Change WordPress URLs Safely

Change WordPress URLs Safely


The decision to change your WordPress site URL should not be taken lightly. Because domain names help with brand recognition. People are used to a particular area when it comes to your content.

The following cases occur:

  • Completely moved to a new domain
  • Increase security by adding SSL/HTTPS certificates
  • Move content into subfolders

How to change WordPress URL in any of the above cases:

1. Change the URL in the WordPress Dashboard:

WordPress address is the main address of the site/blog.

Site address is the address at which the site’s web hosting files are accessible.

2. Using the wp-config.php File

Paste the following code at the top of the file. Note: Correct your site URL.


If these lines are already in the wp-config.php file, you just need to modify them.

3. Change WordPress URL Using Database

Go to phpMyAdmin and select your website database from the list on the left side. Find a table wp_options.

In this table you will need to enter a new one for the 2 options siteurl and home .

All you have to do is select these values ​​and enter new values. Hurry Go save.


With just the simple code above, you can change your WordPress URL without losing SEO

If you find it interesting, you can follow the wordpress tips section to learn more new knowledge.

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I wish you to have interesting and interesting knowledge about wordpress!


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