Compare Blogspot and WordPress, the 2 best blogging platforms of the moment


WordPress and Blogspot Currently, these are the 2 most popular blogging platforms in the world. Each platform has its own pros and cons. please join us WordPress tips compare Blogspot and WordPress Check out the article below.

Introducing WordPress and Blogspot

According to data from BuiltWith – a very famous tech blog, WordPress is currently the most widely used blog management software in the world. It is the TOP #1 CMS in the world and accounts for 35% of the top 1 million websites. Meanwhile, Blogspot is no less, coming in second place, being used by around 1% of blogs among the top 1 million websites on the internet. To be able to compare Blogspot and WordPress, let’s discover these two platforms in detail

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system that allows users to easily create websites, blogs or e-commerce services. WordPress was first launched in 2003. Until now, WordPress has accounted for over 38% of all websites on the internet today. The first step you need to take to create a blog site on WordPress is a hosting plan and a domain name to create your own blog site.

What is Blogspot?

compare blogspot vs wordpress

Blogspot is a service from Google that helps users create blogs and websites for free. Blogspot was first launched in 1993 and is also a platform used by millions of people around the world. This platform allows you to create a basic blog at no cost. Moreover, when using Blogspot, users also get all subdomains for free.

So, should we choose Blogspot or WordPress to create our blog site?. Let’s compare the pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress in detail in the section below.

Compare Blogspot and WordPress

Comparative basis Blogspot WordPress
Define Blogspot is a blogging platform with a fairly simple, easy to use interface. Especially for those who have little experience and do not require the use of code. WordPress is also a website for blogging. But requires more difficult and complex knowledge than Blogspot.
investment company Blogspot is supported by Google. WP is owned and operated by the Automattic company.
Cost Free WordPress supports free users to create websites. But you have to pay a fee to rent hosting and domain to operate.
Personalization Blogspot only offers limited options, the website design interface is quite simple. WordPress has highly customizable options.
SEO Optimization Blogspot does not have built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress users can use free SEO tools and plugins in WordPress.

There are also paid options if you want to use more advanced features.

Should I choose Blogspot or WordPress?

Should I choose blogspot or wordpress?

After Compare Blogspot and WordPresswe can draw the following conclusions:

  • Easy to use platform: For those who are new to blogging, they should use a platform that is simple and easy to configure.
  • Customizable and scalable features: Choosing a platform yourself makes it easy for users to add new features to their blog or customize the design.
  • Integrate features to use the platform to add income: Currently, earning money online through blogging is gradually becoming a trend and is being implemented by a large number of users. As the blog gains regular daily traffic, you can also monetize these platforms.
  • Support functionality: For those new to blogging platforms, there will sometimes be a need for help creating, designing and managing their blog. Therefore, the support functionality in the platforms is essential.

Also, there are some features to consider, such as: built-in SEO optimization tools, lots of design options. The most important is the cost you pay to own the services of the platform.

So we learned together Compare Blogspot and WordPress. Please refer carefully to the above information WordPress Tips So that you can get the best blogging platform choice for you.


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