Filter products by price range Woocommerce

Filter products by price range Woocommerce


WOOF – WooCommerce Products Filter – is a plugin to help filter products by price range, you can choose according to your desired price range

1. Installation: go to Plugins => select Add new then type the keyword “WooCommerce Products Filter”:

2. Usage:

You go to woocommerce => select the Product Fileter tab

There is a Search by Price section to create a search by product price

  • as radi button: choose how to display the style here is the cell style

You click additional options with some main items as follows

  • Show button: whether or not to show the filter button
  • Title text: Search field title
  • Tooltip: show description on hover
  • Dropdown and radio: select the price range, you want to filter by any price range, then fill in that range, for example, in your image, so that the price range is 100000-2000000, 150000-3000000 ,50000-10000

You want it to display in the Shop page section, you need to add a widget for that: Layout => WooCommerce Products Filter drag widget

Then save and go to the review page:


So I have shared how to filter products by Woocommerce price range.

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I wish you to have interesting and interesting knowledge about wordpress!


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