What is the DMCA? Instructions for registration and copyright protection from A to Z

What is the DMCA?  Instructions for registration and copyright protection from A to Z

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What is the DMCA?? This law protects copyright for technological products. Currently, this question interests many people, especially SEOers. When using the DMCA to protect creative works on the Internet and activities based on the legal basis of rights management in the digital sector. The next article SEODO further clarify this policy and how it works when applied to SEO and marketing. Let’s find out together now!

1. What is the DMCA?

DMCA – (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is the name of a national digital millennium copyright law of the United States. This law was officially signed into law by the President and came into effect on November 28, 1998. This is considered a huge step forward in the content creation industry and has helped prevent many cases of piracy in the coming.

What is the DMCA?
What is the DMCA?

The content of this law is simply understood as a digital copyright protection program dedicated to products appearing on the Internet. The operation and application of this law by convicts for acts of: copying, piracy, illegal trading, syndication and copyright infringement.

2. How does the DMCA protect copyright?

DMCA will resolve disputes and protect the copyrights of the content you subscribe to. All you have to do is add a piece of code to the webpage with the content you want dmca.com copyright protection. From there, the tool will automatically create a certificate for you.

What is the DMCA?
How does the DMCA protect copyright?

If you detect a website whose content has been stolen from your site. All you have to do is say DMCA and they will be responsible for notifying the person in charge of this website. If the person in charge of this content has no response, the server will notify the service provider and take timely processing measures.

3. What content does the DMCA protect?

DMCA protects you against copying or theft of content from your site. What does this law protect? Stay tuned for more content DMCA safeguards to enhance your website content, including:

  • Photos you own or have taken yourself.
  • Your video belongs to you or is created by you.
  • Graphic creations that you create yourself.
  • Texts, articles, content that you create yourself.
  • Applications that you design.
  • Programs you write.
  • Your personal or business profile.
What is the DMCA?
DMCA protects website content

4. Free or paid DMCA? And what is the DMCA fee?

DMCA There are two forms you should consider: paid (DMCA PRO) and free (DMCA FREE). Free service, you can always protect your copyrights without having to register for PRO. However, if you have enough money, sign up for PRO to take advantage of some incentives from DMCA PRO services. DMCA PRO registration will have a separate price, you will own the outstanding features of the paid plan (DMCA Pro):

  • You will be asked to remove the offending content up to 10 times for free. After that, each move is billed starting at $199.
  • With the benefit, you buy 1 but you can use 10. Therefore, you can install up to 10 websites on other sites.
  • Provides a supporting tool to analyze your website content, thus finding content copied from the web.
  • With Pro plan feature, it will help to check unlimited number of websites for copied content. Especially for the free package, it only supports to search maximum 2 offending websites.
  • There are no longer search and retrieval tools for copyright infringing website administrator information.
  • With the Pro version, the tool will directly handle copyright violations. They will send you a help request directly to the hacked websites. Meanwhile, with the free version, all you have to do is report yourself DMCA. Then you have to wait for them to review and respond.
  • Possess the copyright statement owning your website content has been checked and verified.
  • You have the possibility to add the logo of this tool to your website.
  • With DMCA Pro, you will have more advantages in the event of a dispute.
  • There are many other special features, you can refer to them yourself.
What is the DMCA?
This tool is intended to prevent gray matter theft

5. Penalties for Websites for Violating the DMCA

Penalties for websites in case of violation DMCA is the law that protects the rights of the author. Google will base on the severity or lightness of this website which has different penalties. Mild cases will be flagged by the server and will remove the copied content. In the event of repeated violations, Google will remove all information from this website. This will cause the site to be removed from search engines and traffic will drop dramatically.

What is the DMCA?
The DMCA will issue appropriate penalties for infringing websites

6. How to apply for DMCA protection

6.1 Step 1

The first step you need to do is to access the link of DMCA: www.dmca.com. Then select “REGISTER” to start the free registration process. This is the first step you need to take to register. Therefore, be very careful when filling in the information to ensure its accuracy.

6.1 Step 2

The next step you need to do is to select item 2. Select “Get a FREE Badge” to choose the registration method. DMCA Free for your website. In addition, if you select the item: Create a takedown so you can submit a report and request the removal of the site whose content is copyrighted and the Ask a question section: if you have any questions to answer .

6.3 Step 3: Create a DMCA Protected Account.

In this section, you fill in the following information: Full name, email address. Then press “REGISTER”. The server will send you an email containing the account and password. You will use this email to login to choose a logo when using DMCA.

6.4 Step 4: Login and select Logo

After successful registration, you log in at the link https://www.dmca.com/users/login.aspx. Then, select the Add badges to your site function to choose the Logo you like. Each Logo is an HTML code that has been pre-installed by the server, you just need to use this code to insert it into the site code.

What is the DMCA?
How to register to use DMCA

7. How to Report DMCA Registered Copyright Infringement

After setting DMCA Copyright protection on your digital platforms is absolutely certain, but your warning DMCA How’s it going? How do you know you have been copyrighted and receive warnings from DMCA? Here are the warning ways that SEODO summarizes in its SEO process.

What is the DMCA?
How to Report Copyright Infringement

7.1 Method 1: Report piracy directly to dmca.com (this method is chargeable)

  • Step 1: You log in DMCA with the account and password after registration (registration instructions are specified in the section above).
  • 2nd step: Then select TAKEDOWNS => Start Takedown.
  • Step 3: Then you fill in all the information to submit a copyright verification request.
  • Step 4: Finally, click “Proceed to Checkout” to submit a copyright verification request.

7.2 Method 2: Report free content piracy to Google

  • Step 1: Visit the page to request removal of content from Google at: https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905?hl=en
  • 2nd step: Select a post type or site you want to delete. In this case, select “Search the Web”.
  • Step 3: Click “I have a legal problem not listed above” to report copyright infringement.
  • Step 4: Select “I found content that may infringe my copyright”.
  • Step 5: Then click “Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the sole right allegedly infringed” to confirm.
  • Step 6: Each type of post content will have different violations, depending on the actual situation you click to choose the appropriate option.
  • Step 7: Select “This form” to fill in information about the infringing work.
  • Step 8: Fill in all the information in the form such as: Contact details of the owner of the work, Information on the content protected by copyright. If you have too many websites that duplicate content, select the “Add New Group” item to add these sites.
  • Step 9: Finally, select the oath and fill in the signature. Click “Submit” to instruct the server to remove the offending article from the search results.

8. How do I know if the Site is affected by the DMCA?

If you want to see your website or check if a page is on the violation list DMCA and is excluded from search results by Google, so you visit https://transparencyreport.google.com/copyright/overview?hl=en to check. Here all the information about the reported sites are listed in the list. After entering the above link, you continue to select the “Explore Data” item. Then enter the name of the website to check in the search box and see if it is blocked DMCA are not.

What is the DMCA?
How to check if a website infringes copyright?

9. Should I use the DMCA?

The use of DMCA is to protect the author’s copyright and gray matter. Registering for this law also helps protect you from dirty “DMCA report” tricks from black hat SEOs. It works as an actual intellectual property copyright registration and also protects the necessary rights of the author.

What is the DMCA?
Using DMCA helps limit black hat SEO

The article is the set of information about the article What is the DMCA? as well as how to register and protect copyright from A to Z. SEODO I hope to provide you with useful information. Also, it helps you to have an overview on DMCA and will help the environment on the website to become cleaner and cleaner. Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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