Top 9 Best Email Marketing Software That Can’t Be Ignored

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is growing and being invested by businesses. Join FPT Skillking to learn about Email Marketing and other email marketing software best today.

What is email marketing?
What is email marketing?

Email marketing/Email marketing is the act of sending commercial messages, usually to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or existing customer can be considered email marketing.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Is one email marketing software makes it easy to share ad campaigns with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers on your email list at the same time.

Besides, Mailchimp also provides detailed and accurate statistics and data analysis on the results of email marketing campaigns so that you can adjust, improve, and improve efficiency in the future.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021 What is Mailchimp?


  • Clear and coherent reporting.
  • Free large storage plan up to 2500 recipients and send 12000 emails/30 days.
  • The interface is intuitive, clear, and user-friendly and very easy to use.
  • Compatible with 3rd party services and compatible with many software.
  • Good support for the field of e-commerce, especially in CRM (customer relationship management).
  • Committed by reputable businesses and conscientious founders.
  • Support A/B testing for broadcast emails with high efficiency.
  • The support tools in Mailchimp are used a lot to support email marketing campaigns or in the field of E-commerce.
  • Support effective testing email campaign A/B testing for broadcast emails.
  • Provide free beautiful, impressive and professional email templates.
  • Capable of storing large amounts of information, customer data files, email templates… of the business
  • Diversity of Mailchimp email marketing service packages with many different price packages, suitable for many objects such as businesses or individuals.


  • As your list grows, its cost can become more expensive.
  • Not flexible by focusing too much on the subscriber list.
  • Mailchimp does not support tagging users
  • Limitations in automating complex marketing strategies.
  • Not available for actual events.
  • Still adding subscribers already in the old list.
  • Creating signup forms isn’t perfect.
  • The high rate of emails from Mailchimp moving to customers’ promotional email inboxes directly affects the email click-through rate and conversion rate of email marketing campaigns.
  • If you don’t have a Mailchimp premium account, chances are you won’t get regular support from Mailchimp support.

2. Getresponse

Getresponse is an Email Marketing tool (email marketing) that is very commonly used in the Online Marketing industry.

Using this utility, you can create many automated email campaigns to your potential customers according to the plan and script that you have scheduled and written before.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
Getresponse – Tool to make online marketing easier


  • Getresponse is cheaper than many of its main competitors (in certain cases, significantly), while offering more, if not more functionality.
  • Really great marketing automation functionality.
  • It offers a great approach to data segmentation – in this respect it is much more flexible than many competing products, especially Mailchimp.
  • Its ‘Conversion Funnel’ feature is potentially useful for sellers looking to manage all aspects of their sales funnel and e-commerce operations.
  • Its reporting features are very comprehensive.
  • Getresponse is transparent about distribution rates, publishes metrics on its website, and provides delivery statistics for the e-newsletters you send.
  • All Getresponse plans come with a useful (if affordable) landing page builder that facilitates A/B testing – something that can save you a lot of money.
  • Support is provided in multiple languages.


  • While you can use the Facebook pixel with the Getresponse landing page feature, you cannot do so in a GDPR-compliant manner.
  • The drag and drop interfaces for creating landing pages and forms are a bit clunky and need improvement.
  • The way data collection forms work can be improved, so that users have the option to enable or disable them on mobile devices.
  • There is no 2-factor authentication at login.
  • There is a fixed limit of 500 webinar attendees.
  • No phone support is offered (unless you are on the “Max” plan).

Infographic - How To Build Trust With Customers In Your Email List
GetResponse PRO (Email Marketing Software, Landing Pages and Webinars, Marketing Automation)

3. Benchmark

Benchmark or Benchmarking in economics is a management technique aimed at improving the performance of a business. This technique will be used to compare the performance of different organizations with similar field activities, or between different departments in the same organization or enterprise.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a continuous method of evaluating and improving products, services and habits to achieve a leading position in an industry or field. This method is also defined as a best practice in keeping the business running at its best.

Benchmarking can compare similar business practices without having to consider whether the output is different or the output is difficult to compute.


  • Easy to understand and use.
  • If done properly, it is a low cost operation that yields huge profits.
  • Bring creative ideas to the company.
  • Gives you insight into how other companies organize their operations and processes.
  • Increase your cost awareness and performance level compared to your competitors.
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams, units and departments.


  • You need to find a benchmarking partner.
  • Sometimes it’s not possible to have a single metric to measure a process.
  • You may need to hire a consultant.
  • If your organization has no experience with it, the initial costs can be huge.
  • Managers often resist the changes needed to improve performance.
  • Some best practices cannot be applied to your entire organization.

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4. Aweber

AWeber is an email management software suitable for small businesses and shops with limited human resources who cannot spend much time on email marketing campaigns.

AWeber’s pricing starts from around 420,000 VND/month for a list of 500 customers. And of course, you also have 30 days to try the product for free before deciding to take out your wallet to pay.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
Email Marketing Software – Aweber


  • Easy to sign up and when you sign up you get a 30 day trial
  • Friendly interface, highly aesthetic
  • Like Mailchimp, Aweber can save drafts and schedule but no templates
  • It is possible to store multiple customer lists and you can keep track of them.
  • Create a follower list automatically. You can create a rule for Aweber to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe a person
  • Manage and add followers easily and organize them into logical lists.


  • Aweber does not have a timewarp function like mailchimp, so if you send messages according to your local time, the time in other countries will be different, so it will greatly affect the email open rate.
  • Subscriptions are calculated differently because if a person is inactive they will still count towards the number of subscribers so you may end up paying more. So you need to regularly check the subscription list.

5. Webmail

Webmail is a system that provides email services (receiving mail, sending mail, filtering email) through a website on the Internet. Gmail, AOL mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, … are typical examples of basic webmail-enabled email services.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
What is Webmail?

Webmail is becoming more and more essential and popular than email clients in most businesses, due to the convenience of webmail: users can directly access email online even when they are away from the office or are on the go. during vacation. Webmail really brings convenience and comfort to users/business owners. Remember that Webmail is completely different from Email Client.


  • Ease of use: WebMail interface provides very basic and not too different from today’s email management applications.
  • Backup: One of the indispensable features of a business email client. This feature reduces the risk of user data loss or data loss problems during use.
  • Popularity: With the benefits that WebMail brings, it is not surprising that the popularity of these applications is increasing day by day.
  • No need to use a computer: WebMail allows users to access from any location. As long as there is an internet connection and can be used on many different devices.
  • Searchability: Easily search emails by keyword. Very handy when the number of emails becomes too large.
  • Storage limit: If compared with services on the market today, WebMail especially has the advantage of limited storage when providing a large amount of free storage.


  • An internet connection is required: If you are in an area where internet access is unreliable, there is a risk that you may not be able to access your mail.
  • Unsecured Service: Even the best maintained webmail service can’t eliminate the possibility of a sudden outage, during which you won’t be able to do anything. related to email.
  • Company can lose all email: if using webmail from a reputable and reliable provider, protecting your data from loss or damage is achievable without difficulty.
  • Most webmail services are partially supported by advertising: this is usually not annoying.
  • Privacy: Webmail providers will have access to all your emails.

6. Bizfly

BizFly is one of the effective tools of Engagement Campaign that Admicro provides for businesses. BizFly Chat immediately changes the form of communication with customers on all digital platforms, helping businesses save a lot of time and money in managing communication.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
What is BizFly Cloud?


  • Website speed up: Files are cached in server clusters in Hanoi, TP. Ho Chi Minh City and Server – POP cluster in Da Nang, helping to speed up file return for users throughout Vietnam.
  • Website optimization: Automatically optimize, compress and reduce image file size, css, javascript, help speed up file download and speed up the entire website.
  • Reduce the original server load: Image files, css, javascript … are cached in the server cluster of BizFly Cloud CDN, reducing more than 80% of the bandwidth on your origin server.
  • Friendly interface: Dashboard helps you to exercise full server administration rights (initialization, deletion, reboot, configuration changes, hard drive additions and removals, …) and monitor the status graph of the entire server
  • Integration with Google Apps (G Suite): Google Apps offers a wide range of built-in collaboration tools, which are already used by many companies, partners, and customers around the world.
  • Cost-effective: Cloud computing requires less infrastructure and costs less maintenance, reducing upgrade costs as well as deployment costs.


  • Reduced face-to-face communication: Making more interactions online can cause a natural decline in the quality of those communications. It will take you longer to communicate ideas than talking face to face, not meeting also makes the transmission of information more likely to be misleading.
  • Unnecessary tools: because of the variety, there will always be unnecessary features, even wasting time in the process.
  • Manage more complex workflows: Real-time cloud-based systems can be demanding on this type of administration, especially when operating across multiple shifts or time zones.
  • Security risk: Because it is easy to invite new members to the collaboration system, it is difficult to control whether these participants/inviters have malicious intent or not.

7. Mautic

Mautic is an open source Marketing Automation platform, so it is customizable and integrates well with customer data, helping you create marketing campaigns, send emails, build landing pages, design workflows. with high personalization, bringing the best experience to customers.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
What is Mautic?


  • Full and rich features: Mautic is designed to meet customer information management problems from personal information, customer preferences to all customer-related activities.
  • Running online (Web application): The advantage of running on the web is very clear: ACT ANYWHERE, ANYWHERE possible.
  • Highly customizable (end-user-level customization): With Mautic you can add or remove information to a data object or display as easily as the back of your hand. And the important thing is that you DO NOT COST an extra penny.
  • Manage mass emailing and control post-mail responses. Mautic also has a very powerful feature that you can set an order to automatically send emails and have further customized actions when customers click to read emails as shown in the Workflow above.
  • Runs on any operating system (OS) platform
  • Always ready to expand
  • High integration capabilities
  • Deployment in many forms
  • Widespread, global community of users

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  • Requires technical understanding: It will be difficult to use a Marketing automation system if the staff and leadership do not have certain knowledge in terms of technology.
  • Understanding customers: Without a deep understanding of customers’ thinking and psychology, implementing Marketing Automation will become quite mechanical and sometimes even make customers feel uncomfortable and unnatural.
  • Time-consuming to optimize: Marketing Automation is not a “instant noodle” tool, it will take a lot of time to get used to, improve and get clear results from this system.

8. Sendy

Sendy is an Email Marketing software that helps you send emails through Amazon SES server with the cheapest cost today – 10,000 emails / 1 dollar.


  • Cost to use Sendy is the cheapest email marketing software available today.
  • The process of sending mail is extremely fast, sending more than 10,000 emails can be completed in about an hour.


Automation: absolutely none, only sending in series

No Contact Management integration: cannot view interaction information of each Contact

Sorting the list is fast but there is no automatic filtering, you have to upload it manually, it’s quite annoying if you want to filter out the list of Contacts that open Email or Click on Emails. Had to do it all by hand

9. Sendinblue

Email Marketing & SMS Marketing Service SendinBlue was born not long ago. In general, it is similar to other services with the same function, namely allowing you to manage your follower list, send emails, schedule automatic sending, reply to emails yourself after customers register, etc. . comes with a pretty good free SMTP service. However, some advanced features such as auto-scheduling are not available, so it is mainly for small businesses with simple Email Marketing needs.

Top 9 best email marketing software in 2021
Operation interface of free email marketing software SendInBlue


  • Deliver SMS campaigns
  • Provide a convenient and easy-to-use message response template
  • Email transaction options and autoresponders
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Similar to Aweber and Mailchimp, this software allows creating subscriber lists: supports importing data from CSV or TXT files, in addition, it also allows you to create blacklists and export data as files for ease of use.
  • The campaign creation process is simple, allows adding attachments (up to 5MB), embedding images, and allows duplicating links (allowing subscribers to view mail in their browsers).
  • Integrated photo editing tools like Atomic Mail Sender
  • Campaign tracking feature: you can view campaign reports in the Statistic and My Campaigns tabs. You can also download all of these report files for further analysis.


  • Registering an account seems to be quick, but when you create a campaign and press the complete button, SendinBlue asks you to return to complete the information profile to be able to create a successful Campaign.
  • The template is quite basic and lacks the features associated with third parties.
  • SendinBlue is more difficult to use than other software due to the complexity of setting between fields (fields).

So the above article, FPT Skillking has summarized and shared it with Top 9 readers email marketing software the best of 2021. Thank you for taking the time to follow all the content of this post. If you have questions or need more advice about Email marketing and activities related to Digital Marketing, please contact the website: to get support as soon as possible.

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