What is IFTTT? 9 Effective IFTTT Recipes for SEO 2022

What is IFTTT?  9 Effective IFTTT Recipes for SEO 2022

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What is IFTTT?? Have you ever been in a state of anxiety due to the delay of the deadline when an unexpected incident affects your work. You look forward to having more free time without trying too hard. Then it will be a great tool for you. To better understand IFTTT, SEODO Follow the post below!

1. What is IFTTT?

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a completely free service with which you can work more efficiently and productively. The mechanism of this service is to automate some of the tedious work of your business. It will certainly be a service you have always dreamed of.

What is ffff?
What is ffff?

IFTTT. Example formula

For example if you activate the formulas IFTTT then whenever you use a specific hashtag on Twitter like #study. This tool will tweet the post directly to Facebook. This operation only takes a few seconds, but if you use it a few times, you will see its “miracle” use.

This work will have a positive impact on your workload. You can completely combine several formulas while working. This both saves more time and creates high efficiency in work. This tool is applicable in almost all fields and industries.

What is IFTTT?
IFTTT Example

Applications you can use such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Evernote
  • Poached
  • Gmail
  • WordPress
  • Youtube
  • Medium
  • ESPN
  • The New York Times

2. History of IFTTT

2010 is a year marked by the development of IFTTTTibbets, Jesse Tane are two co-founders IFTTT SEO. The service was officially launched in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco. This time, IFTTT reached USD 63 million in investment capital from Andreessen Horowitz$24 million of IBM, Chamberlain Group and Fenox Venture Capital.

History of IFTTT

3. What are the benefits of using IFTTT?

IFTTT This saves the user a lot of time and effort. This tool is like a tireless machine that can work 24/7 in any location. It’s like a virtual assistant to help increase traffic to your channels, increase traffic to social networking sites.

What is iftt?
Benefits of IFTTT

IFTTT SEO It also helps SEOers find backlinks, optimize Offpage and improve link juice. IFTTT as “boss” because with this tool you will easily become famous on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. With these features, IFTTT has taken the lead when it comes to bringing convenience, far beyond the usual.

4. What is the functionality of IFTTT?

IFTTT there are many interesting features for users. However, depending on the operating mechanism, the need to use it IFTTT Each person will have different benefits. Let’s explore the features of What is IFTTT? directly in the article below!

4.1 Track Competitor Posts

Marketers or users can create an email notification template when a competitor posts a new post through a feature called RSS. In case competitors do not use RSS, the Fivefilters service will support you. First you need to enter your competitor’s RSS in “If this”, then you enter your email in the “Then That” field.

What is iftt?
Features of IFTTT

4.2 Search competitor emails

With Evernote, you can completely archive customer service emails and promotional emails from your competitors. This will help you plan or do your research. The operation is very simple, just select an email in “If this” then select a competitor in “New email from”. Finally, select Evernote under “So this” and finish.

Features of IFTT

4.3 Sharing posts from WordPress Serial

With applets, you have the right to link your website to any website on any social media platform. So after posting to WordPress IFTTT Will continue to post this article on other MXHs. Marketers often use websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Posts will be automatically published on the app.

What is iftt?
IFTT referencing

5. AZ IFTTT SEO User Guide

Through some of the above concepts and features, you might have understood the great functionality of IFTTT. But how can I use it? IFTTT SEO The most effective way? So let’s answer this question in the following article!

5.1 Step 1: Learn the interface, create an account

To create an account on IFTTTyou must first :

  • Visit the home page of IFTTT: https://iftt.com/
  • To register, click on the Login button and enter your email address
  • You can fully use your Google or Facebook account by clicking Get Started
What is iftt?

theme of IFTTT is also quite simple and makes it easy to manage your account information. In addition, you can also easily ensure the actions performed on the IFTTT SEO. The main interface will mainly include the following sections:

  • My account: Manage certain information related to usernames, passwords, etc.
  • Activity: View your recent actions on IFTTT
  • My Applets: Commands or formulas you used?
  • My services : Some applications that you activate such as Facebook, Twitter, …
  • Create: You can freely create the recipes and content you want in this section

5.2 Step 2: How to create an IFTTT .

To create the above formula IFTTT, you can absolutely choose one of two ways. The first is to use the formulas available on the platform IFTTT Or you can create your own custom recipe based on your own personal opinions and preferences.

5.2.1 Use existing formulas

In the Home section of the homepage, click to find available recipes that can be connected and used. To make it faster, you can click on the search bar (Search) and then enter keywords. The next thing is to wait for the system to automatically filter the recipes for you.

For instance: Click Automatically share new Instagram status updates to an Instagram page. When you upload content to your Instagram account IFTTT will automatically execute this command. At a time, IFTTT also post information about the Page you manage. Then select Connect to run the command. But you need permission IFTTT access your Instagram account.


Work on IFTTT

5.2.2 Use own formula

In case you want to “talk your way”, you can completely create your own recipe. The operation you need to do is also extremely simple and not too complicated which anyone can possibly do. Concretely, the steps are as follows:

  • Generate ideas IFTTT
  • Make a schedule list for IFTTT
  • Perform applet optimization on IFTTT

Here you can create IFTTT For yourself, to start, click on the “+” sign on the applet. Here you click to select a service you need, for example Date&Time. Then you will choose when the action takes place (Daily at). The action will be recorded and at the time you choose, the activity will take place.

What is iftt?
Formula settings on IFTTT

However, in order to be able to use more features of IFTTT then you will have to make a small “investment”. You can visit Fivefilters.org to get the RSS feed from any site you want. The operations are completely simple and easy to do, right?

5.3 Customize the management of created applications

To easily remember and receive notifications, you can fully customize the apps enabled on IFTTT. The action is to receive and select My Applets, then click on the application to customize. Next, select the gear icon, then you can customize it as you like. Finally, Save to complete the operation.

What is IFTTT?

6. Learn the 9 Best IFTTT Recipes

6.1 Sharing WordPress posts on Medium

With the recipes available on IFTTT, you can easily link your own websites to any social networking site. After posting on the web, IFTTT will help you publish articles on the websites you have set up. Some social media sites will help you attract traffic effectively, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Share WordPress posts on Medium

6.2 Tracking brand mention

Anyone who builds a brand wants their brand to have high recognition in the eyes of consumers. However, in today’s highly competitive market, this is not easy at all. When activated IFTTT SEOyou can completely control the information when someone mentions your brand. IFTTT will give you control over all the details of the email notifications you subscribe to.

What is iftt?
What is iftt?

6.3 E-mails alerting on updates to Wikipedia pages

Wikimedia is a great source for link building. So you can update whenever this page is updated to add links or other citations or updates. Your job is to change part of the recipe URL to match your page. Change the search engine optimization and an update will be sent to you.

What is iftt?
Wikipedia page update warning

6.4 Save Feedy article titles to Google Drive

If you have a VIP account on Feedy, make the most of it. Because it is the account that collects all the titles of all the articles that appear on the homepage and stores them. The archive folder will be in Google Spreadsheet, you can use it anytime.

Additionally, you can also:

  • Follow and observe trending topics (top trending)
  • Improve your copywriting and see great headlines
  • Keep track of what your competitors are doing
  • Suggest more ideas for your blog
ITFFF referencing
Save Feedy article titles to Google Drive

6.5 Bring Trello to the Google Calendar event

If you are looking to create a content calendar and you are using Trello, you should use the following formula. Every time you create a Trello card and set the date and time, your Google Canlendar will be added automatically. You will then receive an update each day closer to the time of installation. This will help you manage late deadlines!

What is iftt?
Bring Trello to Google Calendar Event

6.6 Brand Archive mentions Google Spreadsheet

The brand archive formula referencing Google Spreadsheet will help you know what users think about your business. By following your Twitter handle or adding a hashtag, you can receive tweets related to your archived tag. These contents will be collected via Google SpreadSheet.

What is iftt?
Google Spreadsheet Store Brand Mentions

6.7 Hosting blog posts on WordPress

IFTTT SEO really useful that you should use. By with IFTTT This way, you don’t have to worry about losing articles on the website, but the articles will log in and be automatically stored in any application. These apps are on the list you have installed. Once the recipe is run, you can select the channel where you want to store the article content.

ITFFF referencing
Hosting blog posts on WordPress

6.8 Monitoring competitor articles and content

IFTTT will allow you to track the posts and content of your competitors. You just need to set up to receive notifications, then all competitor information will be sent to the email you registered. As a result, it will be easier for you to control the content of your competitors and also easier to create content.

Monitor competitor articles and content

6.9 Get notified when your brand is mentioned

In the branding process, everyone wants their brand to have high recognition. In this, consumer opinion also plays an important role. During installation IFTTT, you will get all the information whenever someone mentions your business name.

What is IFTTT?
Get notified when your brand is mentioned

7. How it works on IFTTT devices

The automation process is done through formulas IFTTT Recipes aka Applets. You can activate and deactivate the applets using the website of IFTTT or mobile apps. You can create your own applets and improve existing applets. IFTTT posted a video on YouTube that explains in more detail how Applets are created. You can refer more.

What is IFTTT?
How it works on IFTTT devices

How it works on Android and iOS device platforms

IFTTT very easy to use. Just search for keywords IFTTT on the App Store or Google Play to download the application. Then create a free account on the app, you can choose applets for many different platforms such as Android, IOS, voice assistant, etc.Additionally, you can create your own individual applets by combining different services and settings.

What is iftt?
How it works on Android and iOS device platforms

Above is the full article on IFTTT SEO. Through this article, SEODO I hope I have provided you with useful information and answers to your questions. What is IFTTT?? I wish you a good experience while using the application. Also, hope this tool will make it easier for you to manage your tasks and have more free time for yourself!

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What is a schema – How to create and test the most complete schema 2022

What is a schema - How to create and test the most complete schema 2022

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What is a schema? Is it important to do SEO? The answer is very important, because it is the element that highlights the information contained on the site, in order to better attract users. Additionally, Schema helps search engines better understand website content. Let’s find out more details.

1. What is a schema?

Plan Also known as Schema markup, Schema.org is a predefined piece of html or javascript code with many elements used to mark up structured data. The look for Big companies like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo have come together to develop Schema to better understand web pages.

What is a schema?
What is a schema?

2. What is Schema markup?

Schema markup (Scheme markup) are pieces of code used to mark up structured data that you include on your website. Of course, they must be configured according to the Schema.org structure. Schema markup acts as a kind of logical information used to categorize, tag and display content. Google support offers 3 formats of Schema markup Popular ones include:


JSON-LD is implemented based on Java Script, which is a combination of JSON and linked data placed in a tag pair

What is a schema?
How to add schema markup
  • Step 3: Use the context to link to the schema.org repository, adding a comma at the end of each line of code.

“@context”: “http://schema.org”,

  • Step 4: Specify the type of content to tag. For example, here the content is Restaurant. Then add descriptions for your services like address, opening hours, etc.

“@type”: “Restaurant”,

2.2 Microdata

Microdata is a set of HTML5 tags for adding structured data to a website. This is an easier solution for explaining HTML elements, so it’s perfect for beginners. The downside to this format is that it takes you longer to bookmark each individual item in the main body of the webpage.

Example of microdata

Steps to add Schema markup using microdata include:

  • Step 1: Declare schema markup

You need to figure out which part of the website is the main content (for example, here is the restaurant). This is everything between the two tags

. So we add “” to the tag


When we add the tag, we specify that the HTML code contained in the block

refers to a specific topic. Next, we need to use the attribute to define the content type of the restaurant

  • 2nd step: Declare properties

You need to mark which part of the website will have the name of the restaurant. The part between the tag

is called an tag, which is used to label properties of specific content. For example, you want to assign the restaurant name:

My Restaurant

As above, you can go ahead and bookmark the rest of the site.

The best dishes in the world!

Address :

123 abc

Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Such : 0123 456 789

Click here to see our dishes!

We are open :

Mon-Sa 09:00 – 22:30

Sun: 09:00 – 23:00

2.3 RDFa

RDFa is an HTML5 extension designed to help you mark up structured data. This format is not too different from microdata. However, if Schema.org does not provide enough structured data, you can use RDFa to supplement it.

Example of RDFa

Steps to add Schema markup using RDFa include:

  • Step 1: Declare schema markup

First, you need to define your restaurant website and link to the Schema.org database. To define the data to mark and declare the content type of the web page, use the vocab tag and the typeof tag respectively. The Schema declaration code with RDFa has the form:

What is a schema?
Declare schema markup
  • 2nd step: Define attributes

The next step is to define these elements as properties, so using the property property. For example, we need to highlight the store name:

My restaurant

You can also specify an address using the PostalAddress information type when using the Typeof property as follows:

For the restaurant homepage, you would mark up the rest of the page as follows:

The best dishes in the world!

Address :

123 abc

Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Such : 0123 456 789

Click here to see our dishes!

We are open :

Mon-Sat 09:00-22:30

Sun 09:00-23:00

3. What is the general principle of Schema?

Deployment Plan gives you the ability to get rich snippets to place your website content at the top of the SERP. Therefore, if you want to build a properly structured schema, you should pay attention to the general principles given by Google. Here are the two most important principles you should keep in mind:

3.1 Technical principles


You should only use two search engines provided by Google, including:

  • google.com/structured-data/testing-tool.
  • Tool to check URL path in Search Console feature.

Check your site’s structured data using the tool provided by Google

Technical principles


As we presented above, you should only use the 3 most common formats:

To access:

You cannot prevent Googlebot from accessing data pages using robots.txt, noindex or any other means.

3.2 Content Quality Principles

  • Main content: You must describe the content accurately, completely and specifically, in accordance with the general guidelines of Google. Also, you should not mark content that is not visible to readers or false and irrelevant information.
  • Level of relevance: You should use structured data to accurately describe site content.
  • Completeness of Plan: The required information must be filled in completely and accurately. The more recommended properties you provide, the better your website will display to users.
  • Schema location: you place structured data on the page it describes and you place schema on pages with overlapping content.
  • Specificity: You should use the most specific property types and property names defined by schema.org. Additionally, you should also follow the guidelines set out by Google in the search library.
  • Image: If you tag an image in the page structure, those images must be visible in the user interface.
  • Highlight multiple items on a page: Google allows the use of multi-element structured data markup on a page, as long as the data is relevant to the content of the page.
look for
Content Quality Guidelines

4. How does Schema affect SEO and search engines?

Use Plan is a great way to help your website stand out from the competition. However, there are still many conflicting opinions about Schema’s influence on SEO or not? To answer this question, let’s look at Schema’s impact on SEO and look for Please.

CTR (click-through rate)

Plan Doesn’t directly cause an increase in page views or traffic to your site, but definitely helps website rankings. Any changes to your search results will also affect the CTR. Good changes will have a positive impact on CTR and vice versa. With easy access and analysis, Schema makes your website look more visible than other pages, better visibility.

What is a schema?
Schema increases CTR

Through the use of Schema, look for will verify your page information faster and more accurately, which will help increase the page’s CTR. However, you must perfect the elements SEO such as keywords, content optimization, on-page SEO, .. before use Schema markup.

5. What is the role in the schema fragment?

Today, Schema is a factor that many SEOs are interested in because it brings important values ​​and meanings. So, in the end, what are the benefits of using Schema? Let’s discover the role of this data.

5.1 For users

Using a schema structure makes it easy for your website to impress users and provide useful information. This means more traffic will go to the page and increase the conversion rate. Today, there are many types of schemes corresponding to different ways of displaying websites in search results.

Google displays ratings to help attract users

5.2 Google schema for websites

If you use Schema data effectively, it will highlight important website information, making your website more visible. Thanks to this, more people will visit the website, which will increase the CTR rate and help control the display of rich snippets.

What is a schema?
Schema data helps your website stand out

5.3 For search engines

Plan is a place that provides specific data to search engines to understand website content and topics. look for will quickly and efficiently gather information and interpret the content contained on the site. Moreover, Schema also supports search engines, content classification and indexing. Without the schema, your website will only include context-free information.

6. What is the difference between Microdate, Structured Data and Schema?

Structured Data (English is Structured Data) is a compound name between Data (data) and Structured (structured, structured) valuable to help search engines categorize and index the content of a web page.

Microdata is a structured data form that works with HTML5, composed of 3 elements: , and s.

What is a schema?
Difference Between Microdate, Structured Data and Schema

Schema.org is a predefined piece of html or javascript code with many elements used to mark up structured data

7. Learn the 5 Best Schema Plugins for 2022

After learning the roles of What is a schema? You are probably wondering what kind of Schema Plugins to install. Here are 5 reputable and quality schema plugins that we have compiled. Take a look at these and choose the plugin that suits you best.

7.1 Schema Pro

Schema Pro is an extension package that runs on WordPress, helping you create json structured data. It is one of the most commonly used plugins today as it supports adding rich snippets to the website quite quickly and easily. Benefits that Schema Pro will bring you include:

  • Reviews (music, films, books, …)
  • Recipes (Recipes): Display important information from a food blog post such as dish name, ingredients, etc.
  • Review: Displays a product’s rating and rating information.
  • Event (Event): Shows important information about the event such as time, location
  • Products: Give people detailed information about what you sell.
  • Career information: Add structured data to your job posting page to get more suitable candidates.
  • Course

7.2 WP Review Plugin

This plugin is used to easily rate content without affecting page load speed. WP Review is very suitable for e-commerce sites or bloggers as it can optimize interactions and reviews on products and services etc. Benefits of this plugin include:

  • Variety of reviews: from star rating, score rating, percentage rating
  • There are many options to change your favorite style
  • The plugin is quite light, easy to use and does not slow down your site
  • Compatible with most WordPress themes (free and paid)
  • You can quickly customize the note on the image

7.3 All-in-one schema rich snippets

To find out what Schema is? and how to use time All-in-one schema rich snippets will be a free plugin and quite easy to use. Although there is not much design variety, this plugin still provides the most detailed schema basics for your website. Here is what this plugin gives you:

  • Allow users to use the most basic features for free.
  • Easy to use and use.
  • Help users see the display directly on look for Google.
All-in-one schema rich snippets

7.4 Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP

It is one of the highest rated plugins right now. Along with various features used as a tool to verify Google snippets, this plugin is quite easy to use. However, to use the most advanced support, you will have to pay. Unique characteristics of schema and structured data include:

  • List step-by-step instructions in your article to make it stand out in Rich Snippets
  • When your article is in question-answer format, you can highlight these sentences in the Rich Snippets
  • Add details about the audio you are downloading like upload date, duration, etc.

7.5 WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Schema plugin The last thing we recommend for you is the WP SEO Structured Data Schema. This is a fairly well-regarded and completely free plugin. Although there is no charge, this plugin is quite packed with basic features to Schema markup and create rich snippets. Great things about WP SEO Structured Data Schema:

  • Supports multiple schema types such as: organizations, local businesses, videos, events, and leaderboards
  • Automatically insert schema for all pages, posts, authors.
  • Provide lots of popular Google Schema such as: Breadcrumb, Sitelink Searchbox, ..
  • You can add geo coordinates, logo, business description, opening hours
  • Integrate Schema App Tools to automatically deploy custom content.
What is a schema?
WP SEO Structured Data Schema

8. Guide to Create Schema for Website

To be able to install Schema for the website, we need to know the code or seek help from the website development team. However, there is an easy solution which is to use plugins for popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. Here are some simple guidelines for creating a schema for your website that you should know.

8.1 Instructions for creating Schema pro for WordPress

As we showed above, Schema Pro is quite simple to use, easy to create different types of structured data according to Google standards. Installing this plugin is similar to other familiar WordPress plugins. Schema pro installation steps include:

  • Step 1: Login to WordPress and “Plugin” -> “New Installation”
  • 2nd step: Click “Download Plugin”
  • Step 3: Select the Schema Pro installation file

8.2 Defining Data for Schema in Pages

First, click on Configuration -> General. Here you need to fill in 2 items

  • Website logo: You need to choose a logo for your website.
  • This website represents a: If your website is an individual, you will choose Person, and if it is a business or organization website… then choose Business

The site settings logo and this website represent

What is a schema?
Configure data for schema on pages

Social Profile

You must completely and accurately fill in the data of existing social media channels.

Corporate contact details

This is where you enter your contact details, which are mandatory kind of contact (the types of contact are technical, commercial, reception, emergency…) and Telephone (phone number).

Other scheme

This section is used to fill in other information on the website, such as About page, contact page, sitelink scheme selection menu.( Select the menu you want to show on sitelinks in search results), enable the Breadcrumb schema, and enable the sitelink search box.

Advanced settings

The advanced installation section installs the following components:

  • Activate the test schema link in the toolbar: You must choose yes to show the quick schema test button for your website pages
  • Show Schema Pro menu as: Show Schema Pro where in website admin, if you want to put it somewhere else adjust, otherwise you can skip it.
  • Add schema code in: Place the schema code in the header or footer of the website.

8.3 Installing the scheme

The following general parameters are required for the structured data types supported by Schema Pro:

Click Add New Schema

  • Then you choose the appropriate schema type and click Next.
  • In Target Pages, you will choose the scope of this type of schema.
  • Complete the setup.

The next step is to configure the information fields for the type of schema you just installed. Also, you should carefully study and search the schema.org library to find out how to install the information fields accordingly.

9. How to Check Your Website’s Schema Markup

To check and assess whether schema.org data has been tagged or has encountered any issues? The easiest way is to use Google’s Structured Data Tool. Here are the reference steps to help you perform the test:

Step 1: Go to Google’s tools page. Then you enter the address (link) of the article or domain you want in the “FET URL” section and click on “RUN TEST”.

2nd step: Once the schema has been loaded and parsed. The system will return the result of the scheme in your URL. The more complete the data, the more structured your website is and the easier it is for search engines to understand your website content.

What is a schema?
How to Test Schema Markup

In particular, you should pay attention to certain points such as in the “Errors” and “Warnings” sections. If an error or warning appears, click each item and take the corrective action.

Here is some useful information about What is a schema? but SEODO collected and made available to you. Hopefully, through this article, you will gain valuable knowledge to improve your website in the best way. If you need detailed answers and advice, please access the contact details below immediately.

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What are breadcrumbs? How To Effectively Optimize Website SEO 2022

What are breadcrumbs?  How To Effectively Optimize Website SEO 2022

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Breadcrumbs It’s not a strange term in the field of website SEO. However, there are still many newbies, SEOs or Marketers… not familiar with this term. Therefore, the following article will share with you lots of useful information about the role, classification and benefits of breadcrumbs in SEO. Lets go SEODO Follow now!

1. Breadcrumb and Role of Breadcrumb in SEO

1.1 What is a breadcrumb trail?

Plan Breadcrumbs Set of links allowing users to locate themselves in the structure of the site. For sites with a lot of content or a complex structure, this tool is the best way to determine the current position. Normally, links are displayed as anchor text and are separated by commas (/), (>).

Outraged, Diagram breadcrumb Also known as breadcrumb navigation or breadcrumb trail. Summary, Breadcrumbs is a popular tool for websites with a large amount of web pages and hierarchical content. For instance: Website for instructions, research….

What is Schema Breadcrumbs?

1.2 Role of breadcrumbs in SEO

Breadcrumb navigation is an important tool in SEO. Here are some of the roles of Breadcrumbs for users and referrers:

  • Improve user experience:
    • Drive strong engagement.
    • Help users navigate a website with a complex structure.
    • Post-click links will be shorter when navigating site levels.
    • Attract users to higher items in the website hierarchy.
  • Special effects in SEO:
    • Increase the amount of anchor text using keywords on the website.
    • Used to reduce the crawl rate on the website.
    • Search engine breadcrumbs is the platform for displaying snippets in results pages.
The Breadcrumbs website has an important role in SEO

2. Popular breadcrumbs

2.1 By Location

Ariadne’s sons are a type Breadcrumbs Location-based or location-based is most commonly used today. This tool is used to display the user’s current location on the website ranging from high-level categories to low-level categories. Additionally, geolocation helps visitors know how many steps it takes to get back to the homepage.

What are breadcrumbs?
Breadcrumb by location

2.2 By attributes

The Breadcrumbs attribute is of type Breadcrumbs by attribute. This tool allows displaying the properties of the homepage or subpage like the product category. Usually, breadcrumbs of attributes are used a lot in e-commerce sites. Because this site has a structure, a large number of products and many criteria to rank.

For instance: The attribute breadcrumb for an item on a merchant website looks like this:

Home > Categories > Products > Colors

2.3 Trail History Tracking

Path crumbs are nice Breadcrumbs by path history. This type is often used to display categories or links that users have visited. Currently, Path Breadcrumbs is not widely used because this path is similar to the “Back” button on the toolbar. Moreover, this type of link makes it difficult for users to know their exact location on the website.

Path diagram breadcrumb

3. Benefits of using breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs has a very important position in SEO. So what are the benefits of this tool? Let’s see the content below!

3.1 Improve user experience

Breadcrumbs works like a road map, helping users easily locate their location on the website. Moreover, the user can go back to the previous category, navigate to a new page or search for related content through the link simply and quickly. Thus increasing user experience and making them stay longer on the website.

Improved user experience

3.2 Improve SEO Ranking

The use of Breadcrumbs This will help Google quickly learn the structure of your website. In addition, Google also uses links to display in search results. Therefore, your website will be attractive and will attract users, increase click-through rate and improve the ranking on the search page.

What are breadcrumbs?
Improve SEO Ranking

3.3 Reduce exit rate and bounce rate

Bounce rate is bounce rate, exit rate is bounce rate. When accessing the website, users tend to search and click on interesting things, don’t like to click back to the homepage. Therefore, SEOers need to know how to navigate properly to keep users on the site longer. Breadcrumbs is a better method for visitors to browse and change categories easily. Thus rapidly reducing the exit rate and the bounce rate.

Reduce exit rate and bounce rate

4. What are the benefits of using Breadcrumbs?

Schema Breadcrumbs brings many benefits to the website. Specifically:

  • User Convenience: This link provides users with tools to navigate the site. Thus, they can easily access top-level pages, which saves them time.
  • Help reduce clicks or return to top-level pages: users can use Breadcrumbs to return to the top-level page, with fewer clicks, without having to use the browser’s “back” button.
  • Save screen space: use Breadcrumb website to minimize the path, create a simple style, to save screen space.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate: Path Breadcrumb website helps to trick users into browsing a new web page after viewing the main page. Thus reducing the bounce rate, improving website rankings.
Breadcrumb website brings many benefits to users

5. Create breadcrumbs for WordPress

For websites built on WordPress, there are 2 ways to install Schema Breadcrumbs. As following:

5.1 Installing Schema Breadcrumbs WordPress

For this way you need to install the plugin and create Breadcrumb website such as: NavXT plugin, Breadcrumbs… Also, if you want a nice and simple path, you can change the website domain to site name. To do this, add the following code:

5.2 Installing breadcrumbs using Yoast SEO

If you use Yoast SEO You need to install the following:

  • Step 1: Copy this code, then put it in Where

if ( function_exists(‘yoast_breadcrumb’) ) {
yoast_breadcrumb( ‘

‘ );

  • 2nd step: Select Dashboard -> SEO -> Search Appearance -> Breadcrumb -> Enabled. In there:
    • Separator between paths is “”” or “/”
    • Anchor text for homepage: You can enter Home or Homepage.

6. How to Optimize Breadcrumb for Website

Breadcrumb navigation is an important tool in website growth. If used incorrectly, your website will not achieve the desired effect. Here are some ways to optimize your website path that you can refer to.

6.1 User-oriented breadcrumb trail

When creating Breadcrumbs, you need to put the interests of the user first, because while it’s good for SEO, it’s only a side benefit. The SEOer must absolutely not abuse the breadcrumbs or stuff too many keywords. It will directly affect the user experience, can cause great damage to the website, such as: increase exit rate, reduce traffic and clicks….

Breadcrumb website
Breadcrumbs are user-oriented

6.2 Location of breadcrumbs

Normally Breadcrumb website placed at the top of the page, above the page title and below the top navigation bar (if any). It’s an easily visible location, so users will click right away when needed.

Location of breadcrumbs

6.3 Breadcrumb design

Breadcrumb website should design with reasonable size, concise to match the whole website. Links should not take up too much space or be highlighted as this will distract the user from the top menu and page title. Also, Breadcrumbs should not lead to the link itself, but should only be titled and bolded for users to recognize.

breadcrumb design

6.4 Relationship between Main/Top Menu Navigation and Breadcrumb

The breadcrumbs and main/top menu navigation have a close relationship. Because Breadcrumbs is only a secondary navigation tool, helping users determine their location. The main navigation / top menu is the main system to help users navigate better. Therefore, after creating the breadcrumb, SEOers should also pay attention to creating an attractive and comprehensive main navigation.

7. How to check Schema Breadcrumbs when verifying on page

7.1 Breadcrumb Checker Tool

Here are some tools commonly used by SEOers to verify Breadcrumb website:

  • On the website interface, you can use the naked eye to check Breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Use the ViewSource code.
  • Google search.
  • Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • The test tool displays the search results.
  • Google Search Console.

7.2 Check the breadcrumb trail of the diagram on 6 pages

When verifying Schema Breadcrumbs on 6 pages, you should be aware of the following principles:

  • Residence: Not required
  • Category page: Required
  • Static page: Mandatory
  • Page tag: must have
  • Filter Page: Required
  • Article/product page: Mandatory

7.3 Create and test breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs used by Google to rank page information in the SERPs. To create and test this link, your website should follow these guidelines:

  • Instructions to webmasters.
  • General principles of structured data.

In addition, to install the structure Breadcrumb website You can use 3 ways to insert the code below:

  • Method 1: Add a JSON-LD snippet.
  • Method 2: Convert HTML breadcrumbs to RDFa structure.
  • Method 3: Convert HTML breadcrumbs according to microdata structure.

You can also check with the Schema Breadcrumbs command:

  • Check with the command “site:url to check”.
  • View source code.
  • Use the Structured Data Testing Tool.

7.4 Check the path report in Search Console and process it

Whether Breadcrumbs does not appear on the SERPs, go to “Google Search Console > Advanced Features > Paths” to check for errors that occur.

Check the path report in Search Console and process it

With useful information about Breadcrumbs in the post above, SEODO I hope beginners, marketers and SEOs can understand and use this tool effectively for their website. Plus, use smart breadcrumbs to help users navigate the page better!

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Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Website Structure – 19 Standard SEO Website Building Standards

Website Structure - 19 Standard SEO Website Building Standards

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Structure of the website is one of the indispensable factors in SEO. The standard SEO website structure is one of the effective SEO levers to help increase rankings. In addition, the web structure also helps to attract viewers and create interactions with customers. However, very few SEOs know how to optimize the standard SEO website structure for high efficiency. Articles below SEODO will help you solve this problem.

1. Things to know about website structure

Structure of the website is one of the important factors that the SEOer must take into account. Because if you have a user-friendly website design, it will bring many benefits to your business. For websites that don’t focus on user experience, no matter how hard they try to push SEO, they won’t bring high results. To better understand this issue, please follow the following content.

1.1 What is the structure of a website?

Structure of the website (Website Structure) means simply the arrangement and construction of the Content appearing on the Website. A structuring of the site A good rating is when the website creates a comfortable experience for users on the site, satisfying their information seeking needs. Besides, this problem also helps to increase the ranking on search engines.

structuring of the site
What is the structure of a website?

1.2 What is the structure of the website?

The website is like the home of a business. Because there is a domain name similar to the address, the accommodation is similar to the land containing the house and structuring of the site is home. What does this “house” include? Structure of the website to understand:

  • Headers: This is the header of the website and is displayed on all pages of the website. Additionally, the header has the following basic components:
    • Site ID: Is the name of the website, placed in the upper left corner of the website. It is also the company logo or a short slogan.
    • Analyze columns: It contains components like menus, advanced search box, product introduction and featured articles, contact information, banner ads.
    • Search area (search area): Located in the right corner of the interface, the design is as simple and compact as possible. The search box includes a keyword input box and a search button, helping users find the necessary information easily.
    • Navigation menu bar: Placed inside the header, containing links to other pages of the site (About Page, Products, Contact, About, …).
    • Cart: The shopping cart icon is located on the right corner of the website, including the product information and payment amount for the product or service the customer has ordered.
    • Banners: These are eye-catching images designed to grab customers’ attention. Banners are used for the purpose of advertising a company’s products or services.
    • Cursors: Usually placed below the header, it can be an image or a video and contains a CTA button.
  • Content (web content): This is the part that contains all the important information of the site. Content usually has: page title, breadcrumb navigation, main content container, pagination navigation, information bar, bar containing social media sharing buttons.
  • Footer: The footer is the last part of structuring of the site. The footer is displayed on all pages and contains business information, contact information, table of contents, web copyright information, etc.
structuring of the site
What are the components of the site structure?

1.3 Classification of website structure

1.3.1 Hierarchical structure

The hierarchical structure is a structure chosen by many companies, suitable for websites with large data. With this type of structure, the interface of the website will be divided into different levels and specific sections. The hierarchical structure helps users sketch and form ideas quickly and intelligently.

structuring of the site
Hierarchical structure

1.3.2 Matrix-type structure

The matrix-like structure is of the form structuring of the site has been around for a long time and is used by very few companies. Because the matrix structure is too old and does not bring much efficiency to the current site. Additionally, this structure has a feature that allows users to choose where they want to go next.

1.3.3 Sequential type structure

The sequential structure is also a relatively complex structure in the design process. This style is built and developed by UX developers. Sequential design will create a specific process and chain the processes. Sequence templates are common when it comes to guiding users through a sequence such as joining or creating a new account as the user goes through the process step by step. UX designers use this pattern to create and develop flows for a process.

1.3.4 Database structure

The structure of the database is of type structuring of the site created with an extremely rich and diverse data source. This structure is intelligently designed, integrated between the database and the search engine, helping users to satisfy their information search needs and improving the customer’s experience on the website.

structuring of the site
Database structure

1.4 Benefits of Website Structure Optimization

optimal structuring of the site This is one of the things you need to keep in mind. Because if the standard structure helps to increase the customer experience, this problem also helps to increase the conversion rate, increasing the revenue and profits of the company. Optimization requires you to be careful, choosing the right structure that matches your business goals and customer needs.

structuring of the site
Benefits of Website Structure Optimization

2. Standards when designing a standard SEO website structure

The design of the structure of the website must be done with great care and according to the criteria intended by the company. Thus, in all the factors that make up a website, the standard structure of a seo website is one of the essential factors and also an effective SEO lever. Here are the standards when designing structuring of the site SEO standards you need to know.

2.1 Learn 10 technical standards

2.1.1 URL – Domain name

Designing a standard and clear domain name is essential when designing a website. A good domain name should include the company’s brand or industry name. Most companies will use their own brand as the domain name. This helps users easily identify and find the information they need.

Alternatively, SEO can be done directly on the URL (website link) with the domain name. A highly rated and highly effective URL is when that link includes the article keyword. Specific example: When you search for the keyword “plane ticket to Da Nang”, the results are articles about Vietnamariline direct flights from Saigon to Da Nang.

structuring of the site
Domain name – URL

2.1.2 Website structure responds to user intent

A structuring of the site is well evaluated when the website meets the intentions and needs of the user. This website should provide the most practical and useful information to customers. If you use links and anchor text, it will help you navigate the audience quickly and efficiently. Also, you need to make sure of 3 basic factors such as: what customers are looking for, what they want to see and related products/services.

Structure of the website
User Intent Responsive Website Structure

2.1.3 Flatten the information structure (Not excessively)

Flattening the information structure is where the sites are not too far from the homepage. In other words, visitors will use fewer link clicks to navigate. However, you should know that there is a rule regarding this UX/UI problem, which is the “3-click rule”. This means no important site is more than 3 clicks away from your homepage.

Structure of the website
Flatten the structure of information

2.1.4 Take advantage of the Hub Page

Hub Page is a website that aggregates important information. A good hub page structure usually has lots of related links pointing to it. This will make the Hub Page’s authority transferable to all associated child topics. Also, the entire category page has lots of authority links. The key to improving hub page structures is to add subsections or post/product information.

structuring of the site
Take advantage of the Hub Page

2.1.5 Create a silo structure for the website structure

Creating a silo structure for a good site structure will help you effectively prioritize website content by topic. Silos are not just up and down links, but well-structured websites can also be linked together.

Using a silo structure for your website will help you find exactly what users need. Moreover, this structure also helps the engines to better understand the content of your website article. Normally, structuring of the site Silos are closely grouped according to the following three factors:

  • Navigation includes breadcrumbs.
  • Contextual links.
  • URL structure.
structuring of the site
Using silo structure for website structure

2.1.6 Item Title – Description

The description or title of the item you should also pay attention to. Because it is one of the very important factors in SEO of a website, especially title and short description (meta description). Because visitors will first be attracted by the title and description. Thus, these two factors must not only provide the right keywords, but also bring useful content to the user.

Structure of the website
Post Title – Description

2.1.7 Link authority site with standard landing page web structure

An authority site is a high-quality site that search engines and industry insiders trust for the in-depth content it offers. As a result, your website ranks well, has good quality, and receives a large amount of traffic to the website.

2.1.8 Split Pages, Show All Pages, Infinite Scroll

The most preferred long category breakdown solution is to split the pages: page 1, page 2… If you split the structure correctly, it can help “flatten” structuring of the site or the structure of the site. When the “see all” page structure has hundreds or even thousands of entries, it will reduce the page load speed and user experience. The last method is “infinite scroll”, the result of which will load continuously in the user’s browser.

2.1.9 Image map

In addition to text, content is also displayed through images. Additionally, the Google search engine also displays results with images. Also, the number of users searching by image is a huge number. Therefore, putting images at the top of the search should also be used by you in the structure.

2.1.10 Navigation breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs should be applied to e-commerce websites. Because this link will help you navigate well for visitors. Especially when products are grouped into logical categories that will help your site attract more visitors. Additionally, Google also uses links to categorize information in search results.

structuring of the site
Use breadcrumb navigation

2.2 Optimize 9 content standards

2.2.1 Headings and web content

When it comes to the theme and content of the website, you need to make sure that it is suitable for the type and structure of the website. The important thing you need to keep in mind is to come up with topics that match the keywords users are searching for. Moreover, the content provided on the website must actually satisfy the needs of the customers and must attract the attraction and attention of the readers.

structuring of the site
Optimization of themes and web content

2.2.2 Reasonable website hierarchy with easy-to-see interface

The site hierarchy makes the site content and interface more intuitive. If you have a clear website hierarchy, it will help users navigate to the information they want. Thus, your website increases user interaction and creates high chances of increasing conversion rate.

2.2.3 Context-relevant cross-site links

The use of cross-site links increases the strength and credibility of website content. These cross-links also help provide more useful information to users, helping them navigate to places with useful content tailored to their search needs.

2.2.4 Building a web structure with an HTML sitemap

Using an HTML sitemap makes it easier for visitors to find and navigate your website. Moreover, the sitemap also helps them to feel structuring of the site organized, respond directly to customer needs if nothing is found. This structure can also help you find missing elements on your website and limit duplicate content.

structuring of the site
Build a web structure with an HTML sitemap

2.2.5 Intelligent multi-dimensional navigation

Faceted navigation is structured navigation that allows users to sort, filter, and narrow results based on the features and criteria they want. From there, helping customers find products quickly can create conversions and increase business revenue.

structuring of the site
Intelligent multi-dimensional navigation

2.2.6 Highlight new content links

Linking new content will notify users of new website information. This helps drive traffic and engagement on new posts. But attaching a “featured” link is not always on the homepage, but attaching the link in a prominent place, high in traffic and best for the user experience.

2.2.7 Link new message to old message

Whenever the website publishes new content, try to link the article to old relevant and useful content. Additionally, you need to create thematic links between content and increase the authority of old pages. In particular, before building links, you should optimize old content and create new content accordingly.

2.2.8 Reduce unnecessary links

If there are too many links that are not related to the content, it will affect the structuring of the site. You should try to review and remove inappropriate links. This will help the website rank and rate the content better. To reduce unnecessary links, you should follow the principle: Consider topic relevance based on user intent, then click depth.

2.2.9 Anchor text is part of standard SEO website structure

Anchor text will become extremely important as this navigational tool is used throughout the structure of your website. Google also relies on anchor text to assign relevance to linked content, thereby prompting users to click. Hence, Anchor Text is a small part but they are quite important in structuring of the site SEO standards.

structuring of the site
Anchor Text is part of the standard SEO website structure

Above you will find all the important information about Website structure and 19 standard checklists in building a standard SEO structure. Thereby, SEODO hope to provide you with the most useful and practical information for creating a good website. Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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What is Google Pagespeed Insights?

What is Google Pagespeed Insights?


What is Pagespeed Insights?? Page speed information is considered one of the important factors in SEO. Pagespeed is always at the top of the checklist and optimizes it for you to rate your website. The following article will introduce you to the most basic information about Pagespeed Insights. Lets go SEODO Please refer to the article content!

1. What is Google Pagespeed Insights?

What is Pagespeed Insights?? This is the length of time a visitor can see the full content of the website, also known as the website load speed. The same for the Google site, Google Page Speed ​​Insights is Google’s page load speed. You can measure the page load speed through the tool Google page speed. page speed will directly affect the user experience. Furthermore, this tool also affects Google in the data collection process.

What is Pagespeed Insights?
What is Google Pagespeed Insights?

2. Google Pagespeed Insights Website Evaluation Criteria

For you to know more about What is Pagespeed Insights?? You should fully understand the website evaluation criteria of this tool. Based on the following criteria, you will assess whether the website is optimized or not:

  • The site’s landing page should limit the use of redirects.
  • Before sending to the browser, the web page must be enabled to compress data.
  • Serve when responding should be done as soon as possible.
  • Extends browser cache storage functionality.
  • Extract CSS and Javascript resources on the website.
  • Compress image size to reduce website size.
  • Optimize the process when inserting CSS folders into the website.
  • Clearly and specifically prioritize website content.
  • Blocking JavaScript and CSS before page load is removed.
  • Asynchronous properties are fully exploited.

When a website is optimized when the page has passed the above standards. Page speed information will help you detect and report factors for which the website is not guaranteed to be optimized. From there, this tool will warn you to correct these factors. At this time, the quality of your website will be improved and strengthened.

What is a page speed preview?
Google Pagespeed Insights Website Evaluation Criteria

3. What type of information does Google Pagespeed Insights provide?

page speed will provide you with section information and performance metrics. Thanks to it, you will be able to evaluate if the site is optimized or not. Thus, the information provided by What is Pagespeed Insights??

They include 6 types as follows:

3.1. Pagespeed Insights – Speed ​​Score

First information Page speed information you are provided with the speed score. This is also known as the speed point. This score will be calculated based on statistics from the Lighthouse laboratory.

google page speed overview
Page speed information

3.2. Pagespeed Insights – Field Data

The second piece of information that SEODO wants to share concerns field data. This information is collected directly based on the user’s experience on Chrome. page speed will review the information for a period of at least 30 days. This type of information consists of two main parts:

  • First Content Paint (FCP)
  • First Entry Delay (FID)

3.3. Pagespeed Insights – Lab Data

Lab data will be updated in a controlled environment from Lighthouse. This data collection is done over 3G networks as well as pre-configured mobile devices. The network and devices are thoroughly tested, so the results returned will show the performance of the website.

What is Pagespeed Insights?
Types of information provided by Google Pagespeed Insights

3.4. Pagespeed Insights – Opportunities

In Opportunity Insights, the tool Page speed overview will collect information about the time it takes the user to load the page. Also, information about the loading performance of the site’s pages. From there, you’ll get recommendations to improve site performance. The purpose of this type of information is to become the basis for users to improve page load times. From there, you can improve the experience of website visitors.

3.5. Pagespeed Insights – Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the section in which Page speed overview will provide the user with recommendations on recommendation engines. The recommendations made by Diagnostics are generally the user’s website development methods. You should add these tools to further optimize your website.

3.6. Pagespeed Insights – Successful Audits

In the Successful Audits section, Page speed information will give you a summary of what the site has achieved. Specifically, performance that has worked well on your website. You do not need to add or change anything to what is displayed in this table.

What is Pagespeed Insights?
Tool page speed preview

4. Does PageSpeed ​​Insights affect SEO?

What is PageSpeed ​​Insights?Does this tool affect SEO or not? The answer is no. The score of this tool does not directly affect SEO. Besides, it also affects the ranking of websites on search engines. However , Note Page speed overview and SERP rankings are always closely related. By the score of page speed is to analyze overall performance based on metrics. So the score of page speed The higher it is, the better the quality of the website will be.

page speed
PageSpeed ​​​​Insights affects SEO

5. Ways to analyze websites with Google Pagespeed Insights

To continue answering your question What is Pagespeed Insights?? SEODO will give you information on how to analyze web pages. There are many ways to perform this analysis, but here SEODO will show 3 ways in order as follows:

5.1. Manual test

The manual test is a simple test. At first, you try to access the pages, categories, articles of the site. Then you can estimate the access speed to the website. If the time taken to render the content of the page is too slow. This manual test is not based on specific metrics. However, as a user, you can judge for yourself whether your site with such speed is patient enough to stay on the next page.

5.2. Check with Google PageSpeed ​​Insight tool

As mentioned above, this is a Google tool. Thus, this index will be an indicator to evaluate the ranking of your website according to search results. Steps to analyze your website with Google page speed information as following:

  • Step 1: You visit the page Insights from Google PageSpeed.
  • 2nd step: You continue to assign the URL you want to check, then select Analyze.
  • Step 3: Now, in the results section, you will see the index of the desktop and mobile website version. Additionally, there are instructions for you on how to optimize your website. However, to handle these issues, you also need to have programming knowledge.
What is Pagespeed Insights?
How to analyze a website with Google Pagespeed Insights

5.3. Check with the Gtmetrix tool.

Gtmetrix is ​​a popular tool and also more accurate than Google Page speed overview so much. However, this tool is mainly used by programmers. So, if you don’t have much technical knowledge, this tool can only help you to determine the page load speed on the website. How to use Gtmetrix to test website is similar to Google Pagespeed Insights. It includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: You are visiting the page: GTMetrix.
  • 2nd step: Next, enter the URL of the website you want to check and select Scan.

6. Discover 8 ways to optimize website performance with the Google Pagespeed Insights tool

After realizing”What is Pagespeed Insights?Wondering how to optimize your website’s performance? Here are 8 metrics you can use to optimize your website. Especially since they’ve all gone Google Pagespeed Insights.

6.1. Optimize image size

Optimizing the size of images is part of the operations to make your site more user-friendly. Especially for search engines and customers also easily access the website. This optimization will help you by notifying you of unsatisfactory images.

At a time Google Page Speed ​​Insights will also ask you to optimize the image to reduce its size. But you have to keep in mind that you only have to reduce the size of the image. It does not mean that this optimization will affect the image quality of the website you are administering.

6.2. Use lazy loading

Lazyload is a tool to help you reduce the load on displaying images on the website. Using Lazy load will only help users to load images within the visible range. Images that are out of view of the user will be loaded later. From there, the tool helps to significantly improve the page load speed.

If you are using the WordPress platform, you can install several plugins to optimize images. For example Smush or BJ Lazy load. These tools will help you enable image optimization. As a result, your website’s WordPress Core Web Vitals index will increase.

 What is Pagespeed Insights?
Methods to optimize website performance

6.3. Reduce ad rate

There are many websites these days that make a profit by selling ad slots. However, when the number of ads placed on the website is too high, it will affect the page loading speed. According to SEODO recommendations, a URL should contain 20% or less of ad space.

6.4. Optimal web design for mobile devices

Nowadays, the number of people using their phones for shopping is very high. Therefore, mobile sites have page speed high is essential. You cannot view your desktop website on mobile devices. Because it will increase the visit and interaction time with the page, which will frustrate the users. On mobile devices, you should have a web design. This design should be suitable for small screens and, at the same time, ensure that it is easy for customers to make purchases and perform other operations on the website.

6.5. Increase browser memory and cache

Improving web browser caching and caching is also a way to help you optimize your website. Especially for resources cached for a short time. This optimization helps users feel more efficient in finding used sites.

google page speed
Optimal web design for mobile devices

6.6. Website Javascript Optimization

To optimize JavaScript, page speed will fire based on the rendering of a page built by the DOM tree. This is done by parsing HTML data. When done optimally in the first part of the HTML page will not call the Javascript that appears on the screen.

6.7. Improved plugins

When your website contains too many plugins, the page loading speed will be reduced. Although they can provide you with useful features to manage your website. However, you should always consider and remove unimportant plugins. Instead, you will only keep necessary and useful plugins. The smaller the number of plugins, the faster the website will load.

6.8. Remove unnecessary tracking code

Removing unnecessary tracking code became a common problem with sites that used ad rentals. Each company will attach a piece of code to track customer activity when they visit the website. This will cause the website to run a series of tracking codes each time a customer visits. As a result, the display speed of website content will be affected.

What is Pagespeed Insights?
Optimize web performance

7. Notes on using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

“What is Pagespeed Insights?” you must have understood. So, while using this tool, what issues should you keep in mind? Here are some notes that SEODO has summarized to keep in mind when using Google Page Speed:

  • Please use Page speed overview as a reference tool. But don’t rely too much on this tool to assess website performance.
  • Please read carefully and carefully the recommendations of Page speed overview. If they benefit you, apply them to your website, otherwise ignore them.
  • Remember that website speed is your ultimate goal.
  • Close to Page speed overview you should also try using other speed test tools. For example, the Pingdom or GTMetrix tool. So you can assess whether the page speed is really effective or not.
What is a page speed preview?
Beware of using PageSpeed ​​Insights

What is Pagespeed Insights??” is the issue that SEODO refers to in this article. Hope the article has helped you to develop and improve your SEO from which to grow your website. Follow and update daily so you don’t miss out on useful SEO information and knowledge! Good luck!

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Top 15 Best Website Speed ​​Test Tools in 2022

Top 15 Best Website Speed ​​Test Tools in 2022


Website speed test Tools be critical work that webmasters need to do on a regular and consistent basis. To support this work, the following article has listed the top 15 tools to support SEO standard website testing   ranked as the best. Let’s find out together!

&Website Builder

1. Website Speed ​​Test Basics

Website speed is often mentioned as one of the basic criteria for evaluating site performance as well as user experience. Most website owners are aware of the role of page load speed on user retention. Researching and optimizing the page load speed is therefore always a top priority.

1.1.Loading speed and website speed

In fact, web speed, page speed, and loading speed are separate customer experience evaluation criteria. However, most users only recognize and call it website speed. Below, SEODO will help you distinguish these 3 concepts in detail:

website speed test
Loading speed and website speed
  • Site speed: The concept of how long it takes a user to view and interact with page content. Web speed includes: page loading speed, loading time and waiting time of processing web browsers, allowing users to interact.
  • Page speed (page speed): The concept of a single page load time on a website or blog. Page speed is usually determined by the time it takes to fully display the content or from when the user clicks on the link until the browser first receives the data.
  • Page load times: The concept refers to the amount of time between when the user starts sending an access request and when the content is fully displayed in the browser.

1.2. Website loading and display process

After understanding the definitions related to loading speed and page speed, internet users also need to know about the process of loading and rendering the website in order to be proactive in using the website. Below is a detailed description of the process of loading and rendering pages on a website:

Website speed test
Page loading and rendering process
  • The user submits a request to access the page: click on the link, enter the link in the toolbar or via other forms, etc.
  • The web browser sends a request over the internet to the website server.
  • The server performs the processing of the request.
  • The server completes the analysis and sends the response data to the browser
  • The browser receives the response, parses, loads and displays the page content.

1.3.Website speed

As mentioned above, web speed or site speed is a concept used to refer to the time users need to view and interact with the content on the page. Although the speed is fast or slow sometimes depends on each user’s thoughts, status and feelings when accessing the page. However, there are basically studies that help you identify the “standard” speed that users expect when accessing website links.

check website
Website speed

This expected number is on the order of 400 milliseconds, and the faster the speed increases, the more satisfied the user will be. Websites that make users wait longer than 5 seconds have a bounce rate above 50%. Also, your loading speed is about 250 milliseconds slower than your competitors, which also reduces the number of users coming to your website.

2. Why website speed test?

In 2009, a survey of Internet users by the Forrester Research Institute was conducted and gave the following results: The ideal average time to load a web page is 2 seconds, approximately 40% Internet users leave when the site takes more 3 seconds to load.

From the specific example above, you can see the important role of website speed in page visits. This is also why website owners often have to Website speed test. Additionally, ensuring website speed is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Website speed affects the SERP: search engines have very little time to crawl results. If your website is not guaranteed to load in the minimum time, you will be rated lower.
  • Impact on website traffic: slow loading equals a 40% risk of losing potential visitors (or worse, losing customers).
  • SEO impact: Search engines have to secure their own reputation and engines don’t like slow page speeds hurting the user experience.
Website speed test tools
Website speed test helps you improve the quality of your site experience

In general, webmasters need to maintain website performance in order to provide the best user experience. One of the quick and easy ways to do this check is to use Website speed test tool.

3. Summary of 15 Website Speed ​​Testing Tools in 2022

Below is a comprehensive list of the standard SEO web speed test tools most trusted by experts today. Join us  to learn some basic features as well as the main effects these tools bring Website speed test through the following information.

3.1 Google Page Speed ​​Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights favored by freelance website owners or small and medium business owners. Tools web speed test This main function is to test and provide users with a comprehensive report of the website loading speed. You can use PageSpeed ​​​​on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Website speed test
PageSpeed ​​is compatible on desktop and mobile devices

PageSpeed ​​is not just a tool to help users Website speed test but also support to rate the page from 1 to 100. The faster the website speed, the higher the score will be. The score for ensuring your website is stable and has good speed is 85.

3.2 Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tool reviewed by SEOers like Website speed test tool has the highest accuracy. When you import your site into Pingdom, this tool will show a report with 4 sections: Waterfall Breakdown, Visibility, Page Analysis, and Page View History. Users can easily find an overview of the size and number of queries per domain.

Pingdom Tool can perform analysis of factors affecting your website, such as average MB index, full page load time. This analysis will provide users with access speed data for each section and individual web content such as images, Flash, video, CSS, RSS, audio, etc.

Website speed test tool
Pingdom Tool is considered the most accurate website speed test tool

The operation using Pingdom is quite simple. If you are new to SEO, you might find it a bit difficult to access this free online testing tool. Follow the detailed instructions on using Pingdom below to be able to leverage the use of this feature for SEO.

  • Go to Pingdom and enter the website URL
  • Test From gives free test results in 4 locations including: Dallasm, San Jose (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Stockholm (Sweden).
  • Click Start Test to let the tool continue Website speed test.
  • Finally, you upload the website URL to Pingdom to measure the loading speed

3.3 GTmetrix

You need to find a tool that can manage site speed and optimize performance. GTmetrix is the right choice. GTmetrix functions are suitable for most web performance monitoring. The tool provides users with free KPI summaries, site monitoring, and the ability to test websites from multiple regions around the world.

Website speed test

Users can also manipulate the connection throttling test to see how well the website performs on different speed lines. Your task is to paste the website link and click “Analyze”, the tool will start the website analysis with the following general information:

  • Page speed score: It is a criterion for evaluating the optimization of Google’s code. Pagespeed Score is rated at 100%, scale A, B, C, D, E.
  • Slow score: Works the same as Pagespeed Score, but Yslow uses Yahoo’s standards to score.
  • Full charging time: Waiting time for your website to load.
  • Total page size: Used to indicate the size of the page you need to load.
  • Requests: Is the number of requests when you load the website.

3.4 Webpage testing

Useful online tool WebPagetes can Web speed test your browser in real browsers like: Chrome, Firefox… Analysis results of Webpage testing displayed in the form of a graph to help customers easily compare as well as track the rating. At the same time, WebPagetest also gives you the option to perform tests from multiple locations around the world.

Website speed test
WebPagetest provides users with results in the form of graphs

3.5 Google Analytics

Google Analytics (abbreviated as GA) is a free traffic tracking, measurement, analysis and reporting service from Google.. Developed analytics Integration with AdWords allows you to review your online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.

Website speed test tool
Google Analytics is a free visit tracking service from Google.

The main approach of this web speed test tool is to show high level data, dashboard data to ordinary users and more detailed data in reports. Google Analytics users can analyze and identify underperforming pages using techniques such as: channel visualization, visitor tracking, etc.

3.6 Dotcom-Monitor

If you are an SEO person, you should not ignore it Dotcom-Monitor. Tools web speed test Free is able to help users test browser-based websites on different desktops and mobile devices from 20 test sites around the world.

Website speed test
Dotcom-Minitor helps users test the web from 20 locations

Dotcom-Monitor Capable of comprehensively analyzing factors such as: loading time, number of HTTP requests, … at the same time in all geographical areas. Along with checking website performance, this tool also helps you check whether or not your hosting is spam blacklisted etc.

3.7 YSent

yslow be Website speed test tool free works based on yahoo rules for high performing websites. This open source code uses 23 of the 34 rules to perform page performance analysis. It is a web browser plugin and command line script for Node.js and PhantomJS servers.

Website speed test
Yslow is Yahoo’s rules-based website speed test tool

3.8 KeyCDN Website Speed ​​Test

With implementation options Website speed test from 14 different locations, CDNKey is considered a potential website testing tool. In addition to comprehensive site speed tests and geolocation capabilities, KeyCDN can also perform FREAK SSL attack tests. Thus helping users to ensure the security of the SSL/TLS of the website.

Website speed test tool
KeyCDN is seen as a potential website testing tool

3.9 Website performance test

In addition to these Website speed test tool listed above, you can refer to the website performance test. This is a tool to help users know real-time display information such as: DNS lookup time and website connection time.

Website speed test
Website performance test real-time visualization tool

3.10 Uptrends

Uptrends offers a test from 1 of 10 locations that helps users configure the test to run from a mobile device or computer. If you are using a desktop computer, you can select the screen resolution from browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, PhantomJS and IE and perform bandwidth throttling tests on the site. Features that can be exploited for free using this testing tool include: a wide range of testing sites, email alerts, and dashboard monitoring.

Website speed test
Uptrends offers a test of 1 in 10 posts

3.11 DareBoost

Tools web speed test Dareboost Allows users to monitor performance from 13 test locations and 7 different devices. Dareboost’s main features include: Simulate a page speed test that does not block ads or blocks ads, blocks specific domains to detect culprits that reduce web performance.

Website speed test tool
Dareboost helps monitor performance from 13 test locations and 7 different devices

3.12 Flare Geek

geekflare provides standard performance monitoring like many other popular website speed test tools. This feature allows users to test the website loading speed on desktop or mobile worldwide. Metrics you can check include: page size, screenshots, number of requests by type, and time to first byte.

Website speed test
Geek Flare provides standard performance monitoring like many website speed test tools

3.13 New Relic

New Relic is known for its business in and out of application performance. Visit the website The New Relic free online aggregator allows users to test websites from 9 different regions. If you want to expand your testing coverage, you can sign up for paid testing packages. New Relic has the ability to monitor dynamic changing systems, simulate detailed behavior to segment issues, and analyze the business impact of website performance.

Website speed test
New Relic allows users to test websites from 9 different regions

3.14 Load impact

Tools check website This free speed loader cloud helps you solve web, app and API performance issues. LoadImpact uses k6 as its main tool for open source command line based load time testing, issues can be easily detected in the software development life cycle.

Website speed test tool
Free cloud website speed test tool

3.15 Web page analyzer

Web Page Analyzer is a page speed testing tool released in 2003 with simple analysis capabilities. This free tool provides users with data on page size, content, and load time. Additionally, Web Page Analyze gives you suggestions and website issues that need improvement.

Website speed test
Web page analysis gives you website suggestions and issues that need improvement

Here is a list of tools Website speed test but SEODO compiled and sent to SEOers. As you know, page speed testing tools are a solution to improve user experience and optimize SEO. However, you also need to analyze and choose the right tool for your website. Good luck!

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Link template to attract traffic to increase CR for SEO

Link template to attract traffic to increase CR for SEO


link wheel is one of the most popular link building templates for SEO strategy today. The Link Wheel template is effective in many ways for your website and can be so much more if you leverage it well. The following article will tell you how to get backlinks to your website naturally and effectively. Together SEODO Follow the article below!

1. What is a link wheel?

link wheel is an advanced SEO strategy, used by bloggers or SEO experts. This tool is often considered a link building strategy or technique. The idea of link wheel is to create a pattern of links from one site to another and finally to the main site. Additionally, you can also use social media techniques to generate a flow of links.

link wheel
What is the link wheel?

It is a technique to increase traffic to the target website. Moreover, this tool also helps to increase website rankings by creating link wheel between small Web 2.0 private blog networks and social networks. It means you need create several blogs and link them together.

2. What is the difference between the Link wheel and another model?

link wheel is an advanced SEO tactic that many people often overlook. In particular, this tool has many differences from other models. Here are those differences.

2.1 Standard link wheel model

In link whereIt will include 8 2.0 blogs and 1 main blog called Money Making Site. To create this model, you will link blog 1 to blog 2, blog 2 to blog 3, … After linking these blogs, users will in turn link to the Money site, which is also your main website. As a result, the company will create a link → circle of links, then point the links you have to the main website/blog.

2.2 Binding wheel pyramid model

Paradigm wheel link in the form of a pyramid often linked in a random and irregular order. Accordingly, the broken circle (not closed) or any size, shape. As long as you need to make sure it’s built on a variety of blogging 2.0 platforms. The most used blogs/microsites are websites with a high PR rating like WordPress.com, Blogger.com, hubpages.com. This technique will bring great value to your blog site.

3. Why does the link wheel model work in SEO?

In the field of SEO, businesses need to understand the importance of backlinks for online business websites. If there are many high quality backlinks, the business will rank high in Google search results. In particular, this can have an extremely positive effect on the website. With link wheel This, when you manipulate links from one satellite website to another satellite website, means that you are passing link juice to websites. This will help those backlinks grow stronger.

Search engines also rank websites based on votes. A vote counts as a link from one site to another. The more votes the business has, the higher the ranking of its website. Additionally, the company develops link wheel It is also a way to attract the attention of users. You can attract more traffic to your website quickly through quality content and adding backlinks to the main page.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of the Link wheel model

In addition to the effects on SEO mentioned above, link wheel There are also pros and cons to note. Therefore, companies must clearly understand this method to make the right choice, thus helping to increase the ability to reach potential customers. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the model link wheel:

4.1 Advantages of the Link wheel model

This method is an impressive tactic that can drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into leads. Users will click on the backlinks you post on the website. At this time, companies indirectly invite potential customers to visit their website.

Next, This template can help increase your website’s chances of standing out from a multitude of competitors. On social networking sites, many messages divert the attention of customers. If you use this method, the chances of your website getting featured are huge.

link wheel

The link wheel can attract potential customers

link wheel can positively affect SEO results. Businesses need to build link wheel based on the combination of long-tail keyword development. Also, you need to use keywords wisely in your unique posts. This will help you get SEO results.

Tactical link wheel delivers awesome organic search results. Every business wants their website to get high search results. Linking wheel template will bring search results beyond your expectation. From there, the business website will get noticed by customers and grow stronger.

Method link wheel helping businesses achieve higher search engine rankings. As mentioned above, this tool helps you achieve good SEO results. At that time, the company’s website will rise to the top of the Google search engine. Since then, the ranking of companies has also developed positively.

4.2 Disadvantages of the Link wheel model

Many companies face a situation that costs a lot of time, effort and money. Because these companies, when implementing the plan not in accordance with the instructions, encounter unnecessary errors. Businesses often make mistakes in keyword research, content writing, building quality backlinks,… If you plan and implement it incorrectly, it will take a lot of effort, time, effort and money.

In addition, link wheel It is often difficult to achieve the desired goal, so it is often criticized. This strategy will not guarantee an immediate increase in backlinks, website traffic and conversions. Therefore, many companies are still afraid in the implementation process link wheel for myself.

Finally, in the process of creating link wheel There are many people who often take shortcuts. This can lead to serious consequences. Taking shortcuts will cause your website to be penalized for a long time and even get de-indexed from the main website. Thus, all processes will fall into ruin.

5. On which websites should the link wheel model be deployed?

You need to know how to implement the model link wheel reasonable for maximum efficiency. If you want to create a website to start implementing this method, you can use several types of websites such as Web 2.0 sites, article subscription directories, Wiki pages. Wherein, Web 2.0 sites are chosen by most companies. You can use some of the following platforms to create lots of posts and apply an effective link wheel template: WordPress, blogger, wix, yola, …

link wheel
On which websites should I deploy the link wheel template?

6. How to model the link wheel

How to create a template link wheel not too complicated. Companies should do the following things to implement the link building round link model, including choosing the Web 2.0 site as the satellite website, understanding the structure of this link model. Also, you should bookmark or share on social media all the blogs you create on web 2.0 and ping the RSS feed or ping the backlink. Finally, businesses must register the Web 2.0 subdomain with the Web Site Directory.

link sheet
How to Make a Link Wheel Model

A few notes for companies to pay attention to:

  • You do not use automated content generators or spin content.
  • Companies use only unique and quality content for the website.
  • Additionally, you should use a variety of keywords and combine them with LSI keywords. At the same time, companies need to use social networks to create links.
  • Next, you need to build selective and limited links. Don’t create too many links at once.
  • The last note is a random association to avoid the Footprint algorithm.

7. Things to keep in mind when building a Link Wheel model

The model isink wheel It will bring good results when companies know how to implement it correctly. Some things you need to keep in mind during this process are to only use high-quality content, not to use automation. Moreover, you should use various keywords and mix them with similar or related keywords. In particular, the company must create limited and quality links, do not create too many links in total.

If you have a diversity of links and use good quality blog content, the template is perfectly useful and legit. However, if the company uses spam or duplicate content with incorrect intent and bad SEO, this method will be considered illegal. Then your website will be penalized by the robot.

link wheel Also known as the link wheel, it has become a useful tool in SEO. Above, SEODO provided you with the necessary information about the Link Wheel model and how to build it. Hopefully through this article you will have more relevant information to build links for your website.

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