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What is search intent?  How to Optimize Search Intent in SEO 2022

What is search intent? How to Optimize Search Intent in SEO 2022

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What is search intent?? Why does this affect website ranking decisions? Google is always on the criteria of bringing quality search results to users. Therefore, search intent has become an important factor in helping you reach desired customer emotions at many different stages. Take a look at the article below to help you better understand the term!

1. What is search intent?

Look for Intention also known as User intent is the user’s goal when using the search engine. To put it simply, when you are looking to buy a certain financial product but you don’t know the specific website to visit. Sometimes the main keyword does not show the full purpose of the search and this is the time when SEOs need to fully grasp the psychology of potential customers to respond.

What is search intent?
Search intent is the target of users

2. What is the difference between search intent and user insight?

Search Intert and Insight, two terms that are no longer foreign to those of you who work in the field of SEO. Basically, the difference is at a superficial level – deep in the expression of the applicant’s needs. When creating content on the website, the first thing you need is to meet all the requirements Intention and satisfied search request users, the possibility of increasing the conversion rate will be extremely promising. So, Search Interest What is different from Insight?

  • Look for Intention represents the visitor’s desire during a search operation. For example, you are looking for “milk to grow adult” then Interest This means looking for adult enhancing milks.
  • Insight expresses the desire deep within the customer, driving the need to search Search Intention. When users are looking for milk to increase their size, Insight owns impressive size to enhance their physique.
What is search intent?
Search Intert and Insight are two terms that are not too unfamiliar

3. Is search intent important for SEO?

Today, investigators are no longer used to knowing products and considering purchases. Users tend to broaden their search all the time and decide to run commands at unpredictable times. Therefore, your page does not meet the search needs Intention of customer. Of course, you will not get a good ranking on the Google platform search engine.

search request
If it doesn’t meet the search intent, it won’t rank well

Moreover, you want to have a good position in the Google ranking, you must have the most relevant results for User intent. Google understands what people want to see when they search for a keyword phrase. So don’t try to maintain rankings subjectively, optimize to meet User intent.

4. Why optimize search intent?

If you want a successful SEO campaign, you need to understand and rank search Intention of the user. From there, create content that aligns with the desires of finding and solving customer problems. So simple to understand, optimize search Interest is the common goal of Google and plays a very important role in the SEO activities of the website.

What is search intent?
Create content that matches search expectations

5. Benefits when optimizing for search intent?

All activity has certain results. Here are 2 outstanding benefits when you optimize for search Intention:

5.1 For SEO

Look for Intention is an important part of SEO that helps navigate search results to users. So if it’s optimal Intention good will increase organic traffic to your site. From there, companies will improve the conversion rate of not only the sales page, but also the informative content.

What is search intent?
Search intent is an important part of SEO

Some of the key benefits of meeting demand well User intent in referencing:

  • Bounce rate: Users find the right information to search for.
  • Increase the number of pageviews (Pageviews): Touch User intent will make customers more curious than other categories on your website
  • To be on TOP Google: If Search Intert optimization is good, to be on the first position of Google will be yours and will also be ranked.
  • Reaching a wider audience: one of the values ​​of good optimization Intention is that Google will rank your page for all queries with the same search intent, making it easier for you to reach potential customers.

5.2 For businesses

Users often use search engines to find nearby addresses or ask questions about company products when posting to any page. So in this case, if you optimize for searches correctly, Intention of visitors such as: City, district, zip code, recent famous destinations, etc., businesses will attract more customers around the sales business area.

What is search intent?
If properly optimized for search intent, businesses can attract a large number of customers

6. How to categorize search intent?

Thus, the classification of research Intention How’s it going ? Let’s immediately see the content below that shows how to classify the User intent like what!

6.1 Intent to seek information

When a user has a question or wants more information on a certain topic, they will perform a query to find the answer. Therefore, the popular implementation of informational research Intention are searches in the form of asking a question or expressing an ordinary sentence.

user intent
Informational search intentions are searches in the form of questions asked

For instance: Lately, some of the most sought-after information by users are:

  • “G63”
  • “Son Tung M-TP”
  • “President Trinh Van Quyet has been arrested”

6.2 Intention to request a commercial investigation

Type User intent This happens when a searcher decides between different brands or products. If the client still hasn’t satisfied the need and gives the final result, then the way for the visitor to find the answer is to use the keyword in the form of a question and a comparison.

What is search intent?
This user intent appears during a searcher’s confusion

Example of a commercial request:

  • Compare iPhone and Samsung phones.
  • Best best sunscreen.
  • Give your opinion on SenKa cleanser.

6.3 Intention to seek transactions

When performing this type of transactional research, the user has the intention and will to trade – buy and sell. Therefore, at this stage, queries will carry intents such as: Specific product name with some accompanying words such as buy, order, where, etc.

What is search intent?
This user intent appears during a searcher’s confusion

Some examples of transaction searches:

  • Buy an HP Pavilion laptop.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 smart phone.

6.4 Navigation search intent

Search navigation intent is the last step a searcher wants to go to to find a page Website specifically, for example:

  • “Facebook”
  • “Twitter”
  • “VPS”
The searcher wants to fetch a specific webpage

7. How to properly identify search intent in SEO 2022?

A common method used by SEOs to determine search Intention is the semantic analysis of Keyword. For example, when searching for the keyword “buy Senko fan”, the search engine will identify the audience looking to buy. However, it is not always true that a user’s query phrase includes a recognizable feature and taxonomy. Therefore, to easily find Search Interest you need to take the help of SERPs tool.

7.1 Search and recognize using verbal signs

By this way after finding When searching for the target keyword, SEOer will observe the results returned by Google to determine the search Intention. Several types of Google searchPopular features can be mentioned as:

  • Purchase results: List of product types.
  • Knowledge graph: Knowledge graph.
  • AdWords Ads: Advertising.
  • People also ask: People often search.
  • Video results: Video results.
What is search intent?
SEOer will observe the results returned by Google to determine search intent

Also, Google tends to display snippets in a certain way for certain types of keywords. Intention. This means the SERPs results page will help you sort User intent.

7.2 Statistics and analyzes via the SERPs format

How to better understand SERP results page? The following article will clarify the content of statistics and analysis through the SERP format.

7.2.1 SERP results with search intent

When you notice the search Intention of the user is to find information. Google will provide search results to searchers in the form of Knowledge Graph profiles, featured snippets (also known as featured snippets), TOP-related questions from major websites such as Wikipedia, dictionary, etc. …

user needs
Google will provide searchers with featured snippets of search results

7.2.2 SERP Results with Navigation Search Intent

When determining that user needs is the intent to seek navigation. Google will try to provide the exact website the user wants to view The results lead to the home page, including sitelinks.

What is search intent?
Google will try to provide the correct website

7.2.3 SERP Results with Transactional Search Intent

Generally, the results returned by Google for queries are ads, product categories, Page e-commerce or maps if the user is looking for something specific.

Google returns for queries which will be ads, product categories

7.3 Planning

Based on the suggestions of Ahrefs, you will understand what is the desire of the user? From there, you can create quality content to optimize for each of those keywords.

What is search intent?
You can create quality content to optimize for each keyword

8. How to optimize search intent?

After understanding the concept of What is search intent?? The following article will detail content on how to optimize user’s search query ability. Let’s see it now!

8.1 Informational Intent Optimization

Informational intent optimization is based on user queries. Then, the SEO person will give relevant content on the keywords that customers are visiting. So there are 4 types Intention such as: Information, navigation, commerce and transactions.

What is search intent?
Informational intent optimization is based on user queries

Example: The keyword “buy a vacuum cleaner” is commercial, but “use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house” is a commercial category. Intention Look for information. Once the correct type is determined intentions, you should keep checking pages that are already ranking and giving the same score.

8.2 Optimize user experience

Google always wants to provide the most accurate answers to search queries. Therefore, users don’t have to spend time visiting one page and then returning to search to find the answer on other pages. Some tips to optimize the search experience Intention For Webmasters, you need to know:

  • Minimize the number of Popups: Reducing the possibility of users leaving the page is highly valued by Google.
  • Large fonts (14+): Large fonts make content clear and easy to read.
  • Subtitles: Adding subtitles in the article makes the content more consistent.
  • Combine videos and images: Support engaging scientific presentation content.
  • Use Google Analytics: Every SEOer’s tool used in website management and development.
user intent
Google always wants to provide the most accurate answers to searches

8.3 Optimization of e-commerce sites

The growth of the e-commerce revolution has given users more search intent. In addition to product information, there is also transaction, exchange, purchase and sale of products, specifically keywords with product names.

For instance: If you search with the keyword “Viet Tiep padlock”, it will lead to sales pages on Shoppe or Lazada. Displayed content includes: price, product information, reviews. So, to rank high for those keywords, create a page optimized for search intent with offers, buys, and sells of that product.

What is search intent?
Let’s create a page optimized for search intent with offers

8.4 Advanced Search Intent Optimization

Advanced Search Intent Optimization is the next step in research, analysis and application Intentions. At this stage, you need to understand the intent of the customer when searching, discover the need to provide the necessary information, clearly present the content so that it can appear in Featured Snippets.

What is search intent?
You need to understand customer intent when searching

8.5 Improving content

If you have a very good article and you are optimized on the page and the big backlink but you are not achieving high rankings, the problem may lie in the determination of the search. Intention. At this point, you need to re-examine users’ search intent and reconstruct relevant content.

search request
You need to re-examine user search intent and rebuild

The article above provided information on “What is search intent?? How to Optimize Search Intent in SEO 2022″. I hope all the content mentioned can help you better understand how Search Intent is different from User Insight and the importance of customer needs in query. The optimal medium for search intent is content that shouldn’t be ignored if you’re an SEOer. please contact SEODO Now if you want to learn more useful knowledge!



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