Instructions on how to point your domain to the easiest cPanel host

Instructions on how to point your domain to the easiest cPanel host


Point domain to cPanel host That’s what programmers have to do. Because cPanel is a tool to help you manage your website easier and more efficiently. Concretely how? Lets go WordPress courses Find out in detail

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a tool to help you manage a website more simply and efficiently. It helps you to aggregate information, collect data, protect necessary documents, manage emails… Each website management tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, cPanel too. But, by all accounts, cPanel has always worked well and is a pretty perfect hosting management solution.

Advantages of cPanel

cPanel is very easy to use, the learning time is also very fast. Moreover, it is quite profitable. It is a tool that has been researched and tested by many experts. The installation is done automatically, you can easily find the documentation on the internet.

Some Disadvantages of cPanel

Apart from the above advantages, cPanel still has some disadvantages such as:

  • Parameters can be easily changed without high constraints
  • Too many unnecessary features
  • Few new version updates.

How to point domain to cPanel host

Point domain to cpanel

Join us to learn some of the following terms so you can read the manual on how domain point to host cPanel in the next part.

  • DNS: Abbreviation for Domain Name System. It’s a name that reminds you of a website. After accessing a website’s DNS address, the browser will replace that domain with the website’s IP address to continue the process of sending the request and receiving the requested data.
  • DNS Zone: A complete list of all names with the same domain address. Help the browser determine the scope of the domain search, then retrieve the requested user address.
  • Name Server: Contains DNS zones for all domains. An Internet data file and the Web pages that compose it. It converts domains to IP addresses for your research and use.
  • A record: A basic DNS record that can be compared and replaced when specifically checked. This record can override both DNS and secondary DNS when you create a subdomain for your domain.
  • MX record: A record that identifies server email addresses. Has the function of managing emails and is responsible for receiving emails for the server. All domain and server mail related clocking activities will be redirected to the Google server for resolution.

To be able to point a domain to cPanel hosting, there are many ways to do it. Each approach will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we would like to introduce you to 2 ways to do it simply, quickly and accurately.

Point domain to cPanel host in cPanel

This is the most common and widely used method. According to many experts, pointing the domain by this method will be quite safe. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open cPanel provided to you by web hosts
  • Step 2: When using domain services, the provider will provide you with a separate management page. Please go there for the repair.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to point the domain to cPanel hosting by changing the nameserver. System name server used to convert domain to IP address. To be able to change, you follow these steps: Log in to your website management account. → Click on DNS or change the Nameserver according to the name defined by the provider. → Delete the name server and fill in new information instead. → Wait 24 hours for the DNS to be updated.

This method is not only easy to implement, but also very safe and effective.

How to point domain name to cPanel hosting by IP address

Although little done by the above method. But this method is also a relatively efficient way to point the domain to the cPanel host. The steps are as follows:

Go to cPanel and select Advanced Zone Editor → Will open many domain names. Please select the domain name whose IP address you want to see, because in one host there will be several different domain names. You just have to select the domain you want to see → When you scroll down, you will see that the Name column is your domain, you will find the corresponding IP address in the Registration column → You log in to the management page domain name and declare give the provider 2 more DNS records which are an A record (IP address) and a CNAME record (domain) and you are done.

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So we learned together how point the domain to the CPanel host. Stay tuned for messages WordPress Tutorials ours.


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