  • Build a brand, increase user and Google awareness
  • Create an external force to push the website to increase SEO efficiency, increase PR flow, the higher the PR score, the greater the SEO effect (each keyword has its own PR score, each page destination has its own PR score)
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Navigate Google Bot: When the google bot goes through the backlink (both dofollow and nofollow), the anchor text will shape the keywords Google bot will understand and tell Google bot to better understand the topic of the article. However, don’t overuse keyword anchor text to avoid being penalized by Google.

3. Frequently used tools for off-page SEO

What is off-page SEO?
Off-page SEO builder?
  • Ahref: Check backlinks details, check anchor text, find competitor backlinks, check DR and PR indexes. If for checking backlink details, Ahref is the most efficient tool today
  • Majestic: check TF, CF index, check backlink details and anchor text.
  • Backlink management tool: Excel
  • Automated backlink building tools: GSA, SEO Autopilot
  • Backlink submission tool: Elitelinkindexer, Lar Index
  • Index checker tool (DA, PA, TF, CF,..): http://domdetailer.com/
  • Index checker: Screaming Frog, Url Profiler (with additional proxy)

4. How to use backlinks in Offpage

4.1 Types of backlinks


First we need to determine that the backlink is a link pointing to the page, not the website, so the backlink is the internal link, which is also the external link.

The backlink has 2 types: the dofollow backlink and the nofollow backlink, the definition is already above, now we distinguish these 2 types of backlink:


4.2 Backlink Quality Rating Index

What is off-page SEO?
What is off-page SEO – backlinks assessment
  • Backlink in the same domain is the most important form of backlink
  • Backlinks have traffic
  • Dofollow backlinks
  • Backlinks have a high PR

4.3 Location of backlinks

What is off-page SEO - backlinks assessment
What is off-page SEO – backlink position
  • Backlink content: is the backlink placed in the article, it is the highest quality and highest rated backlink by Google
  • Links back to the whole site: is a full page backlink, usually placed on the header, footer, sidebar, it is a backlink with high PR but easy to penalize if you overdo it.
  • Backlink Profiles: backlink when registering a certain platform account (forum, social)
  • Iconic backlinks: Commonly encountered when registering for a forum, where the signature
  • Backlink comments: Usually when commenting on blogs, forum comments will have a website URL section

4.4 Channels for placing backlinks

What is off-page SEO - backlinks assessment
What is off-page SEO – link building

There are many channels to put backlinks but here are the channels I use most often for my projects.


What is off-page SEO - PBN - forum
What is off-page SEO – PBN – forum

The forum is a channel used to post articles to promote products, services and brands. The quality of forum channels is low.

Research forums should be based on:

  • DA index, PA > 20
  • Forums with related topics or related categories

How to find forums

  • Please friends, you should make friends with people in the same industry to connect with them
  • On communities, communities often share forum data, collect and filter according to existing standards
  • Competitor Analysis: Access the competitor’s backlink segment in Ahref to find the forum the competitor has been using, take it as data. Click on Backlink and referring domain
  • Buy (industry + buy and sell site)
  • Use the search command

Syntax 1: syntax forum:”topic”

What is off-page SEO - PBN - forum

Syntax 2:site:.com inurl:forum “topics”

What is off-page SEO - PBN - forum

Standard forum posts you can refer to:

  • There is a simple link to the site
  • Articles 300-400 words
  • Clean and beautiful presentation
  • At least 2 photos for each publication

Web 2.0

What is off-page SEO?
What is off-page SEO – Web 2.0

Web 2.0 are free websites, you can create a lot of web 2.0 sites at no cost.

Some popular Web 2.0 are blogspot, wordpress.com, Weebly

How to put a link in web 2.0 that you can refer to:

  • B1: Create an account
  • B2: Create a website (You need this information: company presentation, products and services, use of images, company logo)
  • B3: Remove all redundant pre-built Web 2.0 demos
  • B4: Create static pages: About + Contact + Policy
  • B5: Write articles + Insert links (1 publication at most 2 main web urls, 1 main SEO url, 1 other article url, and many other urls on the social profile, social publication).


  • New posts under forgotten keywords, others often call ghost keywords or phantom keywords (for traffic purposes)
  • Clean, beautiful and clear presentation like a normal website
  • When the article has traffic, there is a new link to redirect to the website
  • Each lesson 1-2 links to the website, depending on the project strategy

Social bookmark

What is off-page SEO?
What is Social Bookmark-seo offpage?

You can refer to the resource: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gZTe4YDlqRbyvfAVv8GB44FfYgjsZ-j27tHbgQ-ps3A/edit)


  • Step 1: Create a Social Bookmark account
  • B2: Fill in all the information
  • B3: Find the Submit Link button, add to link, send message, ……
  • B4: Insert URL to bookmark + description and click send


  • Must have a 50-80 word description
  • The description must contain the brand and the keywords related to the article to prepare the bookmarks
  • The description must have a hashtag (hastag brand, hastag keywords, …)

Attention: There are some social bookmarks that don’t have a place to write a description, just paste the link

Webblogging and PBN

What is off-page SEO?
What is Web Blogging and PBN?

These are the main backlink placement channels used by SEODO.

Anchor text should use: keyword, brand, keyword + brand


  • B1: Write standard SEO articles from forgotten keywords + Insert a link to the main website (1 post inserts 1 link on the SEO website)
  • B2: Optimization of internal links for the system web and the satellite web
  • B3: Share on social networks, generate traffic for the article
  • B4: Create backlinks for this article

4.5 Backlink Creation Rules

Depending on where I can find a strategy for building backlinks, I have 2 options below: quantity and quality.

  • Rising. Competitor analysis is the easiest way to determine how many backlinks to get. It is necessary to analyze 5-10 competitors to have a better understanding of the industry, not 1-2 competitors.
  • Quality: Mainly based on the quality of competitors to set standards for my projects. I usually choose DA, TF, DR, UR index as the standard.

4.6 Backlink Model

Link pyramid model

What is off-page SEO?
What is Off-Page SEO – Link Pyramid Model
  • Is a backlink model built on many different link layers like a pyramid. It’s my favorite model. Its advantages are: less risk of being penalized by Google, good quality backlinks instead of many bad quality backlinks.


  • Money Site: Is the URL that needs SEO and another SEO website URL
  • The first floor is the layer that points to the website, which can be PBN, Blog, Social Network, Profile, Web 2.0, …
  • Floor 2: The layer that points to the first floor, can be social, forum, depending on the project strategy. The goal is to increase the power of the first stage, thereby increasing the indirect power of the SEO website

Advantages of this model:

  • Very sure
  • Slow but sustainable increase in results

Model Direct link

The direct link model is a model where all backlinks will be directed to the website, not to a class. This model has the advantage that all the strength of the backlink will be transmitted to the website

The advantage of this model is that the binding juice is transmitted a lot and quickly

But the downside is that it’s very risky with Google’s backlink algorithms

5. How to use anchor text in Offpage

5.1 Functions of anchor text

  OFFPAGE - seodo anchor text
OFFPAGE – seodo anchor text
  • Format keywords: Anchor text helps Google understand which keywords need better SEO.
  • Determine topic relevance
  • Pass Link Juice, PR for this keyword: A higher quality feed will be delivered to this keyword when using keyword anchor text.

5.2 Types of anchor text

  • Keyword anchor text: When we insert the link in the keyword text. For example, SEO services. Keyword anchor text has the benefit of better shaping keywords for landing pages, better PR flow for that keyword (each keyword has its own PR). This is unnatural anchor text and is easily penalized by Google if used heavily and spammy.
 OFFPAGE - seodo anchor text
OFFPAGE – seodo anchor text
  • Title anchor text: When we insert the link in the title of the article that the link will lead. For example, what is Google Tag Manager? How to use GTM from A to Z.
  • Naked anchor text link: is the anchor text the full url needs, it’s a form of natural anchor text, not penalized by Google, but in return it’s hard to shape keywords and PR flow is not very important. For example: https://seodo.vn, https://seodo.vn/bao-gia-seo-website
  • Brand anchor text: for example SEODO. This is the anchor text to the homepage, which has the effect of helping Google better understand our brand, better shape the brand with the website.
  • Anchor text keyword + branding: Example of SEO service SEO. This is the anchor text that points to the page that matches the keyword. The effect is to shape the keywords with a landing page that needs good SEO, making Google understand that this keyword belongs to our brand. A type of anchor text that works like keyword anchor text but with a much higher level of security. This type of anchor text can replace the keyword anchor text in the future.
  • Anchor Text Synonyms: An anchor text that has the same meaning as the keyword. For example, instead of defining anchor text as seo service, we define anchor text as seo
  • Anchor text author: An anchor text placed in the author name text, to refer to the author. Example: Doan Kien
  • Anchor text No text: When we insert a link in the image without using the ALT tag.

6. Some issues occur in Offpage

Broken links: When the link is broken, rebuild the backlink according to the number of broken and of the same quality

The opponent draws the link: Filter and disavow with ahref and search console: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

Unindexed links: check with the Url Profiler tool, if not indexed for 3 weeks, replace it with the same number of quality links

Broken link : replaced by the same number of quality links

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Here is a detailed article on off pageI hope the knowledge I share can help you on the arduous SEO journey ahead.


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What is Backlink – 10 Ways to Increase Backlink Ranking

What is Backlink - 10 Ways to Increase Backlink Ranking

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Google encourages website owners to optimize on-page SEO to create useful content for users to get good ranking results. What about Back links so what? Is creating useful content enough to get your website ranked high in search results? How to create quality Backlinks on the site?

Today SEODO will guide you on how to build quality and highly effective backlinks in the SEO process. Let’s find out through the article below

1. What is a backlink?

To be able to build backlinks for your website, you must first understand what a backlink is and what a quality backlink is.

1.1 Notion of back link

Backlinks are links from another page or websites that point to your website. Google and other search engines often rely on the number of backlinks pointing to a website to gauge how websites rank on SEO results.

What are backlinks?
What are backlinks?

1.2 Why SEO needs Backlinks?

Building backlinks for off-page SEO is a very important job to help your website rank at the top of the SERPs.

We can simply understand that the backlinks are considered as votes to help the website to the TOP. The more votes you get, the more likely your website is to rank higher in Google and other search engine rankings. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity and importance of this website.

Backlinks are very important for SEO. Because some search engines, especially Google, always appreciate websites with lots of quality backlinks. In particular, the backlink is one of the signals to improve EAT for the website.

Although Google has made thousands of changes to their search ranking algorithm based on backlink ranking signals. However, backlinks are still one of the important signals from Google because backlinks are formed based on Google’s original algorithm (also known as PageRank).

If a website does not have links pointing to it, it will be very difficult for that website to achieve a high position in the search engine results (SERP) rankings.

1.3 What is a quality backlink?

Backlinks also have the type “Backlink this, Backlink that”, they are not all of equal value.

In theory, if your website has a lot of backlinks, it’s easy to get to the TOP. However, Google currently has many algorithms to analyze the whole website and if you abuse and spam too much, you will be penalized by Google.

So, instead of quantity, you need to build quality backlinks so that even if they are scanned or updated from Google, the website will still rank well.

There are 5 characteristics that every quality backlink has:

  • Backlinks come from websites with a high level of trust.
  • Backlinks usually include the target keyword in the anchor text.
  • Backlinks come from pages closely related to your website.
  • The backlink is a type of Dofollow link
  • New backlink, first domain never linked to your website

2. The main role of backlinks for ranking

2.1 Backlinks help improve website rankings

There is no denying the role of Backlinks in ranking results.

If your website is good, but it will be better to receive “recognition” from industry websites, or other reputable journals and forums by having backlinks from those pages pointing to your site. .

Each link from another website pointing to your website is a “vote” in Google search results. Take a look at the stats from Moz – Reputable SEO News Site:

Backlinks help improve website rankings
The relationship between rankings and links

Moz stats show:

  • 99.2% of the top 50 positions had at least one external link pointing to their website.
  • 77.8% of all subsequent first positions are similar – there is at least one outgoing link pointing backwards.

2.2 Create backlinks for faster indexing

Google Bots discovers new websites by following backlinks from existing websites. And when they discover your site, they can efficiently crawl your site to index it. Google bot will go through the link to crawl the content and from there index it.

With a website regularly scanned by Google robots, imagine your website has a link from this website, your content will be indexed very quickly.

On the contrary, it will be more difficult for Google robots to find your website if your website has no Backlinks.

2.3 Increase Amount of Backlink Referral Traffic

With a website that already has users, it is completely normal for users to click on links to your website. In particular, with content that has a lot of traffic from users, with just a little ingenuity in placing links pointing to your website, you will have a large number of users from referral channels.

Backlinks help increase traffic
Increase traffic with backlinks

2.4 Increase brand coverage, popularity or popularity

A website with many links from reputable websites will be understood as a quality website, gradually becoming a reputable website.

The frequency of appearance on other reputable websites will also create “popularity” or “popularity” for your website.

The site of a company that is regularly in the news because its news will certainly be more known, better known and more users.

3. Summary of 10 Ways to Create Quality and Effective Backlinks

The backlink building strategy should be “no strategy” at all. Don’t even think about building backlinks the wrong way. Here are a few more methods for building natural backlinks that really aren’t too difficult.

3.1 Write an article on a subject that no one has written before

increase backlinks through strange content
What about unique content?

The best way to get more readers is to write content, it’s to write about a weird topic that no one has written about before. It can be a data-driven article, a research survey, or a case study. Anything you write that you think is trustworthy and helpful to your community.

Your work is not finished here. After writing the content, promote it to the right source. Derek Halpern, Proposal Writing Techniques, once said that whenever you write an article that will be a valuable link, you need to find people who have a history of articles linking to your article.

You can then go out and ask them to link your post to their resource page.

3.2 Writing pillar articles (Pillar Content)

A pillar article is usually a tutorial article that says something to your users. They are usually over 500 words and contain lots of very practical advice. This article you are reading can be considered a pillar article because it is very practical and a “how to write well” lesson. Articles that have long-term vitality, remain relevant to the present (not news or time dependent) and provide real value and insight. The more pillar articles you have on your website, the better.

Pillar posts are not easy to create. Pillars or articles are in-depth tutorial type articles where you explain almost everything on a single topic around your scope.

Content of the pillar
Content of the pillar

3.3 Get backlinks from social sites with high pagerank

Pinterest is a 9th PageRank site and it gives you the option to add a link to your profile. Even if this link is not followed, it will give you a good growth in the general ranking.

Google+, your LinkedIn company profile, and sites like Reddit. Simply create a user profile and add the link to your homepage. This way you can get SEO optimized backlinks from your social media site.

Increase backlinks via social networks
social media

3.4 Get more quality backlinks by matching others

You can still get quality backlinks by helping other bloggers and websites get listed on your website. In this way, you must have a website with good visibility and at least be well ranked and rated by google.

Then you can build relationships with other bloggers, website owners, mostly with high authority sites and interview them, write about them, mention them on your website.

 increase backlinks through the relationship
Relationship Building

3.5 Boldly writing controversial content

Wondering how courage relates to building backlinks safely? Sometimes getting a backlink tests your mettle. You can get multiple backlinks and get mentioned by writing about a post that is controversial or disproves a common belief.

controversial content
Controversial subject

Sometimes if you want to attract, you have to attract attention in different ways. Writing a content article that goes against the current trend or general opinion is one of the best ways to grab attention, but the risk is quite high but the return is worth it.

3.6 Guest Post is still good for SEO if done wisely

Every time you think of guest blogging to build backlinks, you get blacklisted by Google. Never aim to get backlinks from guest posts, but focus on the value you provide in your guest post.

However, you can use Guest Post and link to your site with relevant data on your site. Remember that this is not frequent. Take a close look at what Google has to say about building backlinks from Guest Post.

spread backlinks with guest posts
guest post

3.7 Community development

The best way and relevance when building an SEO backlink strategy is to use a community. This community building is not only for link building processes but also has various benefits. This will prove that your blog is a reputable website. When people can respond to your article and share it on social media sites, it will ultimately be social proof for your readers.

When you’re actively involved in the community, you’re linking to each other’s content (remember, it has to be high-quality and most importantly relevant) in your blog posts. This way, you have a strong network of backlinks.

3.8 Fix broken link (broken link)

Using broken links can be a good option to get backlinks without the website owner’s permission. By doing this, you give someone better resources and less risk of rejection than simple promotional messages that often go unanswered.

3.9 Introducing content from KOLs: never obsolete

Industry KOLs with personal social networking sites with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers will be where you will best promote your brand and content on your website.

This offers 3 advantages:

  • Increase traffic to website
  • Build customer trust with the brand through KOLs
  • Increase Quality Score with Search Engines
connect with KOLs
Connect with KOLs

3.10 Don’t Skip Youtube

Especially, if you have a Youtube channel, do not ignore this method. Google statistics show that there is more content on Youtube.com than on Google. Take advantage of this source of traffic: create videos on topics that users search for, and don’t forget to include links to websites for video-related content in the video description!

Backlinks via youtube
SEODO Youtube channel

It will be very effective if the content is well invested, valuable for users shared on social networking sites.

Back links is one of the important search engine ranking signals. Learning and building backlinks is the job that SEOs always have to do when they want to place the website higher in Google rankings. SEODO shares the article above in the hope that you can work more effectively with Backlink and grow more when SEO. I wish you good luck and success.

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What is entity referencing? 10 Most Effective Ways to Optimize Entity 2022

What is entity referencing?  10 Most Effective Ways to Optimize Entity 2022

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Entity referencing It’s no longer a strange concept, but for inexperienced SEOers, it’s still a new concept. Not everyone can fully understand the concepts of what the entity is and develop the system in the right way. Entity has actually been around since 2013.

SEO Entity is a combination of components that have a certain relationship with each other in terms of the meaning that the tools are effective. It is one of the major trends of 2019. So what is entity SEO? Today SEODO will explain everything to you, fasten your seatbelts and explore!

1. Entity referencing overview

1.1 What is an entity?

Entity is a single, unique, well-defined and distinctive thing or concept.

Entity An entity can be anything that has all four elements: singular, unique, identifiable, and distinctive. It can be an individual, a thing, an event, a place, an adjective, etc. An entity is not only a physical object such as a person, a place, a thing… but an entity can also have a color, an idea, a concept or a date or a holiday. ..

What is Entity SEO?
What is the concept of entity?

entity building It is one of the important factors that determine the ranking of a website on search engines.

1.2 What is entity creation?

First, we need to learn about 3 basic concepts of SEO marketing that build the system entity building. Consists of: semantic web, Metaweb and Google Knowledge Graph.

1.2.1 Semantic Web

Feature SEO _ Semantic Web
semantic web

semantic web also known as Web 3.0 – i.e. a semantic website that uses artificial intelligence to simulate language understanding and information processing, it was created in 2006 by Tim Berners-Lee and based on the World Wide Web platform and linked data algorithm.

For instance: When you enter the keyword “Samsung”, Google shows you a variety of results, such as: Samsung phones, Samsung companies, Samsung headphones, etc. In general, the word “Samsung” has too many meanings. Google and the search engine in general don’t understand exactly what you mean.

-> The Semantic Web was born to help solve this problem.

Take advantage of Semantic Web elements, construction techniques entity building will help google to get a database about SEO domain. Turn your business into a real big brand in Google, while helping Google understand your website content.

1.2.2 Meta Web

Feature SEO _ Meta Web
Web Meta

Metaweb is a database development company based on semantic web – An open database and the sharing of knowledge of the world. In 2010, Google acquired and merged Metaweb in its search engine, with the aim of serving as a platform for Google Knowledge Graph & Hummingbird Algorithm.

1.2.3 Google Knowledge Graph

Feature SEO _ Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph Also known as a simple knowledge map, a database collects billions of data about the keywords that users search for daily on the internet and what that keyword means.

With this knowledge map, Google can connect events, things, happenings, people, and places. From there, the search results are precisely interconnected and intertwined.

=> From the above 3 concepts, it can be understood that implementing Entity includes the work of creating an entity for the website, determining to Google that your business is a reputable entity.

1.3 What is an entity in NLP?

Entity is a word or phrase that represents an identified and classified object. Objects can be people, gadgets, events, numbers, companies, etc. The job of NLP is to select and evaluate these entities from your content.

Because Google can distinguish entities Entity Thus, search engines use the information obtained, in order to satisfy users and provide better search results.

SEO entities in the Google API demo
Entities in the Google API demo

There are two very important additional metrics – audience and category.

Regarding classification, thanks to NLP, Google can assign content to a corresponding category. Such as: Internet & Telecom, Mobile & Wireless,..

SEO Entity _ Categories in Google API Demo
Categories in the Google API demo

1.4 What is the entity’s role in research?

Entity is a method to help search engines understand user intent, which is an addition to help more clearly define the answer to a search query. The entity helps Google recognize the entities mentioned in this section.

The following 3 factors, considered important ranking factors, have been confirmed by Google:

  • Content – ​​Content
  • Links – Links.
  • Rankbrain

2. Why is the entity important in SEO?

The reason why SEO entity What is important? Nowadays, SEO optimization is no longer the same. Google began to rapidly change search engine algorithms. This allows SEO to work to have a keen sense and catch the trend over time.

More and more companies, when they start investing in the field of digital marketing, focus more on SEO. Reason for:

  • Paid search costs are too high
  • SEO brings sustainability and longer term
Entiy SEO is important for SEO
Entiy SEO is important for SEO

Google has started to “sideline” companies that only focus on the traffic factor. Google wants to give users the results they want to find right on the search page. Users do not need to access the website at this time. Specifically, the TOP 0 position, also called Snippet.

SEO Entity _ Extract
Top 0 or excerpt

The entity important for overall SEO. Because, basically, they are a whole world. We ourselves understand everything around us in the context of entity and their relationship.

3. Optimize content according to Entity SEO for what?

We optimize SEO by creating content around a main keyword. From there, individually optimize each of these main keywords everywhere. With SEO entity, we must see further. In simpler terms, create satellites (other minor and secondary keywords) around the main keyword.

The situation of websites uploading content just to compete for rankings is very common these days. Users only find content that is highlighted with the given keyword, but the value they receive is very low. Since then, Google does not appreciate such content, and users leave the page very quickly.

If optimized by the method EntitySEO specialists will have to do extremely thorough research on the subject of the content they have, what words can be closely related to the subject of the article and the central keyword? This is the most obvious way when optimizing SEO entity.

Associated keywords when optimizing content for the SEO entity
Associated keywords when optimizing content for the SEO entity

4. How Google Explores Entity SEO

“Understanding how Google crawls Entity will help you have an efficient entity creation process.”

Essentially when collecting data, Google bots Find elements and words that are closely related to each other in the content, synthesize, analyze, process and finally return the results to the user.

4.1 Entity extraction How do SEO and Google extract Entity?

Google extracts the Entity is based on four key factors:

  • IDENTIFIER: recognize Entity. Same as addresses or MREID (Machine Readable Entity ID)
  • Data: Data system as Google corpus and Google Index
  • Knowledge Store: Can mention Free base and Wikipedia
  • Attributes: The relationship between Entity help Google understand their meaning.

Information extraction will be performed in the following order:

  • Named Object Recognition NER
  • Association of objects named NEL
  • Leverage relationships
Google Pulls Entity SEO
Google collects items closely related to the entity

In the example above we can see:

  • NER (named entity recognition) identifies and categorizes named entity occurrences in text into predefined categories. NER is modeled as a task of assigning tags to each word in a sentence. NER will tell us which words are entities and what their types are. In the example above, NER would locate “Elon Musk” as a person. But we still don’t know exactly what the text “Elon Musk” in the example above is about. NEL is the next side quest that will answer this question.
  • NEL (Named Entity Binding) will assign a unique identity to the entities mentioned in the text. In other words, NEL is responsible for associating the entities mentioned in the text with their respective entities in the knowledge base such as: Freebase or Wikipedia.

4.2 “Things not Strings”

This principle concept was developed by the head of Google Search Amit Singhal announcement. Google will understand Entity in the real world relative to other factors.

Specifically, this principle helps Google know how many words are on the page, what those words mean, and return the desired results to the user.

This principle has been applied in the Knowledge Graph, a return type that includes all information related to the user’s query. And also used in the first page on Google as a carousel based on user query.

Knowledge is an example for the application of Google's SEO entity
Knowledge is an example for the application of Google’s SEO entity

In short, it’s a way to help Google better understand natural language, and thus provide Internet users with a more complete and accurate result.

5. Google Ranks Search Results Based on Entity SEO

In 2015, Google announced the ranking of search results based on Entity metrics. According to the publication, Entity’s search ranking is based on the following factors:

  • Relationship: Determined based on multiple entities on website
  • Contribution: Contribution is determined by external signals, which can essentially be a measure of an entity.
  • Price (Price): Accuracy Award Metric – a measure of the various related awards an entity has received.

When all are linked and searched, the process starts with the user making a query for information about an entity.

Then, Google follows the process in this order:

  • Determine the relevance of other Entities and give a value
  • Define the interest of the users of these entities and give a value
  • Determine the contribution metrics of these Entities and give the value
  • Identify any price of this entity and give a value
  • Determine weights based on query type
  • Following entity validation, Google will provide information about the SERP.

6. Learn 10 Ways to Optimize Entity for the Most Effective Website 2022

6.1 Build a parallel brand website

Don’t just focus on building a website that neglects your brand. This means that your brand must provide Google with all the criteria that other big, famous brands have, including:

  • Accounts on social platforms
  • Main content of your brand
  • Logo
  • Domain
  • AdWords account
  • Link your social accounts to the website…

Wherein, domain, logo, maps are important factors that need special attention. Promote your brand and display this information clearly on the website. And surely you also want to become an expert on many different topics.

6.2 Create in-depth and useful content

The era of content providing pure and identical information online is over. You need to invest in content in a detailed and methodical way, creating subtopic content around a group of major topics.

This is the method Subject group (content grouped by topic), content is created around a single topic but still covers all information as a thumbnail library on that topic.

It is advisable to avoid writing a series of articles on mixed topics. This will distract the reader with the information, and make it difficult for Google to grasp the meaning of your content to show users.

6.3 Using the Google Natural Language API

Google Natural Language API is a platform that helps you find and search for entities in your content.

Feature SEO _ Google Natural Language API
Google Natural Language API

Here you can see how Google can recognize the Entity about places, people, time frames, importance, content categories, content creator sentiments, and more.

You can check the Entity how your content is understood by Google on the page and thus better adapt your content.

6.4 Construction of content structure

This seems to be the basic knowledge to get started with SEO. Content should be easy to read, provide value, and use lots of headings and tables. Using bulleted or numbered lists will help you communicate better with users and web browsers.

The better the content structure, the better Google understands your content, how different sections, paragraphs and words fit together and how important it is.

Always remember to credit the trusted source, author name, copyright. There is a lot of controversy around TO EAT (short for expertise and authority), authority and authority pages are becoming an important factor in SEO.

6.5 Editing SERP-Based SEO Standard Content

The SERPs on Google are a useful source for finding the content most searched for by users, so that we can personalize and create content based on these metrics.

This is similar to finding keywords for your topic. With entity optimization, in addition to keyword research, you need to research what issues users are looking for around that keyword.

You can refer to this information in sections like “Knowledge Graph” on the right of the search page, or “People Also Ask” and Related Searches,…

Entity SEO _ Edit content based on SERP
The “People are also searching” section is where you can refer to optimizing content for the SEO entity

6.6 Using the scheme

As you know you have to use the json-ld schema and schema, but a nice analogy is to use the “same as” tag.

This code will inform Google something like “This organization is like the one mentioned in this Wikipedia article” or “This is the social profile of this brand”…

So add this tag when you insert structured data into your page to help Google understand the direct relationship between the Entity.

6.7 Search Path Optimization

When writing content, you need to know where users are coming from and where they will go in the search journey.

Feature SEO _ Search Path
Journey to find a mechanical keyboard

Every query, every keyword a user types in to find your site has a past and a future. You have to ask yourself what steps the user has looked for before and what is the next step. From there, you can place other articles as related articles below or insert them directly into the content.

Moreover, by adding breadcrumbs, navigation on the page will help users know what query they are looking for in what subject or domain.

This is why I previously advised you to create a library of information on the subject, and not just develop different articles on different topics.

6.8 Satisfy search intent

By “satisfactory” search intent, you mean that you have all the types of content and information that users often search for today. This includes: information, navigation, purchase, reviews.

By looking at the search results, we can determine what the search intent is here, from Google’s perspective. For example, with the query “buy a mechanical keyboard”, it is clear that the user wants to buy a mechanical keyboard.

If a user asks a question, it is clear that the search intent here is information. In other words, we can completely know the different search intentions of users based on the search results displayed on search engines.

It sounds simple, but it’s not always the case. For example with the keyword ‘Independence Day’. Most of the year, when you Google that keyword, you’ll see a series of results related to the movie “Independence Day.” But what if the 4th of July (national day of the United States of America) is approaching, the results displayed are for the holidays? It can be said that search intent and entity change over time.

User search intent also changes over time.Keep this point in mind and constantly monitor search results to understand what Google wants and how it is changing.

6.9 Refer to the top 5 searches

“Knowing that people know me, a hundred battles means a hundred wins” should also be applied to your SEO strategy. Find out if your competitors, especially top 5 websites, see how they have been and are doing, what information needs to be added to optimize your website content to compete with them.

6.10 Avoiding a bad click-through rate (CTR)

Avoid low click-through rates (CTR) in entity SEO
CTR Rate Chart

Click-through rate is one factor that you need to focus on to improve your website’s ranking on Google, this factor and users’ time spent on site is often prioritized by Google above all else.

Regularly check the click-through rate on each keyword query, website content, update old or missing content. These actions will help you improve your content as well as your website’s ranking on Google.

Posts above by SEODO provided the most detailed and up-to-date information on Entity referencing what? It can be said that it is one of the useful tools for digital marketing in 2022. Hopefully, with the knowledge introduced in the article, you can immediately apply it to demanding work tasks. Ask for some understanding of the SEO entity. Good luck !

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What is link juice? Reveal the power flow of the website

What is link juice?  Reveal the power flow of the website

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

link juice what? Have you ever heard of the concept of link juice? Many people will probably think it’s the name of a fruit juice, but no. Link Juice is one of the most commonly used terms by SEOs. However, not everyone knows this. Therefore, to help you better understand the SEO industry terminology today, the following article will answer everything for you.

1. What is link juice?

link juice is a term in the SEO industry that is widely used to express the value of a website. However, many of you still do not know or understand this term or do not master it. Here, SEODO will share with you the theoretical knowledge related to this term.

1.1 Notions

link juice is considered a separate term in the SEO world that refers to the value or strength of a website expressed through external or internal links. You can simply understand that the more people visit your website, the more people share, the stronger the website is and the more reputation it has.

link juice
What is Link Juice?

There are many ways to increase the number of clips on your website and directly or indirectly increase the rate link juice through affiliate links such as link building, post sharing, document sharing, guest posting, media marketing, .. or you can focus on your website post content. . Thus creating a good impression as well as credibility with readers and the number of shares from them.

1.2 Link juice includes both internal and external links

If through the concept above and you think that this term only includes links from other external websites sharing and linking to your website, you are completely wrong. It includes both the internal link and the external link. These two types of links help to improve your website’s ranking position on Google, improve keyword position, increase user preference and increase website credibility.

2. How does link juice work?

link juice Whether or not it works depends on the number of external links pointing to your site. In particular, the rate of increase in ranking on search engines will be higher if these links only focus on links to your website without any other website.

link juice
Describe how Link Juice works

To better understand this term how it works SEODO will present you with two sites A and B to compare.

For instance: Website A has 4 more external link links than website B only has 3 links, surely website A’s ranking will be higher and will receive more link juice that. However, if the links to site A lead to many other websites in addition to A, while the links to site B focus only on B, then the percentage of links from site is now B will receive more than the page HAS.

2.1 Sculpting Link’s Juice

In addition to successfully building many links If you link to your site, it is also necessary to use methods to avoid the loss to other sites, this is called Sculpting PageRank. You will use nofollow links to avoid being affected by outbound links for affiliate links. When you are in dofollow links status, then link juice will be distributed fairly to external sites.

link juice
Sculpting PageRank helps avoid wasting site link juice

Also, for internal links, instead of using nofollow, you should leave the link juice in the natural state. It helps your subsites to have evenly distributed links and now the main site will become a search engine and the sub sites will increase the Page Rank of the home page.

2.2 Link juice comes from many sources

link juice can come from various sources such as:

  • Websites on the same topic as you.
  • Pages with similar related content.
  • The page has a high PageRank.
  • The page appears in the SERPs.
  • The site has quality content.
  • Popular sites often appear on social networking sites.
  • Pages with relatively few external links.
  • Websites with user-generated content.
link juice
Where does link juice originate?

2.3 Link juice does not come from sources

Also, this activity There are sources that you should not take and limit yourself to taking if you do not want to be counterproductive, such as:

  • Pages that have no topic or content related to your website.
  • The page contains too many outbound links.
  • The page is not indexed by search engines.
  • Exchange links.
  • Links related to your site.
  • Links to pages that are not ranked or have no content.
  • Paid link.
link juice
Thanks to link juice, your website easily appears in front of users

3. Is Link Juice still important?

Although link juice is just an SEO industry term and not recognized by Google but undeniably the important uses and effects it gives you while building and developing a website. We must recognize the role that link juice gives website like:

3.1 Redirect users to authoritative and reputable websites

Works by linking external websites to you with additional purposes, citing sources, etc. This helps your site increase traffic, build credibility, and increase popularity with people. Used when the reliability of the information and content of your message is verified, the information is verified when the website is linked to many pages with high content value, official sources of information.

link juice
Link juice helps the website increase its credibility with visitors

3.2 Expand and diversify user information

The network environment is a place where information and images are covered everywhere with a wealth of knowledge that never stops. Trust the links help websites maximize their use as a place to transmit knowledge, establish links between websites to help each other, complete, compare or verify information intended for visitors.

link juice
Link juice helps to optimize the use of the website when providing information to users

3.3 Helping Google bots crawl better

Umbrella link juice Not recognized by Google, but this method helps Google find new sites quickly. When web pages are linked together, the bot will easily find new pages with similar content through links pointing to other sites. In addition, Google will easily control the functioning of the website, understand the structure, topics and content you are working on.

link juice
Link Juice helps Google verify information about web data

4. What is “quality” Link juice?

A ” link juice“Quality is a spirit juice that will certainly bring benefits to the user. Link Juice White Hat aka White Hat Link is considered link juice quality.

There “”white hat juice link“of quality because they have the following criteria:

  • These are popular links that provide more useful information to users
  • Are websites mentioned in the mass media.
  • It is associated with pages that refer to content related to your website topic.
  • The page does not contain few external links.
  • The page ranks high in search rankings and links to reputable authoritative pages

5. How to Help the Website Get Link Juice

The following methods will help your website get links easily good subject, content that comes from quality pages, few external links.

5.1 Create internal links

Build internal links with flexible anchor text construction. You should also avoid encountering spammy links, paid links, or links from sites with no content. Moreover, regularly add attractive invitations and calls to impress visitors, create a unique brand for their own page.

link juice
Internal links

5.2 Some support tools

You also need help getting link juice with supporting tools to make this job easier and more accurate, such as:

  • SEO Review Tools: This tool helps you work with 10 pages at the same time, bringing efficiency such as getting domain names, page PA index, number of external links to your site.
  • Open Site Explorer: This site allows you to check and find information about your competitors’ websites. This tool belongs to Moz system, Open Site Explorer and you are completely free to use it.
  • Small SEO Tools: This method helps you check your website for standard SEO optimization, plagiarism, PageRank and most importantly, it is also completely free with over 100 different functions.
link juice
Small SEO Tools support tool

5.3 Get link juice

This is similar to building internal links via anchor text with flexible keywords. The outbound links will be distributed evenly on the pages, so you should check the unnecessary outbound links to remove and optimize to reduce the link distribution rate. for websites.

link juice
Link juice as an important solution to facilitate SEO optimization

Also, you should not just use one main keyword, it can easily lead the server to misinterpret you as spam. Use synonyms or LSI keywords instead.

6. Method to Maximize Link Juice

link juice It is an extremely important element to help your website improve its ranking in Google search rankings. So to get the best effect, we need to optimize and maximize link juice. Optimize and Maximize link juice We proceed in 2 steps:

  • Maximize link juice available
  • Have more link juice

6.1 Maximize link juice with embedded internal linking

Lots of Seo-ers skipped the band link juice from its own website. The group link juice from your own website is an endless resource just waiting for you to explore and distribute.

The method to maximize the internal mesh is:

  • Make a list of main keywords and keywords that have the same meaning as the main keyword. They have content related to the subject content of the page.
  • Delete inappropriate websites.
  • Avoid keyword spamming.

You can use the syntax to place: and intext: Combine with keywords to search for content.

Please ignore inappropriate websites. Links to target websites have higher informative value in the list of web pages you find. However, always remember: never use the same anchor text for multiple websites, as this can trick Google into thinking you are spamming.

Consider removing less relevant links from high value pages to avoid diluting volume link juice. Check my links is a super useful plugin to help you find links on a page.

6.2 How to get more link juice for website

Link building is an important part of SEO. And external links are considered one of the most important factors.

Every external link to your domain will show that your website has relevant content or provides great value in many ways to users.

In other words, when search engines rank your website, they will notice that the amount of Link Juice is passed from external links to the website and significantly increases the power of the website.

So how do you build backlinks for a website? It can seem like a daunting task because it is largely out of control. However, there are several ways to increase the number of backlinks for your website.

6.2.1 Add Hreflang tags for international websites

For international websites, adding the Hreflang tag helps search engines receive signals to determine the language of the website. Language formatting of the different versions of each page will improve the ranking of the website in the search engines of each language.

link juice
Hreflang Tag

In addition, the Hreflang tag also allows sharing link juice between pages and their language equivalents. Also, create a good foundation for these pages to rank higher in search engines. Additionally, hreflang tags can also be added to the XML sitemap of the page. Give search engines directly to all pages and their versions in one file.

6.2.2 Link Recovery

Link recovery is the process of finding and repairing old links pointing to your web pages.

Find web addresses with 404 errors that don’t exist on your website using a number of crawler tools. For example, the Site Crawl crawler. Or check Google Search Console’s Index Coverage Report for URLs with 404 errors.

The Ahrefs tool can also be used if it helps you find links and then collect website addresses. From there, it’s easy to provide website owners with updated URLs. (They also don’t want to keep dead links on the site for what).

Here there is a small note.

You can always stealth use Link Reclamation to find old links from your competitors.

link juice
Link Reclamation helps you find 404 error URLs

6.2.3 Linkbait content – ​​skyscraper technique

Linkbait content is special content that naturally attracts many links to the website. It is therefore one of the best ways to attract link juice for the website. Find created content that is relevant to what readers are looking for, useful, and makes users want to share it, then optimize and tweak it into higher-quality articles. This is the technique of skyscrapers.

link juice
Skyscraper technology

These articles will be built to expand the content, update the content and present it better. Articles are built more with valuable content, new information, more attractive to readers. Besides creating engaging content, many people tend to be attracted to objective factors such as images.

Therefore, building an article with lots of illustrations will help attract more readers. Once you have created the complete content, use social media and social media to spread the article to everyone.

6.2.4 Community Outreach

If you already have good linkbait content, the next step will be the hardest step to building links. It’s community outreach. Research your competitors first, using the Open Site Explorer tool you can find websites that point to your competitors.

This tool allows you to check the quality of domains in the list of websites you have just found. Find the best sites to generate the most valuable links. There are also a number of other support tools that will help you reach the community more easily and efficiently:

  • BlogDash: Here you can find a list of bloggers in your area of ​​interest. More importantly, you can find their information and what they have written recently.
  • AuthorCrawler: The tool was built by Tom Anthony of Distills. AuthorCrawl finds links to a page. And from there, collect them, search for the author’s bookmarks to view Google+ information.

When doing outreach this way, you need to start with the full content setup. Check your target sites for broken links that you can replace.

7. Penguin Algorithm – When bad link juice is no longer valid

Each method has two sides and is a double edged sword. link juice too. As the website has more and more internal and external links to become a measure of evaluating the quality of the website, the status of “spam link”, “linking” service is also becoming popular.

This leads to websites with unorthodox content, with no informational value, always at the top of search rankings, becoming a problem and affecting visitors. Since then, Google has come up with the Penguin algorithm.

link juice
The Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin algorithm was created to remove sites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines using black hat SEO techniques, which involve increasing the ranking of dishonest websites by manipulating the number of links to the page. (According to Wikipedia).

Here are some guidelines and actions that are labeled as infringing when Google uses the Penguin algorithm, which SEODO would like to share with you to prevent the site from being flagged, blocked, spammed or “out top” unfortunately:

  • Putting too many identical anchor texts all pointing to the same link on many different websites. This makes your site vulnerable to spam servers if “hit”.
  • Links from bad websites (pornography, gambling, etc.).
  • Links to unrelated topics.
  • Content cloaking (redirects users to websites they don’t want).
  • Links from unindexed or contentless sites.
  • The link is chargeable but brings no value to the user.

The last article provided you detailed information about link juice on the concept as well as on the functioning of the implementation of this method. We hope that we have brought you an interesting and useful article. We will continue SEODO To gain great knowledge about SEO and Marketing!


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10 Ways to Check Google Maps Quickly and Effectively (Updated 2022)

10 Ways to Check Google Maps Quickly and Effectively (Updated 2022)

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Use check google maps for every business is extremely important to assert ownership, increase business reputation and reach potential customers more easily. However, in Vietnam, Google Maps verification sometimes encounters problems. Right now, let’s go together SEODO Learn how to check the details with the article below!

1. Why Google Maps Verification?

When you have an account Google My Business, businesses will have more opportunities to reach customers when they search on Google. Use check google maps success in helping business information to appear when users search, thus helping to improve reputation and increase user trust.

Check Google Maps
Why Google Maps Verification?

In addition, a successful Maps verification helps protect businesses against risks such as MAP support, destruction of business information on the Internet. Google My Businessetc Also, if the account Google My Business Unverified makes it difficult to edit business information, view stats, update new photos, or respond to customer reviews.

2. Learn 10 Ways to Check Google Maps

2.1 Verification by mail

Verification by mail can be considered the most common and popular method of verification today. Thus, within approximately 2 weeks of submitting your request, you will receive a message containing a PIN code to proceed with the verification. During this period, we recommend that you do not modify any commercial information in order to avoid making verification difficult or time-consuming.

Check Google Maps
Google Maps verification interface via email

Here is a 4 step guide check google maps by email:

  • Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business.
  • 2nd step: Find the business to verify and select “Verify now”.
  • Step 3: Fill in the “Contact Name” information completely and accurately and make sure your address is correct.
  • Step 4: Select “Send mail”.

Approximately 2 weeks after dispatch, depending on the region, you will receive an email with a PIN code for verification. At this point, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business.
  • 2nd step: Select the location you want to check.
  • Step 3: Click “Enter verification code” and enter your verification code completely and correctly.
  • Step 4: Once done, select “Verify”.

2.2 Verification by phone

Not all businesses are eligible for Google to enable the “Verify by phone” option. If you see a “Verify by phone” option, you can choose to receive calls on your phone number. Then Google’s system will send you a PIN code. After you receive the PIN, follow the same verification steps as the mail verification instructions above.

Check Google Maps
Google Maps verification image by phone

To note: Google will never do the following in its verification calls.

  • Request password, PIN or personal user information
  • Calculate the cost check google maps

2.3 Email Verification

Similar to the phone verification method, the option “Verify by email” is also enabled only when the business meets Google’s requirements. After submitting a confirmation request, you will receive an email with a confirmation code sent by Google after some time with instructions. At this point, you just need to go to the GMB page and follow the instructions to activate the code yourself.

Check Google Maps
Google Maps for Business Email Verification Image

2.4 Verification with Google Search Console

Check with Google Search Console is a great way to make instant verification possible. To apply this way, you must use the website verification company email with Google Search Console. Then, use that same email to log in to GMB and verify the site with Search Console.

Check Google Maps
Verify with Google Search Console

2.5 Bulk verification (Applicable to businesses with 10 or more addresses)

This verification method applies to businesses that have multiple addresses and need to verify multiple locations at the same time. If you have a large enough store network, you will be enabled for this verification method. However, this method usually takes longer because Google needs more time to review and verify your information.

2.6 Verification via the My Business provider

My Business Provider is a program that allows organizations with great business data of choice to verify the companies they work with. If you wish to verify this way, you must contact your partner’s Google My Business Provider account manager who can request and verify the business.

2.7 Verify your company via the Product Expert Program

We can understand that it is the Google Product Experts program which includes the audience of users who love Google products. There are 4 expert levels such as Silver, Gold, Platinum and Former Member. Gold professionals and above are fully considered “trusted verifiers” and can add new businesses to Google.

2.8 Verification via Local Guide approval

Using the help of a Local Guide is another way to check google maps. Local Guide can be understood as a global community of users who regularly edit places, write reviews, share photos, answer questions or check physical addresses on Google Maps. However, Google has now stopped granting verification rights to Local Guide accounts.

2.9 Verify via Google support link

After creating a map and completing optimizing the information for GMB, you visit the business page help on Google to continue with the required steps from Google. Under issues, enter verify my business. In the Problem section, select Postcard not delivered or Other.

Next, you need to provide around 3-5 photos of your business (using 4G network to get GPS location). Finally, under your relationship to the business, select “I own this business”. And don’t forget to press the “SEND” button.

Check Google Maps
Check via Google support link

2.10 Business verification via Google Assistant Manager

Provided you have a relationship with Google AM, when verifying in this way, you only need to submit company information, company image to Google AM. AM will give you a code to use to create and check google maps for business.

3. How to check if your business has been verified by Google Maps?

3.1 Check with Google Support Tool

Google provides a “Check your verification status” tool – Check your verification status. To verify, you need to sign in with your Google account, select the business you want to verify, and check their verification status.

Check Google Maps
Check if your business has been verified by Google Maps?

3.2 Manual check of search results

To verify this, you need to search for your business name on Google and check the information displayed. This is very useful when your business is verified by someone else and you need to claim your ownership.

If you already see your business on the map, you should take extra care to verify that the place that appears on the map belongs to you. If it’s not yours, you can select: “Suggest an edit” or “Owner of this business” to double-check ownership.

Here is a summary of the ways you can apply check google maps For Your Business. With the information shared above, SEODO hopes to have brought you useful Google Maps verification methods that contribute to business success!

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