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What is the Genesis Framework?  Top 6 Best Genesis Frameworks Today

What is the Genesis Framework? Top 6 Best Genesis Frameworks Today

What is the Genesis Framework?? This is a topic framework developed by StuidoPress. Genesis Framework gives you many useful features that you cannot ignore. Lets go WordPress courses Find out through the article below.

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis Framework is a theme framework developed by StudioPress. Thanks to Genesis Framework, you can build your WordPress website. Basically, you can understand it as your website. And Genesis Framework is the website platform that WordPress provided to you.

What are the benefits of Genesis Framework?

  • The page loading speed will be very fast.
  • Help you optimize SEO.
  • There are many dedicated plugins for Genesis.
  • Genesis is continuously updated.

Genesis Framework is well supported and coded

Genesis is maintained by a team of experienced StudioPress developers, including members of the Yoast team (developer of the Yoast SEO plugin). Thanks to this, it has a really light code, 100% SEO standard and extremely secure. Genesis is very well marked with rich snippets (data structures), so it is always appreciated by Google. StudioPress also regularly releases updates to upgrade new features, improve performance, and fix bugs to make Genesis more and more complete.

Using Genesis is inexpensive

Many theme providers require customers to pay an annual/monthly fee in order to receive support and updates to new releases. But with Genesis, you only have to pay a one-time fee (nearly $60) for the framework and have the right to use and update forever. Each child theme usually costs between $20 and $50. You can use both Genesis Framework and child themes with no website limit.

Endless customization

Genesis can help you do everything you want: from a personal blog, an electronic journal, a company presentation site, a service… to online sales sites. However, it is not as easy to use and customize as products from other vendors. Because you won’t be able to find a Theme Settings page with options to change font, background color… But don’t worry, if you don’t want to spend time to customize, Genesis provided more than 60 child themes available. You can easily find a product you like without much modification.

Genesis has many dedicated snippets and plugins

You might find it strange that the Genesis Settings interface has only a few simple elements, but in fact, you can still easily customize Genesis through the built-in snippet and plugin repository. Only when you need them should you integrate them. This ensures that there will be no superfluous features on your website that are cumbersome. It’s also what sets Genesis apart from the competition.

Ecosystem homogeneity

Different child themes will have different functionality, but they all have one thing in common: they all run on the Genesis Framework platform. This means you don’t have to spend time learning how to use them from scratch every time you buy a new child theme.

Top 6 Best Genesis Frameworks Today

fearless frame

This is a Genesis frame which is considered to have professional beauty like a photographer. It is a minimalist theme. Moreover, its full screen width brings very good visual effects to users. Moreover, you can use many other features. For example, collections, custom posts, contact forms, etc.

You can post in three styles:

  • Grid style.
  • Alternate grid
  • Standard style.

startup theme

start genesis child theme

This theme offers many great features. You can create giant slideshow headers or customize icons to display the feature. It is also a theme that contains a dynamic gallery and integrates full-width Google Maps underneath. Start is considered a very impressive multipurpose theme. The slideshow feature in the Start theme will help to display more beautifully, creating an impression for the users. Moreover, the call-to-action feature combined with the parallax effect will help visitors get a stronger impression.

Genesis of the junction

Genesis of the junction

Junctions Genesis is a theme that allows websites to save images online. Simplicity, modernity and no clutter are the assets of Junction genesis. Besides, it also has many amazing functions:

  • Slideshow of large images,
  • Widget area
  • Mouse hover effects,
  • Wallets,
  • Contact form (contact form)
  • Newsletter subscription form.

With Junction genesis, you can set up an image slideshow bar. Or you can display featured images for blog posts. This is considered to be one of the smoothest landing pages enjoyed by many customers.

Jessica Theme

Jessica Theme

Jessica is designed for fashion industry e-commerce. It is a theme that works very well on WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange and WP e-Commerce.

Derrick Genesis Child Theme

Derrick Genesis child theme

Professionalism is something that is highly valued in Derrick genesis child theme. The call to action button appears early. Besides, there is also a 3-column area for placing important anchor links. Wherein, the anchor link is a text link used to link to the whole article or part of the content. Derrick Genesis child theme lets you choose from different color schemes. You can use up to six columns for posts. With the Derrick genesis child theme, you can also customize the position of the sidebar in the blog post.

Executive Pro genesis child theme

Executive Pro genesis child theme

Executive Pro genesis child theme is a theme considered suitable for those who love elegance. With Executive Pro, users can preview blog posts displayed in the header bar. At the same time, it is possible to swipe with featured images on the right side. Moreover, it is integrated WooCommerce plugin. Make it a powerful tool for business growth and online business.

So you already know What is the Genesis Framework? not yet? Immediately apply the knowledge we just shared to have a website that works best for you. See you in the articles on WordPress Tutorials Next


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