Fix the response is not a valid JSON response WordPress error –

Fix the response is not a valid JSON response WordPress error -


While using WordPress, you create new content and cannot update it, then the system will return an error warning as follows”the response is not a valid JSON response“. This error is not too complicated and you can handle it in any of the following ways.

Here are some ways that I summarize to fix the error:

1. You can download the plugin first Classic editor:

This error usually occurs on the new block named Gutenberg in the new version of WordPress.

Please disable Gutenberg by running the plugin classic editor.

classic editor

2. It is possible that your functions file has an error on the first line, it may be because you commented the code, for example.

3. Check the static path in Settings => Static Path => Post Title

4. Disable all plugins installed on the WordPress website.

Disable all plugins on your site and edit content normally. If you are using the Simple SSL plugin, disable it first. Then try saving at the content level. If you can save it without any errors, re-enable the plugins one by one to check which plugin is causing the error.


I hope the tutorial on how to fix the response is not a valid JSON response error in WordPress.

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