What is the DMCA? Instructions for registration and copyright protection from A to Z

What is the DMCA?  Instructions for registration and copyright protection from A to Z

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What is the DMCA?? This law protects copyright for technological products. Currently, this question interests many people, especially SEOers. When using the DMCA to protect creative works on the Internet and activities based on the legal basis of rights management in the digital sector. The next article SEODO further clarify this policy and how it works when applied to SEO and marketing. Let’s find out together now!

1. What is the DMCA?

DMCA – (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is the name of a national digital millennium copyright law of the United States. This law was officially signed into law by the President and came into effect on November 28, 1998. This is considered a huge step forward in the content creation industry and has helped prevent many cases of piracy in the coming.

What is the DMCA?
What is the DMCA?

The content of this law is simply understood as a digital copyright protection program dedicated to products appearing on the Internet. The operation and application of this law by convicts for acts of: copying, piracy, illegal trading, syndication and copyright infringement.

2. How does the DMCA protect copyright?

DMCA will resolve disputes and protect the copyrights of the content you subscribe to. All you have to do is add a piece of code to the webpage with the content you want dmca.com copyright protection. From there, the tool will automatically create a certificate for you.

What is the DMCA?
How does the DMCA protect copyright?

If you detect a website whose content has been stolen from your site. All you have to do is say DMCA and they will be responsible for notifying the person in charge of this website. If the person in charge of this content has no response, the server will notify the service provider and take timely processing measures.

3. What content does the DMCA protect?

DMCA protects you against copying or theft of content from your site. What does this law protect? Stay tuned for more content DMCA safeguards to enhance your website content, including:

  • Photos you own or have taken yourself.
  • Your video belongs to you or is created by you.
  • Graphic creations that you create yourself.
  • Texts, articles, content that you create yourself.
  • Applications that you design.
  • Programs you write.
  • Your personal or business profile.
What is the DMCA?
DMCA protects website content

4. Free or paid DMCA? And what is the DMCA fee?

DMCA There are two forms you should consider: paid (DMCA PRO) and free (DMCA FREE). Free service, you can always protect your copyrights without having to register for PRO. However, if you have enough money, sign up for PRO to take advantage of some incentives from DMCA PRO services. DMCA PRO registration will have a separate price, you will own the outstanding features of the paid plan (DMCA Pro):

  • You will be asked to remove the offending content up to 10 times for free. After that, each move is billed starting at $199.
  • With the benefit, you buy 1 but you can use 10. Therefore, you can install up to 10 websites on other sites.
  • Provides a supporting tool to analyze your website content, thus finding content copied from the web.
  • With Pro plan feature, it will help to check unlimited number of websites for copied content. Especially for the free package, it only supports to search maximum 2 offending websites.
  • There are no longer search and retrieval tools for copyright infringing website administrator information.
  • With the Pro version, the tool will directly handle copyright violations. They will send you a help request directly to the hacked websites. Meanwhile, with the free version, all you have to do is report yourself DMCA. Then you have to wait for them to review and respond.
  • Possess the copyright statement owning your website content has been checked and verified.
  • You have the possibility to add the logo of this tool to your website.
  • With DMCA Pro, you will have more advantages in the event of a dispute.
  • There are many other special features, you can refer to them yourself.
What is the DMCA?
This tool is intended to prevent gray matter theft

5. Penalties for Websites for Violating the DMCA

Penalties for websites in case of violation DMCA is the law that protects the rights of the author. Google will base on the severity or lightness of this website which has different penalties. Mild cases will be flagged by the server and will remove the copied content. In the event of repeated violations, Google will remove all information from this website. This will cause the site to be removed from search engines and traffic will drop dramatically.

What is the DMCA?
The DMCA will issue appropriate penalties for infringing websites

6. How to apply for DMCA protection

6.1 Step 1

The first step you need to do is to access the link of DMCA: www.dmca.com. Then select “REGISTER” to start the free registration process. This is the first step you need to take to register. Therefore, be very careful when filling in the information to ensure its accuracy.

6.1 Step 2

The next step you need to do is to select item 2. Select “Get a FREE Badge” to choose the registration method. DMCA Free for your website. In addition, if you select the item: Create a takedown so you can submit a report and request the removal of the site whose content is copyrighted and the Ask a question section: if you have any questions to answer .

6.3 Step 3: Create a DMCA Protected Account.

In this section, you fill in the following information: Full name, email address. Then press “REGISTER”. The server will send you an email containing the account and password. You will use this email to login to choose a logo when using DMCA.

6.4 Step 4: Login and select Logo

After successful registration, you log in at the link https://www.dmca.com/users/login.aspx. Then, select the Add badges to your site function to choose the Logo you like. Each Logo is an HTML code that has been pre-installed by the server, you just need to use this code to insert it into the site code.

What is the DMCA?
How to register to use DMCA

7. How to Report DMCA Registered Copyright Infringement

After setting DMCA Copyright protection on your digital platforms is absolutely certain, but your warning DMCA How’s it going? How do you know you have been copyrighted and receive warnings from DMCA? Here are the warning ways that SEODO summarizes in its SEO process.

What is the DMCA?
How to Report Copyright Infringement

7.1 Method 1: Report piracy directly to dmca.com (this method is chargeable)

  • Step 1: You log in DMCA with the account and password after registration (registration instructions are specified in the section above).
  • 2nd step: Then select TAKEDOWNS => Start Takedown.
  • Step 3: Then you fill in all the information to submit a copyright verification request.
  • Step 4: Finally, click “Proceed to Checkout” to submit a copyright verification request.

7.2 Method 2: Report free content piracy to Google

  • Step 1: Visit the page to request removal of content from Google at: https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905?hl=en
  • 2nd step: Select a post type or site you want to delete. In this case, select “Search the Web”.
  • Step 3: Click “I have a legal problem not listed above” to report copyright infringement.
  • Step 4: Select “I found content that may infringe my copyright”.
  • Step 5: Then click “Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the sole right allegedly infringed” to confirm.
  • Step 6: Each type of post content will have different violations, depending on the actual situation you click to choose the appropriate option.
  • Step 7: Select “This form” to fill in information about the infringing work.
  • Step 8: Fill in all the information in the form such as: Contact details of the owner of the work, Information on the content protected by copyright. If you have too many websites that duplicate content, select the “Add New Group” item to add these sites.
  • Step 9: Finally, select the oath and fill in the signature. Click “Submit” to instruct the server to remove the offending article from the search results.

8. How do I know if the Site is affected by the DMCA?

If you want to see your website or check if a page is on the violation list DMCA and is excluded from search results by Google, so you visit https://transparencyreport.google.com/copyright/overview?hl=en to check. Here all the information about the reported sites are listed in the list. After entering the above link, you continue to select the “Explore Data” item. Then enter the name of the website to check in the search box and see if it is blocked DMCA are not.

What is the DMCA?
How to check if a website infringes copyright?

9. Should I use the DMCA?

The use of DMCA is to protect the author’s copyright and gray matter. Registering for this law also helps protect you from dirty “DMCA report” tricks from black hat SEOs. It works as an actual intellectual property copyright registration and also protects the necessary rights of the author.

What is the DMCA?
Using DMCA helps limit black hat SEO

The article is the set of information about the article What is the DMCA? as well as how to register and protect copyright from A to Z. SEODO I hope to provide you with useful information. Also, it helps you to have an overview on DMCA and will help the environment on the website to become cleaner and cleaner. Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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What is Keywordtool.io? 6 Steps to Effective Keyword Research

What is Keywordtool.io?  6 Steps to Effective Keyword Research

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

For those who are just getting started with SEO, the keyword tool is still quite strange and new. So keywordtool.io What, why do so many people mention keywordtool.io and use this tool so much? The content that the article shares today will help readers better understand this tool and the features and effects it brings. Lets go SEODO Watch carefully and don’t miss any part!

1. What is Keywordtool.io?

For SEOs, support tools are an indispensable part of the work process to be more efficient. And Keywordtool.io is one of the useful tools for SEOers. Using keywordtool.io, you will find keywords, especially long-tail keywords, more efficiently and quickly in a short time.

What is keywordtool.io?
Keywordtool.io helps SEOs find many keywords in a short time

2. How Keywordtool.io works

The main working principle of keywordtool.io What? The tool works on the basis of Google Autocomplete. The tool will automatically select the keywords that are highly searched on Google and rank them according to an interface with complete parameters: Search index, popularity, conversion, search engine competition, keywords between regions and countries.

2.1 Research and select keywords

Keyword research and selection is the feature that most people care about when it comes to Keywordtool.io. After entering the keyword you are interested in in the search field, selecting the platform and the search area, the system will provide you with a results table with indexes such as:

  • Keyword: keywords, including main keywords and secondary keywords, suggested keywords, related keywords are selected and suggested by Google.
  • Search Volume: Shows the number of people searching for a keyword within 30 days
  • Trend: Keyword trend over 6 to 12 months
  • CPC: Calculation of costs to improve keyword rankings or keyword search levels on the website
  • Competition: Rate keywords on a scale of 1-1000 to account for level of difficulty. The higher the ranking of the keyword, the harder it is to compete and it will cost more to improve the ranking on your website
What is keywordtool.io?
Users can search and filter keywords based on their preferences with keywordtool.io

Besides, Keywordtool.io also provides users with many other additional features to support SEO process, website content creation and more effective implementation of advertising strategies. Additional features include:

  • Total Keyword Search Volume (Total Search Volume) (Searches for the word greater than 1000 are considered correct)
  • Average Keyword Trend (Average Trend)
  • Average Ad Serving Cost (Average CPC)
  • Average Keyword Competition
  • Change in keyword searches within 12 months
  • Related Keywords
  • Questions (Questions related to magnetization sought)

2.2 Competitive Analysis

In addition to helping you find and analyze keywords, keywordtool.io You can also analyze your competitors. To do a competitor analysis, you need to enter your competitor’s domain in the search box. At this point, the tool will return results with information such as:

  • Related Keywords
  • Number of searches
  • Prosperous trend
  • The competition level of the keyword
What is keywordtool.io?
Competitor analysis to plan content development from Keyword

Based on tool results keywordtool.io returns, you can analyze the opponent’s field of activity. From the data provided, you can make a plan to increase your competitiveness, improve your self-locking rankings and your website.

2.3 Verify searches

The search verification feature allows you to find multiple words at once, as long as each search does not exceed 700 words. The system will check and return results on the number of searches, CPC and keyword competition within the allowed range.

2.4 Exporting data to Excel

Keywordtool.io’s Excel data export feature will help you research and analyze keywords more thoroughly. Simply select the keywords you want to analyze and click Export to Excel to download the Excel file. Moreover, the tool also supports exporting with CSV files and backing up temporary storage.

2.5 Filter keywords by condition

Each keyword search produces hundreds of thousands, millions of different results, you can’t sit down and manually filter to find the list of keywords you need. Instead, you can use the tool’s conditional keyword filtering feature. This feature allows users to search for keywords based on their scope and needs. Specifically, Keywordtool.io allows users to filter the keyword table according to the following conditions:

  • Locations (countries)
  • Language (Language)
  • Currency (cost)
  • Find keywords in search results (additional keywords)
  • Search volume (keyword searches)
  • Trend (Trend)
  • CPC (advertising cost)
  • Competition (Keyword Competition Level)
What is keywordtool.io?
Filter keywords by condition to select keywords more accurately

3. Application of Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is a useful tool for SEO and brings many benefits to SEOers. However, apart from being applied in SEO, this tool also brings many different benefits to the users. So what are Keywordtool.io apps?

3.1 Support the SEO campaign

One of the things to do when setting up an SEO campaign is to make a keyword list that includes identifying primary keywords and developing secondary keywords. With the support of Keywordtool.io, you will analyze the strength and weakness of keywords, choose low competition and CPC keywords to quickly reach the Top.

What is keywordtool.io?
Updated Keywordtool.io settings can be used as a reference for SEO campaigns

Additionally, the tool keywooltool It also helps you build a more diverse list of long-tail keywords for developing content. Developing content for the web with lots of sub-keywords will increase search volume and drive website rankings faster.

3.2 Optimization of website content

The website can reach customers better or not depending on its position in Google ranking. Usually, websites that appear in the top 10 positions will have better access to customers. And to rank in a high position, you need to optimize the content of the website.

keywordtool.io will provide you with keywords related to website content, business areas to increase rankings and search traffic. Remember to check regularly and add keywords to get the best effect.

3.3 Market research

One of the applications of Keywordtool.io that many users love is market research. With this tool, you can check searches or related issues that customers need answers to.

What is keywordtool.io?
Market research based on the percentage of occurrence of keywords

For instance: If you are selling sports shoes and need to make a business strategy, enter the quantity of goods accordingly. You can use Keywordtool.io to investigate a number of issues to generate business ideas and account for costs such as:

  • How many people are interested in this product?
  • Which brand’s sports shoes are getting a lot of attention today?
  • How popular are related keywords?
  • How much does advertising for this item cost?…

3.4 Competitive Analysis

Competitor analysis is one of the features of Keywordtool.io. This feature allows you to search for related items, sectors, and competition levels. Through these indicators, you will have an appropriate business strategy by typing keywords,…

3.5 Brainstorming content ideas

What is keywordtool.io?
Create content ideas for the website with keywords from keywordtool

Keywordtool.io provides SEOers with a huge set of keywords including main keywords, secondary keywords and related questions. With this information, you can rely on it to describe the article, optimize content to increase keyword and website rankings.

3.6 Analyze Google Adwords performance

Each search result on Keywordtool.io returns a CPC analysis item – Cost is calculated per ad click. With the results of this index, SEOer can decide to show ads for keywords and how to show ads to optimize cost in the most effective way.

4. Price of Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is very popular with SEOers because it offers a variety of experiences as well as options for users to choose from. Currently, this tool has three different prices so that users can try and buy it for a long time.

4.1 Free

The free keywordtool.io account allows you to search for keywords but will be limited in certain features such as: No filter for keywords, limit on the number of suggested keywords, no display by volume, CPC and Trend. To be able to use more features of Keywordtool.io, you need to purchase an account to use.

4.2 Paid

Instead of using the free version, which has limited functionality, you can use the paid version of Keywordtool.io to experience more advanced features. Currently, keywordtool.io offers three service packages with three prices as follows:

What is keywordtool.io?
keywordtool.io service package price list

Pro Basic Package (Cost USD 69 = VND 1,500,000/month)

The Pro Basic package is the cheapest Keywordtool.io package, suitable for small businesses and companies that need to do keyword research to develop websites. With a payment of 1,500,000 VND per month, users will enjoy more features such as:

  • Allows you to search and view the volume
  • Analysis of competitor metrics
  • Allow searching for 7000 keywords per day
  • 2x the number of keywords searched compared to free plan searches

Pro Basic Package (Cost 79 USD = 1,700,000 VND/month)

Another option of Keywordtool.io service packages that you can refer to is the Pro Basic package. The package is upgraded with a higher cost of $79, equivalent to 1,700,000 VND/month with better features such as:

  • Allows you to search and observe the volume
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Allows you to search 35,000 different results per day
  • Up to 5 accounts can be used at the same time
  • Added CPC, Google Ads Competition features

Pro Business Package (Cost 159 USD = 3,500,000 VND/month)

The service package that has the highest cost and offers the most features for Keywordtool.io users is Pro Business. If you are doing SEO services, this is the best option that you should not ignore. With this service pack, you will benefit from the following functionalities:

  • Research and observe the volume of keywords
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Allows you to search 70,000 different results per day
  • Up to 10 accounts can be used at the same time
  • Added CPC, Google Ads Competition features
  • API requests 50 times/day

4.3 Account Sharing

One option for those who want to use Keywordtool.io while saving money is to share an account. The advantage of this form is that you will experience more features of the tool and save on the price. However, there will always be drawbacks such as limitations on search or no accounts during use.

5. Advantages and disadvantages of Keywordtool.io

SEO tools play a supporting role to help the SEOer reduce time and effort when working. Each tool has its own pros and cons, just like Keywordtool.io. Thus, the strengths and weaknesses of What is keywordtool.io?the information below will help you understand better.

5.1 Advantages

Highlights of SEO support tools keyword tool:

  • Help users search for keywords simply and quickly
  • Provide a “huge” keyword suggestion store for users
  • You can filter keywords as you want easily
  • Support the development of better website content with a set of keywords, the most diverse questions are long-tail keywords
  • Can be used for free
  • Help users analyze competitors based on basic criteria
  • Support for downloading keyword lists to your computer in an easy and convenient way
What is keywordtool.io?
Keywordtool.io can both research keywords and help with ad planning

5.2 Disadvantages

Besides the benefits, keyword tool There are still some disadvantages such as:

  • The price is quite high compared to some other tools, but if you use the same account, it will be cheaper
  • Keywordtool.io free plan is limited to many features
  • Does not support in-depth SEO like domain comparison, backlinks
  • Data is not updated accurately and completely

6. Some keyword research tools similar to Keywordtool.io

With the development of technology, besides Keywordtool.io, there are many other tools that help SEOer to learn and analyze keywords. You can use the combination keywordtool.io with other tools to increase the productivity of your work. Other tools you can refer to are:


  • Provide lots of keyword and ad backlink data
  • Integrates with many other tools such as Google Analytics, GSC, Google My Business, Adobe Analytics, Majestic and YEXT
  • Generate lots of insights and analytics to automate analytics and save users time
  • Track domain position for any keyword


  • Can track Bing and Yahoo
  • Collect information in many campaigns in 1, maximum each search up to 200,000
  • There are more users
  • Can analyze a page on demand or optimize it for a keyword
What is keywordtool.io?
The same support tool can replace Keywordtool.io

  • Big Blacklinks Information Data
  • There are over 1,000,000 pages to explore in Ahrefs standard package site audit feature

Google Keyword Planner

  • Analyze and display lots of keyword data across many different regions
  • There is a proper keyword suggestion feature to help you find the right keywords to come up with content ideas for the website.

Going throughthe above content, SEODO helped you learn more about What is keywordtool.io? – Useful support tools for SEOers. Hopefully, with the knowledge that we bring, it will help you to have a more complete view of this tool which is used by many people. And don’t forget to follow our marketing articles regularly to learn more.


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The Only 29 SEO Tools Experts Recommend 2022

The Only 29 SEO Tools Experts Recommend 2022

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

With the strong development of SEO, SEO tools increasingly diverse and useful. However, you don’t need to use all of them, but you should choose the tools that suit your needs. To get an objective view of this field, discover these 29 tools recommended by many experts. let’s go too SEODO Follow the content of the article below!

1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – SEO Tool for Webmasters

Monitor your site’s SEO status, see who is linking to your site, and find out how your site ranks on Google

Before you start optimizing your website, you should make sure that the technical condition is guaranteed. SEO tools Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Perform a comprehensive analysis of your site to check for over 100 common SEO issues. You will also be able to see who is linking to your site and discover your top keywords..

SEO tools
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools SEO tool runs comprehensive site scans

Main characteristics

This helpful tool not only tells users what’s wrong with your site, but it also shows what caused the problem and how you can fix it.

SEO tools
The tool shows what caused the problem and how you can fix it

2. Google Keyword Planner – Keyword SEO Tool

Google Keyword Research Tool

Designed for keyword research for Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner (GKP) a SEO tools Particularly important. The reason is that this tool is created by Google and many people believe that the data obtained from Google Keyword Planner is the most accurate.

beautiful girl
Google Keyword Planner is created by Google

But in one test, the results showed that GKP almost always overestimates the actual search volume and is only about 45.22% accurate. Another limitation of GKP is that it does not show the absolute search volume, only a certain range. However, it’s still a useful tool to help you understand the basics of the keyword research process.

Main characteristics

Most keyword research tools show you ideas based on the original keyword you entered. For instance: If you search for “coffee”, you will get ideas like “coffee bean”, “coffee shop near me”, “coffee shops”, “keurig coffee maker”,…

On the other hand, Google Keyword Planner can show you related keywords based on the meaning of the original word. For instance: With the “coffee” keyword, you can get GKP keywords like “cappuccino”, “espresso”, “barista” and “french press” even if they don’t contain the word “coffee”.

SEO tools
Google Keyword Planner can show you related keywords based on the meaning of the original word

3. Keyworddit – Thematic Keyword SEO Tool

Do some keyword research on Reddit

Keyword research is the process of researching topics your audience is looking for. Is there a better way than to find the topics people are discussing on one of the major forums (or Reddit)? With Keyword users simply enter the name of the subreddit your audience is participating in. SEO tools This will extract the keywords from this community.

SEO tools
Keyworddit pulls keywords from the communities your audience participates in

Main characteristics

Keyworddit also shows you the context in which keywords appear:

beautiful girl
The purpose of Keywordit is to show you the context

4. Google Trends – Effective SEO Tool for Trending

See search trends from around the world

google trends shows the popularity of a topic over time. Use this tool to capture and capitalize on trending topics and avoid creating content on topics that are declining in interest.

SEO tools
Google Trends shows the popularity of a topic over time

Main characteristics

Google Trends also shows you related topics and queries that are becoming popular:

SEO tools
The outstanding feature of Google Trends will be effective in predicting trends

5. RankMath – Best SEO Tool for WordPress

WordPress SEO plugin for on-page SEO and technical SEO.

It won’t be easy to put the title tag, meta description, OG tag and other meta tags yourself for every post you publish. But if you’re using WordPress, you don’t need to. RankMath will help you add all this easily.

beautiful girl
RankMath will help you add all cards in an easy way

Besides, RankMath also helps users with the following tasks:

  • Redirect URL.
  • Find and fix dead links on your site.
  • View Google Search Console data in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Monitor your keyword rankings.

Main characteristics

RankMath has a full library of categories that you can add to your posts:

SEO tools
RankMath provides users with a library of categories

6. SEO Tool – Google SERP Code Snippet Optimization Tool

See what your page looks like on the SERPs

SEO tools
The first step is to enter the title, meta description and URL

The first step is to enter your title, meta description, and suggested URL. The tool will then tell you what your site will look like in the search results.

beautiful girl
Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool will tell you what your website will look like

You can already do this if you use a WordPress plugin like RankMath. But Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool will be very useful if you are not using WordPress.

Main characteristics

Users can view the rich snippet and date to see how it looks on the SERPs:

SEO tools
You can check the rich snippet and date display

7. Optimization Tools – Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Generate structured data markup in JSON-LD format.

Categories help search engines better understand your content. These articles often have a higher click-through rate than regular search results. Merkle Schema Markup Generator help you generate the correct schema code. All you have to do is choose the type of category you want to create and include it on your website. Users can do this with RankMath, but it’s a good tool if you don’t have RankMath.

beautiful girl
Merkle’s Schema Markup Generato helps you generate the right schema code

Main characteristics

This is not a unique feature of this tool. But once you’ve created your category, you can check its validity using Schema.org’s Markup Validator.

8. Google Search Console – Best SEO Tool

Free Google tool to help you monitor and troubleshoot website on SERPs

Users use Google Search Console to find and correct technical errors on the website. Additionally, users can submit sitemaps, view structured data issues, test Core Web Vitals, and more.

beautiful girl
Google Search Console is used to find and fix technical errors on the website

Main characteristics

The URL Inspection tool provides information about the Google-indexed version of a particular page. You can enter any URL to review. More advanced users can even use the URL Inspection API to inspect their data in bulk.

SEO tools
URL Inspection tool provides indexed version information

9. SEO Tool – Cloudflare

Free Global CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of servers that helps users access websites faster. A CDN caches static content on its servers so it can load it faster by serving it from a location close to the visitor. Cloudy used to speed up your website and protect it from malicious attacks.

SEO tools
Cloudflare will speed up your website and protect it from malicious attacks

Main characteristics

Cloudflare automatically provides free SSL for your website. This is important because HTTPS protects your site and is a Google ranking factor.

10. Website Performance Testing Tool – GTmetrix

Analyze the loading speed of your web pages

Page speed has been a Google ranking factor since 2010. So if your site is extremely slow, that could be the reason it’s not ranking well. Use GTmetrix to test your page speed and see how it performs:

beautiful girl
GTmetrix can test your page speed and see the page in action

Main characteristics

GTmetrix also shows you the top issues affecting your site, along with suggestions for improving them:

SEO tools
GTmetrix also shows you the top issues affecting your site

11. SEO Tool – Robots.txt Generator

Create a robots.txt file in the standard format

The robots.txt file tells search engines where they can and cannot access your site. Fundamentally, SEO tools This lists all the content you want blocked from search engines like Google. If you don’t already have a robots.txt file on your site, use this tool to create one quickly.

SEO tools
Robots.txt Generator lists all the content you want to block from search engines like Google

Main characteristics

If you’ve updated your account, select “Customize” to create separate rules for bots, subfolders, etc.

beautiful girl
The Customize section helps you create your own rules for robots or subdirectories

12. Use the Hreflang Tag Generator for Multilingual Websites

Generate hreflang tags to specify your site’s language and geo-targeting

hreflang is an HTML attribute used to specify multilingual targeting. If you have multiple versions of the same page in different languages, you can use the hreflang tag to notify search engines like Google of these variations. You simply add the URLs you want, select your target country and language, and click “Generate”.

SEO tools
hreflang is an HTML attribute used to specify multilingual targeting

Main characteristics

You can bulk load URLs (up to 50 URLs) into the tool. Simply click “Choose File” and upload your CSV file.

13. Software to Support SEO – SERP Checker by Ahrefs

See the top 10 ranking pages for any keyword

Google personalizes search results based on factors such as your location, language, and search history. Therefore, depending on your location, the search results may be very different. Use Ahrefs’ SERP Checker to view real-time search results for the most accurate SERP.

SEO tools
Ahrefs SERP checker delivers real-time search results

Main characteristics

For the top three search results, you’ll also see important SEO metrics like number of referring domains, number of backlinks, estimated search traffic, etc., top-ranking pages, and understand why they rank lower. square.

beautiful girl
For the first three search results, you will see important SEO metrics

14. Google Analytics – Google’s Free SEO Tool

Google Analytics tool

Google Analytics It is considered the most widely used analysis tool today. This tool is not only free but also very effective. The app gives you all of your website data, which you can analyze and dissect to improve almost every aspect of your marketing.

SEO tools
Google Analytics is considered the most widely used analytics tool today.

Please note that Google is replacing the current version of Google Analytics with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics (current version) will no longer process data and data will only go to GA4. If you already have Google Analytics, make sure you have configured GA4.

15. Google Data Studio – SEO Reporting Software

Create interactive dashboards and reports

Google Data Studio is software that helps you easily create SEO reports for clients and superiors. Google Data Studio integrates with Google’s toolkit, so merging data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. is relatively easy.

SEO tools
Google Data Studio is a software to help you create SEO reports

Main characteristics

You can add data from the SEO tools like Ahrefs.

16. Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin – Competitor Analysis Tool

Run a content check on your site

Everything you do will not succeed. From these elements, you can evaluate and learn lessons to improve performance. To do this, you have to find sites that are not performing well. The WordPress SEO plugin will automate the content review process and give recommendations to users.

beautiful girl
The WordPress SEO plugin will automate the process

Main characteristics

When you click on the suggestions, the tool will give you suggestions on what to do next.

SEO tools
You will get other recommendations

17. Google Business Profile Manager – SEO Management Software

Manage how your local business appears on Google

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 36% of SEOers consider a business profile on Google to be the most important ranking factor for a map package. So if you’re running a local business, make sure you’ve set up your Google Business Profile Manager.

SEO tools
You need to configure Google Business Profile Manager

Main characteristics

Use your Google Business Profile Manager to create and share review links to get more reviews for your business.

18. Time Machine

See what pages looked like in the past

Time Machine take the history of pages and store them in the database. You can then enter any URL to view older versions of web pages (even currently broken ones). For instance: If you rebuild a broken link, you can revisit what was originally on the old page to regenerate it.

beautiful girl
The Wayback Machine takes page history and stores it in the database

Main characteristics

If your competitors are constantly making changes or updating their pages, you can also enter their URLs into the Wayback Machine to see what sections or subtopics they’ve added.

19. Google – the first search engine

The most used search engine in the world

When there are many SEO tools For free, you can’t forget Google – arguably the most powerful tool. You can use Google to perform various SEO tasks. For instance: You can use Google to determine search intent to align your page accordingly.

SEO tools
Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword “best french press”

Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword “best French press”. If you Google the term, you will find that people want to learn, not buy. Specifically, they wanted to see a comparison of all the best and most modern French presses:

Main characteristics

You can use Google to find guest posting opportunities, internal linking opportunities, lead links, and more.

20. Ahrefs Keyword Tool – The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

See the top 100 keyword ideas for any root keyword, along with related research data.

This free keyword research tool will show the top 100 keyword ideas for any keyword or phrase, along with the 50 most relevant questions. Ahrefs’ Keyword Tool also shows you important keyword data, such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

SEO tools
Ahrefs Keyword Tool Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty

Main characteristics

In addition to Google, you can find keywords for other major search engines like YouTube, Bing, and Amazon. Users only need to select the search engine to get the data.

beautiful girl
You can find keywords for other major search engines like YouTube, Bing and Amazon

21. Also Asked

Find the questions people often ask

For almost any question you search on Google, you’ll see a SERP feature called People Also Asked (PAA). AlsoAsked shows you AAP questions related to the topic you entered. Use these to find subtopics and questions that might be useful to answer in your article.

SEO tools
AlsoAsked shows you AAP questions related to the topic you entered

Main characteristics

When you click on a PAA question in Google, other PAA questions will appear. AlsoAsked lets you dig deeper into that research (but you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan).

SEO tools
AlsoAsked lets you dive deeper into research

22. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – A Quick Website Inspection Tool

Multi-functional browser extension that provides SEO data about the pages and websites you visit

beautiful girl
Ahrefs SEO toolbar displays meta information, post date, and more. of a webpage

Ahrefs SEO toolbar shows meta information, post date, and more. of a webpage. With this tool, you can view SEO data for any website you visit, including:

  • Page title
  • Meta Description
  • Date of publication and revision of the page
  • Number of words
  • Title
  • Hreflang Tag
  • Canonicals
  • OG card.

In addition, this tool also has the following functions:

  • Check for broken links.
  • Trace the redirect chain (full path).
  • Highlight the nofollow link.
  • And more.

Main characteristics

If you signed up for an Ahrefs account, you can view the metrics in the SERPs themselves.

SEO tools
You can see the metrics in the SERPs themselves

23. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

See the top 100 backlinks to any website or webpage

One of the most common activities in link building is chasing the links of your competitors. You should look at your competitors’ links to find the right tactic. To do this, you will first need to see what is associated with them. All you have to do is enter the URL of the competing page into Ahrefs’ backlink checker.

SEO tools
The tool lets you see the top 100 backlinks to any website or webpage

Main characteristics

The tool also shows you the top 5 linked pages, most popular link text, total number of backlinks and referring domains, as well as domain rank (DR) and URL review scores (UR ). This is all important information that can help shape your link building strategy.

24. Hunter.io

Find email address

Most link building tactics involve contacting and convincing someone to link to your site. To do this, you will need their email address. Hunter.io lets you find anyone’s work email address. The tool will show you a list of found email addresses.

beautiful girl
The tool will show you a list of found email addresses

Main characteristics

If you’re building links on a large scale, you can use Hunter.io’s bulk email search engine to search and verify email addresses all at once.

25. Help a reporter out (HARO)

Free service that connects sources of information with journalists looking for expertise

This is how SEO tools It works:

  • Ask questions that require expert answers.
  • HARO sent an email with these questions.
  • Anyone can respond and potentially become a source of posts.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you already have an established website; It’s a great way to build authoritative links.

Main characteristics

Although not a feature of HARO, this content will be very useful to you. When you register for HARO, you should receive numerous e-mails from HARO every day. You want to receive only work-related emails from HARO. To do this, you need to create a Gmail filter. Here’s how:

  • Tap the slider to the right of the search bar.
  • Paste haro@helpareporter.com (or another feed) into “de”.
  • Add your keyword to “Includes words” and use quotes to treat multiple words as one keyword.
SEO tools
HARO Mail Filters

26. Short Pixel

Optimize your images

Large images (in terms of file size) may take longer to load and therefore affect your page speed. Google even has extensive documentation on how to optimize your images for the web. For best results, experiment with different quality settings for your images and don’t be afraid to lose quality. You can also use ShortPixel to compress, optimize and resize your images.

Main characteristics

ShortPixel automatically optimizes your media library:

SEO tools
ShortPixel automatically optimizes your media library

27. Show Rendered Source

See how a browser renders a page

The browser renders a page’s original HTML into the DOM, including changes made by JavaScript. It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to test or troubleshoot JavaScript.

beautiful girl
The browser renders the original HTML of a page in the DOM

Main characteristics

The rendered source view shows the difference between the raw version of your code and what is rendered.

28. BrightLocal Local SERP Checker

View search results from anywhere

If you do local SEO, you’ll want to see more geographically detailed search results. You can use BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker tool for this.

Main characteristics

Depending on the country, you can even specify the language:

SEO tools
You can specify the language depending on the country

29. Google Alerts

Track mentions of your name or business online

You can use this tool to set up name or company mentions. Depending on the frequency you choose, Google Alerts will then send you an email with all the pages that mention the phrase you are tracking. You can also use it to track your competitors.

SEO tools
You can use this tool to configure the company name or mentions

Main characteristics

Use Google Alerts to track unlinked mentions. An unaffiliated mention is a mention about your brand, product or service that is not affiliated with you. Set up multiple Google alerts for all terms related to your brand, such as:

  • Ahrefs
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Tim Soulo

Through the article on 29 SEO tools Today you have acquired a lot of useful knowledge in the field of SEO. The selection of additional tools will greatly affect the efficiency of the SEO process. If you need SEO advice or have any related questions, please contact us directly SEODO to get the best help.

Conquer the top Google with effective SEO tools in the following articles:


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Tổng hợp 16 phần mềm SEO Web & công cụ SEO tốt nhất 2022

Tổng hợp 16 phần mềm SEO Web & công cụ SEO tốt nhất 2022

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Phần mềm SEO Web là một trong những công cụ rất hữu ích đối với người làm SEO. Thế nhưng, có rất nhiều công cụ SEO Web chưa được biết đến rộng rãi, nhiều SEOer còn loay hoay trong quá trình chọn một phần mềm phù hợp cho dự án của mình. Trong bài viết dưới đây, SEODO sẽ đưa ra những thông tin được nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng về một số nền tảng SEO phổ biến hiện nay. Cùng theo dõi ngay nhé!

1. TOP 10 phần mềm SEO Website tốt nhất

Trong phần đầu tiên, bài viết sẽ cung cấp đến bạn TOP 10 công cụ SEO được đánh giá cao bởi những nguồn uy tín nhất trên thế giới. Mỗi phần mềm SEO sẽ được nhận xét khách quan dựa trên những ưu điểm, hạn chế và trải nghiệm của người dùng.

1.1. Ahrefs: phần mềm SEO web nhất về tổng thể

Ahrefs là một công cụ SEO tổng thể có thể giúp người dùng cải thiện xếp hạng và lưu lượng truy cập web. Phần mềm này là web-based sở hữu rất nhiều tính năng vượt trội. Dịch vụ khách hàng của phần mềm này cũng được đánh giá cao bởi những chương trình khuyến mãi thường xuyên và tổng đài hỗ trợ kịp thời trong mọi trường hợp.

Một vài công cụ có sẵn trên Ahrefs có thể kể đến:

  • Site Explore: Cho phép người dùng xem kết quả tìm kiếm và hồ sơ lưu lượng truy cập của bất kỳ trang web nào.
  • Site Audit: Giúp người dùng phân tích hiệu suất của trang web.
  • Keywords Explorer: Người dùng có thể tạo từ khóa, phân tích từ khóa và tính toán tiềm năng lưu lượng truy cập của họ.
  • Content Explorer: Cho phép người dùng tìm nội dung và phân tích nội dung hoạt động trên cùng trong ngành.
  • Rank Tracker: Giúp người dùng theo dõi xếp hạng và so sánh chúng theo thời gian.

Ahrefs là một phần mềm tích hợp đầy đủ những công cụ hữu ích nhất. Tuy nhiên, nền tảng này không có bất kỳ phiên bản dùng thử nào miễn phí cho người dùng và các chi phí cũng là một điều cần cân nhắc.

  • Về ưu điểm: 
    • Phần mềm cung cấp đa dạng các công cụ, bao gồm cả nghiên cứu từ khóa và theo dõi từ khóa.
    • Ahrefs có thể kết hợp tốt với nhiều nền tảng cũng như công cụ khác.
    • Phần mềm cũng hỗ trợ rất tốt trong việc nghiên cứu đối thủ cạnh tranh.
  • Về nhược điểm:
    • Phần mềm không có bản dùng thử miễn phí.
    • Chi phí là khá cao đối với các dự án lớn.
phần mềm seo web
Ahrefs là phần mềm SEO web nhất về tổng thể

Về đánh giá của khách hàng, mọi người đánh giá rất cao vì công cụ này tích hợp được rất nhiều chức năng và tiện ích trong một nền tảng. Vì thế, phần mềm đáp ứng được rất nhiều yêu cầu của người dùng. Hơn thế nữa, khách hàng còn có thể theo dõi được khả năng phân bổ từ khóa của từng quốc gia. Đồng thời, Ahrefs còn giúp các nhân viên nghiên cứu backlink một cách hiệu quả từ đó có được những đánh giá quan trọng về đối thủ.

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Lite: $99 / tháng

Tiêu chuẩn: $199 / tháng

Nâng cao: $399 / tháng

Doanh nghiệp: $999 / tháng

Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Không có bản thử nghiệm miễn phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh  Chính xác
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Semrush, Woorank, Moz, Spyfu, Authoritas
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống Web-based cloud tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hệ thống trợ trực tuyến trong giờ làm việc

1.2. Netpeak Spider: công cụ SEO tốt nhất về điểm số trải nghiệm người dùng

Netpeak Spider là một lựa chọn tốt cho các công ty hay cá nhân muốn, cải thiện SEO, tối ưu hóa chất lượng nội dung và các liên kết trên trang web của mình. Phần mềm này giúp người dùng dễ dàng phát hiện các lỗi của trang web, từ đó, có thể dễ dàng sữa chữa hơn.

Bên cạnh đó, phần mềm còn sở hữu các công cụ phân tích đối thủ cạnh tranh. Netpeak spider tích hợp tốt với SimilarWeb, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google Safe Browsing và LinkPad. Dưới đây là một số khả năng vượt trội được Netpeak Spider cung cấp:

  • Kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng về chất lượng SEO.
  • Tìm và khắc phục sự cố và lỗi liên kết.
  • Cải thiện chiến lược liên kết nội bộ.
  • Xem dữ liệu trang web theo phân đoạn.
  • Phân tích chiến lược SEO của đối thủ cạnh tranh.
  • Công cụ còn thu thập dữ liệu để tự động cảnh báo về các vấn đề cần khắc phục.
  • Kiểm tra thời gian tải trang bằng công cụ đo lường của Google.

Cũng giống như các công cụ thông thường, Netpeak Spider sở hữu những ưu và nhược điểm nhất định. Giá cho công cụ này rất phải chăng, đặc biệt là đối với những người cam kết thanh toán hàng năm. Phần mềm sở hữu giao diện thân thiện với người dùng. Một điểm cộng Netpeak Spider là sự tương thích hiệu quả với các công cụ của Google. Thế nhưng, phần mềm này hiện tại lại không hoạt động với máy tính Mac.

  • Về ưu điểm: 
    • Giá cả mà người dùng phải trả để sử dụng công cụ này là khá hợp lý.
    • Đây là một công cụ khá cơ bản, thân thiện với người dùng.
    • Có thể tương thích tuyệt đối với các công cụ của Google.
  • Về nhược điểm:
    • Công cụ hiện đang không có sẵn trên hệ điều hành IOS, gây bất tiện cho những người dùng MAC.
    • Vì sở hữu khá nhiều chức năng nên có thể người dùng sẽ phải mất một khoảng thời gian để thành thạo cách sử dụng.
phần mềm seo web
Netpseak Spider: công cụ SEO tốt nhất về điểm số trải nghiệm người dùng

Về đánh giá của khách hàng, công cụ được nhận xét là đáp ứng tốt nhu cầu người dùng với mức giá phải chăng. Ngoài ra, nhiều khách hàng còn nhận xét đây là một nền tảng hoạt động nhanh, sở hữu các báo cáo hữu ích. Hơn thế nữa, hệ thống hỗ trợ khách hàng luôn hoạt động và sẵn sàng hỗ trợ khách hàng 24/7.

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Lite: $20.80 / tháng

Pro: $31.20 / tháng

Doanh nghiệp: $55.20 / tháng

Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Có bản thử nghiệm miễn phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh  Đúng
Triển khai Installed – Windows
Tích hợp SimilarWeb, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google Safe Browsing, LinkPad
Tính năng
  • Có thể cài đặt trên máy tính Windows.
  • Bao gồm các công cụ quản lý nội dung và công cụ quản lý liên kết.
  • Hỗ trợ trực tuyến có sẵn trong giờ làm việc.

1.3. Yoast SEO: phần mềm SEO dễ dùng nhất

Yoast là một trong những lựa chọn không thể bỏ lỡ khi nhắc đến những phần mềm SEO web. Nền tảng này sở hữu rất nhiều công cụ giúp việc tối ưu hóa từ khóa trở nên dễ dàng hơn. Phần mềm cũng bao gồm một số công cụ được tích hợp để đảm bảo rằng nội dung của bạn dễ đọc và đồng thời cải thiện liên kết cho trang web. Plugin này tích hợp tốt với WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Drupal và Buddyboss. Dưới đây là một số tính năng hàng đầu của Yoast:

  • Theo dõi việc sử dụng từ khóa và tối ưu hóa từ khóa trong khi viết
  • Đề xuất liên kết nội bộ để cải thiện chiến lược liên kết nội bộ
  • Thuận tiện hơn với các liên kết no-follow or do-follow
  • Nhận thông tin chi tiết về nội dung mà bạn đã tạo
  • Dễ dàng khắc phục, chuyển hướng cho các liên kết lỗi
  • Xem trước trang web của bạn trong Google
  • Xem trước trang của bạn trên các phương tiện truyền thông xã hội

Không chỉ là SEO và đề xuất từ khóa, Yoast còn chứa các công cụ để giúp người dùng cải thiện chất lượng bài viết của họ. Tuy nhiên, cho tới nay phần mềm này chưa có bản dùng thử miễn phí nào cho khách hàng.

  • Về ưu điểm:
    • Thiết kế đơn giản làm cho công cụ này trở nên dễ dàng sử dụng.
    • Tích hợp tốt với wordpress
    • Bao gồm nhiều công cụ vừa cải thiện nội dung vừa cải thiện chất lượng SEO.
  • Về nhược điểm:
    • Không có bản dùng thử miễn phí nào được phát hành
    • Plugin wordpress miễn phí có khả năng rất hạn chế, người dùng cần phải mua phiên bản cao cấp để sử dụng hết các chức năng cần thiết.
phần mềm seo
Yoast SEO: phần mềm SEO dễ dùng nhất

Những khách hàng thích Yoast vì sự chia nhỏ các thuật ngữ và dữ liệu kỹ thuật thành các giải thích dễ hiểu hơn. Một người đánh giá cho biết, “Tính năng làm cho Plugins Yoast hấp dẫn hơn là khả năng cung cấp báo cáo về những gì đang được làm tốt và những gì không được làm, để trang web của bạn dễ dàng được hiển thị với các công cụ tìm kiếm.”

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Yoast SEO Premium: $99

Đăng Ký Plugin: $299

Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Không cung cấp bảng dùng thử miễn phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh Đúng
Triển khai Không tiết lộ
Tích hợp WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Drupal, Buddyboss
Tính năng
  • Có sẵn như Plugin WordPress
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tuyến 24/7 dành cho khách hàng đăng ký tài khoản Premium

1.4. Google Search Console: phần mềm SEO miễn phí tốt

Google search console là một dịch vụ hoàn toàn miễn phí do google phát triển. Đây là phần mềm SEO dựa trên công cụ tìm kiếm mà bất kỳ ai cũng có thể truy cập. Công cụ này làm cho người dùng dễ dàng hơn trong việc theo dõi chất lượng hiển thị của trang web và quyết định cách cải thiện chiến lược SEO của họ. Một số tính năng nổi bật nhất của Google Search Console có thể kể đến:

Google Search Console là một nền tảng được rất nhiều người ưa chuộng. Vì đây là phần mềm miễn phí nên bất kỳ ai cũng có thể truy cập được. Đây cũng là một công cụ tương đối thân thiện với người dùng và sở hữu nhiều tính năng đi kèm khác. Tuy nhiên, Google Search Console cũng có phần yếu thế hơn so với các phần mềm nâng cao.

  • Về ưu điểm:
    • Đây là một trang web hoàn toàn miễn phí.
    • Một phần mềm được tích hợp rất nhiều chức năng.
    • Các chức năng rất dễ thao tác, thân thiện với người dùng.
  • Về nhược điểm:
    • Phần mềm này không được nâng cao và chuyên sâu như những trang web tính phí.

Người dùng đánh giá cao phần mềm vì đây là một trong số ít công cụ SEO không tính phí. Khách hàng đánh giá rằng, điểm họ thích là bạn có thể thấy chính xác trang web của bạn xếp hạng thứ bao nhiêu dựa trên danh sách của Google. Điều này cho phép bạn xây dựng backlinks hiệu quả hơn và đánh giá đối thủ tốt hơn.

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Không được công bố
Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Không cung cấp bảng dùng thử miễn phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh Không
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas, Android
Tích hợp Google Ads, Admob, Cửa Hàng Play, Google Marketing Platform, Bigquery
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây dựa trên web tương thích với SaaS và Android
  • Bao gồm công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Cung cấp một trung tâm hỗ trợ trực tuyến với tài liệu và câu trả lời dành cho câu hỏi thường gặp

1.5. Conductor Searchlight: công cụ SEO phục vụ khách hàng tốt nhất

Phần mềm này cung cấp những bản báo cáo rất giá trị dựa trên các dữ liệu về đối thủ. Thiết kế thân thiện với người dùng. Tất cả chi phí đăng ký được định giá trên cơ sở tùy chỉnh, tùy theo nhu cầu của từng cá nhân hoặc công ty. Người dùng có thể test qua chất lượng của phần mềm nhờ vào bản dùng thử miễn phí. Đây là một số đặc điểm đáng chú ý của Conductor Searchlight:

  • Tích hợp tốt với Gooogle Analytics, Adobe Analytics và Google Search Console.
  • Cho phép người dùng theo dõi đối thủ cạnh tranh.
  • Bao gồm trình chỉnh sửa trang để thực hiện điều chỉnh nội dung và tối ưu hóa nhanh chóng.
  • Cung cấp tiện ích mở rộng chrome để sử dụng cho SEO.
  • Hỗ trợ cả tìm kiếm trả phí và không phải phí.
  • Bao gồm cả công cụ nghiên cứu từ khóa và theo dõi từ khóa. 
  • Người dùng có thể dễ dàng theo dõi kết quả SEO theo thời gian.

Có rất nhiều điểm đáng để hài lòng về phần mềm này. Conductor Searchlight thân thiện với người dùng và sở hữu nhiều công cụ tuyệt vời. Tuy nhiên, các thủ tục khảo sát về nhu cầu có thể sẽ hơi dài dòng và phức tạp. 

  • Về ưu điểm:
    • Có nhiều công cụ khác nhau trong phần mềm này
    • Sở hữu khả năng báo cáo tuyệt vời
  • Về nhược điểm:

Khách hàng đánh giá cao khả năng nghiên cứu từ khóa, xếp hạng từ khóa của công cụ này. Ngoài ra, họ còn rất hài lòng với dịch vụ khách hàng của Conductor Searchlight. Một khách hàng đã nói rằng: “Sản phẩm thật tuyệt vời, nhưng điều làm Conductor nổi bật đó chính là sự quan tâm tới kết quả SEO của khách hàng sau khi đăng kí dịch vụ.”

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm $99/năm và có thể lên tới 100 trang web wordpress được hỗ trợ.
Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Bản Demo Miễn Phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas, Classpass
Tích hợp Samsung, Black&decker, Sap, Visa, 
Tính năng
  • Hệ web-based tương thích với SaaS
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hệ thống hỗ trợ khách hàng 24/24 với tất cả những ngày trong tuần

1.6. SEO Panel: công cụ cung cấp mã nguồn mở tốt nhất

SEO Panel là một phần mềm SEO đáng chú ý khác. Phần mềm có thể được truy cập qua the cloud hoặc người dùng có thể cài đặt phần mềm trên máy sử dụng hệ điều hành Mac hoặc Windows của họ. Không giống như nhiều công cụ khác được đề cập trong bài viết này, SEO Panel là phần mềm mã nguồn mở được sử dụng miễn phí. Phần mềm sở hữu một số tính năng tuyệt vời giúp người dùng cải thiện thứ hạng SEO của họ. Dưới đây là một số tính năng tốt nhất của công cụ SEO này: 

SEO Panel là một công cụ miễn phí tuyệt vời cho bất kỳ ai muốn cải thiện chất lượng SEO cho trang web. Đây cũng là một phần mềm dễ sử dụng. SEO Panel cung cấp nhiều tính năng có hiệu quả ngang hàng với các phần mềm SEO trả phí. Tuy vậy, phần mềm này cũng có một số hạn chế nhất định:

  • Về ưu điểm:
    • Phần mềm được phép sử dụng 100% miễn phí
    • Rất dễ dùng
    • Cung cấp các tính năng không thua kém gì các phần mềm SEO trả phí
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Vì đây là phần mềm miễn phí nên cũng có một số điểm hạn chế nhất định

Khách hàng đánh giá cao việc họ không phải trả tiền để sử dụng SEO Panel. Họ cũng thích số lượng các tính năng mà công cụ này sở hữu. Một khách hàng nói: “Tôi thích sản phẩm này bởi vì nó có chứa đầy đủ trunks và plug-ins cần thiết”.

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Không tiết lộ
Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh Đúng
Triển khai Installed – Mac
Installed – Windows
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
Tích hợp Không được công bố 
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas, có thể cài đặt được trên máy tính sử dụng hệ điều hành Window và MAC
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp 24/7

1.7. SEOptimer: công cụ SEO báo cáo thẻ tốt nhất

SEOptimer là giải pháp phần mềm SEO dựa trên web. Các công cụ của công ty cũng có thể được truy cập qua phần mở rộng và có các tiện ích dành cho Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Có nhiều tính năng được xây dựng trong công cụ này, bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi, công cụ kiểm toán SEO và công cụ báo cáo SEO.

Công cụ này có thể sử dụng tương thích tốt với một số phần mềm khác như SE Ranking, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console. SEOptimer có giá khá phải chăng, chỉ khoảng từ $19 mỗi tháng. Họ cũng cung cấp bản dùng thử miễn phí 14 ngày cho những cá nhân muốn thử nghiệm các tính năng. Dưới đây là những gì có thể được thực hiện với phần mềm này:

SEOptimer là công cụ sở hữu nhiều tính năng vượt trội với mức giá vô cùng phải chăng. Phần mềm có các công cụ kiểm toán toàn diện, giúp người dùng dễ dàng tìm ra những thay đổi cần thiết để cải thiện bảng xếp hạng và SEO tổng thể. Công cụ này cũng bao gồm khả năng báo cáo nhãn trắng. Phần mềm thiếu một số tính năng mà các tùy chọn đắt tiền khác cung cấp. SEOptimer cũng có thể cung cấp thông tin chi tiết về mạng xã hội trong các công cụ kiểm toán.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Bao gồm các công cụ kiểm toán mạnh mẽ.
    • Báo cáo nhãn trắng.
    • Giá cả dịch vụ phải chăng.
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Cần sử dụng nhiều insight về social media hơn.
    • Không nhiều tính năng như những công cụ trả phí khác.

Khách hàng đánh giá cao khả năng báo cáo nhãn trắng của phần mềm. Ngoài ra, người dùng cũng cho rằng giá cả của dịch vụ này là khá tốt so với các đối thủ cạnh tranh. Một người khách hàng để lại bình luận rằng “Chúng tôi sử dụng SEOptimer để thực hiện kiểm tra SEO cho các khách hàng tiềm năng, phần mềm đã cung cấp cái nhìn tổng quan về khả năng sử dụng, hiệu suất, bảo mật và sự hiển thị trên mạng xã hội của trang web.”

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm DIY SEO: $19 một tháng
White Label: $29 một tháng
White Label and Embedding: $59 một tháng
Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí 14 Ngày
Phân tích cạnh tranh Không
Triển khai Không tiết lộ
Tích hợp Xếp Hạng SE, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Google Search Console
Tính năng
  • Giải pháp Web-based với tiện ích Chrome, Firefox và Opera
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ khách hàng qua tổng đài tư vấn trực tiếp

1.8. Semrush: phần mềm SEO tiếp thị kỹ thuật số tốt nhất

Có lẽ Semrush là một trong những cái tên lớn nhất trong công nghiệp phần mềm SEO. Công cụ này bao gồm rất nhiều tính năng tiện ích. Người dùng có thể cải thiện trang web của họ, thực hiện nghiên cứu từ khóa hiệu quả, cải thiện nỗ lực xây dựng liên kết, theo dõi xếp hạng từ khóa của họ theo thời gian, tối ưu hóa nội dung, phân tích đối thủ cạnh tranh. 

  • Kiểm tra kỹ lưỡng các kỹ thuật SEO để xác định xem những yếu tố nào cần cải tiến
  • Theo dõi backlinks của trang để cải thiện chiến lược SEO
  • Nghiên cứu chủ đề để lấy ý tưởng nội dung
  • Nhận các đề xuất để tạo những nội dung thân thiện với SEO
  • Theo dõi thứ hạng từ khóa hằng ngày
  • Kiểm tra thứ hạng SEO trên trang
  • Theo dõi báo cáo từ các công cụ khác nhau với khả năng gắn nhãn hiệu và gắn nhãn trắng cho các báo cáo của bạn.
    phần mềm seo webSemrush: phần mềm SEO tiếp thị kỹ thuật số tốt nhất

Semrush là một phần mềm có rất nhiều ưu điểm. Một lượng lớn các tính năng được tích hợp trong nền tảng này, đây chính là một giải pháp tuyệt vời cho người dùng muốn cải thiện SEO của mình. Bên cạnh đó, khách hàng cũng cần khá nhiều thời gian để có thể biết cách sử dụng toàn bộ công cụ trong phần mềm. Bên cạnh đó, một số người dùng cảm thấy đây là phần mềm có khối lượng dự liệu nặng. 

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Có rất nhiều công cụ mở rộng và phần mềm quản lý hiển thị tốt
    • Có thiết kế thân thiện với người dùng
    • Bao gồm các công cụ phân tích cạnh tranh tuyệt vời
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Dữ liệu nặng
    • Có thể mất thời gian để học cách sử dụng tất cả các công cụ

Khách hàng đánh giá cao việc nhiều công cụ được tích hợp trong Semrush. Một người đánh giá nhấn mạnh vào khả năng theo dõi thứ hạng SEO, nói rằng “Phần mềm giúp việc kiểm tra thứ hạng của bạn trở nên rất dễ dàng. Bạn có thể thiết lập từ khóa, vị trí xếp hạng và nhiều thứ khác nữa.”

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Pro: 119.95/tháng
Guru: 229.95/tháng
Business: 449.95/tháng
Giải pháp tùy chỉnh: liên hệ thiết kế  
Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí
Phân tích cạnh tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, SaaS
Tích hợp WordPress, Trello, Majestic, Google Analytics, Google Ads
Một số tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

1.9. Link Research Tools: phần mềm SEO web tốt nhất cho xây dựng liên kết

Link Research Tools là một lựa chọn phần mềm SEO khác để xem xét. Đây là một công cụ chủ yếu tập trung vào các liên kết. Phần mềm có thể giúp tìm ra mối liên kết nào đang làm tổn hại trang web và các liên kết tốt nhất hỗ trợ chiến lược xây dựng liên kết của họ. Một số công cụ nổi bật của Link Research Tools có thể kể đến:

Link Research Tools sở hữu nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội. Hầu hết các công cụ đều dựa trên liên kết để giúp các công ty cải thiện chiến lược xây dựng liên kết của họ. Công cụ này cũng tích hợp chức năng theo dõi và phân tích đối thủ cạnh tranh. Đồng thời, sở hữu khả năng theo dõi backlink theo thời gian thực. Tuy nhiên, giá công cụ nghiên cứu liên kết có thể cao, và không có phiên bản thử miễn phí.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Bao gồm nhiều công cụ giúp các công ty cải thiện chiến lược xây dựng liên kết
    • Giám sát backlink theo thời gian thực
    • Bao gồm các công cụ phân tích đối thủ cạnh tranh
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Không có bảng dùng thử nghiệm miễn phí
    • Giá thành khá cao

Khách hàng hài lòng vì Link Research Tools được tích hợp nhiều công cụ hỗ trợ SEO. Một khách hàng đã hài lòng chia sẻ: “Chúng tôi đã dùng Link Research Tools nhiều năm và thấy đây là phần mềm thích hợp nhất, các công cụ nghiên cứu giúp chúng tôi tìm ra link nào là có lợi nhất cho các hoạt động của khách hàng.”

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Superhero Trial : $ 17 cho 7 ngày thử nghiệm, sau đó là $499

Superhero Small : $499

Superhero Standard : $799

Superhero Plus : $1,999

Superhero Ultra : $ 2,999

Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Không
Phân tích cạnh tranh Không
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Không được công bố
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nhiều công cụ nghiên cứu liên kết
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

1.10. KWFinder: phần mềm nghiên cứu từ khóa tốt nhất

Kwfinder bởi Mangools là một công cụ nghiên cứu từ khóa tuyệt vời có thể giúp các công ty cải thiện kết quả SEO của trang web. Công cụ này giúp cho thương hiệu dễ dàng hơn trong việc tìm kiếm các từ khóa tiềm năng, cho phép người dùng xem các đối thủ cạnh tranh để điều chỉnh chiến lược SEO cho phù hợp. Đây là công cụ có giá thành rất cạnh tranh và có cả bảng dùng thử miễn phí. Kwfinder có nhiều chức năng nổi trội như: 

Kwfinder có giá rẻ và có một giao diện dễ sử dụng. Tuy nhiên, đây không phải phần mềm tích hợp tất cả trong một như các đối thủ cạnh tranh khác. Thay vào đó, phần mềm chỉ tập trung vào các công cụ từ khóa.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Kwfinder có giá thành hợp lý
    • Giao diện thân thiện với với người dùng và rất dễ sử dụng
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Phần mềm chỉ tập trung vào các công cụ nghiên cứu từ khóa và không có nhiều tính năng bổ sung như các tùy chọn phần mềm SEO khác

KWFinder được khách hàng đánh giá là có giá cả phải chăng so với các tùy chọn phần mềm khác. Một người đánh giá nói rằng “Tôi có một trang web nhỏ với thị trường ngách và đã thử nhiều công cụ SEO, nhưng KWFinder là phần mềm tôi có thể sử dụng dễ dàng nhất”.

Tóm tắt
Giá khởi điểm Mangools Basic: $29. 90

Mangools Premium: $ 39,90

Mangools Agency: $79. 90

Thử nghiệm miễn phí / Demo Thử nghiệm miễn phí 10 ngày
Phân tích cạnh tranh
Triển khai Saas
Tích hợp Không tiết lộ
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2. TOP 6 phần mềm SEO & nền tảng SEO khác bạn có thể tham khảo

Bên cạnh 10 phần mềm SEO phổ biến bên trên, chúng tôi muốn giới thiệu thêm 6 công cụ cũng khá được ưa chuộng bới những SEOer chuyên nghiệp sau đây.

2.1. MOZ

Moz Pro có bố cục thân thiện với người dùng. Phần mềm sở hữu nhiều công cụ vượt trội như nghiên cứu từ khóa, theo dõi từ khóa, nghiên cứu đối thủ cạnh tranh, theo dõi lượt xem trang. Chi phí đăng ký tiêu chuẩn cho moz pro là $99 mỗi tháng, nhưng các gói có nhiều tính năng và khả năng có sẵn được định giá ở mức tối đa trên mỗi tháng. Công cụ này tích hợp tốt HubSpot Marketing Hub, SEMrush, Bizible, WooRank and Ahrefs. Đây là một số đặc điểm tốt nhất của Moz Pro:

Moz Pro sở hữu nhiều tính năng vượt bậc. Phần mềm có giao diện thân thiện với người dùng và sở hữu nhiều công cụ SEO hữu ích. Tuy nhiên, để sử dụng thành thạo tất cả những tính năng của nền tảng này, bạn cần mất một khoảng thời gian khá dài. Ngoài ra, chi phí đăng ký có thể cao đối với những tổ chức hoặc công ty lớn cần nhiều tính năng SEO hơn. 

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Bố cục và thiết kế là thân thiện với người dùng
    • Đây là một giải pháp phần mềm SEO tuyệt vời với nhiều tính năng vượt trội
    • Khả năng hỗ trợ và đào tạo tuyệt vời
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Có thể mất thời gian để học cách sử dụng một số tính năng nhất định
    • Giá thành khá cao

Khách hàng cảm thấy không cần lo lắng về việc phải trả phí cho các phần mềm bổ sung vì MOZ là một phần mềm hợp được đầy đủ tất cả những công cụ cần thiết nhất. Một người đánh giá ghi nhận “MOZ cung cấp các tiện ích để bạn có thể dễ dàng theo dõi chiến dịch SEO của mình một cách hiệu quả. Bạn có thể kiểm tra công cụ khi bạn bắt đầu và sau đó theo dõi nếu có bất kỳ thay đổi nào khi trang SEO của bạn tạo tác động đến thứ hạng của kết quả tìm kiếm”

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm $99.00 / tháng
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí
Phân Tích Cạnh Tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Trung Tâm Marketing Hubspot, Semrush, Bizible, Woorank, Ahrefs
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2.2. Bộ Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics là một phần mềm SEO web khác. Công cụ này được trang bị những tính năng hữu ích và có giá cả vô cùng phải chăng. Người dùng có thể dễ dàng cải thiện chất lượng SEO và trang web của mình bằng phần mềm này. Searchmetrics tích hợp tốt với Adobe, AT Internet, IBM, IntelliAd và Webtrends. Đây là một số đặc điểm tốt của phần mềm này:

Phần mềm SEO này có một số đặc điểm tuyệt vời. Công cụ báo cáo hiển thị rất nhiều dữ liệu hữu ích và bao gồm biểu đồ hình ảnh. Searchmetrics cũng hỗ trợ cả tìm kiếm trả phí và không trả phí. Tuy nhiên, giao diện của phần mềm này chưa được thân thiện với người dùng lắm và cần mất thời gian để có thể sử dụng thành thạo các công cụ trong phần mềm.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Dễ tiếp cận
    • Có các tính năng báo cáo tuyệt vời, bao gồm biểu đồ hình ảnh để hiển thị dữ liệu
    • Hỗ trợ cải thiện cả kết quả tìm kiếm miễn phí lẫn trả tiền
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Có thể mất thời gian để tìm và học cách sử dụng một số tính năng nhất định của phần mềm
    • Giao diện chưa hoàn toàn thân thiện với người dùng

Sự hài lòng của khách hàng nằm ở phần khả năng chỉnh sửa nội dung của phần mềm, thứ làm họ dễ dàng hơn rất nhiều trong việc cải thiện content cho website. “Thứ tôi thích nhất là biểu đồ trực quan, chức năng chính tôi ấn tượng là khả năng theo dõi các thuật toán của Google được cải thiện so với quá khứ. Điều đó cho phép người dùng có thể xác định nguyên nhân của việc giảm lưu lượng truy cập, khả năng hiển trị SEO và tìm hiểu chính xác nguyên nhân gây ra vấn đề này.

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm $69 mỗi tháng
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Bản Demo Miễn Phí
Phân Tích Cạnh Tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Adobe, At Internet, Ibm, Intelliad, Webtrends
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2.3. Site Checker

Sitechecker là nền tảng dễ sử dụng để theo dõi và cải thiện kết quả hiển thị tìm kiếm. Đó là bộ công cụ cho chủ sở hữu trang web, chủ sở hữu Marketing Agency, chuyên gia SEO, nhà tiếp thị và quản lý sản phẩm. Dịch vụ SEO của Sitechecker bao gồm các tính năng như:

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
    • Tiện ích chrome có sẵn
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Không có khả năng phân tích cú pháp từ khóa

Các nghiên cứu của Sitecheker.pro giúp khách hàng có thể cải thiện cấu trúc website và kết quả SEO. Một khách hàng để lại đánh giá “Chúng tôi đã sử dụng bản Sitecheker miễn phí để cải thiện kết quả tìm kiếm. Các công cụ đã cảnh báo về các lỗi khiến web tụt rank. Sau khi giải quyết, hiệu quả trang web của chúng tôi đã được tăng lên đáng kể” 

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm $29. 00 / tháng / người dùng
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí
Phân Tích Cạnh TranhC Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Google Search Console, Google Analytics
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2.4. Site Guru

Site Guru là một lựa chọn phần mềm SEO tốt khác. Công cụ có thể được sử dụng để giúp người đăng ký tìm thấy các vấn đề trên trang web, tối ưu hóa cấu trúc trang web, theo dõi các trang web thay đổi và tạo báo cáo chi tiết. Siteguru làm việc bằng cách thu thập dữ liệu trang web của bạn để tìm lỗi hoặc đề xuất thay đổi có thể được thực hiện để cải thiện kết quả của SEO. Giá của Siteguru rất phải chăng, có các gói có sẵn và cung cấp thử miễn phí. Đây là một số đặc điểm đáng chú ý:

Phần mềm này có giả cả hợp lý và cách sử dụng cũng khá đơn giản. Các công cụ cung cấp những gợi ý rất chi tiết để người dùng có thể thực hiện thay đổi và cải thiện SEO. Tuy nhiên, Siteguru còn thiếu một số tính năng như theo dõi xếp hạng và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Có giá thành hợp lý
    • Giao diện thân thiện và dễ sử dụng
    • Cung cấp đề xuất SEO chi tiết
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Thiếu các công cụ nghiên cứu và xếp hạng từ khóa so với các đối thủ cạnh tranh khác

Khách hàng đánh giá cao khả năng chỉ ra lỗi trang web của Siteguru. Một số đánh giá nói rằng phần mềm cho phép họ xác định được các vấn đề trong trang web. Bên cạnh đó, giá cả cũng rất hợp lý”

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm $19. 00 / tháng
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí
Phân Tích Cạnh Tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Google Analytics, Semrush, Intercom, Activecampaign, Adobe Spark
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2.5. SpyFu

Spyfuphần mềm SEO được xếp hạng hàng đầu và là một trong những thương hiệu nổi tiếng nhất. Với nhiều công cụ khác nhau, đây là một giải pháp tiếp thị kỹ thuật số chất lượng dành cho các thương hiệu muốn cải thiện SEO. Các cá nhân có thể nghiên cứu từ khóa, theo dõi xếp hạng từ khóa, tìm hiểu thông tin có giá trị về các đối thủ cạnh tranh và cải thiện chiến lược liên kết của họ bằng cách sử dụng phần mềm này.

Đối với các nhà quảng cáo, SpyFu cung cấp các công cụ giúp cải thiện chiến lược PPC. Thêm vào đó, phần mềm này cũng tích hợp tốt với các phần mềm khác như Optmyzr, SEMrush, adCore, Opteo và Ahrefs. Dưới đây là một số tính năng nổi bậc của SpyFu:

Công cụ của Spyfu có thể được sử dụng cho cả tìm kiếm trả phí và tìm kiếm miễn phí. Giá cả phần mềm cũng phải chăng hơn so với các tùy chọn phần mềm SEO khác. Một lợi ích khác của việc sử dụng công cụ này là khả năng phân tích các đối thủ cạnh tranh theo nhiều cách. Cần lưu ý rằng SpyFu không có thử nghiệm miễn phí và có thể mất thời gian để học cách sử dụng tất cả các tính năng.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Cung cấp các công cụ cho cả tìm kiếm trả phí và tìm kiếm không trả phí
    • Phần mềm có giá thành rẻ hơn một số đối thủ nổi tiếng
    • Có nhiều cách để phân tích đối thủ
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Không có bản thử nghiệm miễn phí
    • Có thể mất thời gian để người mới bắt đầu học cách sử dụng các công cụ khác nhau

Khách hàng hài lòng về khả năng phân tích đối thủ toàn diện của phần mềm này. Họ cũng đánh giá rất cao Spyfu trong việc hỗ trợ khách hàng. Một khách hàng nói: “Tôi đã sử dụng SpyFu hơn 3 năm và rất vui khi tiếp tục sử dụng nó. Đó là công cụ tốt nhất cho khách hàng PPC. Tôi thích các bản báo cáo được cung cấp, đặc biệt là các báo cáo phân tích đối thủ. Tôi đã giới thiệu Spyfu với bạn bè của tôi”.

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm $39. 00 / tháng / người dùng
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Không
Phân Tích Cạnh Tranh Đúng
Triển khai Dựa Trên Web, Cloud, Saas
Tích hợp Optmyzr, semrush, adcore, opteo, ahrefs
Tính năng
  • Hệ thống đám mây Web-based tương thích với Saas
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ trực tiếp trong giờ hành chính

2.6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest sở hữu giao diện thân thiện với người dùng. Đây là một phần mềm web-based cung cấp một số lượng lớn công cụ giúp cải thiện kết quả SEO của khách hàng. Một điểm cộng của Ubersuggest là nền tảng cung cấp giá cả cạnh tranh và cho phép đăng ký truy cập vĩnh viễn trọn đời. Đây cũng là một phần mềm có thể tương thích với DashClicks, OpenMoves, SmartSites, WebFX and Screaming Frog Services. Dưới đây là một số tính năng hàng đầu của công cụ này:

Ubersuggest được đánh giá cao nhờ thiết kế thân thiện với người dùng, giá cả cạnh tranh, quyền truy cập trọn đời (thứ mà rất ít phần mềm SEO cho phép). Bên cạnh đó, phần mềm này cũng có những giới hạn nhất định. Những dự án lớn có thể phải trả một cái giá khá cao để có được những tính năng cần thiết nhất.

  • Về ưu điểm
    • Thiết kế và bố cục thân thiện với người dùng.
    • Giá cả phải chăng và quyền truy cập trọn đời có thể được sử dụng thay vì phải tiếp tục thanh toán hàng năm.
    • Có nhiều tính năng đi kèm
  • Về hạn chế:
    • Sẽ có giới hạn cho mỗi mức giá. Do đó, đối với những doanh nghiệp hoặc tổ chức lớn, họ cần phải chi trả nhiều hơn.

Khách hàng đánh giá cao các tính năng của phần mềm này. Một người đánh giá ghi chú, “Cuối cùng thì cũng có một công cụ hiển thị giá trị gần đúng cho khối lượng tìm kiếm mà không phải tiêu tốn một khoản tiền quá lớn”

Tóm tắt
Giá Khởi Điểm Không được công bố
Thử Nghiệm Miễn Phí / Demo Không
Phân Tích Cạnh Tranh Không
Triển khai Không công bố
Tích hợp Dashclicks, Openmoves, Smartsites, Webfx, Services Frog
Tính năng
  • Giải pháp dựa trên web với tiện ích Chrome
  • Bao gồm nghiên cứu từ khóa và công cụ theo dõi từ khóa
  • Hỗ trợ có sẵn theo nhiều cách, bao gồm các khóa học video, worksheets và mẫu, hỗ trợ email và các cuộc gọi hàng tuần

3. Cách mà chúng tôi chọn phần mềm SEO Web tốt nhất

Đối với các cá nhân và thương hiệu muốn cải thiện xếp hạng organic traffic thì việc sử dụng phần mềm tối ưu hóa công cụ tìm kiếm (SEO) là điều nên làm. Nhưng với nhiều nhà cung cấp phần mềm SEO web trên thị trường, việc so sánh tất cả các tính năng và khả năng của các bên có thể là một điều khó khăn.

Để giúp bạn tìm thấy phần mềm phù hợp nhất cho doanh nghiệp của mình, Seodo đã đánh giá hơn 80 nhà cung cấp phần mềm SEO và thu hẹp danh sách dựa trên ba yếu tố quan trọng nhất của họ là đặc điểm thứ hạng tìm kiếm, tích hợp và khả năng báo cáo.

4. Phần mềm SEO Web là gì?

Phần mềm SEO giúp các cá nhân và doanh nghiệp lập kế hoạch và thực hiện chiến lược tìm kiếm tự nhiên để họ có thể cải thiện thứ hạng tìm kiếm mà không mất bất kỳ khoảng phí nào. Hầu hết các phần mềm SEO sẽ bao gồm các công cụ nghiên cứu từ khóa, backlink, công cụ theo dõi xếp hạng và công cụ báo cáo. Phần mềm SEO cũng có thể được sử dụng để nghiên cứu các đối thủ cạnh tranh trong một thị trường ngách của ngành để xem những bên này vượt trội ở điểm nào.

phần mềm seo
Phần mềm SEO giúp các cá nhân và doanh nghiệp kế hoạch và thực hiện chiến lược tìm kiếm hữu cơ của họ,

5. Lợi ích của phần mềm SEO Website

Có nhiều lợi ích khi sử dụng phần mềm SEO. Dưới đây là một số lợi ích hàng đầu của phần mềm mà bạn nên biết:

  • Báo cáo tự động: Phần mềm SEO giúp bạn tự động hóa báo cáo bằng cách thu thập dữ liệu. Các công cụ SEO cũng cho phép bạn thiết lập các báo cáo tùy chỉnh nhằm thu thập các KPI mà bạn cần để thực hiện báo cáo với từng cấp bậc cụ thể. 
  • Tạo thứ hạng tìm kiếm tốt hơn: Bằng cách sử dụng các công cụ nghiên cứu từ khóa SEO và phân tích dữ liệu được đưa vào báo cáo tùy chỉnh, bạn có thể xây dựng chiến lược SEO tốt hơn. Các chiến dịch này bao gồm sự kết hợp giữa cải tiến trang web, backlinks chất lượng và chiến dịch truyền thông xã hội. Bằng việc cải thiện chiến lược SEO của bạn, phần mềm SEO sẽ giúp bạn có thứ hạng cao hơn trên SERPs.
  • Traffic chất lượng: Với một chiến lược SEO phù hợp, doanh nghiệp của bạn có thể tiếp cận đối tượng mục tiêu tốt hơn, cho kết quả lưu lượng truy cập tìm kiếm tự nhiên tích cực hơn.
phần mềm seo web
Có nhiều lợi ích để sử dụng phần mềm seo

6. Chi phí của các phần mềm SEO Web

Chi phí của phần mềm SEO web thay đổi dựa trên các tính năng, công cụ được đưa vào cũng như quy mô của doanh nghiệp. Chi phí bình quân là khoảng 30$ mỗi tháng. Tuy nhiên, mức phí hàng tháng thường sẽ từ $50 – 60$. Đối với các tổ chức, doanh nghiệp hay các dự án lớn hơn con số có thể lên đến vài trăm đô. 

Chỉ một số ít phần mềm SEO cho phép đăng ký truy cập vĩnh viễn trọn đời nhưng đây là cơ hội tốt để bạn cắt giảm phí đăng ký định kỳ. Cũng có nhiều nhà cung cấp giảm giá nếu bạn đăng ký theo năm. Bên cạnh đó, có những công cụ hoàn toàn miễn phí nhưng có những giới hạn nhất định.

phần mềm seo web
Chi phí của phần mềm SEO thay đổi rất nhiều dựa trên các tính năng và kích thước của doanh nghiệp

Trong bài viết này, SEODO đã đưa ra những đánh giá khách quan và toàn diện về 16 phần mềm SEO web tốt nhất đến bạn đọc. Mỗi phần mềm đều được thiết kế đem lại những giải pháp tốt nhất cho người dùng. Theo dõi SEODO ngay để nhận được những thông tin hữu ích và uy tín liên quan đến SEO nhé!


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What are Rel Nofollow and Follow links? And all you need to know

What are Rel Nofollow and Follow links?  And all you need to know

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

In this article, SEODO will explain to you about Rel Nofollow and what are follow links? ; the effects and their impact on the performance of the Site; as well as how to set rel=”Nofollow” tags and optimize the website when you encounter common obstacles with the tags above.

Nofollow has been around for 14 years and is the’one of the simplest HTML tags that’an SEO-ER must master. In particular, those of’between you who do SEO and who need’improving the performance of their website will need to pay attention to this important factor.

So read right now’article and accumulate the most useful knowledge about the Nofollow tag and Follow links on your own!

1. What’do’a real nofollow link?

Rel nofollow links are hyperlinks that contain the rel=”nofollow” tag. In fact, nofollow links will not be crawled by Google because Google will not pass ad text to them.’anchor or PageRank. In other words, The search engine ranking’Destination URL will not be affected by the nofollow link.

  • Difference Between Nofollow and Follow Links

Ordinary Internet users will not be able to distinguish between Nofollow and Follow links, unless’they do take a closer look at their HTML code. For instance: SEODO and SEODO Nofollow and Follow links respectively. We will analyze the HTML to see the difference between the two

No following:

first blue text

Follow the links:

first blue text

The HTML is identical to the’exception of the’added tag. rel=”no tracking”.

By placing the robots meta tag with “nofollow” in the title, you can configure the nofollow with all link on a website. However, you should use the nofollow tag in a more targeted way because it also has a feature that allows a person to be unable to search for certain links on the page while they are on the page.’others can still see it.

Next, we’ll take a look at the’history of rel=”nofollow” to better understand its power!

2. Why was rel=”nofollow” born?

Google for the first time introduce nofollow tag in 2005 to combat comment spam.

If you’re a blogger (or blog reader), you know very well the people who try to’improve their site’s search engine rankings by posting related comments like “Visit the pharmacy website and get instant deals…”. VS’do’we call comment spam, we don’t’don’t like it either and we tested a new beacon to block it. Now when Google sees the’attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on hyperlinks, these links will not receive any credit as we rank the sites in our search results. He is not’don’t act’a negative vote for the site on which the comment was posted; vs’is just a way to s’ensure that spammers do not take advantage of’misusing public areas like blog comments, following and reference lists.

After that, Yahoo!, Bing and some other search engines also declare their commitment to the nofollow tag.


These days, WordPress adds the nofollow tag to comment links by default, as do many other CMSs. So even if you don’t’have never heard of nofollow links before, rest assured that spammy commenters on your blog are unlikely to get any SEO benefit from your efforts.

However, if you’re concerned that your comment isn’t being tracked, here’s how to check:

  1. Search comments
  2. Right click on the link
  3. Click “Check”
  4. View the highlighted HTML code.

rel="no tracking"

If you see the rel=nofollow tag, it n’is already no longer followed. If not’is not the case, it was followed.

What if you’are not there’comfortable digging into HTML code? install chrome extension without tracking, utilities This will clearly highlight any nofollow links as you browse the web.

rel="no tracking"

2009: Google against the sculpture of PageRank

PageRank surrounds a webpage through internal links (links of’one site to another).

For example, part of the Page Rank of this article is transmitted to d’other pages of our site through’hyperlinks such as this. In general, a higher PageRank means higher rankings. Gary Illyses l’confirmed the’last year.

rel="no tracking"

However, the PageRank n’is transmitted only by followed links, not by nofollow links.

This has always been the case, but the way PageRank is shared between followed links on a page has changed over the years.

Before 2009, it worked like this:

If you have dad link on a page and one of the number of’between them’is not tracked, the total Page Rank is divided between of them follow link.

rel="no tracking"

Unfortunately, some people have started taking advantage of this technique to manipulate rankings by building a PageRank rating around their web pages.

In d’other words, they will not follow links to their unimportant pages to allow maximum PageRank transfer to their “d” pages.’silver “.

Google announced the changes to apply this method from scratch in 2009:

So what happens when you have a page with “ten PageRank” and ten outbound links, and five of those links are unfollowed? […] Initially, five links without nofollow will have two points per PageRank […] There are more’a year, Google changed the way PageRank is so that five links with no nofollow will generate one PageRank score per link.

Here are some before and after illustrations:

rel="no tracking"


PageRank is a sophisticated beast. It’s been ten years since Google made this change. Although’they don’t’have publicly announced any changes to the way PageRank has operated in recent years, it is likely that’at least some of the changes have taken place behind the scenes.

Although the’PageRank adjustment is no longer important thingbut “not following” some internal links can help prioritize the’exploration, because Google n’do not explore nofollow links.

Search engine crawlers can’t connect or s’register as a member of your forum, there’so there is no reason to’invite Googlebot to follow a link “s’register here” or “log in”. L’use of nofollow on these links allows Googlebot to’explore d’other pages you want to see in the’Google index.

However, it s’is about’a somewhat advanced subject, we’so we won’t go into the details here.

2013 and after: Google against paid links.

Google ranks links’buying or selling via PageRank as violate their webmaster guidelines.

Therefore, Not all paid links should be followed.

This was the case for many years, even well before 2013.

However, d’after what we can see google has become more and more concerned about the’effect of undisclosed paid links on their algorithm this time…and ever since.

But in short: Google wants to reward earned links not right paid links.

People treat links like editorial votes. They’associate with something because it ignites the passion in them. VS’is something’interesting. They want to share it with friends. There are several reasons why they would want to bookmark that particular link.

The problem is something paid links doesn’t seem different earned links. Think about the difference between a link in a paid review and a link in an unpaid review.

At first glance, the two links will look exactly alike. VS’is why there must be a way to disclose a bounty to Google.

Think of it like this: There are two ways to’get an Oscar:

Option 1: Live to do, continually hone your skills, and work hard for years.

Option 2: Buy 6 for $8.97 on Amazon

The nofollow tag (on paid links) with the’$8.97 sticker on your fake Oscar will be a sign to Google that you don’t’you didn’t earn this money legally and therefore don’t deserve it..

3. So how can placing rel nofollow tags help SEO?

Let’s briefly summarize what Google has to say about how they handle no-follow links:

Google does not pass PageRank or text to’anchoring via these links.

It all seems pretty clear until’until you read the sentence before it:

In general, we do not follow them. This means that Google does not pass PageRank or link text through these links.

In generalI think this statement is more vague than’she shouldn’t’to be and implies that’they follow nofollow links in some cases.

What these cases might be, no one knows.

Some people think that all nofollow links always pass a certain PageRank. Some people think Google passes PageRank to some nofollow links, but not all. D’others think that people read too much in words that’have not changed for 7 years.

Earlier this year we studied 44,589 SERPs to see s’there is a correlation between Google rankings and various backlink attributes, including the’one is the number of backlinks followed.

Here is what we found:

rel="no tracking"

The correlation between the number of “dofollow” backlinks is slightly lower than the total number of backlinks.

“Here perhaps is an indication that Google values ​​some nofollow links from strong sites more than followed links from weak sites. – Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs Ghi

This finding is indicative only. L’main objective of this study n’was not d’analyze the’impact of nofollow links versus followed links and therefore we should not try to focus on this factor.

But even if we assume that unfollowed links n’have no effect direct to SEO, they may still have Indirect due to:

3.1. Diversify your link infrastructure

The natural profile of backlinks is very diverse.

Some links are followed and d’others no. This fact is unavoidable because some people will inevitably link to you through non-following links…even though you might wish they didn’t.

Also, most of the backlinks you get from the following places are untracked:

  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Forums (Reddit, Quora…)
  • Press release
  • Book of’gold (hello, 1998!)
  • Wikipedia (hint: Who can also edit a Wikipedia page)
  • Pingbacks
  • Case

In short, if a site n’a only followed backlinks or a clearly high percentage of followed backlinks, c’is a sign that’something confusing is happening. .

To check the ratio of followed links to non-followed links for a website or web page, use Insight in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Site Explorer > enter n’any domain, URL or subfolder > Overview

rel="no tracking"

It seems that 85% of the referring domains (linking sites) to the Ahrefs blog are traced.

Not good or bad? Honestly, as long as’there is diversity here, c’is a good sign.

What you don’t want to see’is 100% “dofollow” or something close because it’is a clear sign of manipulation. From experience, I would say that’between 60 and 90% is normal – but this range n’is not the default. If you see signs of foul play, do some additional research to verify.

3.2. Generate traffic, and the traffic will generate followed links

Links are not only useful for SEO purposes. They also drive referral traffic.

VS’is why we are so active on Quora.

If you n’never heard of Quora before, c’is a Q&A site where anyone can answer questions that people post. In these answers, Quora allows links to relevant resources.

They’is about’a recent response posted by our marketing manager, Rebecca Bekwhere it links to the Ahrefs blog:

rel="no tracking"

Unfortunately, since not all outgoing links on Quora are followed, this link does not’has no direct SEO effect.

But here’s the fun part:

If we check Ahrefs Report backlinks in Site Explorer give ahrefs.com and filter only “dofollow” links, here is the’one of the many backlinks we see:


Now let’s take a closer look at the page’introduction (page extracted from followed links):

rel="no tracking"

The only reason we get follow is because the’Author of this post came across Rebekah’s Quora answer. In d’In other words, a no-follow link leads indirectly to a followed link.

So remember this: for someone’one connects to you, three things must happen in this order:

  1. Last name see your content
  2. Last name favorite your content
  3. Last name introduce to d’others (via links on their websites)

Because nofollow links can be useful in the first place, they are often the catalyst for followed links.

3.3. Avoid penalties’google penalty algorithm by setting rel nofollow

Sometimes there are good reasons to pay for links.

If a website receives a lot of traffic, it may make perfect sense to’purchase a sponsored item on this site. And if you’re paying a lot for a feature, you’ll probably want to include a backlink so readers can easily find your site.

Problem? Google states that paid links are tracked against their webmaster guidelines.

That said, the SEO community as a whole is divided into two camps:

  • Those who believe that Google perhaps correctly identify paid links algorithmically.
  • Those who believe that Google can not correctly identify paid links algorithmically.

For’For now, let’s assume camp #2 is true and Google is having trouble identifying all the paid links. It means that you are sure of’buy and sell links to your heart’s content, n’is this not ? Not so fast.

Google has a tool Allows anyone to report a site to buy or sell links.

rel="no tracking"
Google tool to report paid links.

We can understand that’you should not be afraid of Google but worry about your competitors.

Think about it: if a competitor sees you ranking well for their target keyword and’he uses a tool like site explorer’Ahrefs to research your backlinks, only to discover follower links like this:

rel="no tracking"

So why don’t they report you?

If this leads the’Google Spam Enforcement team to examine your site, discover paid links and issue a penalty, this will further reduce the competition for you.’they compete in the SERPs.

This suggests to us:

4. Website optimization in case of issues with nofollow and follow link

Following backlinks that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines is very risky.

The same goes for outgoing links from your site that are not followed.

But he doesn’t’does not only act’outrage from Google (c’that is to say sadness). It can also happen that some unfollowed internal links harm your SEO performance.

The following is a quick assessment to help identify and eliminate these problems.

4.1. Make sure nofollow and dofollow backlinks have a purpose

For the most part, people n’use the wrong anchor when’they will link to your site. VS’is why links follow with exact match anchors perhaps is a sign of backlink manipulation.

To find them, use the Anchors report in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Site Explorer > enter your domain name > Anchors > dofollow filter

rel="no tracking"

Here we see that most of the anchors on this site are branded or generic (hidden for security), but nineteen sites (referring domains) use the’expression “short-term loan” as an anchor.

If we press the caret and then the referring domains, we can see what these sites are.

Then, if we press the caret again, we can see the context of all the links for each domain.

rel="no tracking"

Here are some basic guidelines for managing the different types of links you’ll find here:

  • Buying links from low quality sites. Request removal of the link (preferred) or’lack of follow-up. Disavow at site or domain level s’they don’t.
  • Profile link published by l’guest. Have you ever used keyword rich anchors in the biography of the’author of the’guest post? Ask the person in charge of this site to replace the keyword-rich link with a branded link. Or, if you want the link to remain permanent, tell it to unfollow.
  • Widget link. Change the HTML of your widget so that the link is not tracked. Ask people who have embedded your extension to unfollow the link.
  • Website link. The link request n’is not followed or replaced by a branded link.

Note that the links that follow an exact match n’not always indicate poor quality or paid links. Such links can occur spontaneously and under legitimate circumstances.

VS’is why you should always make sure to’investigate links thoroughly before disavowing them or asking not to follow them.

If you don’t, you could be doing more harm than good.


For large sites, there may be hundreds or thousands of’different web anchors anchors . Screening of each’them can take time.

Here is a quick tip you can use:

All d’First, export the full list of tracked anchors.

Site Explorer > import your domain > Anchors > add a “dofollow” filter > Export > CSV

Then copy them and paste them into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer in batches of up to’10,000 at a time.

Click Search to generate a report, then sort by CPC column from top to bottom.

rel="no tracking"

Since high CPC anchors are more likely to’be spam anchors, this will result in spam anchors at the top of the list.

Finally, look for anchors that look like spam in anchors in Site Explorer and investigate further.

rel="no tracking"

4.2. Set the rel nofollow tag for all backlinks used for advertising

Since sponsored posts should always be untracked.

VS’is because you’re actually paying for the link, so it won’t pass PageRank.

To find such links, search for the word “sponsored” in Ahrefs Report backlinks for your site in Site Explorer.

Site Explorer > Backlinks > search “sponsored” > filter “dofollow”

rel="no tracking"

Reaching out and asking for such a link does not’object of’a trace.

4.3 Blocking tracking links’inside the website to the’outside

Did you know that Forbes n’tracked all of its outgoing links in 2017?

This decision comes after’they noticed that some of their contributors were selling follow links from their articles. Because’they have so many contributors, they decided that’they couldn’t check all the links on the site and so they chose the’lazy option to not track everything.

Why is this relevant?

Because if you ever accept publications from’guests on your site or if you have user-generated content, you may experience the same problem.

To know if it’is the case, see your outgoing anchors in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Site Explorer > enter your domain > Outbound links > Anchor > add the “dofollow” filter

rel="no tracking"

Look for suspicious words and phrases that you don’t expect to see on your site, and remove or unsubscribe from any links that seem manipulative (e.g., multiple-keyword anchors in post bios, blog posts, etc.)’guests, etc).

Why C’is important, Google Explain VS’is better :

If you cannot or do not want to guarantee the content of the pages which you access from your site – for example, comments from’untrusted users or dbook entries’gold – you should not follow follow links. This can discourage spammers from targeting your site and will prevent your site from accidentally passing PageRank to bad neighborhoods on the web.


Use the pro tip from’Step 1.

4.4 Set the rel nofollow tag for all links using website ads

Have you ever accepted a sponsored post on your website? Are you sure you are not following the link?

If you n’are not sure, it may be worth checking.

To do this, search in Google website: yourwebsite.com “sponsored posts”

rel="no tracking"

Open the results one by one and find the sponsored link.

If you have already installed Chrome No Track Extension, all nofollow links on the page will be bookmarked – so sponsored links should definitely be bookmarked. Otherwise, it’is a followed link.

rel="no tracking"

Confirm that it’is the case by digging into the HTML.

Right-click on the link, hit “Inspect” and look for the rel=”nofollow” tag.

rel="no tracking"

S’he is absent,’is a followed link and you need to add the nofollow tag.

4.5. Check internal nofollow on website

Internal links should not be followed unless’they point to unimportant pages or pages that you want to exclude from the’search engine index.

To find internal no-follow links, use Best Links in Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Site Explorer > enter your domain > Top Links > switch to Internal > sort by “nofollow” column

rel="no tracking"

If you see pages that don’t follow internal links, tap the number to see d’where these links come from and investigate further. It’s possible that these circumstances make perfect sense (for example, unfollowed internal links to the login page).

However’he does’there’s no obvious reason why the links aren’t being followed, remove the nofollow tag.

VS’is the case here. For some reason we have an untracked link d’one blog post to another.

rel="no tracking"


For a more detailed analysis of internal no-follow link issues on your site, run a new crawl in Visit the website of’Ahrefs.

Not only does this give you 100% fresh data, but it also alerts you to a host of specific issues with internal and external nofollow links.

rel="no tracking"

Examples of nofollow internal linking issues in Visit the website of’Ahrefs

Learn how to set up your first crawl in Site Audit in this video:

SEODO I am sure that people who read this article will be more confident in the’website optimization with rel=”nofollow”n’is this not ? And If you have the’intention to COPY l’article, please cite the source on the website of SEODO S’please: https://seodo.vn/rel-nofollow-la-gi/


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How to Submit a URL to Google Simply and Quickly 2022 Update

How to Submit a URL to Google Simply and Quickly 2022 Update

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Submission URL Google is the fastest effective method to quickly index websites and content links. Even if your article is well thought out in terms of content and images, but it is not indexed by Google, it is very difficult to appear on the search engine page of the Internet user. To better understand how to declare a URL to Google simply and quickly, see the article below!

1. What is the Submission URL? Why is this important?

In order to get the website indexed on Google in the most effective way, readers must first understand the concept of Submission URL and what is the index? Why is this so important? Let’s find out through the content below!

1.1 What is the Submission URL?

Submission URL is a common and important term for SEOs, which means declaring or reporting a URL. This is a way to help Google’s bot recognize new website content to come back to read the article and return index results as quickly as possible.

So, every time you publish an article, you must Submit URL so Google Bot will get the new content and return the index result. If you don’t, the results will be stolen by others, it’s also a way to protect your own efforts and ensure the rights of the content creator or website owner.

Submission URL
Help Google’s crawler recognize new website content

1.2 What is an index?

Index is the term referring to the process by which Google Bots crawls and indexes the website. After being indexed, the new content on Google’s website will store, evaluate and compare with other websites, then rank on the search results page.

When being Google Index means that your article has been recognized by Google, other websites will not have the right to copy or steal this content. So the faster the index, the more benefits there are.

Submission URL
Index is a term that refers to the process of updating Google Bots

1.3 Why is it important to submit the URL to Google?

When your article is published, it means that the Google bot has crawled and evaluated the index. The Bots search engine will search all over the website to detect, evaluate and compare. When the content changes, it will be updated by the Bot, sending the latest data to the search engine.

In fact, Search Engine Bot updates new content changes if fast, it may take a few hours, plus it may take a week. Sometimes changes are not updated due to errors or new posts are not indexed. Why the search engine bot works fast or slow depends on whether you read Onpage SEO optimization. For example, creating the right sitemap, implementing SEO standard content, SEO standard paths, creating internal links, etc.

Although the Bot works automatically, it still encounters many errors that make it impossible to index quickly. So, Submission URL allows you to send queries directly to the Google Bot quickly, then the Bot will detect and index in a split second without waiting too long.

Submission URL
Bots search engine will search everywhere on the website to detect, evaluate and compare

2. 2022 – Is submitting URLs to Google still effective?

If you search for information about URL declaration on Google and you see a series of articles mentioning that it is no longer supported by Google. In fact, Google has integrated it into the functionality of Google Search Console so that readers can no longer send URLs to the Bot to request the index manually.

When performing request indexing, Google will notify that this only sends your request to the bot’s index waitlist and has no impact on early indexing or indexing by the bot before other links.

However, in most users’ experience, submitting a URL report request will help the bot index page faster, or when there is a change, the Submit URL to request indexing to keep the latest content updated on Google as soon as possible.

Submission URL
Submit URL to indexing request to help update content on Google ASAP

3. 3 reasons to submit a Google URL

Here are three reasons why Submit URL Google has listed for your reference:

  • Readers should be careful early on so that there are no regrets later. Although Google can still find the webpage even without declaring a Google link, users still need to use this method.
  • Google can’t crawl everything. If you submit your site through Google Search Console, readers will have the opportunity to provide Google with some useful additional information about the site. This is information that bugs may not have access to.
  • Submit URL Google will help improve the website by regularly reporting the status of the website through the page administration tools. If something is wrong, it will be easier for you to fix it.
Submission URL
Google can’t crawl everything

When the user has Ping/Submit URL Google, once in a while, can always do this again if you change a page and want to let search engines know, but that engine can’t crawl the entire web in a day. Therefore, it is very likely that your content page will not be indexed by Google.

Once fixed, a crawl error or 404 error message will sometimes be displayed in Search Console. At this point, you must submit the website link so that Google can re-crawl the data after editing.

3.1 How long does Google Submit last?

Google does not have a fixed deadline when submitting websites or URLs. According to HubSpot research, if you don’t submit a new URL to Google via Sitemap, it takes an average of 1375 minutes to crawl the page (equivalent to 23 hours). However, when updating the sitemap to Google Search Console, this number is only 14 minutes.

Therefore, instead of letting Google verify by itself, you can notify it manually to save more time. On the other hand, the time it takes to crawl and index a whole new domain can vary. It depends on whether the domain has external links or not and how often it is crawled.

Submission URL
Google does not have a certain time limit when submitting a website or URL

4. Instructions on how to quickly submit Google URLs

After you have somewhat grasped the concept of URL declaration, SEODO will guide you next Submission URL as quickly and easily as possible.

4.1 Declare the website in Google Search Console

Here are 3 simple steps to declare a website in Google Search Console:

Step 1: Log in to Google Search Console.

2nd step: Enter the registered domain.

Submission URL
Declare the website to be indexed on Google Search Console

Step 3: Connect search console and website by uploading TXT code for DNS configuration or header.

Submission URL
Download this code to put it in the Header to connect to the site

4.2 Checking the status of the index

Before Submit URL Google, you need to check whether your website or URL is indexed or not, using Google Search Console URL Inspection Tool and it only takes about 30 seconds to do it.

Submission URL
Use the Google Search Console search box to verify the URL

Use the “Inspect URL” search at the top of the dashboard and enter the URL you want to test. When the data is pulled from the Index, readers will see the confirmation page on Google:

Submission URL
Confirmed by Google Search Console that the URL is indexed

When not on Google, it will display as shown below:

Submission URL
Google Search Console confirms that the URL is not indexed

Additionally, you can also check if the page was declared by Searching on Google with the phrase “site:“.

For instance: Website: gtvseo.com/seo-la-gi/

If the website has been indexed, you will see results returned when using this search statement.

Submission URL
Results returned when URL was indexed

Pay attention to both the number of results returned as well as the URLs displayed by the Index. If there is no URL, you will see:

Submission URL
This will display the page and all subsections of the page

4.3 Method 1: Submit Entire Website with Sitemap.XML

The fastest and most efficient way to submit a webpage to Google is to add an XML sitemap to the GSC. This can be done by going to the Sitemaps tab of Search Console.

Now readers will see the “Add a new sitemap” box, go ahead and enter the XML sitemap extension of the website.

Submission URL
Click Sitemap in Google Search Console

Submission URL
Enter the XML sitemap extension in the “Add a new sitemap” box

When completed, the list of sitemaps submitted and the number of URLs found are as follows:

Submission URL
Sitemaps you submitted and number of URLs found

  • The advantage of this method is that Google will display all website URLs and index a range of website URLs.
  • The downside is that it takes about 2-3 weeks for each overall scratch.

To note: Google does not check the sitemap each time the website is crawled. The sitemap is only checked the first time and only when you ping for changes. You should only notify Google of a new or updated sitemap; Do not submit or ping the unchanged sitemap multiple times.

The good news is that if you use platforms like WordPress in conjunction with the SEO plugin, Sitemap will automatically update and ping Google when a new page or post is published.

If you’re not using WordPress or another CMS, Sitemap automatically pings Google when updated. You can apply the “Ping” function to request that this happen. Please send the HTTP GET request by following the link: http://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=https://example.com/sitemap.xml.

4.4 Method 2: Submit each URL in Search Console

Maybe you read that you just used the URL checker tool to see if the URL is in Google’s indexing. This is also the fastest way to access the Index path.

Whether the URL has an index or not, you will see a “REQUEST INDEXING” link at the end. Keep clicking here and your website will be added to the indexing waiting list. If there is a problem, you will be notified.

Submission URL
Note that your page has been added to the URL Submission Waitlist

But what if there are a bunch of URLs that need to be submitted to Google? Or do you want to submit the URL on other subsites? Now you can refer to the third method below.

4.5 Method 3: Bulk Google URL Submission

Many websites have asked to report URLs to Google using the internal link. This method is correct, but it is not yet sufficient because the internal link on the website must match the context of the article so as not to disturb the user experience. So it will be very inconvenient if you insert sub-website links.

And Submit by GSC also only scans URLs on the main website. For times when URLs need to be scanned across multiple pages at the same time, how do you apply?

This article will give an example of Blogger to Submit a batch of URLs, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create a Blogger login account.

2nd step: Connect the blog to Google Search Console.

Step 3: Write a message and insert a link in the message.

For instance: The website has 30 new URLs and the sub-websites have 20 new articles and insert these 50 URLs in the article so that Google can scrape and index.

Submission URL
Example of inserting a link to bulk submit a URL on Blogger

4.6 Method 4: Submit URL with Indexing Tool

Nowadays, there are many tools to help Submit URL Google like Lar Index, My Pagerank, Indexking, etc. According to the features of each tool, you can choose accordingly.

4.7 Other ways to submit a URL

In addition to submitting each new URL as stated above. There are still ways to help Google “recognize” faster without the need for GSCs or fancy tools.

Submission URL
Google “recognizes” faster in other ways

Called Submit, but it’s actually just a way to help Google know that your URL exists, i.e.:

  • Apply internal links.
  • Run ads, distribute social networks, etc. To allow Google to easily find the amount of traffic that is pouring into the new URL.

5. Tips to Speed ​​Up Submitting URLs to Google

To use the URL declaration most efficiently, Here are the tips to speed up Submit URL Google that readers can consult.

5.1 Internal links to new articles

“Declare” by internal link. However, readers should insert context-appropriate internal links to avoid affecting the user experience.

5.2 Use Blogger to quickly index Google

Use Blogger to quickly submit a batch of URLs by following these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Login Blogger. If you don’t have one, create a Blogger account.
  • 2nd step: Connect Blogspot to Google Search Console.
  • Step 3: Post to Blog and insert URL into this article so Google can scrape and index.
  • Step 4: Declare the URL to Google using Search Console as shown above.
Submission URL
Use Blogger to quickly submit a series of URLs

5.3 Using the Index squeeze tool

In addition to Google Search Console, you can use many other third-party tools to Submit URLsuch as Lar Index, My Pagerank, Indexking, etc.

5.4 Running Google Ads

Immediately after uploading content, launch Google Ads for that article itself. The Google Ads engine will receive the request and Google will need to analyze the content before it can rank the ad.

Therefore, this method can be considered a 100% free but extremely effective way to declare Google URLs.

Submission URL
How to declare a 100% free but extremely effective Google URL

5.5 Sharing articles on social networks

Social networking is one of the basic requirements for business entity authentication. However, by sharing articles on social networks to attract a large amount of Traffic to the Site, we can mention some social networks with a large number of users such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Indexking, …

Submission URL
This interests Google Bot and will increase crawling

5.6 Buy quality do-follow backlinks

With do-follow backlinks, the crawler can follow the links and get to your website. For quality backlinks placed on websites with a high DR, Google will prioritize crawling. From there, the article also increases the possibility of being indexed. Since this is an expensive trick, you can refer to How to Set Up Backlink Effectively to do it in the most economical way.

5.7 Control the number of indexed articles of the site

For this trick, you have to apply yourself throughout, you have to care about the amount of content submitted to the Google website. That’s because John Muller mentioned that Google doesn’t index all of the content on the website.

You should control the amount of unnecessary Google index content by Noindex and Nofollow. From there, the most important part is likely to be indexed higher when declaring the URL.

Submission URL
Control the number of Google indexes

6. Fix the situation where the website is not indexed

If you have tried all the means and waited for a long time but still do not see the website being indexed, it is very likely that your website is blocked in one of the following cases:

6.1 Case 1: The website contains a No-index tag.

There will be instances inadvertently in the website containing the No-index tag. This tag tells Google and other search engines that this page “does not need to index this page”. For this reason, Google will only display “Submitted URLs tagged with no index” when you search for these pages.

To fix this, readers go into the HTML code and find 1 out of 2 codes, then delete it:

  • x-robots tag: noindex

6.2 Case 2: Google bot was blocked by robots.txt file in website indexing

Robot.txt is a file that allows or restricts Google index website crawlers. As usual, limiting the indexing of a certain URL is to inform that the URL is not important, Google Bot does not need to index the page. For example the page tenmien.com/wp-admin.

You go to the link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/robots-testing-tool and paste the URL to test to see if it is blocked.

Submission URL
Paste the URL to check whether the robot.txt file is stuck without index or not

6.3 Case 3: You have a manual penalty

The manual penalty (Google Penalty) is applied by Google webmasters to punish websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Manually penalized websites will often be removed from the index list and will take a lot of time and effort to restore. However, this is rarely the case unless your site uses Black Hat SEO tactics.

7. How to Submit URLs to Other Search Engines

Google is not just the only search engine, if you want to declare your Google URL on other popular search engines that your customers use such as Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Yahoo, etc.

7.1 How to submit a URL or website to Bing

To report your website or web URL to Bing, users simply visit Bing Webmaster Tools. First, login and add a webpage like the image below:

Submission URL
Submit a URL or website to Bing

You can skip the verification and import directly from GSC, to submit the entire website, just add an XML sitemap similar to how you do it with Google.

Go to the Sitemap tab there will be:

Submission URL
Click on the Sitemaps option

At the top right of the desktop there is a “Send Sitemap” button and a pop-up window will open. From there, you can enter the sitemap URL:

Submission URL
Enter the web map URL in the submit box

Unlike Google, you can click on a submitted sitemap and see a resubmit button at the top right of the page. If you only want to submit a URL, you can do so by applying the Bing URL Submission Tool.

Submission URL
Just enter the full URL and hit submit

7.2 How to submit URL or web page to Yandex

Yandex is the leading search engine in Russia with over 60% market share. Here are the steps to submit your URL or web page to Yandex:

Step 1: get access to Yandex tools for webmasters.

2nd step: If the user has not added and verified the website, they must first follow the steps to do so.

Step 3: To submit a web page, you will see a ‘Sitemap’ link on the left menu bar. Click on it and the page will move to where you can add a sitemap the same as other search engines.

Submission URL
Enter URL of sitemap to submit to Yandex

If you want to index a new URL, go to the Indexed Pages tab in the left menu bar. Here are submitted up to 20 URLs per day with the highest priority to index:

Submission URL
Submit up to 20 URLs for indexing

7.3 How to submit a URL or web page to DuckDuckGo

Let’s come to this section, for companies with a customer file in the United States. In May 2020, DuckDuckGo had an estimated market share of 1.35%. That’s still below Bing’s 6.5%, Yahoo’s 3.6%, and Google’s 88%, but more and more people are using the search engine to prioritize privacy.

You don’t need to submit any URL or web page to DuckDuckGo. Search engines use over 400 result sources, including Bing’s, which means if you’ve already read the URL on Bing, there’s nothing else to do.

Submission URL
You don’t need to submit any URL or webpage to DuckDuckGo

7.4 Why does submitting a URL to Google differ from ranking for keywords?

Every search query on Google returns thousands or even millions of results, but people tend to click only on the first page of results and view only 10 web pages. In other words, there will be little or no traffic from the 11th position. Therefore, when the website is indexed, it does not mean that it will receive traffic from Google. If you want to get, you have to place in the Top 10 or ideally in the Top 3.

After completing all the steps for Submit URL then after some time google will start indexing items automatically. If you’re not sure, you can check the status of the URL index with the test that SEODO presented above!

Submission URL
Every search query on Google returns thousands, if not millions, of results

Above you will find all the information on “How Submission URL Go to Google simply and quickly updated 2022″. Hope the knowledge provided above has answered your questions about this method. If you have any further questions, please contact us immediately. SEODO for a detailed consultation.


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Summary of Top 10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Updated WordPress Website 2022

Summary of Top 10 Ways to Speed ​​Up Updated WordPress Website 2022

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Speed ​​up the WordPress site It is very important for the success of a website. Because if the Full Web Load is slow, it is also one of the reasons why you easily lose a large number of potential customers. Conversely, a fast loading speed will help increase the page’s ranking on Google. At the same time, it also increases the amount of traffic for the page. Let’s find out how to effectively speed up the website with the following article!

1. Why is it necessary to increase website loading speed?

Loading speed is an important indicator in web design and programming. In particular, addresses that need to be converted such as real estate page, landing page, etc. Loading time not only affects user experience but also website rating on Google platform. Based on this, major search engines like Google can rank your website.

speed up wordpress website
Website loading speed

The average website usually takes about 3 seconds to finish loading website content. Some pages are due to good optimization, it only takes 1-2 seconds to fully load. Because the index is quite impressive both for users and for Google’s search engine.

Websites that take too long to load can make visitors frustrated and frustrated. Loading times that are too slow for each operation will cause users to leave your browser’s address. At the same time you update another website, it means that you lost customers just because you did not increase the speed of the website.

2. How does website speed affect SEO?

Website speed is a term that refers to the time it takes for a website to fully load. First, to confirm with you that loading speed has a huge impact on website SEO strategy. Specifically, it affects the following factors:

  • Website speed is a Google ranking factor.
  • Website speed affects user experience.
  • Website speed affects bounce rate.
  • Website speed affects Google’s crawl process.

2.1 Website speed is a Google ranking factor

A webpage with a slow loading speed will rank lower than a page with a short loading time. This is because when the page takes too long to load, the Google browser will not be able to examine the entire website. Google can’t wait too long for a webpage, so the tool will rely on this factor to rate your website as not good.

speed up wordpress website
Website speed is a Google ranking factor

This will negatively impact your web ranking. In addition, the loading speed is too long, it also harms the website traffic.

2.2 Website Speed ​​Affects User Experience

Visitors will be very annoyed if they have to wait too long for a slow web page to load. If your website has fast loading speed, combined with quality content, it will create likeability among users. Customers will love visiting your website and may come back to the page to make a purchase. In return, you will lose a certain number of visitors because the page load speed is too long.

speed up wordpress website
Website Speed ​​Affects User Experience

2.3 Website Speed ​​Affects Bounce Rate

A study has shown that: More than 72% of users leave a page when the web has a loading speed greater than 5 seconds. In which, 55% of visitors will exit or switch to another page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load the Full Web. From this, it can be seen that the page load time has a great influence on the user experience. Therefore, you will lose a large number of customers, reduce the effectiveness of your SEO strategy if you do not optimize your website speed.

speed up wordpress website
Website Speed ​​Affects Bounce Rate

2.4 Website Speed ​​Affects Google’s Crawl Process

Google will easily reach and crawl fully loaded websites faster than slow loading pages. The cause of slow loading can be too many files, large images or lack of on-page optimization technology apps, etc. This forces Google to spend more resources, bandwidth, and pay more money.

speed up wordpress website
Website speed affects the crawl process

3. Perspective WordPress Websites Often Load Slowly

According to a majority of users, websites built on WordPress software often have slow page loading speed. But in reality, this point of view is not entirely true. Websites that use original source code, do not adjust, do not autocode advanced features, have slow loading speed.

speed up wordpress website
Websites using unmodified original code

The main reason is that the source code generated by the WordPress system is suitable for blogs with small and medium content. Moreover, the features of this platform are quite extensive and not suitable for many users. Thus leading to redundancy of functionality and code. Besides, you are also installing too many plugins causing the code error may overlap which affects the web loading speed.

Instead, you can use the content management interface provided by the CMS source code. The functionalities and the interface of the website will be coded in PHP language (because WordPress is built with PHP). As a result, it will increase the speed of your WordPress website.

4. How do you know if your WordPress site is loading slowly?

Testing the load capacity of your page is quite simple. Especially when there is software GTmetrix A free online provider that allows you to test the optimal speed of your website quite easily. This is the application developed by GT.net. You can use GTmetrix as a WordPress website performance testing tool as an extension or online on the website: https://gtmetrix.com/.

speed up wordpress website
GTmetrix as a WordPress Website Performance Testing Tool

After verification, this website will show you all the data displayed in the most accurate way. Help website builders find the cause of slow page loading speed. From there, people make the most correct solutions for Speed ​​up the WordPress site.

5. Summary of 10 Ways to Optimize WordPress Site Speed

Thanks to the above information, you have understood the reason why you need to increase the web loading speed. Do you need to improve page load speed? But don’t know how to do. The following content will introduce you to 10 optimal ways Speed ​​up the WordPress site you can consult and implement.

5.1 Remove pop-up ads

As everyone knows, the goal of placing the Aof the is to increase website revenue. However, excessive use of marketing will overload your site. In particular, types advertising Pop-ups are easy to fillng Web or infected with viruses.

speed up wordpress website
Too much marketing will cause your site to become overloaded

Therefore, when removing the advertising pop-up, the web loading speed will be faster, improving the user experience. You can still keep the communication, but limited to a small quantity and type Ads Simple and sweet banner.

5.2 Choose a good theme

The theme is the face of a webpage that helps the organization express the theme and meaning of the page. In particular, this choice also affects the loading speed of your page. If the website uses a good interface, it will not slow down but also improve.

speed up wordpress website
Theme is the face of a website

Indeed, a good SEO theme will always be a strong point. As a result, helping the web to have fast page loading speed, better user experience, increased visits and better Google ranking for the website.

5.3 Reduce the number of Plugins installed on the site

Plugin installation is a necessity if you are designing Website by WordPress. However, when people abuse too many plugins, it will slow down the web loading process. Therefore, users should consider and remove unnecessary plugins and keep really useful programs.

speed up wordpress website
Plugins are a necessity if you are designing a website

Because when the number of website plugins is less, the loading speed will be faster. You should only choose to use plugins that are really important for the website. For unnecessary features, the website operator must remove them, if necessary, users can reinstall them later.

5.4 Reduce information on the homepage

Informational data such as: The number of articles, images, texts, .. When displayed on the homepage, it will affect the loading time of the complete page. Therefore, to increase the speed of your WordPress website effectively, you need to select data that is really important and relevant to the website, as well as remove unnecessary information. As a result, your website will be improved in speed.

speed up wordpress website
Reduce information on the homepage

5.5 Reduce image size

In web articles, images are an integral part. However, images that are too heavy will affect your web loading speed. Therefore, you need to compress and improve the image quality to Speed ​​up the WordPress site is optimized.

speed up wordpress website
Image size is too heavy

5.6 Database Optimization

You can speed up web pages using programs plugins Support. Thanks to this tool, the database is optimized for the quality and speed of the website. There is a helpful suggestion for you to install and use the software plugins WP-Optimize.

speed up wordpress website
Database optimization

5.7 Optimize JS and CSS

Hints plugins WP Minify Fix, a must-have JS and CSS optimization tool. Upon activating this application, your web will combine and compress JS and CSS files to Speed ​​up the WordPress site. Thereby, Everyone’s page load speed is increased rapidly.

speed up wordpress website
WP Minify Fix plugin a JS and CSS optimization tool

5.8 Using the WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache plugin software is commented as a tools super free. To support web acceleration on the WordPress platform. The application serves to create a cache (cache) for the page, which is very suitable for those who Website small and medium scale. In addition, this program also helps you connect to the application of the HTML Cache method. it’s a plugins very important that any website should install.

speed up wordpress website
Using the WP Super Cache Plugin

5.9 Using the Google Page Speed ​​tool

The Google Page Speed ​​tool is developed by Google to help you analyze web loading speed. At the same time, users should come up with solutions to factors that contribute to reduced page load times.

speed up wordpress website
Using the Google Page Speed ​​Tool

5.10 Using CDN for Websites

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a system of servers located around the world. This tool has the function of saving the static content inside the website and then distributing it to many other servers. Therefore, your website access speed will be faster. Because so many features, information and databases are loaded at the same time.

Increase WordPress Website Speed
Using CDN for website

You should use CDN for websites with: server distance is far from users, heavy traffic, excessive bandwidth consumption, users from many countries or when using Load Balancing FailOver technique.

Speed ​​up the WordPress site will improve your ranking on the Google search engine. Hope the information shared above helped you to increase the website speed. Get in touch with SEODO If you need help with the offline website SEO process!


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Standardize SEO 2022 Technical Update

Standardize SEO 2022 Technical Update

Exclusive e-book by GetResponse and Joanna Wiebe
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

Technical SEO is a very important step in the whole search engine optimization process. This process aims to ensure that a website meets the technical criteria to improve Google search engine rankings. Therefore, to optimize the website, you should definitely implement technical SEO. Please see the article below to learn more about SEODO Please!

1. Technical SEO Basics

To optimize a website, you need to use SEO techniques. If you agree Technical SEOFirst, you need to understand what is technical SEO?. Please refer to the information below!

1.1 What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets search engine technical standards with the aim of improving rankings for free. Some of the key elements of technical SEO are: crawling, indexing, rendering and site architecture.

technical referencing
Introduction to Technical SEO

1.2 Why technical SEO is important

You can own a website with a beautifully designed theme with the best content. But if Technical SEO If your site does not meet the requirements, the website will not be ranked.

The most basic level that Google and other search engines need to find, crawl, display and index your website pages. But these are just the basic requirements. Even if Google indexes all content on the website, that doesn’t mean your job is done.

technical referencing
The role of technical SEO

Because in order for your website to be fully optimized with Technical SEOYour website pages should be secure, optimized for mobile devices, no duplicate content, fast loading speed… There are thousands of other things related to technical optimization.

This does not mean Technical SEO Your website has to be perfect in order to rank. If your pages help Google increase access to your content, your website has a better chance of ranking higher. As a result, it helps to further increase the number of people accessing the website.

1.3 How to improve technical referencing?

Technical SEO It’s not just about crawling or indexing. The main goal is to improve the technical optimization of your website. To make truly effective improvements, users should pay attention to:

  • JavaScript.
  • XML sitemap.
  • Website architecture.
  • URL structure.
  • Structured data.
  • Thin content.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Hreflang.
  • Regulatory cards.
  • 404 pages.
  • 301 redirect.
speed up wordpress website
How to improve technical SEO

2. Step-by-step instructions on how to improve technical SEO

Once everyone has entered the basic information and the role of Technical SEO. Next, there will be a detailed guide on how to improve the technical SEO of the website. Let’s consult and follow!

2.1 Structure and navigation of the site

The first step in this process is to set up the website structure of any technical SEO strategy. Because there are a lot of data crawling and indexing problems, due to poor quality of website structure design. Therefore, if you follow this step correctly, you don’t have to worry about Google indexing all the pages of the website.

The next step, the website structure affects many other factors of your website to optimize the website, from the URL to the sitemap. Also, the use of robots.txt to block search engines from certain pages. The particular points you should note here are: Technical SEO becomes easier when the web is made up of a strong structure. Here are the steps to follow:

2.1.1 Use a flat website structure (flat structure), organized

The design of the website structure is how all the pages on the web are organized. A flat structure is required for the website. In other words: all pages of the website should only be separated by a few links. Flat structure, helping to support Google or some other search engines Crawl 100% of website pages easily.

speed up wordpress website
Use a flat website structure

If you want a tidy web structure. The cluttered structure is the reason for the creation of “orphan websites” or pages that receive no traffic. This is also the reason why it is difficult for the website to identify and resolve indexing errors.

You can use Ahrefs’ “Site Audit” to get a better insight into your site’s structure. However, this factor plays no role in determining your overall website. Try using Visual Site Mapper, if you want a more visual view of how pages relate to each other. A free tool that gives you an interactive view of your website structure.

Also, placing pages in different categories will give Google more context about each page in that catalog. For example, all GTV SEO Inbound-Marketing pages include an /Inbound-Marketing/ directory to help Google recognize that all of these pages are in the Inbound-Marketing category.

technical referencing
Flat website structure

2.1.2 Consistent URL structure

If you are running a small website or blog, there is no need to think too much about the URL structure. That is, URLs should follow a logical and consistent structure. This structure will help users understand the meaning of your page theme. Additionally, placing pages in different categories gives Google more context about each page in that directory.

For example: Pages on Inbound-Marketing at GTV SEO all include /Inbound-Marketing/ to help Google recognize that all of these pages are in the Inbound-Marketing category.

technical referencing
Breadcrumb Navigation

2.1.3 Breadcrumb navigation

He is no stranger to Breadcrumbs Navigation, a super-optimal solution for SEO. Because Breadcrumbs can automatically add internal links to categories and pages on the web. As a result, this feature helps you improve your website structure. In fact, Google has turned URLs into Breadcrumbs navigation in the SERPs. Therefore, you must use breadcrumb navigation.

technical referencing
Breadcrumb Navigation (Breadcrumb Navigation)

2.2 Explore, render and index

In this content, we will tell you how to find and fix crawl information and how to submit index data to search engines or deep pages on your website.

2.2.1 Ways to help you index

There are 3 ways to perform the indexing operation.

To do this, you will first go to the coverage report on Google Search Console. The above analysis will help you know: Where Google cannot index or display all the pages that web operators want to index.

technical referencing
Coverage report

Screaming Frog is considered the most famous information crawl in the world. Due to this feature, it brings many useful benefits to the users of the website. Therefore, after fixing the coverage ratio issues, you should start exploring with Screaming Frog.

technical referencing
howling frog
  • Method 3: Ahrefs Site Audit

In Ahrefs, there is a tool called SEO Site Audit. This feature will inform you about the general status of technical SEO, also show page loading speed or issues with website HTML tags. Each of the above tools has different pros and cons. So, if you want to manage a large website, you should use these three approaches.

technical referencing
Ahrefs Site Audit

2.2.2 Internal links to “deep” pages

The vast majority of people have no problem building a homepage index. These are “deep” pages (even pages that are links from the homepage) that can easily cause problems.

technical referencing
Internal link to “deep” pages

Because the flat structure usually prevents the problem from occurring in the first place. Thanks to this, your “deep” pages will be 3-4 times from the official site. If you want to index and use the “Deep” Pages tool, there is no better choice than the internal linking of this page. Especially, if the website you are connecting to has authority and is still crawl information.

2.2.3 Using the XML sitemap

The question that many people ask is: when setting up Index on mobile devices and AMP, does Google still need to use XML Sitemap to find website URLs?

educational referencing
Using the XML Sitemap

In fact, Google Search Engine declared XML Sitemap as the second most important application for URL searching. So if you want to make sure the sitemap is correct, go to Sitemaps in Search Console. Here is where to display the sitemap that Google visualizes for your website.

2.2.4 “Verification” of the CMS

Have you encountered a case where a URL on the website cannot be indexed? GSC’s verification feature can help anyone with this problem. GSC features will tell you why the page is not indexed…

However, for indexed pages, Google will show the following:

educational referencing
CGC “Checks” Indexed Pages

With this, you can check if Google can crawl the data or index 100% of the page content.

2.3 Lightweight and Duplicate Content

Want to write unique and original content for pages on the web, use Duplicate. However, duplicate content can appear on any website. Especially when your CMS has created several different versions simultaneously on a page with different URLs. This section will show you how to proactively fix duplicate and thin content issues on your website.

2.3.1 Use the SEO Audit Tool to Find Duplicate Content Errors

In the search browser, there are two main tools: Duplicate and Lightweight Content. The first tool is Raven Tools Site Auditor which scans your website for duplicate content (or thin content) and indicates which pages need to be updated. The next tool is the Ahrefs website audit in the Content Quality section which will give you a duplicate website

However, these tools only focus on duplicate content on your website. In fact, you just need to pay attention to duplicate content, which includes copying content from other websites. So, users who want to check if website content is unique, you should use Copyscape’s batch search feature.

technical referencing
Use the SEO Audit Tool to Find Duplicate Content Errors

Here you can upload a list of URLs and see where content appears on the website. If you see a paragraph of this text on another web page, search for the paragraph in quotes. Also, if Google shows your page first in the results, you will be considered the first author of the page.

Note: If someone else copies content from your page and puts it on the web, it will affect the duplicate content on that webpage. The operator only needs to worry when the content of the website is copied or completely similar to the content of Other websites.

2.3.2 Unindexed pages with non-unique content

Most of the website pages have duplicate content. It becomes a big problem when these duplicate page contents are indexed. So what is the method to solve this problem? Please add the “Noindex” tag to this page. The Noindex tag will tell Google and other search engines not to index your website page.

You can check the Noindex tag to make sure it is configured correctly. Using “Inspect URL functionality” in GSC, enter the URL and click Inspect URL functionality. If Google still displays Index, you will get the message “The URL is available to Google”. This means that your noindex tag is not configured correctly.

technical referencing
Pages without index with non-unique content

But when you get the message “Excluded by ‘Noindex’ tag”, it means you have configured it successfully. Depending on your crawl budget, it may take Google a few days or weeks to re-crawl the pages you don’t want indexed. Therefore, you should check the “Excluded” tab in the coverage report to ensure that pages that are not indexed are removed.

To note: You can also prevent search engine spiders from index page search engines by blocking each robot in the Robots.txt file.

2.3.3 Using canonical URLs

In most pages with duplicate content, there will be no index tag addition or replacement of duplicate content with fixed content. However, there is another way to use it: the canonical URL. Canonical URLs support pages with similar content.

educational referencing
Use canonical URLs

For instance: Say you run an e-commerce website that sells hats, a product page is indexed as cowboy hats. You can use the Canonical Tag feature to allow Google to recognize the vanilla version on the product page as the “major” version. All other content is variation only.

2.4 Page load speed

Increasing the loading speed of web pages will help to optimize the user experience. From there, improve the ranking of the website on the Google search engine. In this section, we are going to show you 3 easy ways to make the page load faster:

2.4.1 Reducing the size of web pages

Technical approaches to improving the website: CDN, caching, slow loading, CSS minification. People have many opinions that page speed factors are important, such as: Website size.

In fact, Backlinko conducted a study on the loading speed of large web pages and found that the total size of a page has more to do with load time than other factors. Therefore, when people mention Pagespeed, there will be no free lunch. You can do the following to reduce the page size: Compress images and cache them from the web.

educational referencing
Reduce the size of web pages

But if the pages are too big, it will take longer to load. This is a problem that many large websites face. On the Backlinko website: Images are heavily used, high resolution, pages tend to be large.

However, the pages still decided to keep the same size because: The website prioritizes image and content quality over Pagespeed. This affected Backlinko’s ranking on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

2.4.2 Check loading time and CDN

In the next step, you might be a bit confused to learn that CDN is related to slow page loading. The cause of this problem is that many CDNs are not configured correctly. Therefore, if the website uses a CDN, you should check the website speed on Webpagetest.org when CDN is enabled or disabled. To make sure, the CDN does not affect the PageSpeed ​​of the web.

educational referencing
Check load times and CDN

2.4.3 Removal of third-party script

Maybe you didn’t know: each third-party script on a page adds an average of 34 milliseconds to load time. Therefore, you should consider Party Script which is not needed and should be removed.

technical referencing
3rd party script removed

3. Tips for the 2020 Update: Standardize Technical SEO

Here are the fire tips Technical SEO last updated in 2020. Including content on structured data, Hreflang, etc. People can refer and follow as follows:

3.1 Implement Hreflang tags for international websites

In each country, the website will be set up in completely different versions and the programming language is not the same? The Hreflang tag can therefore be of great help. However, the only problem with the Hreflang tag is that it is very difficult to set up. At the same time, Google’s information on the use of this tool is not so clear.

technical referencing
Implement Hreflang Tags for International Websites

3.2 Check the website for dead links

A webpage with a bunch of dead links will neither make nor break your SEO. In fact, Google will assume that broken links are not an SEO issue. However, what if your website’s internal links are broken? It is quite another matter.

educational referencing
SEO Checker Tool

Broken links to internal websites can make it difficult for Googlebot to find and crawl your website pages. So, to avoid this situation, you need to perform fixed-time SEO checks and fix broken links. You can check the dead links on the website with many SEO checker tools like: Semrush.

Or maybe Screaming Frog.

technical referencing
Screaming Frog SEO Checker Tool

3.3 Configuring structured data

Do you think having structured data in place will help your website’s SEO? In fact, in research on search engine ranking factors, there is no relationship between structured data and the first page.

technical referencing
Structured Data Parameterization

Structured data can give some of your pages Page Rich Snippets. Because, Rich Snippets is quite important in SERP, with a feature that can improve your free CTR.

3.4 Validate XML sitemaps (with links to XML sitemaps)

If you run a large website, tracking all the pages in your sitemap takes a lot of time. Currently, many sitemaps have pages with codes in 404 and 301 states. You set the purpose of the sitemap to show search engines all active pages. You want 100% of the links on your site’s sitemaps to point to active pages.

technical referencing
Validate XML sitemaps

It is recommended that you run sitemaps for your site through Map Broker’s XML sitemap validator. Also check if your link is broken or redirected.

3.5 Noindex Tags and Category Pages

If your website is set up on the WordPress platform, moderators should not use indexing tags and category tools. Except these pages increase your website traffic.

technical referencing
Noindex Tag and Category Pages

Most of the above pages, most of which don’t provide much value to users. On the contrary, this tool is also the cause of duplicate content errors. To easily prevent indexing, these pages are just a click away with the Yoast tool.

3.6 Testing, optimizing for mobile devices

In 2022, there are many upgrade tips update versions Technical SEO. Thanks to this, the process of optimizing the website on mobile devices becomes easier than ever. As you know, designing a mobile page is really difficult with lots of mistakes. Even having super mobile-friendly websites can be problematic.

technical referencing
Tested, optimized for mobile devices

Also, unless the client sends you a reflection email. Without the above issues, it is difficult to detect. To remedy this situation, it is recommended to use reports available on mobile Google Search Console. If Google finds that a page on your website is not optimized for mobile access, it will receive a timely correction notification.

The above post contains all the information and knowledge about Technical SEO Very expensive. Moreover, the article also guides SEOs on how to optimize a website. I hope all the above content will satisfy the readers. Get in touch with SEODO When readers need SEO advice and assistance Website offline!

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What is web browsing? Classification and Benefits of Website Browsing

What is web browsing?  Classification and Benefits of Website Browsing

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In web design, the term “What is browsing?This is surely not too strange for designers. However, not everyone clearly understands the navigation terminology to implement for the website. Don’t worry. Below are some tips provided to help beginners implement web browsing. SEODO Check out this detailed article now!

1. What should you know about web browsing?

Terminology of What is browsing?? Why does a website need navigation presence? Let’s take a look at the content below to better understand the basic concept of this term!

1.1 What is web browsing?

Website navigation, also known as website navigation, performs the process of page navigation. Therefore, the navigation is created by the users of the application to link the internal pages together through the use of menus containing internal links of the website. This makes it easier for customers to find, which increases the usability of the website for users.

What is browsing?
Website Browsing or Website Browsing

1.2 What is menu navigation?

The navigation menu is a collection of links that are aggregated to organize themselves into a menu. Depending on the properties and purposes of the type of website, you will have many diverse, vivid and different page links. Usually the navigation menu will be set at the top of the page and some popular pages such as:

  • Introduce.
  • Contact.
  • Blog.
  • Quotation/service.
  • Document.
What is browsing?
Menu navigation

1.3 What is the navigation structure?

The website navigation structure describes how the different pages of your website are organized and relate to each other. Before creating a new website, designers and developers usually plan the navigation structure. This will help you get an overview of how to organize web browsing, so you can optimize the number of pages as you want.

What is browsing?
Website navigation structure

2. Why is navigation important to the website?

Web navigation plays an extremely important role for a website. Help customers easily access and search the website with the web navigation menu as mentioned in the introduction. Moreover, building a catalog in an easy to understand, clear and organized way helps to improve the customer experience, people will care about it and spend more time on the website, the conversion rate will also be higher.

What is browsing?
Web browsing plays a very important role

With the navigation structure, customers can easily find blogs, email sign-up pages, product listings, prices, contact information or help documents, etc. when they access the website. Note that while creating the navigation structure of the website, you should configure it in such a way that customers can access any element of the website in just 3 clicks. This will attract people, avoid hostile reviews and high retention rates.

3. What is the classification and function of web browsing?

All over the world, every citizen of a country will prefer certain types of website navigation designs based on different cultures, popularity, and interesting experiences that the web brings to customers. In Vietnam, there are popular types of navigation design as follows:

3.1 Breadcrumb navigation

Breadcrumbs What is browsing?? Breadcrumb is software that helps users navigate a website, including a set of links that determine a user’s current location within the site structure.

What is browsing?
Breadcrumb navigation

For a website, especially those with a complex structure and diverse content, breadcrumb navigation will have the function of helping users locate and move between pages more easily. There are 3 main types of breadcrumb navigation as follows:

  • Location-Based Breadcrumb: Indicates where the user is located in the website hierarchy.
  • Breadcrumb by attribute (Attribute-based breadcrumb): represents the attribute of a website page, often used in websites for electronic products, clothing,… because the products are classified by difference of attributes.
  • Breadcrumb by Path: Shows the steps taken by the user to get to a particular page.

3.2 Navigation bar

What is the navigation bar? The navigation bar is considered the most popular web navigation format on Vietnamese websites. Used to navigate major categories on the page, helping customers more easily and conveniently access and navigate to documents and information on the website.

What is browsing?
Navigation bar

To make it easier for users to find when they access the website, the navigation bar is usually configured to appear at the top of the web page or after the header.

Currently, the navigation bar has 3 popular and most commonly used designs:

  • Vertical navigation: vertical navigation.
  • Horizontal navigation: horizontal navigation.
  • Bottom Navigation: Bottom Navigation (UX).

3.3 Drop-down menus

Drop-down menu, also known as pull-down menu, is one of the most popular types of navigation, especially to improve user experience.

What is browsing?
Scrolling menu

3.4 Mega Menu

If you are into fashion, magazines or blogs. You will surely immediately understand Mega Menu versus drop-down menu. Mega Meunu is a software that allows users to scroll vertically, containing many categories, like a “super Menu” with a large information capacity.

What is browsing?
Mega Menu

3.5 Grid navigation bar

Grid navigation often appears on sales sites or specialized sites such as Landingpage.

What is browsing?
Grid navigation bar

3.6 Scrolling navigation bar

The trend favored by young users today is to install a website with a drop-down navigation bar. Because this form allows designers to create long menus, many components and not limited by page size.

What is browsing?

Moreover, the navigation bar has a function that allows users to use drag operations to create a living feeling. Specifically, it brings excitement to young visitors. The aesthetics and interactivity of the scroll form suits the smartphone website interface very well.

3.7 Hamburger navigation menu

Hamburger navigation menu is global website navigation bar design. So create a hamburger menu that matches the three horizontal lines of the website.

What is browsing?
Hamburger navigation menu

3.8 What is the function of web browsing?

Web browsing is an important function applied to most websites in the world. So, undeniably the exceptional feature of navigation, not only for SEO but also for good user experience.

What is browsing?
Web browsing functions

For SEO, most people often apply the website navigation design style as a way to increase the amount of anchor text associated with the keyword. However, you should not abuse this way, it will significantly reduce the user experience.

In some cases, the website navigation appears in the search bar, prompting users to choose more from the site results.

4. What is the meaning and benefits of web browsing?

Web browsing is considered one of the must-have contents when designing a website. Navigation has SEO significance while navigating and delivering information for users on the website.

A seamless navigation system will act as a map directing visitors to different pages and information on the website. At the same time, browsing the website also encourages users to read the content and have a positive experience. Thanks to this, the company’s sales increased rapidly and the credibility of customers also increased.

4.1 Duration of visit increased and bounce rate decreased

In order to increase the visit time or the customer’s time to stay on the website (Time-On-Site), the website must be supported and improved in navigation. As a result, site visitors will have more time to learn about the business.

What is browsing?
Duration of visit increased and bounce rate decreased

If the site navigation is complicated, the customer’s stay rate will decrease and the bounce rate will be quite high. Therefore, visitors will see only one page of the website instead of continuing to choose other pages. This explains your site no views.

4.2 Serial position effect

The serial position effect, also known as the serial position effect, is a psychological concept that describes how users generally tend to pay attention and retain information about items that appear above and below. bottom of a page. Navigational information appears at the top and bottom of the web page, which makes visitors less attentive to the content of the website. So you need to insert important links at the top of the page, which will contribute to a higher engagement rate.

What is browsing?
Serial position effect

4.3 Optimized display on mobile

According to Adsota statistics in 2020, more than 43.7 million Vietnamese use smart devices. So, while designing the interface of a website, you should make sure to optimize the mobile platform (UX) to increase the perfect experience for the users.

What is browsing?
Optimal display on mobile

If the website is not optimized for mobile devices, it will not be able to display the best way on phones. Because the content is too large, it is difficult for users when the experience on the website is not complete. Optimizing a website for smartphones typically includes content such as:

  • Reduce image size.
  • Change the layout.
  • Reduce unnecessary content.
  • Assign content to the Options menu instead of displaying all content on the screen.
  • The simple navigation system is powerful and easy to use.
  • Focus on minimalism in design.

5. 8 Tips to Implement Web Browsing for Beginners

Is it really that complicated for you to set up a website that can take full advantage of Navigation features? Here are 8 tips for implementing web browsing for beginners. Hope this helps you!

5.1 Planning page structure and web navigation

Plan your page structure before writing content for your website. This is an extremely important step, affecting the satisfaction level of your website visitors later on.

What is browsing?
Planning page structure and web navigation

Additionally, you can use manual methods or use the sitemap generator to create a site structure and web navigation faster and easier. There you will find many creative programs to choose from, for example: GlooMaps, Octopus, VisualSitemaps, creatively.

5.2 Compliance with web browsing standards

Understand web browsing standards, don’t try to do anything too different to avoid pushing the issue too far, focus and focus on usability rather than visual creativity. It is recommended to follow the usual standards such as menu placement, menu expansion panels.

What is browsing?
Complies with web browsing standards

For instance: The three horizontal stripes ☰ are the standard that defines an extended menu. If you want to apply it to the website, you should keep it for customers to easily recognize.

5.3 Use easy-to-understand words for visitors

Do not use too specialized or obscure words, put yourself in the place of the first person to contact the Site to select simple, understandable and appropriate words. This trick not only retains customers for a long time but also helps your SEO process.

Make sure your page clearly states the answers to the questions. As well as words that customers often query online. As such, it will help bring users closer to your website.

5.4 Using responsive menus

Using a responsive menu is essential as currently the number of mobile users searching on Google is increasing (representing over 50% online), which is subject to change depending on the screen size of the device and at night. better and smoother experience for customers.

What is browsing?
Use responsive menus

5.5 Take advantage of the footer menu

Customers who want to engage more with your website will read and scroll to the bottom of the page. Take advantage of the space at the bottom of the page to place valuable information. Position Footer Menu doesn’t take up article space, so it’s easy to add lots of hot topics, without creating clutter.

What is browsing?
Take advantage of the footer menu

5.6 Use of color, white space to separate the navigation from other page elements

Clearly dividing the navigation area on the website also helps customers easily recognize and receive the information you want to convey. At the same time, it is recommended to use different colors, fonts and spaces to separate the menu from the main content and the subbar.

What is browsing?
Use color, space to separate navigation

5.7 Restrictions on the use of the drop-down menu (drop-down menu)

Limit the use of the drop-down menu except when your website has too many pages with different properties. Avoid users seeing a link in the menu, it will be clickable by default. You can put a telltale sign like adding a three horizontal stripe or a V like SEODO.

What is browsing?
Limit the use of the drop-down menu

Having too many links in the menu bar can have a negative effect. Expanding the drop-down menu now will be a good way to keep the toolbar from getting cluttered.

5.8 Simple navigation bar structure

Keep the navigation structure as simple as possible so that your visitors can easily explore all the websites. Instead of linking a series of pages and sub-pages of the website through the homepage. Let’s keep it simple!

What is browsing?
Simple navigation bar structure

Also, important categories are first linked to the homepage. After that, you just need to put smaller links in the appendix, which is also a way to simplify the navbar structure.

Thus, the article contains all the basic information about “Web” What is navigation?? Classification and Benefits of Website Browsing”. Hope SEODO brought you useful and interesting information about the navigation menu. If you have any questions that need answering or need to find a reputable SEO website address, feel free to drop a message in the comment section!

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What is Bootstrap? Instructions for installing and using Bootstrap

What is Bootstrap?  Instructions for installing and using Bootstrap

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What is Bootstrap?? You want to create a website, but you don’t know which framework to use? Or are you a web designer yourself who isn’t interested in repeatedly writing CSS syntaxes? Let discover Instructions for priming, installation and use come from after this post. It will surely be an effective method to help you solve your problems. Together SEODO Check out the details now!

1. What is Bootstrap?

Prime is a free front-end framework used for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript templates used to develop responsive websites.

What is Boostrap?
Bootstrap is a free front-end framework

Bootstrap allows you to easily create responsive designs through predefined interface properties like size, color, height, width, etc. As a result, designers can create many products. different, but don’t spend a lot of time on the website interface design process.

2. History of Bootstrap

Bootstrap was developed by two Twitter technologists Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton and released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub. Since its inception, Bootstrap has gone through many versions and improvements in a relatively short time.

  • On January 31, 2012, Bootstrap was released in version 2Added a 12-column layout with a custom design that responds to screen sizes.
  • Then on August 19, 2013, Bootstrap 3 was born with an interface compatible with smart devices.
  • In 2014, Bootstrap 4 was “launched” and rolled out heavily in 2015. So far, Front – End Framework is still under development.

Today, Bootstrap is still one of the web design frameworks with the most users.

What is Boostrap?
Bootstrap was developed by two technologists Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton

3. Why should you use Bootstrap?

What is Boostrap?? Why is Bootstrap creating its own standard and popular with users? Therefore, the term “Bootstrap Design” is also optimized for use. So why is the Front – End Framework so widely used?

3.1 Easy to use

The operation of Bootstrap is based on the trend of open source HTML, CSS and Javascript. Therefore, users with basic knowledge of these 3 codes can effectively use the Front – End Framework. Moreover, these source codes also allow easy modification and modification.

What is Boostrap?
How Bootstrap works based on open source trends

3.2 Easy Customization

You can be flexible in design, freely choose attributes and elements that suit the strategy you are pursuing. Moreover, Bootstrap allows you to use without downloading the source code to your computer, thus saving space and time.

What is Boostrap?
Flexibility in design, freedom to choose attributes

3.3 Perfect quality of the output product

Bootstrap is the product of advanced programmers around the world, tested many times before it went live. Therefore, choosing the Front – End Framework is the right thing to do to create high-quality products.

What is Boostrap?
Bootstrap is the product of advanced programmers

3.4 High compatibility

Bootstrap is compatible with any browser and platform. This is an extremely important and essential thing for the user experience. Combination of Grid System with two preprocessors Less and Sass, Front – End Framework by default It is committed to supporting Responsive and prioritizing interfaces on mobile devices.

What is Boostrap?
Bootstrap is compatible with any browser and platform

Therefore, Bootstrap automatically adjusts website page size according to browser frame to fit desktop, tablet or laptop screen.

4. What is the structure and functionality of Bootstrap?

Structures in deployment What is Boostrap?? JavaScript, CSS and Fonts files are compiled and compressed in Bootstrap. Front – End Framework is designed in the form of modules that allow users to easily integrate with seemingly any open source code such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento…

What is Boostrap?
Compiled and compressed JavaScript, CSS and Fonts files

Many great features of Bootstrap such as:

  • Allows users to manipulate the “giant” library of elements used to create the interface of a complete website such as: Font, Typography, Form, Table, Grid…
  • Before downloading, you are free to edit the Site Framework as you wish and use it on its page.
  • Reuse repetitive elements on the Website.
  • You just need to declare the correct features during your web development because Bootstrap is loaded with jQuery.
  • Minimize icon images and speed up page loading using Glyphicon.

5. Boot Installation Instructions

So how do you need to install and use Bootstrap? There are two popular ways to download Front – End Framework as follows: Download directly from the Bootstrap page or through the Bootstrap CDN. Check out the instructions below!

5.1 Load Bootstrap directly

All you need to do is go to the Bootstrap homepage (https://getbootstrap.com/). After downloading, you continue to unzip and set web hosting via FTP data transfer protocol.

What is Boostrap?
Download Bootstrap directly

A few steps up, users can use Bootstrap to design right away. As it is a pre-compiled version, the process of downloading and embedding Bootstrap into the website is extremely quick and convenient.

5.2 Add Bootstrap via CDN

If you don’t want to store it on the device, embed Prime through the CDN (Content Delivery Network – UNITED STATEScontent delivery network) will be the ice saving method communicate and integrate languages ​​such as: JavaScript, CSS, jQuery library. This will brings many features to the website and improves user experience as most programmers use it.

What is Boostrap?
Added Bootstrap via CDN

6. 3 Main Bootstrap Files

Because it contains a set of syntaxes that implement specific functionality, Bootstrap only works when the framework contains different file types. Bootstrap has 3 main files that manage website functionality and user interface including Bootstrap.css, Bootstrap.js, Glyphicons.

6.1 Bootstrap.css

Bootstrap.css is a CSS framework that divides and manages the layout of the website. While HTML handles structure and content, CSS handles page layout. Therefore, this pair of structures must exist in parallel to perform a specific action.

What is Boostrap?

With a few Bootstrap.css operations, you can save time by creating a uniform interface across many different websites. All you have to do is direct the website to the CSS file. With CSS, all you have to do is declare the web pages leading to the CSS file, everything can be done in that file independently.

6.2 Bootstrap.js

Main Bootstrap.js is the core component of Bootstrap, consisting of JavaScript files responsible for website interaction. To save more time when writing syntax, developers will take advantage of jQuery. Bootstrap.JS has a popular open-source, cross-platform JavaScript library that allows users to add a variety of new features to a website. Here are some good examples that jQuery takes care of:

  • Quickly handle Ajax requests
  • Use the collection of JavaScript plugins to create widgets
  • Create custom animations via CSS properties
  • Increase the dynamics of website content.
What is Boostrap?

While Bootstrap only needs Element HTML and CSS attributes to perform well, it still needs jQuery to create a responsive design. Otherwise, you can only use the static parts of the CSS.

6.3 Glyphicons

In the web interface, icons still play an important and indispensable roleto create a complete website interface. They are used to link to the most actions and data defined in the UI, Bootstrap applies Glyphicons to meet the need.

What is Boostrap?

Bootstrap contains a set of encrypted Glyphicons Halflings which are free to use. At the same time, you can also download separate icons for free from various websites such as Flaticon, GlyphSearch, and Icons8.

7. Basic Bootstrap 4 Tutorial

The Bootstrap homepage has the original address: getbootstrap.com. However, stay in Vietnam use getbootstrap.com.vn.

Currently, according to the majority of comments, the Bootstrap 3 version is the stable version and the beta version is called Bootstrap 4. Therefore, you can also apply more on: v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com. Includes 2 ways to help you quickly use Bootstrap: download or use via CDN.

To download: Click on Download Bootstrap 3 on the link: bootstrap-3.1.1.zip and Bootstrap 4 on: bootstrap-4.0.0.zip. After unzipping you will see there are 3 folders css, fonts, js as shown in the picture with Bootstrap 4 version there are 2 css and js folders. In each folder you will see that there are files to use and embed in HTML format.

7.1 Add an HTML5 document type

What is Bootstrap?
HTML5 document type

Bootstrap 4 uses HTML elements and CSS properties that require HTML5 documentation at the top of the page, with the lang attribute with exactly the same character set.

7.2 What is Bootstrap 4 Mobile Fist?

What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap 4 movable fist

Bootstrap 4 is designed to be responsive for mobile devices in a mobile-first style that is part of the Core Framework. Therefore, toTo ensure proper rendering and touch zoom, add the tag next immediately inside the element :!

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

The width=device-width part sets the width of the page to fit the device screen and content initial-scale=1 sets an initial zoom level when the browser first loads.

7.3 What are Bootstrap 4 containers?

What is bootstrapping?
Bootstrap 4 containers

When using on Webiste, users must wrap the entire content with a container class tag (Container or Container-fluid). In there:

  • The container class is suitable for containers of appropriate width.
  • The Container-fluid class provides a full-width container that spans the full width of the viewport.

7.4 Basic Bootstrap 4 Page Example

To test the examples below, you can use WAMP or XAMPP to run Localhost and create the example.html file. Therefore, you just need to open Notepad and then copy the code below. Remember to change the file extension when saving to .html and change the encoding to UTF-8 to avoid font errors. Continue, you just need to use your browser (Browser) to open this file to verify.

  • Here is an example of Bootstrap 4 used in Container-fluid class (Fixed width responsive container):
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <title>Bootstrap 4 Example</title>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.3.1/css/bootstrap.min.css">
  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
  <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/popper.js/1.14.7/umd/popper.min.js"></script>
  <script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.3.1/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

<div class="container">
  <h1>My First Bootstrap Page</h1>
  <p>This is some text.</p>

  • Here is an example of use Container-fluid class:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <title>Bootstrap 4 Example</title>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.3.1/css/bootstrap.min.css">
  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
  <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/popper.js/1.14.7/umd/popper.min.js"></script>
  <script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.3.1/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>

<div class="container-fluid">
  <h1>My First Bootstrap Page</h1>
  <p>This is some text.</p>


7.5 Bootstrap 4 Grid system What is it?

The Bootstrap 4 Grid system is essential to Bootstrap’s responsive web compatibility. When Bootstrap starts, the interface will be displayed as a grid and divided into 12 columns. In it, each column will include padding content that matches the resolution of the device.

Bootstrap 4 Grid System has 5 classes

  • .collar- (Extra Small Devices – Width less than 576 pixels).
  • .col-sm- (Small Devices – Width greater than or equal to 576 pixels).
  • .col-md- (Average devices – Width greater than or equal to 768 pixels).
  • .col-lg- (Large devices – Width greater than or equal to 992 pixels).
  • .col-xl- (Xlarge devices – Width greater than or equal to 1200 pixels).

What is the structure of the Bootstrap 4 grid system?

Here is the whole simple structure of Bootstrap 4 Grid System:

<!-- Control the column width, and how they should appear on different devices -->
<div class="row">
  <div class="col-*-*"></div>
  <div class="col-*-*"></div>
<div class="row">
  <div class="col-*-*"></div>
  <div class="col-*-*"></div>
  <div class="col-*-*"></div>

<!-- Or let Bootstrap automatically handle the layout -->
<div class="row">
  <div class="col"></div>
  <div class="col"></div>
  <div class="col"></div>

With the following content:

  • Create a line: (
  • Then increase the number of columns (Tags adapted to the .col-*-* class). TO DRAWOh
  • You first review the grid system classes to make sure they are correct (sm, md, lg, or xl). Sign
  • 2nd represents the number of frames you want to split from 1 to 12.

Instead of adding numbers to Col, Bootstrap can help you split quickly. For example: To split 2 “cols”, you can add the width=50% property. Similarly, with 3 “col” you will have the syntax width = 33.33%. To do this, you need more knowledge to understand CSS.

To save more time, you should use .col-sm|md|lg|xl for easier compatibility.

8. How to Embed Bootstrap in HTML

You need to download the entire Bootstrap library on your computer and extract it to embed Bootstrap in HTML. Check out the step-by-step instructions below!

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="vi">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <title>Chào mừng bạn đến với Website của SEODO</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/css/bootstrap.min.css"/>
<h1>Chào mừng bạn đến với Website của SEODO</h1>

8.1 Integration of Bootstrap links

This platform provides you with links to embed directly into your website. But it is quite limited as it has to load links from outside which slows down the website. To do this, you can refer to the example with the following syntax: 8.2 Bootstrap integration in HTML by Self Host

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="vi">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <title>Chào mừng bạn đến với website của SEODO</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://seodo.vn/bootstrap-la-gi/css/bootstrap.min.css"/>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"/>
<h1>Chào mừng bạn đến với website của SEODO </h1>

Self-hosting helps the website perform optimally and load faster. In it, Style.css is used to modify the CSS class that you don’t want to use by default.The implementation is extremely simple, just open the Index.html file and set up the structure as follows:Here is the full text of ” What is Bootstrap? ?”. Benefits such as saving time, free to use, flexibility and meeting the needs of website development. I hope this article by


will help you get an insight into the concept of installing and using this framework. Contact us immediately if you need advice on SEO assistance for your website!Let’s learn more about other tools that effectively support your SEO work through these articles:


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