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Jetpack is Automatic’s WordPress plugin, a collection of small plugins to meet the needs of webmasters. Specifically, What is a Jetpack?? What functions are there? Lets go WordPress Tips to find

What is a Jetpack?

What is a Jetpack?

Jetpack is Automatic’s WordPress plugin, a collection of small plugins to meet the needs of webmasters. Jetpack comes in handy when you only need to install one plugin but have the functionality of multiple plugins. Let’s learn more about the functions of Jetpack with Mat Bao!

Besides, Jetpack also gives you the freedom to choose which features you want to use. So you can easily disable unnecessary functions to improve website speed.

Jetpack function

jetpack plugin

As mentioned above, Jetpack is a collection of many plugins, so its number of features is also quite large. However, you certainly won’t need to use them all, so take a look and we’ll only highlight the really necessary ones. Specifically, this plugin will be divided into tabs that administrators can easily customize.


The Writing tab is used to manage editing functions. To use it, simply launch the WordPress.com toolbar and enable or disable spell checking. The Burn tab contains image management functions such as image acceleration, full-screen display, and compositing.

Moreover, this tab also has other features such as adding functions, organizing categories, optimizing the website interface for mobile by displaying snippets on the homepage and sending to your e-mail address.


This tab has the effect of grouping the sharing functions on social networks, adding a Share button or a Like button to the publication


This tab allows readers to comment with their social media accounts, automatically log in to Gravatar, enable subscription notifications, and send comments via email.

Traffic tab

It provides search engine visibility options and allows you to add relevant content to your articles to increase conversions. With the help of traffic, the sitemap is automatically submitted to search engines for indexing and your ownership is verified.

Security tab

Security helps control website hacking activity, prevents suspicious login activity, and allows users to login with their WordPress.com accounts.

Jetpack expansion modules

Jetpack has a large number of modules and is constantly updated to improve website management on the WP platform. Here is a list of some popular modules you should know about.

  • Jetpack plugin modules supporting MXH
  • Jetpack Plugin Modules for SEO
  • JetPack plugin modules for post-editing
  • Jetpack plugin module supports web page display
  • Modules to help adjust images on the web
  • Jetpack plugin modules to help set up another website

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Jetpack?

What are the advantages of the Jetpack?

  • Possess many essential features for WP websites such as SEO, interface editing, etc.
  • Includes free and paid add-ons to meet different usage needs.
  • Very high compatibility with WordPress.org, updated regularly by WordPress.com maintainers.

What are the disadvantages of the Jetpack?

  • Due to the integration of too many plugins, the user interface remains complicated.
  • Jetpack will become heavier without removing unnecessary functions.

How to install the Jetpack plugin

You must unblock XML-RPC before continuing to install the Jetpack plugin. Because Jetpack needs XML-RPC to work and the Protect module will help protect this WordPress vulnerability.

On the WordPress.org admin page, select Plugins => Add New, Fill Jetpack to find the plugin.

jet pack

After installing and activating Jetpack, you need to connect the plugin to your WordPress.com account. And click the Get Started with Free button to use it for free or choose one of the paid plans.

Once logged in, you can view Jetpack modules at https://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jetpack_modules. Replace https://yourdomain.com with your domain name.

Some modules need to be activated and configured, you click the Activate button to activate, select Configure to configure. Sometimes installing Jetpack affects other Addons on the current site. If you are using managed WordPress hosting, you need to contact your provider’s technician. They will let you know if it conflicts with existing add-ons. Good luck!

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