The Only 29 SEO Tools Experts Recommend 2022

The Only 29 SEO Tools Experts Recommend 2022

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With the strong development of SEO, SEO tools increasingly diverse and useful. However, you don’t need to use all of them, but you should choose the tools that suit your needs. To get an objective view of this field, discover these 29 tools recommended by many experts. let’s go too SEODO Follow the content of the article below!

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1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – SEO Tool for Webmasters

Monitor your site’s SEO status, see who is linking to your site, and find out how your site ranks on Google

Before you start optimizing your website, you should make sure that the technical condition is guaranteed. SEO tools Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Perform a comprehensive analysis of your site to check for over 100 common SEO issues. You will also be able to see who is linking to your site and discover your top keywords..

SEO tools
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools SEO tool runs comprehensive site scans

Main characteristics

This helpful tool not only tells users what’s wrong with your site, but it also shows what caused the problem and how you can fix it.

SEO tools
The tool shows what caused the problem and how you can fix it

2. Google Keyword Planner – Keyword SEO Tool

Google Keyword Research Tool

Designed for keyword research for Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner (GKP) a SEO tools Particularly important. The reason is that this tool is created by Google and many people believe that the data obtained from Google Keyword Planner is the most accurate.

beautiful girl
Google Keyword Planner is created by Google

But in one test, the results showed that GKP almost always overestimates the actual search volume and is only about 45.22% accurate. Another limitation of GKP is that it does not show the absolute search volume, only a certain range. However, it’s still a useful tool to help you understand the basics of the keyword research process.

Main characteristics

Most keyword research tools show you ideas based on the original keyword you entered. For instance: If you search for “coffee”, you will get ideas like “coffee bean”, “coffee shop near me”, “coffee shops”, “keurig coffee maker”,…

On the other hand, Google Keyword Planner can show you related keywords based on the meaning of the original word. For instance: With the “coffee” keyword, you can get GKP keywords like “cappuccino”, “espresso”, “barista” and “french press” even if they don’t contain the word “coffee”.

SEO tools
Google Keyword Planner can show you related keywords based on the meaning of the original word

3. Keyworddit – Thematic Keyword SEO Tool

Do some keyword research on Reddit

Keyword research is the process of researching topics your audience is looking for. Is there a better way than to find the topics people are discussing on one of the major forums (or Reddit)? With Keyword users simply enter the name of the subreddit your audience is participating in. SEO tools This will extract the keywords from this community.

SEO tools
Keyworddit pulls keywords from the communities your audience participates in

Main characteristics

Keyworddit also shows you the context in which keywords appear:

beautiful girl
The purpose of Keywordit is to show you the context

4. Google Trends – Effective SEO Tool for Trending

See search trends from around the world

google trends shows the popularity of a topic over time. Use this tool to capture and capitalize on trending topics and avoid creating content on topics that are declining in interest.

SEO tools
Google Trends shows the popularity of a topic over time

Main characteristics

Google Trends also shows you related topics and queries that are becoming popular:

SEO tools
The outstanding feature of Google Trends will be effective in predicting trends

5. RankMath – Best SEO Tool for WordPress

WordPress SEO plugin for on-page SEO and technical SEO.

It won’t be easy to put the title tag, meta description, OG tag and other meta tags yourself for every post you publish. But if you’re using WordPress, you don’t need to. RankMath will help you add all this easily.

beautiful girl
RankMath will help you add all cards in an easy way

Besides, RankMath also helps users with the following tasks:

  • Redirect URL.
  • Find and fix dead links on your site.
  • View Google Search Console data in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Monitor your keyword rankings.

Main characteristics

RankMath has a full library of categories that you can add to your posts:

SEO tools
RankMath provides users with a library of categories

6. SEO Tool – Google SERP Code Snippet Optimization Tool

See what your page looks like on the SERPs

SEO tools
The first step is to enter the title, meta description and URL

The first step is to enter your title, meta description, and suggested URL. The tool will then tell you what your site will look like in the search results.

beautiful girl
Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool will tell you what your website will look like

You can already do this if you use a WordPress plugin like RankMath. But Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool will be very useful if you are not using WordPress.

Main characteristics

Users can view the rich snippet and date to see how it looks on the SERPs:

SEO tools
You can check the rich snippet and date display

7. Optimization Tools – Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Generate structured data markup in JSON-LD format.

Categories help search engines better understand your content. These articles often have a higher click-through rate than regular search results. Merkle Schema Markup Generator help you generate the correct schema code. All you have to do is choose the type of category you want to create and include it on your website. Users can do this with RankMath, but it’s a good tool if you don’t have RankMath.

beautiful girl
Merkle’s Schema Markup Generato helps you generate the right schema code

Main characteristics

This is not a unique feature of this tool. But once you’ve created your category, you can check its validity using’s Markup Validator.

8. Google Search Console – Best SEO Tool

Free Google tool to help you monitor and troubleshoot website on SERPs

Users use Google Search Console to find and correct technical errors on the website. Additionally, users can submit sitemaps, view structured data issues, test Core Web Vitals, and more.

beautiful girl
Google Search Console is used to find and fix technical errors on the website

Main characteristics

The URL Inspection tool provides information about the Google-indexed version of a particular page. You can enter any URL to review. More advanced users can even use the URL Inspection API to inspect their data in bulk.

SEO tools
URL Inspection tool provides indexed version information

9. SEO Tool – Cloudflare

Free Global CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of servers that helps users access websites faster. A CDN caches static content on its servers so it can load it faster by serving it from a location close to the visitor. Cloudy used to speed up your website and protect it from malicious attacks.

SEO tools
Cloudflare will speed up your website and protect it from malicious attacks

Main characteristics

Cloudflare automatically provides free SSL for your website. This is important because HTTPS protects your site and is a Google ranking factor.

10. Website Performance Testing Tool – GTmetrix

Analyze the loading speed of your web pages

Page speed has been a Google ranking factor since 2010. So if your site is extremely slow, that could be the reason it’s not ranking well. Use GTmetrix to test your page speed and see how it performs:

beautiful girl
GTmetrix can test your page speed and see the page in action

Main characteristics

GTmetrix also shows you the top issues affecting your site, along with suggestions for improving them:

SEO tools
GTmetrix also shows you the top issues affecting your site

11. SEO Tool – Robots.txt Generator

Create a robots.txt file in the standard format

The robots.txt file tells search engines where they can and cannot access your site. Fundamentally, SEO tools This lists all the content you want blocked from search engines like Google. If you don’t already have a robots.txt file on your site, use this tool to create one quickly.

SEO tools
Robots.txt Generator lists all the content you want to block from search engines like Google

Main characteristics

If you’ve updated your account, select “Customize” to create separate rules for bots, subfolders, etc.

beautiful girl
The Customize section helps you create your own rules for robots or subdirectories

12. Use the Hreflang Tag Generator for Multilingual Websites

Generate hreflang tags to specify your site’s language and geo-targeting

hreflang is an HTML attribute used to specify multilingual targeting. If you have multiple versions of the same page in different languages, you can use the hreflang tag to notify search engines like Google of these variations. You simply add the URLs you want, select your target country and language, and click “Generate”.

SEO tools
hreflang is an HTML attribute used to specify multilingual targeting

Main characteristics

You can bulk load URLs (up to 50 URLs) into the tool. Simply click “Choose File” and upload your CSV file.

13. Software to Support SEO – SERP Checker by Ahrefs

See the top 10 ranking pages for any keyword

Google personalizes search results based on factors such as your location, language, and search history. Therefore, depending on your location, the search results may be very different. Use Ahrefs’ SERP Checker to view real-time search results for the most accurate SERP.

SEO tools
Ahrefs SERP checker delivers real-time search results

Main characteristics

For the top three search results, you’ll also see important SEO metrics like number of referring domains, number of backlinks, estimated search traffic, etc., top-ranking pages, and understand why they rank lower. square.

beautiful girl
For the first three search results, you will see important SEO metrics

14. Google Analytics – Google’s Free SEO Tool

Google Analytics tool

Google Analytics It is considered the most widely used analysis tool today. This tool is not only free but also very effective. The app gives you all of your website data, which you can analyze and dissect to improve almost every aspect of your marketing.

SEO tools
Google Analytics is considered the most widely used analytics tool today.

Please note that Google is replacing the current version of Google Analytics with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics (current version) will no longer process data and data will only go to GA4. If you already have Google Analytics, make sure you have configured GA4.

15. Google Data Studio – SEO Reporting Software

Create interactive dashboards and reports

Google Data Studio is software that helps you easily create SEO reports for clients and superiors. Google Data Studio integrates with Google’s toolkit, so merging data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. is relatively easy.

SEO tools
Google Data Studio is a software to help you create SEO reports

Main characteristics

You can add data from the SEO tools like Ahrefs.

16. Ahrefs WordPress SEO Plugin – Competitor Analysis Tool

Run a content check on your site

Everything you do will not succeed. From these elements, you can evaluate and learn lessons to improve performance. To do this, you have to find sites that are not performing well. The WordPress SEO plugin will automate the content review process and give recommendations to users.

beautiful girl
The WordPress SEO plugin will automate the process

Main characteristics

When you click on the suggestions, the tool will give you suggestions on what to do next.

SEO tools
You will get other recommendations

17. Google Business Profile Manager – SEO Management Software

Manage how your local business appears on Google

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 36% of SEOers consider a business profile on Google to be the most important ranking factor for a map package. So if you’re running a local business, make sure you’ve set up your Google Business Profile Manager.

SEO tools
You need to configure Google Business Profile Manager

Main characteristics

Use your Google Business Profile Manager to create and share review links to get more reviews for your business.

18. Time Machine

See what pages looked like in the past

Time Machine take the history of pages and store them in the database. You can then enter any URL to view older versions of web pages (even currently broken ones). For instance: If you rebuild a broken link, you can revisit what was originally on the old page to regenerate it.

beautiful girl
The Wayback Machine takes page history and stores it in the database

Main characteristics

If your competitors are constantly making changes or updating their pages, you can also enter their URLs into the Wayback Machine to see what sections or subtopics they’ve added.

19. Google – the first search engine

The most used search engine in the world

When there are many SEO tools For free, you can’t forget Google – arguably the most powerful tool. You can use Google to perform various SEO tasks. For instance: You can use Google to determine search intent to align your page accordingly.

SEO tools
Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword “best french press”

Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword “best French press”. If you Google the term, you will find that people want to learn, not buy. Specifically, they wanted to see a comparison of all the best and most modern French presses:

Main characteristics

You can use Google to find guest posting opportunities, internal linking opportunities, lead links, and more.

20. Ahrefs Keyword Tool – The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

See the top 100 keyword ideas for any root keyword, along with related research data.

This free keyword research tool will show the top 100 keyword ideas for any keyword or phrase, along with the 50 most relevant questions. Ahrefs’ Keyword Tool also shows you important keyword data, such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

SEO tools
Ahrefs Keyword Tool Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty

Main characteristics

In addition to Google, you can find keywords for other major search engines like YouTube, Bing, and Amazon. Users only need to select the search engine to get the data.

beautiful girl
You can find keywords for other major search engines like YouTube, Bing and Amazon

21. Also Asked

Find the questions people often ask

For almost any question you search on Google, you’ll see a SERP feature called People Also Asked (PAA). AlsoAsked shows you AAP questions related to the topic you entered. Use these to find subtopics and questions that might be useful to answer in your article.

SEO tools
AlsoAsked shows you AAP questions related to the topic you entered

Main characteristics

When you click on a PAA question in Google, other PAA questions will appear. AlsoAsked lets you dig deeper into that research (but you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan).

SEO tools
AlsoAsked lets you dive deeper into research

22. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – A Quick Website Inspection Tool

Multi-functional browser extension that provides SEO data about the pages and websites you visit

beautiful girl
Ahrefs SEO toolbar displays meta information, post date, and more. of a webpage

Ahrefs SEO toolbar shows meta information, post date, and more. of a webpage. With this tool, you can view SEO data for any website you visit, including:

  • Page title
  • Meta Description
  • Date of publication and revision of the page
  • Number of words
  • Title
  • Hreflang Tag
  • Canonicals
  • OG card.

In addition, this tool also has the following functions:

  • Check for broken links.
  • Trace the redirect chain (full path).
  • Highlight the nofollow link.
  • And more.

Main characteristics

If you signed up for an Ahrefs account, you can view the metrics in the SERPs themselves.

SEO tools
You can see the metrics in the SERPs themselves

23. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

See the top 100 backlinks to any website or webpage

One of the most common activities in link building is chasing the links of your competitors. You should look at your competitors’ links to find the right tactic. To do this, you will first need to see what is associated with them. All you have to do is enter the URL of the competing page into Ahrefs’ backlink checker.

SEO tools
The tool lets you see the top 100 backlinks to any website or webpage

Main characteristics

The tool also shows you the top 5 linked pages, most popular link text, total number of backlinks and referring domains, as well as domain rank (DR) and URL review scores (UR ). This is all important information that can help shape your link building strategy.


Find email address

Most link building tactics involve contacting and convincing someone to link to your site. To do this, you will need their email address. lets you find anyone’s work email address. The tool will show you a list of found email addresses.

beautiful girl
The tool will show you a list of found email addresses

Main characteristics

If you’re building links on a large scale, you can use’s bulk email search engine to search and verify email addresses all at once.

25. Help a reporter out (HARO)

Free service that connects sources of information with journalists looking for expertise

This is how SEO tools It works:

  • Ask questions that require expert answers.
  • HARO sent an email with these questions.
  • Anyone can respond and potentially become a source of posts.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you already have an established website; It’s a great way to build authoritative links.

Main characteristics

Although not a feature of HARO, this content will be very useful to you. When you register for HARO, you should receive numerous e-mails from HARO every day. You want to receive only work-related emails from HARO. To do this, you need to create a Gmail filter. Here’s how:

  • Tap the slider to the right of the search bar.
  • Paste (or another feed) into “de”.
  • Add your keyword to “Includes words” and use quotes to treat multiple words as one keyword.
SEO tools
HARO Mail Filters

26. Short Pixel

Optimize your images

Large images (in terms of file size) may take longer to load and therefore affect your page speed. Google even has extensive documentation on how to optimize your images for the web. For best results, experiment with different quality settings for your images and don’t be afraid to lose quality. You can also use ShortPixel to compress, optimize and resize your images.

Main characteristics

ShortPixel automatically optimizes your media library:

SEO tools
ShortPixel automatically optimizes your media library

27. Show Rendered Source

See how a browser renders a page

The browser renders a page’s original HTML into the DOM, including changes made by JavaScript. It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to test or troubleshoot JavaScript.

beautiful girl
The browser renders the original HTML of a page in the DOM

Main characteristics

The rendered source view shows the difference between the raw version of your code and what is rendered.

28. BrightLocal Local SERP Checker

View search results from anywhere

If you do local SEO, you’ll want to see more geographically detailed search results. You can use BrightLocal’s Local SERP Checker tool for this.

Main characteristics

Depending on the country, you can even specify the language:

SEO tools
You can specify the language depending on the country

29. Google Alerts

Track mentions of your name or business online

You can use this tool to set up name or company mentions. Depending on the frequency you choose, Google Alerts will then send you an email with all the pages that mention the phrase you are tracking. You can also use it to track your competitors.

SEO tools
You can use this tool to configure the company name or mentions

Main characteristics

Use Google Alerts to track unlinked mentions. An unaffiliated mention is a mention about your brand, product or service that is not affiliated with you. Set up multiple Google alerts for all terms related to your brand, such as:

  • Ahrefs
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Tim Soulo

Through the article on 29 SEO tools Today you have acquired a lot of useful knowledge in the field of SEO. The selection of additional tools will greatly affect the efficiency of the SEO process. If you need SEO advice or have any related questions, please contact us directly SEODO to get the best help.

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