Top 10 Best Widgets for WordPress

Top 10 Best Widgets for WordPress


Cool widgets for WordPress This is something that many programmers are interested in. Choosing which widgets are effective for your website is not easy. If you use widgets indiscriminately, your website will be heavier. Even being infected with malicious code. let’s be together WordPress courses Check out the best widgets available today

Recent Articles Widget with Thumbnails

WordPress Widgets

Recent Posts with Thumbnails widget helps you display current posts in wordpress with thumbnails. It will use the featured image or the first image of an article as the thumbnail. You can also adjust the width and height of the image in the widget settings.

Widget Category Posts

Category Articles displays recent articles from a selected table of contents. You can display the post title as a list, or you can also choose to display only the description and thumbnail.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

There is an easy way to add a map to your website and that is to use the Google Maps widget. This widget helps you to display google map in widget. When the user clicks on the map, a larger map appears in a pop-up window. It is one of Cool widgets for WordPress for companies that want to display their location on the company website.

Authors Widget, one of the best widgets for WordPress

This widget allows you to display the name of the author accompanied by his avatar as well as links to his articles. You can also view selected articles and links to the author’s RSS feed.

youtube gallery widget

This widget allows you to display the latest videos from your YouTube channel on your website. It will display your video in an easy-to-see grid that takes up less space and looks more interesting.

Quick chat widget

Quick chat Widget is a small but very powerful and highly configurable chat system for WordPress websites. It comes with a WordPress-widget that you can embed in your sidebar. Allow chat anywhere on your website. You can also create a private chat page on your website and use small code [quick-chat].

Random Posts Widget

This plugin makes it easier for you to display random posts in the sidebar. Widget settings also allow displaying random posts from a particular category. You can add these widgets multiple times.

Social Count Plus Widget

This is the widget you have seen on famous websites. Social Count Plus Widget makes it easy to display your counted social media followers in your sidebar. The settings provided by Social Count Plus Widget will help you build trust with customers when they visit your website.

WordPress Widget Image

If you need to insert an image in the sidebar, you must write the HTML code in the text widget. But, many people don’t know how to write HTML and can’t design an image properly. Widget picture helps you solve this problem by allowing users to insert an image using the media uploader in WordPress. This widget also provides a graphical user interface for adding captions, text, and image size selection.

Simple Contact Information Widget – Cool Widget For WordPress

contact information widget

Simple contact info widget makes it easy to add contact information, by filling out a form. Then you just need to drag and drop the contact information widget to display this information. You can also customize your form by adding attributes to your shortcode or listing form submissions in your dashboard.

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