Instructions for creating a mobile interface for WordPress using WP Touch

Instructions for creating a mobile interface for WordPress using WP Touch


Create mobile interface for wordpress will help to optimize wordpress on mobile display, make pages load faster and improve user experience. WPTouch is a plugin for creating mobile interfaces. This plugin is commonly installed and ranks as the most installed today because it is very lightweight. Moreover, it also includes complete features in the free version such as: creation of page titles, creation of menus, search fields… and many other functions. In particular, WPtouch also has a Vietnamese installation interface that makes it easy for you to use. Lets go WordPress Tips Learn more in the article below

Instructions for creating a mobile interface for wordpress

Step 1: Setting. On the wordpress interface, select plugin -> install new -> search and install WP touch plugin then activate it.

wordpress mobile interface

2nd step: Configuration. After the installation is complete, you need to configure more details to mobile theme for WordPress beautiful and convenient for users. How to: after installation finished, on wordpress working page will appear WPtouch -> click WP touch-> select settings-> show WP touch control panel, then install as below, create interface mobile wordpress.

In the general introduction tab (create a mobile interface for wordpress)

  • In the Site Compatibility tab. Since this tab is in the paid version, you don’t use any features.

create a wordpress mobile interface

  • Device tab: enable all to allow WPtouch to display all information on mobile.

how to use wptouch

Normally, the WP touch plugin automatically uses the website menu. If you want to modify it, do not modify it because the menu panel of the mobile interface must be compatible with the appearance of the website. A little note, if your website is sales page, forum, you need to enable “Show login menu” to have login function for customers.

Interface customization tab

Go to Customizer -> interface customization panel will appear. Then you adjust the display settings of the mobile website to make it more beautiful: colors, fonts, share buttons… You can also do some ways to optimize wordpress on mobile devices: optimize images, minify code, use browser cache or redirect page.

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Here’s how to create mobile theme for WordPress, please note to apply to your website. Don’t forget to read the next articles of WordPress Tips Please


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