What is Uncategorized, How to Rename Uncategorized Category in WordPress

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In WordPress, category refers to a category used to group related posts. So What is Uncategorized?? Have you heard of this concept? Lets go WordPress Tips to find

What is Uncategorized in WordPress?

What is not categorized?

What is Uncategorized?

When it comes to content organization, tags and categories are two important and commonly used features in WordPress. Category refers to a category used to group related articles. Although tags are completely optional, the default WP category is required.

However, your item still belongs to a category, whether you categorize it or not. The default category is the result of it automatically appearing on your post if you don’t categorize it. This type of category is intended to help webmasters organize their content.

Why remove the Unclassified classification?

There are two main reasons why removing the Uncategorized category from WordPress should be considered. To improve the quality of your website and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve the quality of the website

Frequent appearance of disliked words will make your website look unprofessional, sloppy or sloppy. If most of your posts are listed as uncategorized, this clearly shows us that you are not paying attention to editing your post.

In addition, your poorly organized content will lack logical consistency. Segment your site content and reduce the quality of your site.

Increase customer satisfaction

A quality website should have a logical and clear order of content. Don’t let the default Uncategorized category degrade your site and effectively prevent readers from browsing your site.

Although it is not possible to remove the default category because WordPress requires your site to always have a category. But there are other ways to show it, like renaming the category “Uncategorized” or bookmarking a new default entry.

Instructions for renaming uncategorized categories in WordPress

You cannot delete the default category, but you can rename it. You need to go to the Posts → Categories page in the WordPress admin and select Edit under the Uncategorized category. This will take you to the category edit screen, where you can rename or edit URL information. If your site is unavailable or blocked by search engines, you can change the URL. However, if the site is still online, a 404 error will occur when search engines or other users use the old URL.

Change default categories in WP

You can easily change the default category in WordPress. Go to Articles → Categories then create a new category.

uncategorized wordpress

uncategorized wordpress

Now go to Settings → Import Page. The first option on this page is to set the default post category. Click on the drop-down list next to it and choose the default category you want to use.

Rename wordpress categories

Never forget to press the save changes button to save your settings. WordPress will now use the category you selected as the default category. If you forget to choose a category for your post, it will automatically be saved to the default category.

However, items saved in the uncategorized category cannot be moved to the new category. You can modify these articles and their categories. You can also delete the “Uncategorized” category. If the post is only saved in the Uncategorized category, it will automatically switch to the new default category.

Redirect URL to old category Uncategorized

If your site still works when you rename or delete the category without category. Users and search engines will see a page with a 404 error when using the old URL.

This way, you can easily redirect users to the new or renamed category URL. After enabling it, go to the Settings → 301 Redirects page and enter the URL of the old uncategorized category in the box.

uncategorized wordpress

New query and URL in destination cell.

For instance: if your old uncategorized directory URL looks like http://example.com/category/uncategorized/. Enter the new URL in the Destination box. For instance: http://example.com/category/general. Then save your settings.

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That’s how we discovered together What is Uncategorized? already. Stay tuned for future posts from WordPress tips Please.


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