Send data from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets

Send data from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets


Settings for sending data from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets.

1. Installation: you go to Plugins => select Add new then type the keyword “cf7”:

2. Usage:

Go to Contact Form => Google Sheets:

here you do the getcode, request access to google sheets with your gmail

Create a new spreadsheet on Google Sheets

To save user submitted information, you need to create a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

When creating a spreadsheet, remember to pay attention to 2 parameters: Spreadsheet name and sheet name as following:

+ Gsheet connector demo sheets: is the name of the spreadsheet (Google Sheet Name).

+ CF7-Demo: is the name of the sheet (Google Sheet Tab Name).

Now go to the Contact Form section, select the form to submit:

Fill in the fields of Google Sheet Name, Google Sheet Tab Name as I mentioned above

and Google Sheets Id and Google Tab Id, depending on your browser URL, copy it into the example as follows:

In the Google Sheets sheet, enter the contents of the columns as follows:

  • date: time entry.
  • your-email is the cf7 field you use to receive customer data.

This is an example of a complete relationship


Installation at send data from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets is very easy with just Google Sheets Connector CF7 Plugin all free. If you have any questions during the installation process, please leave a comment in the box below and I will help you.

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