Instructions on how to point your domain to the easiest cPanel host

Instructions on how to point your domain to the easiest cPanel host


Point domain to cPanel host That’s what programmers have to do. Because cPanel is a tool to help you manage your website easier and more efficiently. Concretely how? Lets go WordPress courses Find out in detail

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a tool to help you manage a website more simply and efficiently. It helps you to aggregate information, collect data, protect necessary documents, manage emails… Each website management tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, cPanel too. But, by all accounts, cPanel has always worked well and is a pretty perfect hosting management solution.

Advantages of cPanel

cPanel is very easy to use, the learning time is also very fast. Moreover, it is quite profitable. It is a tool that has been researched and tested by many experts. The installation is done automatically, you can easily find the documentation on the internet.

Some Disadvantages of cPanel

Apart from the above advantages, cPanel still has some disadvantages such as:

  • Parameters can be easily changed without high constraints
  • Too many unnecessary features
  • Few new version updates.

How to point domain to cPanel host

Point domain to cpanel

Join us to learn some of the following terms so you can read the manual on how domain point to host cPanel in the next part.

  • DNS: Abbreviation for Domain Name System. It’s a name that reminds you of a website. After accessing a website’s DNS address, the browser will replace that domain with the website’s IP address to continue the process of sending the request and receiving the requested data.
  • DNS Zone: A complete list of all names with the same domain address. Help the browser determine the scope of the domain search, then retrieve the requested user address.
  • Name Server: Contains DNS zones for all domains. An Internet data file and the Web pages that compose it. It converts domains to IP addresses for your research and use.
  • A record: A basic DNS record that can be compared and replaced when specifically checked. This record can override both DNS and secondary DNS when you create a subdomain for your domain.
  • MX record: A record that identifies server email addresses. Has the function of managing emails and is responsible for receiving emails for the server. All domain and server mail related clocking activities will be redirected to the Google server for resolution.

To be able to point a domain to cPanel hosting, there are many ways to do it. Each approach will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we would like to introduce you to 2 ways to do it simply, quickly and accurately.

Point domain to cPanel host in cPanel

This is the most common and widely used method. According to many experts, pointing the domain by this method will be quite safe. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Open cPanel provided to you by web hosts
  • Step 2: When using domain services, the provider will provide you with a separate management page. Please go there for the repair.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to point the domain to cPanel hosting by changing the nameserver. System name server used to convert domain to IP address. To be able to change, you follow these steps: Log in to your website management account. → Click on DNS or change the Nameserver according to the name defined by the provider. → Delete the name server and fill in new information instead. → Wait 24 hours for the DNS to be updated.

This method is not only easy to implement, but also very safe and effective.

How to point domain name to cPanel hosting by IP address

Although little done by the above method. But this method is also a relatively efficient way to point the domain to the cPanel host. The steps are as follows:

Go to cPanel and select Advanced Zone Editor → Will open many domain names. Please select the domain name whose IP address you want to see, because in one host there will be several different domain names. You just have to select the domain you want to see → When you scroll down, you will see that the Name column is your domain, you will find the corresponding IP address in the Registration column → You log in to the management page domain name and declare give the provider 2 more DNS records which are an A record (IP address) and a CNAME record (domain) and you are done.

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So we learned together how point the domain to the CPanel host. Stay tuned for messages WordPress Tutorials ours.


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The most detailed way to insert Google Form in WordPress

The most detailed way to insert Google Form in WordPress


Google Forms is a great tool for collecting user information through forms. It is completely free and does not limit the number of forms. You can ask multiple-response questions or answer them by scoring. In this article, WordPress courses will show you how Insert Google Form in WordPress. Please follow our article.

How to insert Google Form in WordPress

First, you need to create a Google Form:

  • Then sign in to your Google account, choose to create a default page or you can create from an existing template.

google wordpress forms

  • Fill in the required fields and the answers you want to receive. You can also add questions, images, videos…

google form

  • Get the embed link after filling in the Google form by clicking submit (top right corner of the website). After clicking Submit, the embed link will appear.

send a sample form

  • Copy the link into the “<>” icon. You can also leave the default size.

insert a google form

  • Change the post editor to “Edit to HTML”: You go to your WordPress website, create a new post or edit an old one. Click on the vertical ellipsis and select “Edit as HTML” in the post area.

how to insert a google form

  • Insert Google Form link in html block

insert google form wordpress

  • Click Preview to preview the page, change the mode to “Visually Edit” and you can see how the post looks like after inserting Google Form into the website.

how to insert a google form

  • Publish the message when you are done.

Attention: If you are using the old version of the WordPress editor, to be able to embed google form in webpageyou enter text editor mode, paste the Google Form link as shown below:

embed google form in website

  • Finally, go back to the visual editor and you will see the same result.

embed google form

Instructions for integrating Google Form into Email

Above we presented how Insert Google Form in WordPresscontinue to follow how to insert it in the email.

Steps to embed Google Form in an email

  • Create a Google Form after logging into your Google account.
  • Fill in the mandatory fields of the form.
  • Share your form by clicking submit to share it with your email account.
  • Embed the form link in the email by selecting the cover letter icon in the pop-up window. Next, enter your email address in the “To” box. You must check the Include form in email box to display it in the body of the email.

embed google forms in email

This is the result your friend gets when they open the email.

google form in email

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Here are instructions on how Insert Google Form in WordPressfollow our next articles to find out more WordPress Tutorials Please.


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Top 10 Best Widgets for WordPress

Top 10 Best Widgets for WordPress


Cool widgets for WordPress This is something that many programmers are interested in. Choosing which widgets are effective for your website is not easy. If you use widgets indiscriminately, your website will be heavier. Even being infected with malicious code. let’s be together WordPress courses Check out the best widgets available today

Recent Articles Widget with Thumbnails

WordPress Widgets

Recent Posts with Thumbnails widget helps you display current posts in wordpress with thumbnails. It will use the featured image or the first image of an article as the thumbnail. You can also adjust the width and height of the image in the widget settings.

Widget Category Posts

Category Articles displays recent articles from a selected table of contents. You can display the post title as a list, or you can also choose to display only the description and thumbnail.

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

There is an easy way to add a map to your website and that is to use the Google Maps widget. This widget helps you to display google map in widget. When the user clicks on the map, a larger map appears in a pop-up window. It is one of Cool widgets for WordPress for companies that want to display their location on the company website.

Authors Widget, one of the best widgets for WordPress

This widget allows you to display the name of the author accompanied by his avatar as well as links to his articles. You can also view selected articles and links to the author’s RSS feed.

youtube gallery widget

This widget allows you to display the latest videos from your YouTube channel on your website. It will display your video in an easy-to-see grid that takes up less space and looks more interesting.

Quick chat widget

Quick chat Widget is a small but very powerful and highly configurable chat system for WordPress websites. It comes with a WordPress-widget that you can embed in your sidebar. Allow chat anywhere on your website. You can also create a private chat page on your website and use small code [quick-chat].

Random Posts Widget

This plugin makes it easier for you to display random posts in the sidebar. Widget settings also allow displaying random posts from a particular category. You can add these widgets multiple times.

Social Count Plus Widget

This is the widget you have seen on famous websites. Social Count Plus Widget makes it easy to display your counted social media followers in your sidebar. The settings provided by Social Count Plus Widget will help you build trust with customers when they visit your website.

WordPress Widget Image

If you need to insert an image in the sidebar, you must write the HTML code in the text widget. But, many people don’t know how to write HTML and can’t design an image properly. Widget picture helps you solve this problem by allowing users to insert an image using the media uploader in WordPress. This widget also provides a graphical user interface for adding captions, text, and image size selection.

Simple Contact Information Widget – Cool Widget For WordPress

contact information widget

Simple contact info widget makes it easy to add contact information, by filling out a form. Then you just need to drag and drop the contact information widget to display this information. You can also customize your form by adding attributes to your shortcode or listing form submissions in your dashboard.

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I hope that thanks to this article, you were able to know Cool widgets for WordPress and use them for your website. Please keep reading the articles WordPress Tutorials our next


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Customize the WordPress admin page


In the Advanced WordPress series articles, I’ve covered quite a few techniques for customizing or adding components to a WordPress website based on its built-in API. However, in the past, some of you often wonder how to customize WordPress admin page for more personal style, so this series I will mention some tutorials on customizing WordPress admin page.

Articles to consult in priority

Before I start this series, I need you to know through:

And if possible, you should know about template structure in WordPress and Action Hook, Filter Hook so that you won’t be surprised when I mention it in this series.

Well, I only have a few lines in this opening post. Please skip to the next article in the series for instructions.

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Customize WordPress Admin Page - Preparation 15


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3 Easiest Ways to Change Favicon in WordPress

thay đổi favicon trong wordpress


Change favicon in WordPress This is absolutely essential when creating a new website. Favicon brings a lot of value to the website. How to change Favicon for WordPress website is also quite simple. You can edit using WordPress Customize feature, add code to Header.php, edit via Plugin. Lets go learn wordpress Find out in detail through the article below.

Why do you need a Favicon for your website?

change favicon in wordpress

Favicon is a small image displayed on a browser tab. If a site doesn’t have a favicon configured, it will either get the hosting favicon on its own or it will have a white icon. Here are 3 reasons why you should have a Favicon for your website.

Favicon helps build brand awareness

Along with the website title and domain name, the Favicon is an extremely important factor to help establish your website’s identity. Although the Favicon is just a small icon, it is extremely effective in improving the user experience on your website. When users have multiple tabs open in the same browser window, Favicon will help to identify your website and quickly navigate to the user’s desired tab.

Favicons help build trust

Currently, there are many poor quality websites in the market, users often used to rate a website as unprofessional without Favicon. Therefore, your website cannot lack Favicon to be able to build trust with users.

Favicon improves the mobile experience

Having a responsive website is a must these days. Users can bookmark your website or click on it in their browsing history. They usually don’t type the full website URL anymore. The Internet user only needs 1 hundredth of a second to click on the site’s icons. Favicon will help users remember your website more easily.

3 Ways to Change Favicon in WordPress

There are 3 ways to add a favicon pleasant Change favicon in WordPress as following:

Method 1: Change Favicon in WordPress with WordPress Customizer

Step 1: Access the admin page, go to the interface section, then select Customize

change favicon

2nd step: Click Site Identity

change favicon

Step 3: Scroll down to the Favicon or Site icon. Click the icon and then select an image from your computer to upload.


Step 4: The image created on the computer can be an existing image with a size of 512 x 512 px, if it is an image larger than this size, the system will ask you to crop the image to match frame size.

replace wordpress favicon

Step 5: Click Publish (Publish) to change the Favicon in WordPress

Step 1: Upload Favicon file to WordPress

2nd step: Go to the Appearance section, go to Edit

Step 3: Select the Header.php file. Insert the following code from the image in the tag and save it. (https://….. This is the image link to Favicon)

change wordpress favicon

Method 3. Change Favicon for WordPress via Plugin

If you don’t see the Edit section in the interface, you need to install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

how to change wordpress favicon

Select Settings, click Insert Headers and Footers. In Scripts in Header, paste the code, then select Save

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So together we discovered how Change favicon in WordPress already. Please apply immediately on your website. Do not miss the next articles of Learn WordPress you.


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The most detailed guide to switch from HTTP to HTTPS

chuyển từ http hang https


Switch from HTTP to HTTPS is an almost mandatory thing for WordPress websites these days. Switching to HTTPS will help your website gain many benefits. For example: better security, avoid hacker attacks, fake website status, etc. Today let’s learn WordPress to learn how to convert HTTP to HTTPS

Why should the domain path be changed to https?

switch from http block https

  • When you use a domain name to run website data, emails, etc., chances are there will be security holes in the process that will attract hackers to attack. Using an SSL certificate helps protect your website data, email, and customer and order information.
  • Allows to secure and encrypt the messages exchanged between the web browser and the data storage server
  • Prove the existence of your business, avoid website spoofing.
  • Secure customer and company transaction information, helping to improve company reputation. Increase customer confidence in the website. At the same time, increase the number and value of online customer transactions.

Note before switching from HTTP to HTTPS

Before switch from HTTP to HTTPS, you should back up your WordPress site data to restore it in case something goes wrong. Next, install the SSL certificate on the hosting. Currently, there are 2 types of SSL, free and paid. With the free type of SSL, you have to renew it every 3 months. As for the paid type, you will have to buy it annually and have an additional insurance package integrated by the provider.

Instructions for switching from HTTP to HTTPS

Use plugins to switch from HTTP to HTTPS

Please install the Really Simple SSL plugin to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. All you need to do is log into the WordPress admin page, go to the Plugins section on the left, and find the plugin you need to install.

forward http block https

After successfully installing the Simple Simple SSL plugin, enable it so that it can automatically scan for your website’s SSL. This plugin will then convert all HTTP URLs on your website to HTTPS.

toggle http block https wordpress

If you don’t want to use the plugin, you can manually switch from HTTP to HTTPS as follows.

How to manually switch from HTTP to HTTPS

Step 1: Edit the wp-config.php file.

Open the wp-config.php file and hover over /* That’s it, stop editing! Happy posting. */, then add the code as shown below.

http to https wordpress

Then click save changes. After that, login to the WordPress admin page and manually install the site links, by going to Settings, select General. Once you’re done editing, drag your mouse to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes to update the settings.

Step 2: Modify the path in the database

You use the Better Search Replace plugin to modify the paths in the database. You just need to download the plugin and install it.

convert http to https in wordpress

Once the installation is complete, click on activate the plugin. Then click on Tools, select Better Search Replace. Then change the path in the red box as shown below and you may need to do it manually to fix the image path. Finally, click Run Find/Replace.

switch from http to https in wordpress

Step 3: Configure HTTP to HTTPS htaccess

The .htaccess file is located in the root directory of your WordPress site. It contains configuration files for the permalink structure (static link). So you need to add the following rule to your htaccess file to be able to configure forwarding.

Rewrite engine enabled

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} disabled

Rewrite rule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

The browser was therefore redirected to HTTPS. Now, if there is traffic to the site, the path will be HTTPS.

Change Essential Website Settings After Switching From HTTP to HTTPS WordPress

The last step you need to do is to change the essential settings to complete the transfer. change HTTP to HTTPS. That is, you update the sitemap link again. If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, the sitemap link will be automatically updated by the plugin. However, after that, you need to adjust the sitemap link in the robots.txt file.

Next, you modify the Google Search Console information and add a new attribute for the HTTPs version of the website. Also, if you are implementing a CDN, remember to update all links to HTTPS.

In addition, you also need to make the change change url to https of the website in Google Analytics. And finally, fully update your social links to the HTTPS version.

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How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS in cPanel

First, you need to install an SSL certificate for the website. You then use cPanel’s Force HTTPS Redirect feature to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.


Go to the cPanel admin page, hover over the domain section and select Domains. Here, a list of available domains will appear.

how to convert http to https

On the domain management interface page, enable the Force HTTPS Redirection property to change all HTTP protocols to HTTPS. This way you have completed the HTTPS transfer without having to install any plugins.

I hope the article on how switch from HTTP to HTTPS Today has brought you a lot of useful knowledge. Apply it to your website now. And don’t forget to follow the next publications of Learn WordPress Please.


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Instructions to bring the wordpress editor to the old version

Instructions to bring the wordpress editor to the old version


wordpress text editor interface

wordpress text editor interface

Among these many changes, the most important is the writing interface. It passes from the editor wysiwyg For the editor Gutenberg. This change makes many of you unfamiliar and uncomfortable when using it. For this reason, today I would like to share how to bring the old editor back to wordpress.

Method 1: Insert the code in the functions.php file.

Extremely simple way for those of you who like to dig into code. Please insert the following code in the functions.php file of the theme you are using on your website

add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');

Method 2: Composer plugin for wordpress.

To change editor Gutenberg about the editor wysiwyg then wordpress also provides us with a plugin named: classic editor Please download and install this plugin!

After successful installation, you can access admin -> settings -> writing to reinstall the editor at will!

wordpress editor


After reading this article, you will find it very easy to switch from the new writing interface to the old article writing interface in wordpress, right? I recommend that you at best insert a piece of code in the function to lighten the site. Avoid installing plugins that slow down your website loading!
Good luck!


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Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB


Hello fellow students!

You probably already know that Contact Form 7 is a fairly simple contact form plugin that is used by many WordPress websites. If you don’t know, check it out Create a contact form with the Contact Form 7 plugin Please!

However, basically, CF7 has a bad point that it only emails the customer’s entry information to the admin, but cannot save it to the website database for easy management. This is quite inconvenient for managing customer contact information, as well as aggregating reports. Luckily, many people realized this drawback and developed a support plugin, usually Advanced Contact Form 7 DB developped by Vsourz Digital.

What is Advanced Contact Form 7 DB?

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB is a plugin developed to support saving Contact Form 7 data to the database, helping administrators easily create statistics and manage customer contact information. Key Features of CF7 Advanced:

  • Securely store Contact Form 7 data in the database
  • Easily edit data submitted by customers
  • View a list of all contacts via Contact Form 7
  • Search/filter contact details by keyword, date sent
  • Export data in CSV, Excel or PDF format
  • Edit or delete contact content

User’s Guide Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

First, must install Advanced Contact Form 7 comicsby going to the menu plugins > New facility and search for the plugin with the keyword “Advanced CF7” and you will find it. Install it and activate it to use it.

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

Once the installation is complete, a new menu will appear Advance CF7 DB. Clicking will bring up the interface for that plugin. In category Select the name of the form, you choose how you want to see the data. Here I choose the form Contact created in the previous post. A list of contacts that the customer has sent will immediately appear, including all the information contained in the contact form. However, it doesn’t look very good, because the column headers it displays as id. I can change it by pressing the button. Display settings.

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

Then you change the ID names for easy identification. To note:

  • Show records: the amount of content displayed on each page.
  • If you want to hide a certain column, click on the eye at the end of that row.

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

To export contact data, for archiving purposes or to make reports, you can select contacts. then gone Export to Choose one of 3 file types: CSV, Excel or PDF. Here I choose to export to Excel.

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB

As soon as you select the file and press the key. Production an excel file will be downloaded to the computer. You open it up and decorate it a bit nicer and save it or send it to your superiors to report.

Advanced Contact Form 7 DB


Advanced Contact Form 7 DB is really a contact form 7 support plugin which is very efficient in storing and exporting customer contact data. If you are using the CF7 plugin to create your contact page, remember to include Advanced CF7 DB.


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Akismet plugin to block unwanted comments in wordpress

Akismet plugin to block unwanted comments in wordpress


Hello fellow students!

Comment spam – spam is a headache that users of wordpress and other blogging platforms often encounter. A large amount of spam comments are automatically posted by spam bots. After a while, you will see lots of spam comments popping up. Although you can leave comments by default, they need to be reviewed so they don’t show up. But in the long term, the number will continue to be increasingly difficult to control.

So, in this article, I will guide you to block all spam comments, with Akismet Anti-Spam plugin.

Block spam comments in wordpress with Akismet plugin

By default when installing wordpress, Akismer is also pre-installed but not activated. If it is not already installed, find it and install it from the wordpress plugin repository. Now enable it and then press the button. Setting still.

Plugin AkismetName

This is the home page of the Akismet plugin, you press the button. Configure your Akismet account.

wordpress comment spam

You will be redirected to the main page of Akismet, scroll down to see the price list for this plugin. Depending on your needs, choose a plan suitable for regular blogging. You can choose the package Personal It’s free. Press the button Get started with Personal to start registration.

wordpress comments

You will be redirected to the account creation page on If you already have an account, log in, otherwise fill in your information and press Create your account.

wordpress comments

Go to the payment page to use it for free first, slide the slider on the right to $0/year. Then, on the left, fill in the required information. With this free version, you must agree on the site not to insert advertisements, not to sell products or promote business. By checking the 3 boxes below. Finally press the button Continue with personal subscription.

Plugin AkismetName

A successful registration message will appear. An API key chain is provided for you to use Akismet. No need to do anything with it, just press the button Automatically register your akismet API key so that it automatically fills in the API key in the Akismet plugin on your wordpress site.

Now your blog is protected against spam.

Plugin AkismetName


WordPress comment spam is an inconvenience and no solution can block it 100% effectively. The Akismet plugin can block spam comments to an acceptable extent, but it will not completely remove it and sometimes mistakenly block real comments. Therefore, you should check the comments yourself from time to time to avoid missing spam or mistakenly dismissing the real comment.


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What is the ultimate shortcode in WordPress?

What is the ultimate shortcode in Wordpress?


Hello fellow students!

In this article, I will learn with you the meaning and how to use the ultimate shortcode in wordpress.

The shortcode is literally a short piece of code. Used to insert anywhere in wordpress, to perform a specific action. For example, you have a piece of code that retrieves articles according to certain criteria. You will write this code in the wordpress functions file and give it a shortcode name. To display the results in the page or post, you can call this code through the shortcode you created.

The shortcode is essential for those of you who want to study wordpress in depth later. For now, I will introduce the Shortcode Ultimate plugin to help decorate pages and posts on the website. Help you better understand how the shortcode works.

If you have seen the article Create a contact form with Contact Form 7, to insert the form in the contact page, we also use this shortcode. This is also an example of what the shortcode means.

What is Shortcode Ultimate?

Ultimate Shortcodes Plugin created by Vladimir Anokhin, is the best shortcode generator plugin in WordPress with over 800,000 downloads. Shortcodes Ultimate makes it easy to create tabs, buttons, boxes, price lists, sliders and carousels, responsive videos, and more. to decorate pages and articles on your website.

  • Offers you more than 50 different types of Shortcodes.
  • Gutenberg editor support
  • Very nice and modern design.
  • Provides all the features you need
  • Multi language
  • Custom Editor Widget
  • Can work on any theme in WordPress
  • Just 1 click with preview function to choose

How to use the Shortcode Ultimate plugin

First you need to find and install this plugin in the menu plugins Please.

What is Shortcode Ultimate?

Now you will create a new post, give it a title as you wish. Now you will see a new button appear [] Insert shortcode

Ultimate WordPress Shortcode

When you click on it, a list of shortcodes appears. There are over 50 different shortcodes, tested with the ultimate shortcode called Tabs to insert tabbed content into the post. Other shortcodes when you have time to find out for yourself. Now click on the shortcode Tabs

What is the Ultimate WordPress Shortcode?

Configuration for the ultimate shortcode

The ultimate shortcode setting box appears, with the following options:

  • Styles: the tab style, the free version only has one style
  • Active tabs: By default, which faucet is open, here is tab 1
  • Vertical: Display the faucet vertically: Nope is no, which means it will appear horizontally
  • Appearance on mobile devices: if selected as shown, it will display vertically when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Additional CSS class: This section allows you to customize the CSS of the tab. Leave it blank for now.
  • Nội dung: The content will appear in the tabs. Leave it as is for later, now press the button. Insert shortcode

shortcodes in wordpress

Now a shortcode is inserted in the message body. You will notice that the tab is declared with a structure with 2 opening and closing tags [su_tabs] … [/su_tabs]. And the tabs will be between this tab and structured [su_tab title=”Tab name” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Content tab[/su_tab]

Now we change Tab name become the tab name too Content tab is the content of Tap. The tab name should be in “…” and the tab content is not necessary and can be placed in the row as desired, even inserting an image.

learn wordpress

Then post this article and view the article on the homepage, it will appear 2 tabs like this. To add more tabs you can copy the shortcode [su_tab title=”Tab name” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]Content tab[/su_tab] and paste it wherever you want, but don’t break the tab structure.

learn wordpress shortcode


So you have a brief understanding of shortcode functionality in wordpress with a basic example, Shortcode Ultimate. It is also a plugin to decorate posts and pages with lots of beautiful shortcode templates.


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