The technology industry and smart home products are two highly developed and necessary industries in modern life, with extremely high earning potential due to the very high value of the products.

In this article, we shows you from A to Z how to choose a business niche, how to make money online, create a lucrative channel…

Why should you do these 2 industries?

  • Customer demand is very high.
  • The more modern society uses it, the more it is used.
  • The profits are very high.
  • Easy to earn money and business, maybe not even need to invest. Tips will be shared below.
  • Extremely fun industry to do, easy content creation.

5 ways to make money online from home with tech and household products

1. Sell products

With tech products such as phones, laptops, tech toys… if you are trading in these items, you need experience and a high import turnover.

Nhung advises those unfamiliar with e-commerce not to rush into choosing to sell products. If you have made it you have to decide whether to make it big or make it online to receive orders, if you are in a small province it is easy but in big cities most people will buy through e-commerce channels.

Smart home products: low to high value products. Very easy to do business. Selling this product should focus on selling online, not opening a store.

Suggested household products for sale:

  • Smart household cleaner.
  • Kitchen utensils, help the kitchen tidy, cook faster.
  • Practical cooking machine with many functions.
  • Environmental protection, cleaning, healthy items: for example, a machine that turns food scraps into soil for plants, a machine for washing dirt, toxic raw food…

Where to get supplies?

  • Do a Google search in English to find unique and smart products you want to sell.
  • Find on sources: Aliexpress, Alibaba, Taobao… import.
  • Korea, Japan, and Germany are also three countries that specialize in producing high-value, high-quality smart home appliances.
  • Find wholesale sources on Shopee, Lazada…

Suggested sales channels:

  • Open an offline store. (especially suitable if you work in a province, in a big city, customers often choose electronic chain stores or buy more online).
  • E-commerce channels: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki. When using these channels, you need to learn how to post products, design booth images, attractive products, have real product review videos, beautifully shot, good pricing strategy, competitive, focus on the increase in credibility thanks to many good reviews.
  • Sell ​​on the website: you should have a website that allows customers to buy products automatically like on shopee. Selling on your own website is very convenient, there is no commission for the e-commerce channel and no price competition. Try to push the SEO of many keywords to the top, you will have a stable source of customers.
  • Social Media Channels: including tiktok, youtube, facebook mainly drive traffic to bring customers to the website to buy and run ads. These channels focus on video content.

2. Affiliate (affiliate marketing)

Affiliate is a channel that Nhung strongly recommends you do. No loss of capital, the commission is high.

Your task is to produce content, attract many followers, subscribers, viewers for your channels such as website, youtube, tiktok…

Create quality, engaging, and compelling content that entices viewers to click on the affiliate link you feature to buy. Youtubers, tiktokers and high traffic website owners can earn hundreds of millions to billions of dong through affiliates.

At that time, you will also earn commissions on customer purchases through your link. You don’t have to worry about capital, customer service, shipping, inventory…

To get affiliate links of products to earn money, you sign up for affiliate programs directly on Shopee, Lazada, Tiki or through affiliate networks such as:

Video tutorial to become an affiliate. Don’t forget to click subscribe to see many great teaching clips from Nhung’s youtube channel.

3. Drop shipping

This is the type of you who post the products on the website to sell and when the customer buys, you send the order to the supplier, he ships it directly to the customer. Learn more about dropshipping.

With this type of business, you do online on the website without spending money or shipping, but you still have to take care of the customers and be responsible for the quality of the products.

Especially, with electronic product lines, smart home appliances, you can dropship in Vietnam or with international platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress.

If you are dropshipping, Nhung recommends choosing products that are unique and rare in the market so as not to be pressured by competition on price.

4. Advertising

There are 2 types of ads you can earn:

One is on the website: Google ads, ad units contact you, PR articles feature products, … most of them apply to websites focused on blogs and reviews .

Secondly, on social networks: you just need to have one of the channels with a large number of subscribers and high views, you can earn money by automatically showing advertisements on your videos, brands that make videos with PR products, write PR posts on facebook…

5. Product number.

You can create software, online courses, e-books, tools, themes, templates, etc. to solve customer problems in the technological field. Digital products are a hugely profitable industry, created once and can be sold endlessly.

After doing business with digital products, services and products, when creating digital products (specifically, a course), Nhung achieved the best success and revenue.

Of course, this product is not for everyone as it requires a lot of industry experience and knowledge.


  • If Nhung exchanges these items, Nhung will not open an offline store and import many goods.
  • Nhung will focus on building lucrative channels without spending more capital, with the lowest risk.
  • In particular, Nhung can use his brain to create good content, push social media channels with more views to earn money from ads and more affiliates.

You can learn how to create content, business websites, how to create content, develop social media channels, business strategies and how to make money in the online technology industry and all other industries. in this online course to earn money.

Guide to online marketing and business in this industry

Discover market needs

  • Find keywords or do research to see if customer demand is high for the products you want to sell.
  • Any potential customer needs the market to have no product to satisfy. You can check international e-commerce sites to see if the product is available and import it.
  • Segment the customers and products you want to trade.

These market research documents can be easily found through Google and keyword search engines.

You can research data to make a more accurate assessment before embarking on this endeavor.

How to Leverage Content to Build a Marketing Channel

To see what you need to do, look for the following:

Let’s pretend to be a spectator to find

  • Use the keyword research tool to enter keywords related to what you intend to do.
  • Go to social media to see how often people share clips and articles.
  • Learn English sites, there are blog posts for you to get content ideas.

Once you have an idea, you list it in a Google Sheets file to start creating content.

How to use marketing channels


  • Used to publish products and customers can buy them automatically on the web.
  • Write lots of blog posts to do marketing funnel, group seeding, optimize SEO to get to the top of Google and automatically bring visitors to you.


  • Deploy a fanpage to post products.
  • The video review, user manual, product presentation…
  • Video, viral post: especially smart home appliances. This type of video is loved by many people.
  • Message with image + text: For example, if you sell air fryers, share recipes with air fryers, tips for using technology to protect…

You don’t know how to design a beautiful image, so you should buy dozens of ready-made customer service templates, just change the product image by filling in the text again, it takes seconds. Download the beautiful template here.


  • Video review technology and earn money as an affiliate. As a  review channel.
  • Cooking videos use household items and users will buy them from the link in your bio.

There are lots of ideas from other channels like youtube, instagram and pinterest that you can do.

The most important thing is to create quality and engaging content, a high conversion rate in the content and techniques for using hashtags, to increase views. The more views you get, the more money you will earn.


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