What is a null theme? Should I use the Null theme or not?


Null theme is a pirated copy of the original premium theme, illegally pirated and sold online for cheaper or even free. So precisely, What is a null theme?? Should I use a null theme? Lets go WordPress Tips Go find the answer.

What is a null theme?

What is a null theme?

Premium themes are very expensive and free themes are inefficient and unattractive. That’s why many users choose the null theme. The null theme is basically a hacked copy of the original premium theme. Illegally pirated and sold online for cheaper or even free.

These crappy themes come with a lot of major security risks affecting your website. Null theme is also one of the causes of your website being hacked.

What is the difference between Free Theme – Purchased, Shared and Null Theme?

null theme

Free themes and plugins

Themes and plugins are products provided by the author in a free version. You can use it for any free or non-commercial project. And these themes and plugins are not normally used with copyright control programs. And the access efficiency is not high. However, you usually get support and automatic updates like any other commercial product.

Paid themes and plugins

Paid themes and plugins are paid products for commercial activities. With this type of theme, you will buy directly from the seller. You will have a license key for activation and support at the highest level and you will also automatically receive updates whenever a new version is available.

Shared themes

It is also a non-commercial product. As a rule, it can only be used by individuals or a limited number of users. Purchasing and sharing a theme is also considered a form of shared theme. Of course, from a legal point of view, this form of use is also considered illegal.

Canceled themes and plugins

What is a null theme? These are versions of WordPress themes that are copied from the paid versions and shared for free or resold for a lower price, also known as internet redistribution.

Similar Theme canceledNulled Plugins is also a cracked version of paid plugins and can be used normally.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Null Themes

null theme

Did you understand? What is a null theme?? Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t use a lousy theme for your website.

Website Security and Privacy

Canceled theme providers hack the original premium theme by inserting malicious and nasty code. When you use them, hackers can gain access from their servers to infect your website.

In fact, some lousy theme providers intentionally insert malicious code so that they can use your site to get backlinks to their site without your knowledge.

Even if you install SSL to secure the confidential information that visitors submit on your website. Empty themes can disable your SSL security. Malicious code can allow hackers to steal your users’ personal information. Includes contacts, usernames, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Therefore, you should avoid using junk themes as they are very risky for the security and privacy of your WordPress site.

Using the Nulled theme is illegal

The null theme is a premium theme with no license or copyright. Null theme providers remove copyrighted resources to make them free or offer them at a lower cost.

Using pirated themes can lead to legal action if the developers of the original theme file a lawsuit against you.

Website owners make the mistake of installing blank themes. Especially when they start a new blog or don’t want to invest much in the website.

No theme editor support

When you purchase computer and web services, the service provider’s warranty and support are important and necessary to you. But if you buy a lousy theme, no one is responsible for it. Therefore, there is no one to offer you support if you have any issues with the theme you are using.

Null theme affects SEO process

Even if you do all you can to improve your site’s ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. But using a lousy theme will drastically affect your SEO results. As mentioned above, the null theme contains spammy links and malicious code. By using spammy links, an attacker can redirect your visitors to other websites that could harm them. As a result, users will start leaving your website.

Also, spammy links lead to poor user experience. Google ranks websites with harmful content lower in search engine rankings. You might be using hundreds of SEO tricks and blogging tips to improve your website rankings. But what you don’t know is that the lousy theme you are using is hampering your website’s SEO. This is the main reason why you should know what is null theme

Unable to update WordPress

WordPress regularly releases new versions to improve platform security, fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. But if you are using pirated WordPress themes, you will not be able to update the WordPress version. This is another major issue that can lead to website hacks when attackers discover vulnerabilities in outdated versions of WordPress.

Do not encourage the creativity of theme developers

Premium WordPress themes are the result of the theme developer’s hard work, talent, coding and design skills. They spend time and money to design such attractive themes. Also, to have a successful product, they must have a website. Create documents, assign contacts for user support, and more. However, when using a hacked version of this theme, they will not be able to get value for the time, effort and money they have spent on this theme. This can prevent developers from being creative, creating even more beautiful themes to give back to the community.

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So we already know What is a null theme? so please think before using null theme guys. Do not miss the next articles of WordPress Tips


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