The most detailed way to insert Google Form in WordPress

The most detailed way to insert Google Form in WordPress


Google Forms is a great tool for collecting user information through forms. It is completely free and does not limit the number of forms. You can ask multiple-response questions or answer them by scoring. In this article, WordPress courses will show you how Insert Google Form in WordPress. Please follow our article.

How to insert Google Form in WordPress

First, you need to create a Google Form:

  • Then sign in to your Google account, choose to create a default page or you can create from an existing template.

google wordpress forms

  • Fill in the required fields and the answers you want to receive. You can also add questions, images, videos…

google form

  • Get the embed link after filling in the Google form by clicking submit (top right corner of the website). After clicking Submit, the embed link will appear.

send a sample form

  • Copy the link into the “<>” icon. You can also leave the default size.

insert a google form

  • Change the post editor to “Edit to HTML”: You go to your WordPress website, create a new post or edit an old one. Click on the vertical ellipsis and select “Edit as HTML” in the post area.

how to insert a google form

  • Insert Google Form link in html block

insert google form wordpress

  • Click Preview to preview the page, change the mode to “Visually Edit” and you can see how the post looks like after inserting Google Form into the website.

how to insert a google form

  • Publish the message when you are done.

Attention: If you are using the old version of the WordPress editor, to be able to embed google form in webpageyou enter text editor mode, paste the Google Form link as shown below:

embed google form in website

  • Finally, go back to the visual editor and you will see the same result.

embed google form

Instructions for integrating Google Form into Email

Above we presented how Insert Google Form in WordPresscontinue to follow how to insert it in the email.

Steps to embed Google Form in an email

  • Create a Google Form after logging into your Google account.
  • Fill in the mandatory fields of the form.
  • Share your form by clicking submit to share it with your email account.
  • Embed the form link in the email by selecting the cover letter icon in the pop-up window. Next, enter your email address in the “To” box. You must check the Include form in email box to display it in the body of the email.

embed google forms in email

This is the result your friend gets when they open the email.

google form in email

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Here are instructions on how Insert Google Form in WordPressfollow our next articles to find out more WordPress Tutorials Please.


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